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HTC Rezound Arrives At Best Buy Ahead of Monday’s Release

HTC’s next flagship 4G LTE device, the Rezound, is set to be released this coming Monday, November 14. Best Buys nationwide are stocking up with this 4.3-inch HD LTE beast. If you are still on the fence about the Rezound then be sure to check out our two hands-on videos. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

The Rezound is by all means a terrific device and a welcomed addition to Verizon’s already outstanding LTE Android portfolio. With that said, who is looking to pick one of these bad boys up come Monday?

Cheers Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Question, why’s it fatter than my TBolt?

  • Droidboy

    Because it wasn’t called the Droid Rezound, I’m not getting it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My upgrade date is Wed. Hopefully the review is up by then, but I’m 99.9% sure this well replace my og Droid. Sorry, but no sd card on the Nexus killed it for me & I like the idea of battery exchange in a phone so the RAZR looks to be out … unless is has unbelievable battery life.

  • Anonymous


  • Kct35

    Is it an iPhone?

  • Guttatae22

    Learned my lesson from the thunderbolt never again HTC just got my Droid Razr today and I must say its a big step in the right direction I’m very pleased

  • Commonsense Exemplified

    Until I get my hands on EACH and every new offering Sammy, HTC and Moto has upcoming for release -and demo each unit and their features/benefits until *I* can come to a logical conclusion based on *actual* usage (and not conjectural hearsay)  …I will not state I’m in for one and not for the other…

    Signed, Common Sense…

  • Anonymous

    Not a half bad phone among the hat trick verizon is pulling this month. To bad it will have a short battery like HTC is notorious for. After reading HTC say they are considering ICS, I kinda had to raise a brow to this I have no idea why they would second guess ICS 4.0. ICS is what android needs (well a best answer thus far in-terms of being simple consistent while being attracting and fast. Sense is long overdue for a upgrade. I feel this should ship with ICS I feel it would really ice the cake. I personally have my heart set on the gnex. but this phone is most definitely gonna be a very attractive piece of technology.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you entirely but the whole “ZOMG GNexus, I dont care what comes out!” sounds to much like ” ZOMG, iPhone 4, I dont care what else comes out!”

      • Anonymous

        Well it is the first ICS device and its the first nexus verizon has ever offered the og droid was un blur’d and bloated. All that and 2 years with the blur,sense and touch wiz people need a breath of fresh air the ZOMG is expected you know, People are anxious bottom line it is a pretty big deal. I do agree some are getting tinfoil hat crazy over it which is a lil much. 

        • Anonymous

          I’m just as excited as the next guy and I’m not even on VZW, but to sit and bash other VERY capable handsets is so…Appleish. Thanks for the input man!

  • Chip Chipperson tss tss

    According to P3droid its just an updated thunderbolt, and anyone who believes this beats scam is retarded. 
    I wish however we WOULD see some devices utilize audiophile grade DAC chips.

    • HAHA. P3!? He’s an idiot. He needs to stick to software and stop trying anything else.

      • Chip chipperson tss tss

        What did he ever do to you? Teamblack hat kept the Droid x on life support.

        • P3 has been a bad news hyperbeast for Verizon since the OG was unleashed. I’ve always skipped over his articles but I do remember him releasing new kernels and what not (all root related), then turning around and saying how Verizon could stop supporting Android or severely limit data (not the limits we have now, I’m talking pay per MB) ect ect. This was awhile ago and haven’t cared to read anything since. As you read my previous post I said stick to software.

    • Anonymous

      According to Tim Cook, the iPhone4s is the best phone there is. Notice a pattern much?

  • Tiko377

    Another Samsung phone with bad internals but pretty screen for vzw….. whats new? the charge had a amazing screen but was slow and froze a lot….you also gotta love samsung and amazing fast updates on there phone ( sarcasm ) at least its a legit google phone tho so people won’t have to worry about that.

    • Anonymous

      this is an htc? Not to mention how is the nexus internals if that is what you are talking about bad? 4460 dual core processor, 1gb ram. I guess that is bad internals.

  • ON DL instead of doing my on site sports article for class that’s due in 45 minutes…oh the procras-

  • selling my headphones for  the right price

  • missmyEVO

    I really want to the Rezound, but I not sure I trust the antennas on HTC products anymore.
    Trust me, I used to love my EVO, but you put a Thunderbolt and/or a Incredible next to say a Motorola and the Moto has 4-5 bars and the HTC has sometime 0-1 bars.
    I know Verizon says that bars dont mean anything, but when you calls are all broken up, it means alot.
    I see the Rezound has a special antenna back cover. I am hoping this will improve the reception.

  • Ozzzmosis

    I need someones head phones please

  • Anonymous

    Rezound commercial just released by htc on Facebook.


    Can’t wait for ics on this phone after i buy it. God its gonna be good… also can’t wait for my wireless beats.. 🙂 lol…good combo..

  • Rockrdr

    I’m waiting for the Nexus but…….you know the hacker over at XDA will be all over this phone, with that the possibilities are endless!!!!

    • Chip chipperson tss tss

      Idk about you, but im tired of dicking around flashing buggy roms for the next 2 years like us guys running launch day Droid x’s for instance. 

      • Anonymous

        that is because you are stuck with the moto kernels since the locked down bootloaders. HTC are able to use custom kernels and get better performance.

    • Anonymous

      I love to tinker with my gadget’s and I feel that HTC devices have a larger following than Samsung.  Can’t wait for a leaked ICS build for the Rezound.  Plus people buying the Nexus want a stock Android experience.  Does it make a lot of sense to do custom roms for a Nexus device? Defeats the purpose of having stock Android.  

  • Dioskouroi

    I get a feeling that the Nexus fanboys are the same folks who creamed themselves over the Bionic. Whatev… haters gonna hate. I’m getting a Rezound! (After DL’s review, of course)

    • Anonymous

      How dare you.

  • Smitty43082

    Obvious troll is an obvious troll….go away loser

  • phoenix

    Nag nag nag, nag nag, NAG! nag nag, nag nag nag Nexus… that about sums it up

  • Anonymous

    I think that Verizon is just trying to give all the phones they had coming out a chance, because when then Nexus drops, its over….

  • Andrew Smith

    What a funny name….

  • Dbarden31

    Can’t wait for a dog fight or something. This is just my personal preference but its between the Nexus and Razr for me. HTC is a great company but I’m not the biggest fan of sense or their radios. My OG Droid gets better reception than my wife’s Inc2.

    • TC Infantino

      I have actually checked out both the RAZR and Rezound.  I do like Motorola’s build quality, external speaker quality, call quality and signal strength.  But that is with normal Moto phones, and I do not have the same faith in the RAZR.  It seemed way too light, and not very comfortable in the hand, basically it is very wide in your hand.  That plus the locked bootloader, non removable battery, and the HDMI and USB port are on the top of the phone.  I am still waiting for the Droid4, but I will seriously consider the Rezound and the G-Nex if the Droid4 fails to inspire me.

  • i was all for the nexus but as time goes on im straying away from it. i’m all for the rezound as of now, yea nexus will have ICS but not a lot of apps will be updated for it, it will be sometime of 3-9 months before the majority of apps are updated for ICS. Better DPI on the rezound, sound quality is going to be great and i listen to music a lot so its just a great plus for me.  Nexus is a great sounding phone but I’m going to stick with the rezound

    • Anonymous

      plus the rezound is already rooted and bootloader unlocked so it will get a lot of development. Most likely will have an ICS rom within a few weeks of nexus launch.

  • Sm Komo

    Pfft, we’ve had them in stock for two days now, solid device, great camera!

  • mxfox408

    Htc released the 4G LTE Thunderbolt that is an HTC Evo 4G port which would explain all the bugs on verizon. Unfortunatly it was released without fully testing the device on a brand new LTE network. HTC has released remarkable devices in the past, just because the messed up with the thunderbolt doesnt mran the Rezound will be in the same boat. I will wait to see which device i like when the nexus arrives, but more likely ill be getting the Rezound, Sense UI is a win for me, reguardless as to how many of you are riding the hate bandwagon.

  • Azndan4

    I would consider if it if it wasn’t so thick, heavy, and had such a tiny battery in comparison to the RAZR and Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      I’m tired of super thin or GTFO, its ridiculous to whine about at this point and makes you look unwilling to buy the iPhone because of a psychological identification measure. The same way Android drug iOS into the processor race Apple drug Android into the “as thin as a pube!” race.

      smh, ffs

      • Anonymous

        Agree what would people say if the razr wasn’t out and they just had this, the bionic and the nexus? people bitch about everything oh this phone is too thick. Then go to the gym if you can’t handle a phone that weighs 6 ounces. smh

        • Anonymous

          Yeah man, its juat redonk to act like the ReZound isn’t good hardware esp w/o having used it. If GNexus were not launching on VZW I bet Beats would become a must have feature…

  • Mps623

    Rezound? who’s that?… Bring on the Nexus!

  • bikerbill

    love how all guys beat up a device you never touched . and this thing has beastly specs .. and with an extended battery its a top notch phone . with that said give me the nexus 

    • Cjphil01

      i don’t know what i’ll get.  the nexus is my tops, but the rezound and razr  keep flip-flopping back and forth.  the reports of the nexus having great battery life is promising, but i like the look of the razr and rezound better.  i’m just going to wait and see camera samples, battery life, etc, of the 3 when their out.

  • Lala

    Anyone else gets the feeling that the battery will last about 4 hours? 

  • All this thing is is a dual core Thunderbolt with a better screen. Even the people who I know that have both devices say the same. I think Verizon is going to be pretty surprised how well the Nexus does even after releasing this and the Razr right before it. Hurry the eff up Verizon, we’re so sick of getting dicked around when Rezound and Razr customers got their dates right away. Talk about trying to push aside a certain group of customers just because of their choice of phone is not a DROID or something like it.

    • Anonymous

      This is more like a sensation than thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    “…who is looking to pick one of these bad boys up come Monday?”

    Not I.

  • I’ll pick one up as long as there’s a Galaxy Nexus in the box . . .with beats headphones.

  • Russell Robinson Jr

    I can’t wait for someone to review the battery life based on everyday usage so I can finally decide what phone I want to go with! Not to mention, with the RAZR and Rezound finally being released, I think Verizon might actually release some Nexus information… maybe.

  • nexus on the brain

    Rezound, oh, you mean the thunderbolt with red back lights and ear buds?

  • Lmrojas

    I just want the ear buds

  • Bowen9284

    does anyone even care about this thing?

    • Billyrouth2000

      It will outsell the Nexus!

      • l4do0

        I wouldn’t count on it!!! lol

        Gnex all the way!!

  • Abundis5555


  • BilleyMaes

    Hurry and release this crap so we can get on with the Nexus!

    • Billyrouth2000

      Stfu about the Nexus, its just going to be a big let down, but what do u expect from a device that copied the palm pre?

      • BilleyMaes

        LOL are you a palm fan boy? You cant take the fact that palm pre is dead that’s why you’re here trolling this site? 

      • Anonymous

        Bad troll, get back under your bridge.

      • guest

        I have a great advantage for being a current Palm Pre owner.  My chances of being disappointed by any of the new Droid phones are practically zero. 🙂

        Must admit the Droid RAZR didn’t quite interest as much as I thought it would.  I think the Rezound will be a nice smartphone for me based on my family’s and friends experiences with their HTC Droid phones.

    • My reasons for getting a Rezound instead of the Nexus.
      The Nexus will have the following compared to the Rezound:1) No SD card slot2) Significantly slower GPU than Rezound3) 4.65 inches compared to 4.3 (big point for me, I just think it’s way too big)4) no HDMI port, but still possible through an extra connector placed on USB5) 1.3MP front-facing and 5MP back camera — compared to 2.0MP front and 8MP on back on the Rezound

      • slower gpu?, whats the rezound gpu?

      • Anonymous

        rezound processor is older( same as in sensation and evo 3d) compared to the 4460. Not to mention the 4460 is natively clocked at 1.5 just clocked at 1.2 to get better battery life.

  • joe1138

    Nexus or nothin’!

  • Eric Williams

    Got mine in the mail today from Verizon. Love it so far. The screen is awesome. The wife will like it when I give it to her when the Galaxy is released. 

    • I really want to know how great of battery life this is going to have, with 4G and without.

    • guest

      how is the phone quality…i just saw a review that said what the person who you called hears is not that great > audio hiccups and distorted voice that sounds robotic at times. …is that true? or can people hear you ok/normally?

  • Anonymous

    From a Thunderbolt owner, fool me once…

    • This phone will not disappoint.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure it won’t, and the Thunderbolt has been awesome for me, but nothing has really ever replaced my OG.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha you got that right,that’s why i’m getting the Nexus for sure 

    • Tshutchison2005

      Played with one at the local Verizon yesterday. I’m not a huge Sense fan, but my wife likes it. I’ve gotta say, after playing with it next to the Razr, I actually like everything about the Rezound more than the Razr. Performance was super smooth and it felt much better in the hand than the Razr. Wish I could’ve tried out the Beats, but i’m super impressed with HTC on this phone. With that said, i’m holding out for the GNex before making any decisions.