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DROID RAZR On Sale at Amazon Tomorrow for $111?

With Verizon making customers wait until 11:11AM tomorrow (11/11) to buy the DROID RAZR, Amazon has reportedly stepped up to offer a pretty sweet deal that also relates to the significance of the date. According to Gizmodo, the latest DROID family member can be had for just $111.11 on contract for 1 day only. Nothing on the site shows the phone or this discount just yet, but we’ll do our best to take their word for it. I’d recommend that you cruise over to Amazon’s wireless site at the link below in the morning, just in case.

Update:  It is available for $111.11. New customers only.

Via:  Amazon Wireless, Gizmodo

Cheers Tarun, KLY, Cam and Jeff!

  • Anonymous

    Limit of three phones.  I ported from AT&T to a family plan and got 3x Razrs for $111.11 and 2x Bionics at $119.

    I also clicked keep my unlimited for $30 hoping that some programming error will let the computer system assign that plan to me without any human interaction.  Worst case, they kick it out and assign me a different plan.

  • Anonymous
  • Maxim

    I really wished the RAZR was global ready. I travel for work and need a phone that I can use abroad (I purchase a local SIM card for my current droid..)

  • Anonymous

    And… only new customers. Bastards.

  • SeanPlunk

    My brother has been out of contract for a couple years now.  He’s currently on a plan with my mom.  Does anyone know if he starts a new plan on his own whether he would be able to take advantage of this or not?

  • I’m not sure what the rest of you are seeing at Amazon, but the price I see for new customers in 119.99 and as an existing customer I get 189.99 which is still a hell of a lot better than the 249.99 VZW is charging.

    • Not to mention that there is not taxes unless you live in Washington state.

  • Usmc1488

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! It’s only for new customers! 

  • Ravnos CC

    As a “loyal” customer w/unlimited GBs, you are worth less than a new customer to VZ on tiered data…. SORRY FOLKS, CORPORATE AMERICA DOESN’T LOVE YOU!  (how is that still news to some people….)

  • FortitudineVincimus

    List Price is $800 f****** dollars????

    • Whett Phartz

      That’s so that they can “Sandusky” you into a plan. 

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.. now this begets the question– do I preorder the Nexus with Verizon (when possible), or do I wait it out and hope that Amazon makes a ridiculous deal like this for the Nexus too?

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • FortitudineVincimus

      Your driving all the way to Amazons HQ?

  • YAY its true
    Too bad I am not sure if my wife wants one of these for sure yet or not…

  • KeithG

    So what’s the disadvantage of the new customer part of it? I’m currently out of contract on my current 2 lines and want to get new numbers anyway. Not currently on a data plan. So I’m thinking of just opening a new account via Amazon and closing the old one. Anyone see a downside?

    • Anonymous

      Only real downside is the loss of number if you have people trying to reach you.

  • Edwin M

    Too bad I can’t use it with my upgrade. You suck Amazon!

    • I was just as disappointed when I went on to the site.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, i just want to upgrade without paying $300… Let us loyal customers get the discounts on upgrades too!

      • Edwin M

        My thoughts exactly. My first cell phone ever was an old Qualcomm phone on Verizon. It may have been Bell Atlantic at the time. Over 12 years with this company and I can’t catch a break.

        • Rick

          Same here. Loyal customer for over 10 years and I never get any sort of customer loyalty deal. Thanks a lot vzw/amazon. NE2 was the end of any sort of loyalty recognition.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Nexus pre-order Nov 17th what?

  • Chris

    Its only for new customers, the 111 price doesn’t work for current verizon customers. 

  • Anonymous
  • New accounts only

  • What REALLY pisses me off is that I, as a loyal Verizon customer for over 10 years, am not eligible for such an offer. Loyalty gets you NOWHERE with VZW.  makes me sick.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. It’s time to Occupy Verizon.

    • Sangleweb

      port your number to prepaid and get a new account in VZ, then port the number back.  You will loose unlimited data but you get a nice phone with the current double data promotion :-).

    • Anonymous

      And what’s sad is that it didn’t use to be that way. The last straw was the NE2…

    • Anonymous

      Buy it at Costco and get a nice kit of accessories.

  • Sean Rowe
  • JMac726


  • Clevelandrocks

    confirmed. 6:52am eastern time.

  • gimlet72

    Your source was correct $111.11


  • Mark Day

    $111 is only for new contracts. Upgrade on my family plan is $249.99.

    • Which is still what $50 cheaper than VZW is going to let me get an upgrade for.  I am going to Corporate store on Sunday going to let my wife and sister play with these to see if they want them then walk my happy ass over to best buy and get them cheaper with no mail in rebate.

  • Dales Droid88

    It’s only for new customers!!!

  • razrftw

    guess what bros and brahs? its 11-11-11, bring on the RAZR!

  • Anonymous
  • Guest

    Hey, I was wondering if Verizon still charges that $35 activation fee. Couldn’t I just opt to do it myself at home? Anyone get a phone from there recently? Thinking about picking this up in the store for my wife but activation is such a rip when we can just do it ourselves. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      The “activation fee” is whether you do the activation yourself or in store.  It is just a “tax” that they charge, and has no bearing on any “work” actually done.

  • Anonymous

    Boo, only for new accounts. Was highly considering this if I could use my upgrade for it.

  • Anonymous

    Just checked, it is only for new customers only! $249 for upgrades and even $249 if you add a line. Bummer!

  • 学习学习,增加知识

  • Anonymous

    it is live no longer rumor!

  • Darthseph23

    I’d like to note something that isn’t in the article.  It appears that the 111.11 deal is only for new contracts.  I go to upgrade my phone on AW and it gives me a 249.99 price.  I may actually get a better deal if I walk into the store.

    Just FYI for everyone.  In a way, its a classic “bait and switch” marketing strategy.

    • Anonymous

      Just asking, How might you get a better in store deal?
      Costco, BestBuy or other sites sure, but i don’t think you’ll beat $249 from VZW any time soon.

  • ol1bit

    It’s for new accounts only. Grrrrrr!

  • 第一次来 踩踩

  • Matt2783

    That Gizmodo article says nothing about on contract price. Don’t know where Kellex got that from. Right now you can get it for $111.11 if your a new customer and $299 if your an existing customer. Doubt that will change.

    • Sean Fleming


  • Ganesha1994

    forget the razr, im tempted by the rezound, that will run ics not like the razr…but yes it is quite tempting, although the $111 from amazon is only for new customers otherwise its 199 for upgrade……screw it ive had my thunderbolt long enough galaxy nexus atleast i will have you in my dreams tonight

  • It is available right now, 8 to 9 day delay, but it is only available for new customers

  • Brandon

    Why When I Click On Existing Account It Goes Up To $249.99 

    S/N: I’m eligible for an upgrade

  • Inboy81

    There is no droid phone that would make me trade in my Iphone. After having a droid since the beginning and getting new ones they just just evolving to wreck lessly sloppy. Android is an off brand of Apple.

    • Tim242

      Were you able to type that nonsense with a str8 face? Apple is copying Android left and right…and still can’t keep up. Go home troll.

  • Tyler

    Deal is active! Would definitely get this if i wasn’t getting the Galaxy Nexus. Screenshot included.