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Amazon Releases Android App Store Version 2.0, Kindle Fire Black Theme Included


If you have the Amazon Appstore installed, then you were probably prompted late last night or early this morning to update it. This latest build is version 2.0, but more importantly, it matches the theme of the software that will come loaded on next week’s Kindle Fire tablet. It’s all charcoal, grey and black, along with some much needed UI improvements. This no longer looks like some 3rd party market, and instead feels much more like a part of a polished product that Amazon wants you buy on November 15.

So if you haven’t already, open up your Appstore and the update should be waiting for you.

Cheers Stephen, Anish, Kane and everyone else!

  • Anyone

    The size increase of the app is unacceptable (from 3 and change to almost 8MB!) … Google’s marketplace actually got smaller on the last update by over 2MB.  Long live the Nexus One!

  • why people use amazon appstore, if they have already Android market. just for 1 free app daily ?

  • Ugh I still can’t download the large apps over 4G on my phone. Jesus Christ Amazon, my 4G is faster than my WiFi!

  • Daniel Rowen

    This update is a mixed bag, it’s nice how it handles app downloads and gives you a notification so you can install the app instead of having to go back into the App Store before it’ll pass the apk to the package installer.  BUT the new GUI is kind of stupid.  Across the top under “My Apps” it has “New” “Update Available” and “All” but “All” doesn’t show up cuz the font is too large even if there used to be room for all three buttons across my phone.  It is stupid to make you drag the buttons to the left in order to see “All” when it is almost fitting cept for the arrow it puts to show it scrolls that basically just covers up the “all” button instead.

  • Amazon’s App Store also works on Google TV – Android’s updated Honeycomb OS. 
    I’ve loaded some fun stuff from it. 

  • Anonymous

    This version also supports in-app purchases and viewing app permissions before you buy the app

  • Looks great- but I’m wondering how the hell is this UI going to work on the Galaxy Nexus? The only way to get into “My Apps” or “Settings” is via the hard Menu button. It’ll be interesting to see…

    • Anonymous

      just like on honeycomb, the menu button appears when needed

    lol they are driving me crazy, “new app available” “2 updates available” “Downloading App” “App saved for Wifi only”

    cant find a setting to turn them off.

    • Anonymous

      this is annoying the sh!t out of me too.  i don’t mind having the amazon app store on my phone, but there’s not much value in it for me other than the free app of the day.  and even then, not much value, just a mindless chore i’ve been in the habit of doing every day.

      a few days of this notification spam will probably tip the scale and outweigh any positives of having it installed.

  • hello! i just have to say – it is a great post! wonderful!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not liking the upgrade. I get the free app every day, but never install it on my phone. In the old version I had the max set size for downloading over cell to 1mb. It would let me know to use wifi an that would be it. Now it keeps a message in the damn notification bar with 0% downloaded and won’t go away until I connect to wifi. Some apps are larger than the 20mb max download size over cellular, so I am stuck with it till I get to wifi.

    The worst part is I normally “get” the free app on my phone, but only install it on my tablet.

    There needs to be a way to force notifications out of the notification bar, IMHO.

    • i had the same issue, i had a quick fix, go to Manage Apps, then Downloaded, click AppStore and force close, the notification goes away.

      • Anonymous

        That works 🙂 Don’t like that I have to do that, but oh well.


        • Anonymous

          when the application restarts (mine decided to restart itself a while after i force closed it for this reason), the notification to download the app over wifi comes back too.  this is going to get annoying real quick

  • The one thing missing from the Amazon App Store app is a changelog for updates on apps.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    ONLY good thing about this market are the daily freebies. Other than that.. meh

  • Bdragon

    Much needed UI update, especially the dark theme.

  • Anonymous

    still not allowing to remove apps……

    • Arthur2142

      How could they overlook something so basic and simple???

  • Trooper

    No update for me.  Boo.

  • Mack

    Does anyone really still use the Amazon App Store?? Personally I hate it. App updates are almost always late, you always have to be signed in to Amazon. On top of all that, I don’t see the need for a sub par (my opinion) third party app store when the Android Market is so clean, polished and most importantly, developed by Google. 

    • Anonymous

      people only use it for the free app of the day

      • Edwin M

        That’s why I use it. I will soon be using it more once I get a Kindle Fire.

  • Chris G

    Still no netflix app in the amazon market though.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it’s getting better.  but funny how they only care about look and functionality when their product’s about to come out (but i guess you can’t expect otherwise).  it’s been lacking since the beginning and the last update was months and months ago.

  • I liked the look better on my tablet before the update.  Now everything is much bigger and i have to scroll a lot more.  They should have optimized it for tablets and just kept it all smaller.  Just my opinion.

    • Bjohn

      Totally screwed up with the oversized fonts. On my 7′ tablet it looks fugly.