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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cases Arrive at Verizon Stores

Verizon, for whatever reason, won’t give us an official date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We have heard November 10, 17, post-Black Friday, and even November 21 as potential options. It’s tough to call any of those “official” though, especially since they change every couple of days. One thing we do know, is that stores have already received their first batch of G-Nex cases ahead of launch. I would highly doubt that we will see the phone tomorrow (10th) with the DROID RAZR coming out on Friday, but if they do announce it as a “web only” exclusive at some point, they could really release it whenever they’d like.

Cheers Spaniard!

  • is anyone else feelin a 12am announcement? Pre-order baby!!!!

  • Tyler

    I could care less but it makes me feel like the phone is coming out sooner than later. I can’t wait for this phone.

  • waveGuide3e8

    The main accessory I am seriously interested in would be an inductive charging back cover (and if it adds weight or thickness to the device). Apart from that, a car dock and desktop dock are nice, but not necessary.

  • Anonymous

    If the cases are ready, doesn’t that mean the device thickness has been finalized and the delay is on VZW’s end?

  • Cjphil01

    the only reason i get a case is for resell value.  if you can say there’s no scratches on the device or dings for that matter, then you can get a pretty penny for it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping Verizon sent out another Nexus reminder email today because it’s about to drop.

  • moods

    slashgear.com is reporting a delay for the phone in the UK until Dec 2nd. Not sure what that mean for the US release. Some said maybe that was done just so Verizon release the phone sooner. 

  • Tease me, Tease me, sooner or later, you’ll have to please me…

  • If I can get this phone it will have to have the hard shell for the work I do.

  • Anonymous

    why is the case in the store if it is going to be online? does that mean nay to online only?

  • Anonymous

    Looking at past trends, the Droid Incredible 2 cases arrived in Verizon stores on 4/22/11 and the phone was released on 4/28/11. If this same trend holds true, we should be looking at release next week. It’s a long-shot to assume that each phone receives cases a week before release, but it’s something! Anyone else know when cases started arriving prior to other phone launches?

  • Anonymous

    i know it’s easy to go through it.. you missed my point though.

  • Anonymous

    that’s what i’m saying, bro

  • +1 on TPU cases. Thin, flexible, durable, and do not stick to the insides of your pocket.

  • Bud light is garbage and so are the here we go commercials.

  • How isn’t it working? They are selling a bunch of Razrs right now, which they want, and still building hype for the Nexus online, which they also want.

  • I’m giving up on a release date being announced for the nexus. One day it will just be up for order on Verizon’s website.

  • El El Kool J

    i don’t know if I will be able to take the phone out of my hand for one second to actually get a case on it.. 😛

  • McKeller

    They won’t release the date till after the Razr comes out. I would expect an announcement sometime after 11/11/11 @ 11:11am. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I know we can say this about nearly every major phone release, but the longer it takes to come out the closer it gets to the “next big thing” in this case Tegra 3 phones. Don’t F this one up Google/Verizon/Samsung!

  • Why do people believe a release date from a MAP doc, but can’t believe that the w/o means web-only and not week of, when the info came from the same source?

  • I think the G-Nex should come with a little sock like the Nexus One did. . .then we wouldn’t need cases.

  • Brad_mlln

    Nice! Went into Verizon the other day and the rep said that we should be able to pre-order the phone in the next week. I guess he was not lying. 

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope he was right.

  • Anonymous
  • Silly People.

    Verizon is running a horserace.  The kind of phone THEY want, vs The kind of phone WE want. (AKA Razr vs Nexus)  They are stacking the odds against the Nexus in every way they can (Kevlar, RAZR relaunch etc), so don’t expect them to clear up the release date until the Razr release is over.  They don’t want to muddy the chances of the Razr beating the Nexus.  

    All we can do is hold on, buy the Nexus, and prove that tech savvy phone users qualify as a viable market – if so we may see more unlocked bootloader lovin’ down the road.  Motorola may even sit up and pay attention.

    • Anonymous

      Only thing is why pass up the sgs2 which they could have loaded with bloat if they didn’t really want to sell this phone????

  • Rob Becker

    This is really happening people!

  • Worm

    I like that kickstand case on the left!

    • Anonymous

      I had it for a previous phone and loved it. Not to bulky and even clips onto a belt or pants.

  • Mr. Snrub

    The Galaxy Nexus isn’t coming to Verizon.


    – Peter, and that one guy here.

  • verizon needs to release this phone already, their “marketing strategies” aren’t working. they need to open their eyes and realize

  • nexus on the brain

    My God, just release the damn thing already!!!!!!!!!  Just an aside, has it passed through the FCC yet? 

  • this is the longest month of my life because of this damn phone, at least open up preorders tdammit!!!!

  • I just want the phone…… plain….no case….no “holster”…just the sweet feel of the phone in my hands & pocket…I have NEVER had a case or screen protector…ruins the feel of the phone to me!!! I just WANT THE PHONE!!!!

    • Keith Sumner

      Samsung cheap plastic + no scratch proof coating = get a case

  • amazing

  • Anonymous

    Surprised they have accessories before launch most of the time they get them a day before. Come on Verizon announce it already.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    spoke to a verizon store rep.. he said yea.. they’ve received the cases.. said phones usually arrive a week later… so the 17th it is!!

  • hate thumbs bro

    That shell holster looks like my grandpa’s eyeglass case, but I’m sure according to the G-NEX club it’s actually a flux capacitor… but have fun fapping to grandpappy’s pocket protector for however long it is until the next G-NEX post 😛

  • Duck Dodgers

    Some of you act like 14 year old teen girls that never had anything before. The phone will release when it wants to, not when you need it to.

    • Anonymous

      you grammar is worse than that of a 14 year old. just saying..

      • Anonymous

        pot calling the …….

    • How do 14-year-old girls who have never had anything before act, anyway?

  • Jboogie1289

    Alright, here we go!!!!!!

    • Rodster

      Ah, nothing like a G-Nex and some Bud Lite!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I started with bud light but with this procrastinated launch i’ve switched to full fledged whiskey outta the bottle!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ooo, I might get that shell/holster combo… But it doesn’t cover the front? I want to see more pics!

  • how about the dock that they talked about ?

  • Anonymous

    Are we going to ave a review for the Droid RAZR by Friday?

  • Whatinthe23

    This makes me giddy. Now if they would only release the phone that goes with it….

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely promising, hopefully we’ll see a release date announced this week.  

  • Trooper


  • Jason Purp

    I only use TPU cases

    • Guest

      otter box for me.  i am rough on phones.

  • Ray

    Cases are for girl WTF are you protecting grow so balls my phones run free in the wild butt ass naked!

    • Anonymous

      Or people that have more than a middle school education and need the belt clip, or like a little extra protection, something your parents should have thought of before conceiving you.

  • OG Droid

    My thumbs cant wait to make sweet love to this phone lol.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Ghost Armor for me so I can keep it as thin as possible

    I never used a case of any kind on my OG

  • Jovan

    Give me…the phone. It’s my birthday 🙁 hehe.