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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cases Arrive at Verizon Stores

Verizon, for whatever reason, won’t give us an official date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We have heard November 10, 17, post-Black Friday, and even November 21 as potential options. It’s tough to call any of those “official” though, especially since they change every couple of days. One thing we do know, is that stores have already received their first batch of G-Nex cases ahead of launch. I would highly doubt that we will see the phone tomorrow (10th) with the DROID RAZR coming out on Friday, but if they do announce it as a “web only” exclusive at some point, they could really release it whenever they’d like.

Cheers Spaniard!

  • Metudalu

    Why can’t W/O stand for week of.. not web only. The 21st is a Monday. That makes it the week of the 21st.

  • cystic

    This is actually an awesome case. I have one almost identical for my bionic, except its made to for the extended battery. Very tough, nick kick stand, does a good job of protecting the phone. I love this case almost as much as the phone itself. Highly recommended.

  • Trevor-kai

    I like how cases for the Nexus is breaking news, but a hands on video of BOTH the Droid RAZR and HTC REZOUND have hands-on videos and it’s just “news” lol

  • gadgetryan

    I will get the Shell  case when I get the phone. Then when seidio’s cases finally come out Im all over those cases.

    For those who dont use a case, I feel ya!! I know what you mean. Be careful with your phone. Thats true. But lets say after a few months you wont notice the phone on your lap when you get out of your car and it drops on the ground. That is when a case comes in handy. Im buying for the future of my phone.

  • I’ve used Sena cases for my other phones and recommend them to my friends. They don’t have a Galaxy Nexus case yet, but I won’t have a case until they do.


  • must.have.this.phone.

  • I may get one of these or an otterbox just because when I get a phone I actually like, unlike the one I have now. (Not to name any names: CHARGE) I may want to keep a phone as nice as this safe lol. 😀

    • Just take care of it.  Don’t put it in pockets with other things like keys.  Make it top priority to not drop it. Every time you carry around, either have it secure in your hand with nothing else, or put it in a pocket.  Don’t “juggle” it with other stuff in your hands.  If you’re really afraid you’re going to drop it, get insurance. It’s only like $7/month and if you destroy your phone, you can replace it with only a $45 deductible.  I, personally, would rather have a slightly scuffed up phone than put an ugly case on it.

  • Patience people, patience.  I’ve waited 2 years for this phone, I’m not about to give up and buy a lesser phone now (iPhone, RAZR, Rezound, etc.).   I don’t care if I have to wait until the end of January, I will be getting a Nexus phone on Verizon.  I couldn’t get less if there are better specced phones out there when the Nexus finally comes out.  I want a Nexus because it’s a Nexus, not because it has the best specs.  I’m sick of phones that have crappy skins (Blur, Sense).  I’m sick of phones not getting upgrades (every Android phone except the Nexus).  I’m sick of ugly phones (nearly everything made by Moto and HTC). I’m sick of crappy displays (recent Moto phones).  The Nexus is as close to an iPhone as you can get as far as business strategy goes.  It’s Google’s baby.  They only release one a year, and it’s directly supported by Google for the next 2 years.  When those 2 years are up, I’ll get another Nexus.

  • Anonymous
  • I love waking up in the morning, coming to Droid-Life and seeing some Nexus News.  This makes me very happy as well!!!

  • Anonymous

    im buying an otterbox defender for my nexus. if i want a phone to last a full 2 year contract it needs maximum protection.

    • Justin Kos

      no glove no love

  • Anonymous

    These cases are so ugly.

  • Mischief316
  • Donnydon

    Happy about what? Umm its still Android. No good apps. And if there are some good ones there ported 1 year after the iphone had them…..

    • Foamposite0o1

      I want to be like you when I grow up.

    • what may be sad is if you actually believe this.  

    • Anonymous

      are you stupid?

  • Anonymous

    If the Gnex is delayed beyond November 17, I am getting the iphone4s. At least I’ll get a break from visiting droid-life/androidcentral/BGR etc.  like 50 times a day.. not to mention the several dozen hours I waste every month being a flashaholic.

    I transitioned from PC to Mac in 2007 and have never looked back even a single day. Best thing I ever did. Saved tons of money on upgrades/fixing etc. 

    Perhaps this is all for good.. Perhaps it’s about time I started giving the iphone a serious consideration.

    • Azndan4

      don’t do it.

    • Anonymous

      I was like you 2 weeks ago but I called to cancel the order after thinking hard about it the next day.  Biggest reasons was that it did not have LTE and the new 1280×720 displays on the Rezound and G-Nex was next generation stuff.  Plus the interface for me would get boring and I love to root/hack my phones.  
      Right now Apple is not aggressive with Android.  If they were dead serious they would have released a total redesign.  Android is just too much for Apple, Rim and Windows mobile combined.  And every time I thought of Siri I told myself,  I’m not going to talk to my phone around other people. Once Siri wears off then what’s next?  The dual core processor will just sit there because developers are going to cater to the 3GS and iphone 4 people.  There are less than 10 games that actually take advantage of the dual core  and the difference is pretty minimal.  

      • Brian Roberts

        In the event you DID want to talk to your Android phone, you could always get Jeannie (formerly known as Voice Actions)… or one of the other dozen voice recognition apps in the Market. You can even change the voices using SVOX, as well as adjust the speed and pitch. Hurray choices.

      • Anonymous

        I hear what you are saying.. if the “iphone 5” had come out with a bigger screen and LTE.. I might have actually bought one this time.

        3G speeds,that too on Verizon is a HUGE turn off.

        I don’t know.. I’m just mad at Verizon for treating Galaxy Nexus like some kind of pariah! I want more news about it and more importantly… I want them to release it already!.. it was supposed to be released today.. and yet there is still no news about it’s launch.

        • gadgetryan

          idk about you but I too feel what you are going through. However there is no other joy than opening up twitter in the morning to find out the Nexus has finally been released or at least open for pre orders. My advice dont move to the Iphone just yet, take some time to do other things. in other words keep your mind on something else. It will come. and when it does, rest assured the whole interwebs will be filled with happy nexus owners.

          so lets talk about the Prime!!

  • Mdemetry

    Postponed 🙁

    • Dave

      Postponed for Amazon UK, everyone else still has it set for the 17th. Verizon hasn’t even announced a release date yet!

  • Anonymous

    Kellen, I gotta be honest. You are the man, but I’m hating you right now for mentioning the (albeit slim) possibility of an internet launch tonight. I’m already wincing in pain that the technology-blue-balling that I’m about to get.

  • Anonymous