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Verizon Gets the 32GB Galaxy Nexus, Priced $289 at Costco?

When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was introduced, we were told that the device would come in both 16GB and 32GB models with no SD card slot in sight. The lack of removable storage worried many of you, so when we saw minimum advertised pricing lists showing the phone at $299 on multiple occasions, we kept wondering which version this would be. According to a training document that compares the device to the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound, it appears as if Big Red is getting the big 32GB model. Hallelujah! While that may not solve the fact that it doesn’t have removable storage, it should at least give you piece of mind that it will take you some time to actually fill up that much space. Simply popping your current card out of your current phone and dropping it into the G-Nex though, not happening. 

And on a related note, Costco is showing the G-Nex as being $289 on contract, $10 cheaper than you will likely see it in Verizon stores. No word if the phone will come bundled like we saw with the DROID Bionic, but hey, $10 is $10.

Via:  TheDroidGuy, Android Central

Cheers Tyler and everyone else!

  • Anonymous

    Hey $289 at costco!   That saving’s pasy for 2 months of my membership!   Sweet Corn and Rice baby!

    Way to save!  A whole $10!!!!

  • Anyone here that upgraded to the bionic through costco that got to keep their unlimited data plan?

  • Anonymous

    The nexus does not have a SD card? This sucks. I have a 32 gig card in my Bionic and 16Gigs internal. My 32gig is almost full, I have about 2 gigs left. I have allot of pix, and movies as well as TV shows and sit-coms on there for my entertainment. No SD is not an option for me, Shame on you Samsung. 

  • Corkis84

    This phone is sadly a no go for me.  I dont remove my wallet if i dont get removable storage.  Also that price is steep.

  • Mixke1

    Isn’t there a typo in that comparison chart?  I thought the Nexus had the zero lag camera and panoramic pictures?  Its listed under the Rezound

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and the Bionic doesn’t have 2 gigs of RAM, It would be nice but it doesn’t. TYPO!!!

  • Panthersmb921

    I wish we had the option to buy it 50 dollars cheaper if you use an existing sd card. They should also carry a cheaper 16 gig version too. Let’s just be reasonable.

  • guest

    So disappointed, no sd slot is a deal breaker for me :(, rezound it reluctantly is… I hate htc battery life and video quality, I have 29 gigs of music on my sd card because music is important to me (music producer/engineer, I know it seems like overkill but It really isn’t) and 5 gigs. of Apps filled on my x, plus I love to take videos and 1080p videos take up a lot of room, cloud storage is not an option because I travel a lot and coverage in between cities is extremely spotty and that’s when I need it almost the most plus google music offers no audio options and I use poweramp for music, so I’m really disappointed that they didn’t include an sd slot, rezound looks great but has big drawbacks but an hd screen is too hard to pass, guess horrible battery life and a laggy processor are in my future, wish the razr had an hd screen… But it’s all good I’m blessed to have the option to buy one of these phones so that’s the last of my complaining, just had to get it out haha, enjoy whatever phone works for you android friends, especially those getting the gn ha

  • Anonymous


  • am i the only one who noticed “2gb of ram” on the BIONIC?

  • Stephen Becht

    I can’t belive anyone has not noticed that the droid bionic according to this sheet has 2gb of ram lol, Oh verizion building up my hopes

  • That chart says micro sim but in pics it looks like a big ass sim. Can anyone confirm???

  • Anonymous

    I may have my facts wrong, but there seem to be a few things that don’t add up.
    1) Doesn’t the Galaxy Nexus have a 1.3MP FFC?
    2) Doesn’t the Bionic have 1GB of RAM?

    • Anonymous

      They probably meant to say DDR2 ram

  • Anonymous

    Piece of mind hehe.


    This is getting old…REALLY OLD.

    i will say this, the waiting game is cool, it makes the user over analyze said product once in hand.

     we will see.

  • Guest

    up yours disqus

  • David Hayden

    I’ll probably get it at Costco. When I get it depends on what is bundled with it. Costco usually has some sort of  deal with this kind of stuff.

  • eze4

    I really want a sd card slot but don’t want to deal with htc’s battery woes like I’m doing with this weak thunderbolt. So is a sd card slot really that important or necessary?

  • Noah Flowers

    This does say the Bionic has 2 GB of ram…

  • Anonymous

    This is a preview of how Verizon intends to market the Galaxy Nexus.  That is, not at all.  That device description is painfully lacking – and I’m sure it’s because Verizon has no interest in pushing a phone that won’t have their name emblazoned on the front, or their bloatware installed.  I bet the sales people are being trained to push people interested in the Nexus toward the Rezound and Razr.  They’ll have no problem making that case for most consumers, too.

    I hope Google does a little more than commission an Ninja unboxing (though always awesome) and putting a link on google.com.  Nexus phones deserve a quality advertising push for once.  

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Verizon seems to be one sided on this cause they don’t get their way with their bloatware. 

  • Anonymous

    Friday couldn’t come any sooner

  • Brett Ward

    so…. how does cwr backups and titanium backup and music and such work… how do i get all my sdcard conents on the device haha im so lost, will i just need to put the sdcard contents on a comp and then transfer through usb mass storeage mode? ive only owned a dx so there’s a lot of things i haven’t experienced

    • Anonymous

      You will back up to a place in the memory still called “sdcard” which is misleading because it is still internal storage. On newer phones external storage is called “sdcard-ext”. Confusing right? Also you are correct about transferring files. Put the sd card in or comp (or the DX in mass storage) and connect the G Nex in mass storage and move your files.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they are going to try and price it like the iphone 4s $199.99 16gb and $299.99 32gb. Google took the concept of non-removable storage as well.

  • SSo if no sd card then what’s the best way to transfer your backups from titanium and SwiftKey memory folders… Etc

    • Drag and drop onto your computer then back to the new phone.

      • Anonymous

        YUP, and it will be painful cause at times not all the stuff will transfer, sometimes it will just stop responding. Do a bit at a time and get better results. 

  • Anonymous

    Off subject….One thing that seems weird is its called ‘Samsung galaxy nexus’ instead of ‘Google galaxy nexus’. I own the nexus s but it has always been referred to as the ‘Google nexus s’. I wonder what the difference means….

  • Dongwenal

    Costco does nothing for me verizon offer discount for upgrade and have a rebate card.Costco must have a bundle only way I will buy from them.

  • Wireless Fool

    For what it’s worth I don’t see the Nexus listed in our Costco system…

  • Mack

    This is all good but… 


    I don’t have an upgrade until August 2012 and my Droid X2 is full of lameness and random reboots. I found a few takers for it for $200 with the accessories I have for it so I need to know how much I need to come up with for the full price. Nice to ave some G-Nex news though. 

    • Nathan Hosford

      expect 550-650

    • Anonymous

      No more than $650, that is what the razr is and that has more high price materials and is droid branded which those devices always seem to be more full retail. I am buying full retail also.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad they don’t train their sales staff on the display resolutions.

  • Bionic

    Im not saying 32GB is small by any means, but the lack of an SD card really turns me off.  I like being able to take it out on demand for simple things like using a photo kiosk at walgreens instead of needing to have a USB cord with me.  

  • hatethanet

    Why don’t they get a little more aggressive and undercut the iPhone 4S by at least $50? $249 for the 32GB would be good.

  • tomNasty

    $299 for phones that have spotty coverage is disappointing i live in Vegas and i barely get 4G

  • Jacob Bowen

    I wonder if they will offer a 16 GB model for cheaper, I never even break 5 gb on my phone I don’t really need the extra storage

    • Anonymous

      I was hoping they would because I am the same and am paying full retail and was hoping i would be able to save some extra cash by buying 16gb.

  • Anonymous

    Phones are not getting more expensive.

    We paid 299 for the original Droid 2 years ago.  Not to mention what we paid for god awful phones before that. 

    You guys have terrible memories. 

    • Anonymous

      $299?  i paid $189 a couple days after release date..

      • Anonymous

        $299 from Verizon with 2 year contract, still have my receipt.

        • Yeah but that was with a $100 mail-in rebate if I’m not mistaken.  I remember because I went and bought it at Best Buy since they had the instant rebate.

  • Booboolala2000

    Love that the chart says “verizon exclusive”. Glad I am on verizon.

  • Both the Razr and Nexus have the new Micro Sim too….

    • Anonymous

      the rezound is so damn thick they dont need a micro sim.

    • Anonymous

      There’s no reason for the Nexus to use a micro sim.  I’m disappointed in Google, they seem to be following in the footsteps of crApple in many ways. Actually Moto too.

  • Anonymous

    I know what I want for Christmas! HELL YEAH!

  • i’m loving this site design update.

    (i’m probably hella late to the game)

  • Anonymous

    I keep flip flopping between the Nexus and Rezound. I like HTC old school approach by keeping the SD slot, decent processor, better spec’ed camera, capacitive buttons and the excellent super LCD at 720p resolution. But Nexus has a newer processor, zero lag camera, better battery life, amoled LCD and most important crap free ICS. If the Resound had ICS from the start I would be 80% positive I would pick it even knowing that the battery sucks.

    • Anonymous

      I hear ya… Even though I am going to buy the Nexus there are things about the other two that are attractive.

  • Anonymous

    $289? So much for a minimum advertised price if $299.

    • Vaporware

       That is an internal screen cap. They can sell it for whatever they want they just cant advertise it at that price.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t Verizon they can sell for whatever they want.

  • Anonymous

    Alright. Now all I need to know is if November 17th is for real. Setting my alarm already

  • tjmonkey15

    It’s pretty sad that two of those phones up there are still running Froyo.

    • Anonymous

      actually only the charge. The revolution got gb last week or the week before.

  • No external storage? Aw man.. that’s sort of depressing. Might as well call this the samsung galaxy iphone.

  • Gotta agree…16GB is more then enough when you have Google Music, DropBox, Minus, Amazon Cloud Drive and Box.Net

    • hope you have an unlimited plan. 

    • LDPC

      That’s only okay if all you do is store small files like music. Some people do more with their phones than just music playback. Even with LTE, large files and cloud storage isn’t a good nor reliable solution.

      • Yeah you’re right, I was just speaking in my case.  Although the only other thing you could be talking about is movies, right?  Nothing else really takes up that much space.  I don’t know, I don’t think many people have tons of movies on their devices…

        • tjmonkey15

          I don’t get signal where I work, and I often listen to music via my phone, so no Google Music for me.  Instead I have to keep all the music on my phone which is why I prefer to have a card slot.  I’ve just reached the point where 16GB won’t cut it anymore.

  • As if anything is gonna deter me from making this purchase……..yea…..No B.)

  • Please be aware that Verizon kiosks in Costco are privately owned and operated by 3rd parties.  My brother-in-law found out the hard way when he attempted to return a device 5 days after a purchase, and was told that the only way they could do so would be to charge him a $100 restock fee, not adhering to Verizon’s return policy.

    • Anonymous

      Was he returning it or exchanging it for another phone? We have to remember that even though its purchased at Costco you still have to follow Verizon rules.

      While you do have 90 days to return the phone to Costco you still only have 14 days to exchange it for a different phone per Verizon policy .

      Costco has its advantages and will usually include an accessory kit which will save even more money.

      I purchased a Droid X from Costco and would not hesitate to purchase there again.

      • Asking

        do you need to have Costco membership?

        • Anonymous

          Yes…. And everyone should have one anyway!

          Costco has some good deals and I enjoy going there.

          Also they pay their employees well. Very few places take care of their employees as well. I have a niece who works in the bakery and makes over $21 per hour plus good benefits.

      • Odiej34

        You are WRONG. You can exchange it for another phone all the way to the 89th day. Been ther done that. Costco has a return policy that allows you to exchange for different phone if not satisfied and I am NOT satisfied with my Bionic. It’s going back for a Razr or Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          Good luck.

          • Guest

            Thank you.

      • Rxtra

        That is not correct. I spoke to the manager of the kiosk inside the Costco where I purchased my bionic and you have the full 90 days to exchange the phone for any other phone that they stock.

        • How’s there deal work with Verizon, I have a manager approved upgrade, I think it has to be done from the Verizon store doubt they they’ll let me use it at the kiosk… they will try and charge me FRP.

    • Wireless Fool

      Costco does not charge a restocking fee…

      • It’s because it’s NOT COSTCO who is selling you the phone, it’s a 3rd Party that pays Costco to host its kiosk in.

        After bitching to management they waived the fee (note: this was to exchange it for the Droid X2 and was 6 days after purchase of the original DX).

        • Wireless Fool

          Actually the inventory  that the kiosks sell is Costco’s inventory.  Perhaps you should check your facts before making ridiculous claims.

    • Anonymous

      No you are wrong get your facts straight, that kiosk follws the same return exchange rules as costco, whoever charged a 100 was just pocketing it. I returned my bionic 14 days after purcahsing it no problems no restock fee.

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that they’re saying the Rezound has zero lag, slow motion video and panoramic, when that seems to be exactly what was showcased when the Galaxy Nexus was introduced. Either the chart has the blurb under the wrong phone, or VZW wants associates to favor the Rezound over the GN. i’m inclined to believe the latter as they list almost no remarkable features for the GN beyond the VZW exclusivity and it has Ice Cream Sandwich.

    I’m also glad to see Costco will be carrying the phone. I’ll sill be within my return window for my Bionic, and hope to send it back and get the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      You are within 14 days? Because if not you will be paying full price for your Nexus.

      You have 90 days to return the phone to Costco but you don’t get your upgrade back if you are outside 14 days.

      • Mik112

        Not true you can return it for a replace if you went through wireless advocates kiosk at costco within the 90 day period, already done before and i certainly plan to do it this time for the bionic as well 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The mytouch slide 4g has that kind of camera so I think it is under the right part.

    • Anonymous

      AND…Face Unlock, don’t forgot about that feature!

    • Noble Four

      It isn’t a mistake. The Rezound has an instant capture feature you can disable. Likely at the expense of picture quality. But nonetheless. Not a misprint.

  • Stephen

    Its gonna suck getting everything from my current phone to the nexus….whoever thought non removable memory was a good idea is very wrong

    • Only one extra step.  Copy SD card to computer, connect Nexus, copy SD card to Nexus

      • Anonymous

        Why not just go straight from phone to phone? everyone has two usb ports.

      • Booboolala2000

        Or just download a cloud based storage app and you have all your shit. Which if you haven’t already done that then shame on you.

        • Bionic

          true enough, but i like to have an SD card “hard copy” of all my shit as well.  Sometimes the cloud has problems.  

          • Anonymous

            Was thinking about that. But I think I’d rather own a phone that has non-removable memory than a phone that has a non-removable battery. The former is just better.

        • usb is much faster

    • Anonymous

      The fact that this will use MTP will kill my linux box from talking to this right just like my xoom 🙁

      • Anonymous

        @goober Use songbird

      • Slack

        What distro do you use? It works okay, but somewhat substandard out of the box on Ubuntu (from my experience with the Tab 10.1).

        Really though usually it was just less irritation to just use adb push/pull anyway, to be honest. Maybe I’ll look into Wi-Fi file transfer.

    • is there a way to usb > usb transfer android phone  data?

      • Mike

        it’s called a computer

    • Anonymous

      It will, but then you’ll get on the cloud bandwagon and never look back.

  • Chris G

    I assume Costco can upgrade our existing line to keep the unlimited data?

    • Anonymous

      I sure as hell hope so. If not, I’ll use whatever Christmas money I have and buy it outright with a stiff middle finger straight to VZW for trying to screw me out.

      I don’t use like 60GB or anything (which I read one commenter did at one point) but I also use more than their 2Gb max.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I upgraded both my orig. Droid and my partner’s via Costco Wireless and they we were able to keep the unlimited data plans on both phones. However…

        If you use the website, and order/upgrade more than one phone, the website is kind of screwy and will force you to select a data plan for the 2nd phone (unlimited won’t be one of the choices). Select a plan anyway, and then call Costco Wireless after you get your order verification to make sure they update the order to keep the unlimited plan. In fact when I called, they already had made the not, so I didn’t really have to call, but w/unlimited data at stake, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. It’s little bit of pain in the arse, but well worth it for the savings (we got Bionics w/the accessory bundles for $279 each).

        We also ran into a problem activating the phones after we received them — they didn’t clearly indicate which SIMs went w/which phones and after several attempts to activate them, we called VZW and they said the SIMs had already been activated and couldn’t be used again. Not sure what was up with that, whether it was something we did, or a fubar at Costco Wireless, but we picked up new SIMs at a VZW store the next day, and all was well.

    • Anonymous

      Of course… All Costco is doing is selling the phone. There is nothing different when you purchase through Costco. Verizon services the phone and you will contact them in the future with any needs regarding the phone. I bought a Droid X from Costco and my Thunderbolt from Best Buy.

      You will still have unlimited.

  • Verizon can sell this phone at $149.99 and still make money on it…..

    • Droid

      but why would they when idiots like us are drooling over it and will buy it regardless

  • Gadgetz

    That sucks. I wonder when 4G devices will go back to $199 or cheaper.

    • Anonymous

      When LTE-Advanced becomes commonplace.

      Although you can get a Bionic now for less than $200. Ditto Charge and a few other 4G phones.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Give it a few months and the price will be lower; I can wait.

    • Lars

      Why are smartphones getting more expensive? Seems to be going backwards compared to other electronics. For example, notebooks stay the same price or even get cheaper with every new hardware upgrade. Do smartphone components just keep getting harder and more expensive to make?

      • Vaporware

         Its because of the subsidized cost you are getting from VZW. Back before the iPhone “high end” feature phones went as high as $349 and Win Mo devices from HTC and Samsung would hit $499 for new releases. The iPhone priced at $199 is what drove the prices down. Now that Android has become the dominant mobile OS they can charge higher prices again. Verizon will charge whatever the market will bear and as long as we keep paying the higher prices Verizon ( and soon to be the rest ) will continue to charge them.

    • Joe

      Hopefully once the “I gotta have it now” crowd gets the Nexus, the price will drop. I’m not liking how prices are increasing and people are still willing to pay. My simple knowledge of economics says that means prices will continue to increase.

      • JMac726


        • Adam Elghor

          I NEEDED IT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            I’ll wait; I still don’t get 4G in my hometown of 55k that is 20 minutes south of San Jose… 

          • Gilroy?!?!

          • colorsaroundus

            😮  my face when im scrolling down the page see somebody posting about gilroy  🙂   lol

      • Rai

        Hopefully more and more people will come to their senses and become rational thinkers like us.

        • Droid2YearAnn

          It would have been nice to see prices listed on this chart as well, b/c why have the Bionic on here, when no one in their right mind would buy that paperweight over the RAZR.  Also- why have the Thunderbolt on here with the upcoming Rezound being released and lastly, why have the Charge on here with the forth coming Nexus. 
          Maybe if the Bionic, Thunderbolt and Charge were at least half the price of their replacements, someone may give them a second look- otherwise just take them off the comparison chart.  Soon the Revolution with get replaced with a dual core version as well.  Get with it Verizon!

          By the way, anyone else realize 2 YEARS AGO TODAY THE OG DROID WAS RELEASED!  Not too mention I have used the same phone for two whole years (yep- me along with many of you DL readers were there on day 1 to pick up this awesome phone.)

          Any new news on the Droid4- this is the only reason I may not yet use my upgrade on either the RAZR, Rezound or Nexus.  I still love my keyboard…

          • Anonymous

            because it is called a comparison chart and is comparing their lte lineup. d4 will be locked down like the rest of the moto lineup.

          • DroidDoesRAZR

            Yes, to compare a HTC to a Moto to a Samsung to a LG to a Pantech- not an old, outdated, poorly spec’d Bionic to a RAZR or Thunderbolt to a Rezound or a Charge to a Nexus.

          • Anonymous

            Enjoy your giant brick with no removable sdcard.

          • Anonymous

            I will

          • Anonymous

            enjoy your locked down piece of junk with no removable battery.

          • Anonymous

            I have a removable battery actually and a removable sdcard as I have a Bionic.  Enjoy your plastic piece of trash with god awful radios and cheap “fortified glass” alternative screen.

          • Jason James

            ill put my music on google and stream it with 4glte speeds! with everything going to the cloud it wont matter soon. when i get my 3TB cloud hard drive we will see who has more space lol!

          • Anonymous

            I can already access my entire computer’s multiple hard drives if I want to with Motorola’s MotoCast software.

          • Anonymous

            nexus, bionic and razr are ALL MADE OF PLASTIC, would you rather them made of titanium? moto and samsung both use a type of superamoled display, im more then sure that both of the displays moto and samsung use look great. you sir are clearly another idiot fanboy. need i remind you that these are only cellphones?

          • Anonymous

            LOL! I’m just regurgitating the same crap that all the other trolls on this site do, including yourself who just called what I had a piece of junk without even knowing what it was I had. Congratulations!

          • LOL Handset fanboys. Hilarious.  My Bionic is better then your NExus, YEAH!!!

          • Oh yeah?! Well what ever I bought is better than anything you bought because I’m smarter than you and always make the best, most well informed decisions!

            (gist of every hardware putdown post)

          • Anonymous

            LOL! I knew my comment would get a response from all the nextrolls and Bionic bashing assclowns on this site.


          • My Bionic rules!!! Enjoy your non-SD having Nexus…yeah!!!!

          • Anonymous

            I don’t have a Bionic so I’m going to go whine about it some more1!!!11. Herp derp.

          • RAZR_trumps_OldBionic

            lol, how can you call the RAZR a brick (it’s the thinnest smartphone ever made).  Don’t be mad, because you wasted your $ on the Bionic- with it’s bad screen, slow camera, Thunderbolt like thickness, poor battery life and no HD font cam, Kelvar back nor splash proof coating.  Not too mention for the same $299 price.

          • Anonymous

            Haha, I wasn’t calling the razr a brick, I was calling the galaxy nexus a brick because it is. Freaking giant 4.65″ screen. If you’ve ever seen a Samsung infuse in person you would know what I’m talking about. The Bionic’s much thinner than the Thunderbolt actually, slow camera is a bug which I fixed with an alternative camera app, I can actually see my screen in sunlight (good luck with your razr) and for any normal person the screen looks fine, poor battery life is due to the radio bug also fixed in the next update (lets see how many bugs your precious razr and GN have, I bet the GN will suffer all kinds of radio and bad signal issues), LOL @ HD front cam! Enjoy your non-removable battery and battery life as you get it.

            Btw, I payed $200 for the Bionic.

          • yet i think to myself…. when have i ever actually removed my SD card….?? oh that’s right… NEVER

          • Anonymous

            Guess you never want more than 32 GB storage either then right? Did you know that the new microsdxc 64 GB cards work in these devices?

          • Brandon

            Some people want the bionic for its removeable battery

      • TheAndroid1

        That’s skim pricing at its best.

      • Christephor

        yeah of course prices will continue to increase look at what we get with our phones now a days compared to 3-4 years ago so why wouldnt they increase

        • CJ Tinsley

          thats like saying prices of computers should keep going up in price which is the exact oppisite Of what is actually happening.  as technolgy evolves things will do more and will be faster but prices should continue to drop not rise.  what we have in the usa is an artifical rise in cell phone costs due to the dualoply the two major carriers already have.  if this industry isnt regulated prpsuoperly soon theconsumer pricing will keep going up and up and thats not just phone prices that is als6gfo psugoing to be true  for our monthly bills

          • Anonymous

            I think you are comparing a large time frame to a very small time frame. Computers are cheaper because the technology found cheaper ways to make more power. They had massive amounts of space to work with (compared to cell phones) and therefore as the technology became more efficient you got more for less. This happened over about a 30 year time frame as the technology became very mature.

            With cell phones you are looking at basically a 4 year time frame of adoption with only about 2 years of revolutionary advancement. Companies have just really started pouring massive amount of dollars into actual mobile base chips (comparative to the amount of time the technology has “household”). That’s why I think the Nexus, Razr, and Rezound are really the first “mature” phones released since the OG Droid, Incredible, Nexus S. Companies are finally blurring the lines between a smart phone (not smartphone) and a computer. Companies were trying to make small computers into a phone and now they are actually making smarter phones with the form factor we want and the features (LTE) that we want/need.

            If you really look at it cell phones are cheaper than they used to be and you get a lot more.

            The price of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was $3995 in 1983 would cost you $8650 today
            The Price of a Motorola Razr was $600 in 2004 and would cost $690 today. Also, cell companies only gave $100 discount in those days.

            When you can have a phone off contract that is cheaper than what the original Razr cost and is better than the best selling computers in 2004 ( 3.0 GHz single core with 512 Mb of RAM) in the palm of your hand, I find it really hard to complain.

      • Urugami

        Normally, I would agree with what you are saying; I waited 4 months to get my OG Droid.  However, the touchscreen on my wife’s Eris is going out, so we’ll need to jump on the upgrade now so she can get a workable phone.  We’re not ones to get full-price phones, either, so we’ll use the discounts while the gettin’s good.

    • Probably when AT&T and Sprint have more nationwide coverage with LTE.

      • Droid2YearAnn

        Anyone know if a 4G Micro Sim card gives the phone better battery life then the 4G Standard Sim card? 
        I am surprised to see the Rezound is coming with a standard one, just as in the old Bionic.  Thanks.

        • Anonymous

          Nope, the sim cards don’t have anything to do with battery usage.

          • Droid


    • Anonymous

      Remember the price of the Razr or the EnV when they came out? around the same and what did those phones even do?

      • Bionic


      • Blah

        How does that justify anything. You shouldn’t just take it in the ass just because you took it in before. 

        • Jyro

          I guess he’s so used to it, he doesn’t feel it anymore.

        • Anonymous

          @eb2a11d2df2c0ed909f48ff50cd02b2c:disqus new tech is always more expensive dumbass. Give it time to become more common and price will drop just like with 3g phones at first were more expensive than these and then prices dropped.

    • Chris Kochinsky

      once more carriers get lte remember how much 3g phones used to be? Everything is more expensive at first until they refine the way to produce the components.

    • who the F cares i have been waiting and waiting and waiting i would pay 1000000000000$ for this device :DDDDDDDDDD

    • Anonymous

      never, as long as they are on stupid verizon.

  • Anonymous

    This chart also says that the Bionic has 2 gigs of ram….

    • Anonymous

      Indeed it does…well so much for this chart confirming anything heh. Although I would hope they could get internal storage right, since it’s sort of a big deal.

      • Anonymous

        Yea but so is 2 gigs of ram 😉

        • Bionic

          Camaro sucks

          • Anonymous

            Bionic sucks

          • Anonymous

            Yeah. Drove a new SS……… I now drive a Brembo 5.0.

          • Bionic

            I have a 2011 5.0. Custom tuned to 487 horsepower. Brembro breaks, Boss 302 styling(aftermarket) and borla exhaust. You can hear my car coming a mile away. Every jackass with a camaro tries to race me even knowing im lighter and faster, they all eat my dust.

          • Anonymous

            Did you increase the interior passenger space to fit your ego?

          • Bionic

            Everyone has a passion my friend. Mine is my Mustang.

          • I’m Kick-Ass!

            ” You can hear my car coming a mile away.”

            Oh, so you’re an self-involved inconsiderate jerk. Thanks for the heads-up.

            And I think it’s “brakes”. Although it’s a Ford so maybe you meant “breaks”.

          • Anonymous

            If you knew shit about cars youd see im not just some jackass with a camaro, just by looking at my pic. My camaro was built by me for me. and what kind of jackass comes on a droid site to talk shit about peoples cars without being provoked? Oh btw, 487 hp isnt something to brag about when ur talking to a real car guy. Lol. Plus the boss you tried to copy looks like a hotwheel, aka American RICE

          • Bionic

            The 1970 Boss 302 styling does not look like American Rice. And I think when your on an engine budget of $1,000 487HP coming from stock is something to brag about. The camaro – mustang rivalry goes wayyy back and when I saw your name i wanted to rattle your cage a little. Relax dude. If we knew each other in real life we’d prolly be friends. I love the current muscle car competition going on between the big 3.

          • Urugami

            Yeah, Yeah?   Well, my ’91 Firebird Formula couldn’ve taken BOTH of y’all!  Yeah, that’s it.

          • Urugami

            Crap… typo  s/couldn’ve/could’ve/

    • It also shows the Pantech Breakout is one crappy phone 😀

      • Anonymous

        WHAT! OH MY GOD. NO! NO NO NO! You are just sooooo wrong. The Breakout was like a breakthrough… how can you be so blind! LOL

        • Rational Man

          Even the Pantech Breakout has a microsd slot…

  • Nypdal

     First….Awesome 32gb…Now release it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Makes me wonder what the 16GB version will go for….

    • Anonymous

      BTW, is there where the rudimentary “first” crap is supposed to be?

      • Anonymous

        Guess not.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve read this several times and I can’t figure out what you are saying or asking.

        • Anonymous

          Something about comment whores that are all about being first.  When I typed in my comment earlier, it showed me as the first person to post.  So I figured I’d ask about the whole “first” thing.  Only after I’d refreshed it twice did it show that I wasn’t the first person to comment.  Oh well.  I’m not about comment whoring.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve noticed that a couple times myself. This new DL doesn’t have all the kinks worked out yet.

          • Anonymous

            It’ll get there, I’m sure.

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait!