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Swiftkey X Alpha Introduces Multi-Touch, Can I Get a “Finally!”

I woke up this morning to a surprisingly lovely email from Swiftkey about a new feature that they are testing in an alpha version of their X keyboard. Multi-touch anyone? As someone that hammers away on his on-screen keyboard at a rapid rate, being able to touch the screen with both fingers at the same time and still produce results is beyond needed. And as one of my favorite keyboards of all time because it always seems a step ahead my sometimes slow moving Pacific coast time brain, this new feature is going to be incredibly huge once they get all of the bugs worked out.

Over the next few days, we would greatly appreciate your participation in Alpha testing our latest update to multi-touch functionality. This version is an Alpha, so we would advise against using it as your primary SwiftKey keyboard. However, your feedback will assist us in refining the SwiftKey experience for the betterment of all of our users. We’d appreciate if you could take some time to give this Alpha a thorough test.

We have made improvements for rapid typists. We now properly support multi-touch so you shouldn’t get accidentally repeated letters or accidentally missed letters when typing at speed with more than one finger. If you could try this out and in particular look out for issues with long-press keys, alternative character selection or keys where the highlighting gets stuck. We are particularly interested in results from tablet users touch typing as well as phone users with two thumbs. When reporting if you could be as descriptive as possible about exactly what you do to create the problem otherwise it will be very hard for us to fix it.

So this “alpha” is only for members of their VIP program which means that not everyone will get to test it. If you are a part of Swiftkey’s testing program though, you will want to check your email or at least jump into their forums to get the file. It will be up for two weeks – go get your testing on.

Via: Swiftkey

  • I enjoyed reading it. I like your writing very much!I agree with your Blog and I will be back to found more updates..

  • Alexander Garcia

    I think that the Multi-Touch Keyboard by Motorola is just brilliantly awesome, but if this tests out to be even better than that, I may just switch over.  🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Now give me a good black and white theme and we’re good. 

  • Anonymous

    By the beard of Zeus that is some great news.

  • If they could only fix the space after words problem now…

  • This was probably one of the biggest reasons I made errors with this keyboard. Definitely can’t wait to see how this holds up in real world testing. 

  • mtbhk44

    I love this keyboard.  You have to give it a shot before going back to the GB stock keyboard.  The alpha doesn’t have any of the prior customization so I’m not sure how we are supposed to give feedback seeing as all of the predictions are now invalid based on my typing history.  Odd to leave that out.  

  • Anonymous

    working great on my BAMF SOAB rooted TBOLT. only thing i wish the did is when you hold down the shift you can type. they will do it in the betas im sure

  • Anonymous

    The stock AOSP Ginger Bread keyboard is still the best keyboard available

  • Anonymous

    yea well the verge layout still sucks balls.

    • EC8CH

      off topic but I wholehearted agree

      • Anonymous

        dunno if the readers of that site are all dumbasses or that mods delete all negative comments bc all comments i see are to the effect of “good job verge! i love the new clean look! can i give the staff a handjob?” and 4/5 top rated products are apple (other one is sonos). hmmm. i guess its just an engadget jr.

        • Anonymous

          They released the website all of three days ago, and you’ve completely dismissed it. Par for the internet, I suppose.

          It could certainly use some work, but I don’t think it’s completely without merit.

    • Alexander Garcia

      I actually like the layout of theVerge, but the over-saturation of Apple Fanboyisms on that site just absolutely drives me INSANE!

  • Trooper

    Thumb keyboard ftw!

  • I signed up to the forums and got it 🙂

  • MFG

    Still broken on the Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      It works fine on mine….whats wrong with urs?

  • Anonymous

    Can I get a “AMEN”!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Gimmie Razr :p


    • Mike Hawk

      for what? you gotta shave or something?