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Tuesday Poll: The One App You Can’t Live Without?

Too hard to decide? Can you come up with just one? And we are ruling out Gmail, Google Maps, the Market, or any other app that is or was at one time native. If the game was on the line and you had one app that was guaranteed to give you victory, what would it be? Can there be just one? When you reach into your pocket, grab your phone and unlock it, what is the app that you almost instantly gravitate towards? An alternate keyboard? A cloud storage service? A 3rd party dialer? Twitter app?

Since we are not allowing you to choose native apps or ones that were once native, you can’t choose the text message app, but you could go with something like ChompSMS for example or another app that powers something native.

Have something in mind? Drop it in the comments below.

The DL choices: Tim went with Swype. Eric went with DropBox. Dan with Pandora. I went with Google Voice because there are far too many phone numbers and phones to keep track of these days.

  • espn sportscaster

  • CamCard. I HATE adding contacts so this app is awesome for me right now

  • ShapeWriter. Yall remember that. I still use it. I think it is and always has been better than Swype. Someone should get it back on the market.

  • Dana S.


  • Rizzidy


  • GotBeer


  • Ateamlawn

    bank of america app

  • Anonymous

    gReader by noinnion

  • En28so

    Widget locker. I couldn’t live without this great app.

  • Rhinoj1

    Google Voice.

  • Daniel Rowen

    Handcent SMS and Swipepad totally…I love Swype, but not as much as my physical qwerty keyboard so I could live without that

  • Can I go with the market place app 🙂

  • Steven Tolnai
  • Umm google translate.

  • Just_hot_graham

    Swype for me. It’s ruined me for texting on other phones.

  • Vbdriver

    Old time radio app. Hours of listening on the road

  • AutomateIt Pro does so much for me I forget that my phone didn’t do all those useful things without it. I schedule my ringers/audio off at night and turn them back on in the morning. GPS location toggles audio off when arriving at the library or a restaurant. It automatically turns on GPS and Bluetooth when I put it in the car dock. If I have the speakerphone on, it turns off when I put the phone near my face. And there are so many other event triggers and actions that I don’t even use yet. A buck and a half? Yes, please.

  • Jon Garrett

    Google Maps, even when I had an iPhone 4, Google Maps is by far the best app ever. If I had to choose something other than Google Maps, then Id choose the mobile banking apps (Capital One, Citi Bank and Chase) and the AT&T app.

  • lrnano

    Yourube… is my personal teach. When it comes to tech stuff.

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    Handscent SMS and Robotek. Great alternative sms and fun game.

  • Franz

    Google Voice is my choice (free visual voicemails ftw!)

    Google Music Beta a very good second (Love having my music everywhere).

  • Jaschart

    Without Agenda Widget, I’d be unemployed. Google+ keeps suggesting I add roflharrison to my circle, even it knows.

  • +1 for YouVersion. NLV will be available for download next weekend only keep your eyes open for that.

  • Surely Frederick, my Google Reader RSS reader

  • Joediver

    Pageonce. Without it I’d never remember all my bills.

  • Google Music!

  • Not to be a suck up or anything..but I love my the Droid Life app especially when I am on the go. I honestly must spend atleast 40% of my day checking out the site. Even at work… :o)

    • Anonymous

      You have some brown stuff on your nose…

  • Stephen Hart

    2x Client

  • Stephen Hart

    2x Client

  • Sqt5022

    Google Maps.

  • Google Music. If I didn’t have it, I’d have an iPhone. Music is my life, and I can’t fit all 4.4 thousand of my songs on my small SD card and I refuse to buy a bigger one when i already own one.

  • Mdn5024

    ESPN Scorecenter

  • smart keyboard pro.. it seems i am one of the few who still uses the t9 keyboard

  • Doggcatcher.  Use it everyday.  It allowed me to get rid of my iPod.

  • Trend Micro Safe Sync.  Let’s me take my office with me.

  • Guest


  • Chris

    Each is limited on its own, but together dropbox and keepass are what allow me to do anything at all. I would never be able to sign in on anything sithout those.
    By the way, Flash and Maps are vanilla (stock) apps and not options for this.

  • garrett

    The new (non-native) google music app that allows syncing with your google music account. I have 0 mp3 files on my phone but i can listen to whatever i want whenever i want

  • Anonymous

    handcent, im pro plus and widget locker.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna have to go with either ADW launcher EX or Rom Toolbox. I just discovered rom toolbox and its a better titanium backup and rom manager combined into 1 app. It has way more uses and is just solid. 

  • Matthew D

    Titanium Backup

  • Anonymous

    Amazon Appstore 🙂 Can’t beat free apps everyday

  • Anonymous

    anyone have a really fun casual game? not the usual angry birds or fruit ninja…

  • XroidX

    Google Navigation

  • g_what

    Just made a Twitter a week ago, and that is my new obsession. I don’t use it so much for posting updates, but for checking news. Tweetdeck.

    Game: Euchre. It’s a fun card game that works online and offline. My friends and I play all the time in real life as well.

  • Rodys Gonzalez


  • Anonymous

    rockplayer for my tablet 
    and poweramp for phone&tab

  • John Mozelewski

    google voice i need free texting after paying 30 a month for data then browser and google maps tie for 2nd

  • Sayitaintso

    cant live with out goggle maps

    • Sayitaintso


  • Manuel Olague


  • Navigation

  • 1manriot

    Me personally, Google maps and my girlfriend says the same. It may be one one of the biggest reasons andoid is better than ios

  • I can live without my phone and everything on it. I don’t need it. =)

  • PattyOMalley

    PowerAMP. It’s probably the best music player on Android, especially with the new 2.0 beta.

  • Harmondrive2

    Rom manager or clockwork mod recovery. nandroid backups have saved me so much its not even funny.

  • Tasker. It does it all and then some.

  • Anonymous

    Google navigation. Free..amazingly accurate..did i meantion free? No more paying hundreds for garmin..tomtom..etc ..crap. 

  • Gooncityfl

    Pulse news reader

  • Kaybeezy


  • KC


  • Big Chris

    SuperUser. Nothing else would work to my liking w/o it

  • Craig

    Glympse. The wife and I use it almost every day.

  • ICS is d ****

    ROM MANAGER of course, it is not a contest.

  • Anonymous

    Launcher Pro Plus with Signal23 themes

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    GO SMS PRO and GO Keyboards

  • Anonymous

    Google Music. I love having a bunch of music waiting for me without having to load it on my phone everyday.

  • Robbie Gerling

    swype.  hit that like button if you agree 😉

  • Tyler

    GoLauncher, its makes me not have to wait 30 seconds for my homescreen to load each time.

  • JC

    Definitely Google Voice.

  • I’d have to say Handcent SMS

    • todd

      I just looked for Handcent and it only shows up as Chinese and Korean, and I speak neither. Any help on finding an English version?

      • Kevin Cox

        Hmm, Good point. I have Handcent installed but just tried to search for it in the market and English didn’t come up. At first I was going to guess maybe you had a crappy phone or an early OS but that’s clearly not it. I don’t know what the deal is.

        • Megan

          They actually took it off the market but i downloaded it offline! just google it!

    • Saint

      Handcent is cool except when you forget to clear out old texts…..then it gets real glitchy real quick!

  • Utsav Shrestha

    I’d say Titanium Backup..

  • Dialer App.  If it couldnt make calls it would just be an iPhone.

  • Adw.launcher EX

  • Rob

    Probably Amazon Appstore because they offer free apps.

    NFL Mobile is pretty damn nice, and Yahoo Fantasy Football as well. Netflix and Spotify come in close too.

  • Friendcaster!

  • Crux_of_the_bizkit


  • Alexander Garcia

    google maps and yelp 🙂

  • Boblevel

    clockworkmod, no root=no fun. 🙂

  • Mdh7

    Too bad this was not a contest, because the app I go to most is the Xscope browser to visit Droid-Life.

  • Anonymous

    so many but i use this one everyday…timeriffic – it lets  me setup profiles so that my phone doesn’t ring while i am at work, and i don’t have to remember to turn my ringer on and off.

  • EdgeSetter

    Google Listen. Gotta have my podcasts to pass the time at work or while driving.

  • Anonymous


  • Dolphin Browser HD, the BOSS.

  • blackknight937

    I can’t live without the bank of America ape I like knowing what I have in the bank I have the short cut on my lock screen Lol I can’t live without widget locker to

  • Twitter for Android!!! Facebook for Android!!! Taskiller!!! Quick Settings!!!

  • LovelyLJ

    YouVersion Bible App!!!!

  • Raven

    Folder Organizer is probably the most important app to me because it allows me to quickly find which of my 500+ apps that I am looking for.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful widgets for me

  • Anonymous

    I use Vlingo and SpeakToIt a lot. i cna’t be without them now 😉 If I had to pick one I’d pick SpeakToIt. I love my voice commands 🙂

  • Z4Root / SuperOneClick,if it werent for thees i wouldn’t be able to do what i do everyday now. I use root apps everyday.

  • JT

    Market…its like wishing for more wishes!

  • Mctypething

    ” UMadBro? “

  • Splicer78


  • IntlGrizzly

    Go SMS

  • Google +

  • Richardjkelleyjr

    wwould have to be Drop Box

  • mikeym0p

    Swype for 3rd party
    Messaging.apk overall is the one app I couldn’t live without

  • NickDaHat

    Vlingo.  I live in my car and have very little time to pick up a phone, dial it, etc. and Vlingo (for now) fits the bill.

    • NickDaHat

      I’m waiting on the SiRi clones to come out, but till then, that’s my goto app

  • thê randy

    Youversion…easily the most important thing on my phone

  • Kaufkin

    Rom Manager.

  • caryzub

    Boot Manager, is my all time favorite app.

  • Mikeyflo

    Tasker, without it I’d actually have to tell me phone when to go on vibrate or when to turn on gps or wifi..just too difficult

  • market app 😉

  • Anonymous

    Pandora?  Seriously?  I can’t understand why people like that app.  It does not give you control over what you are listening to. 

    • Thats what Pandora is. Its just like the radio (minimal control over what is playing and therefor free). I Use it LOTS.

  • Chaosrv

    nesoid.  OG Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Mike Tyson’s Punchout help on those long commutes.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Drop. For a student who often uses public machines, this is such a great tool.

  • Dan-O

    Dolphin HD

  • nwd1911

    Netflix, I’ll never be bored again.

  • Firelight

    Juice Defender Ultimate

    (close second: Go Launcher EX)

  • Since we can’t choose native apps (like Google Nav) I would have to say Spotify – we streamed music all across our recent CA to MA road trip. The offline music saved from my premium account was a godsend when both radio and cell signals were nonexistent in parts of the country like Iowa and Nebraska!

  • Twitter, nothing is beating it for news updates and I like news

  • Phillip Purcell

    NewsRob – so I can follow Droid-Life.com!

  • Yeah.  I am going to have to say Google Voice.

  • Kdkinc

    “Issmo”   Never leave home without it !

  • Jasper

    Camera Zoom FX. <—- Bionic Owner, this is a must.

  • Jody Harvey

    Evernote! And it can sync with your laptop as well all your notes.

  • ndrive….did i win yet?

  •  Flash light.  You can always use a flashlight, the screen just isn’t bright enough sometimes.

  • Anonymous


  • BeyondPod

  • SwiftyKey X! I really can’t do without that…the precision of my typing skyrocketed when I got that app. 🙂 

  • Sehinshaw38

    Probably my Fox News App

  • Zach Hepner

    Smart Taskbar all the way

  • TweetDeck

  • BlackBranch

    Jorte calendar widget is my brain.

  • Anonymous

    Titanium Backup. It’s genius and perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Foursquare and Scoremobile

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Market App 🙂

  • My most used app other then superuser would be launcher pro. But recently ive switched to GoLaucher, which does way more then lpp ever will. sorry federico carnales

  • Anonymous

    QuickPic, simply because the newer Moto Gallery app (the one with the “social networking gallery” built in) is so damn slow and buggy.  A close 2nd would be Dolphin Browser HD (for its fullscreen browsing capabilities) or QuickOffice or Docs2Go since I got a lot of email attachments. 

  • Anonymous

    Root Call Blocker so work can’t get a hold of me after hours and weekends!


  • kittcoldfire

    Definitely Swype, and now that they finally released it the Royal Bank App!

  • 007e

    Has to be Kik

    It keeps me connected with 9 of my best buds and cousins daily all in one conversation.
    It helps me get through the day laughing with these guys and sharing funny pics and stories.

  • Texasgt301

    I would say google maps cause to me im too lazy to pay the 411 charge or go get a damm phone book

  • Pish Posh

    Would Google Music count as a native app?…In any case it is definitely my number one go to app, love having all my music available anywhere I am thanks to Google Music Beta. Not to mention the countless times Google Music (along with the Motorola Roadster) has saved me from long car rides filled with terrible FM radio 🙂

    A close second would be swype, I’ve tried alternate keyboards but I always come back to swype.

  • Superior1

    Google Music, love it man!

  • Big JON

    Root Explorer

  • Michael Bishop

    Poynt.  I love Poynt.   Handy, Informative, and handles a lot of daily information!

  • Xhaxol


  • Twicca or Google Reader. It’s a tie

  • Whoaaa buddy.  Atrix 2 rooted!  Check out XDA.  Even a super 1 click.  This deal gets better all the time…

  • Sam

    Twitter app. All day long im swiping to refresh lol

  • Waltassault


    It allows me to mod APKs on my laptop and then install them on my phone without actually plugging in my phone and selecting my usb for mass data or charge only.

    I modded GoLocker to have a black background instead of the bogus ones they comes with.

    It’s been a time saver for sure.

  • Xboxkid

     Handcent SMS 🙂

  • Evernote. All my recipes with me all the time. Totally invaluable. Maps/Navigator are tied for a close second.

  • swype… blows all the others out of the water. 

  • none


  • Anonymous

    Titanium Backup –  Best app ever

  • Remember the Milk.

  • Anonymous

    Go Launcher EX, that’s for sure 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Widget Locker.

  • pulse

  • Brian

    Root Explorer

  • Anonymous

    IMDb.  Not sure why, I just have to look shit up all the time.

  • Ryan Perry


  • GUI_Center

    google talk… use that more than text some days

  • Thatton

    I’m going to have to go with Swype!

  • Since native, or quasi-native, apps are ruled out…


    Other apps that I rely on heavily.

    Beautiful Widgets
    Pocket Casts
    Movies (Flixster)
    Yahoo Fantasy Football
    Read It Later
    Google Music

  • shdowman

    Pandora / Google Music

    I don’t even think of turning on the radio in my car anymore

  • Anonymous

    Pulse and Google Maps

  • Anonymous

    Google Music, i use it every day at home and in the car. Music in the Cloud FTW!

  • Anonymous

    ADW, so I don’t have to look at Blur.

  • Arthur2142

    LPP for it’s Calendar Widget…I wish there was a comparable calendar, so if I get the Galaxy Nexus, I won’t have to skin it with LPP.

    • Anonymous

       have you tried the Golauncher Calendar widget? Resizable, plus very nifty and good looking.

    • Pish Posh

      Why not try “Android pro widget” by Dr. Appche has calendar, messaging, Twitter and a couple of other widgets just like LPP.

    • Anonymous

      Try Anroid Pro Widgets for an LPP comparable calendar widget. I missed it too when I switch to GO Launcher, but APW solved my sorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Swiftkey + Google Voice, followed closely by the rest of the google apps (talk, mail, market, maps, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    a few that are native, but maybe they aren’t native everywhere:

    1) Swype
    2) Youtube


    1) Blink – changes notification LED color
    2) Beautiful Widgets – everyone knows that cell phones double as watches,

  • Anonymous

    AmazonMP3 for me

  • Anonymous

    Titanium Backup Pro

  • Prickee

    Google Voice by far is the first thing I install when flashing a ROM or changing phones.  I’ve been able to cut down my call plan because of this gem.

  • Tyler


  • Trophynuts

    google maps/ navigation. I travel a lot and i use my google maps a lot to find places to eat near where i’m at. I also use the navigation portion of that to then get to the establishment. In fact i stopped carrying my Tom Tom around because google maps works so well. I have places starred from Hawaii to Florida and everywhere in between. 

  • OMG my Sirius/XM app….LOVE IT!!

  • Anonymous

    Swype +1

  • jon.t.

    Definetly gas buddy, i’m cheap and it helps find the cheapest gas nearby

    • Anonymous

      Does that really work??  Sometimes those Apps don’t keep up in my experience with them.  I’ll see one price then when I get there its totally wrong lol

    • Billy Jenkins

      I have gas. I will give you gas for free but all I require is a jar of beans.

  • Google Voice has to be number one.

  • Masamichi7

    Vignette. Wonderful, easy to use camera app.

  • Anonymous

    Flex T9

  • I would have to say Swype as well.  I love twitter and probably couldn’t do without that as well, but typing in general takes precedent.  So Swype.

  • Billy Jenkins

    one of the apps I can’t live without is NFL mobiles since I have 4g and use it to watch some games and keep track of the scores and news of every team. But the other apps I use just as much and are set as default are

    Launcher- SPB Shell 3dkeyboard- swiftkey
    texting app- handcent
    web browser- dolphin browser
    music player- Google music since all my songs r saved on the account
    titanium backup which is used to backup all my data on my rooted phone

  • tweetdeck

  • tweetdeck

  • antintyty

    Swipe Pad, I love the short cut functionality that it offers!!

  • Anonymous

    RomManager, hands down. And the Amazon App Store, only because I check it every day.

    Honorable mention to AppExtractor. 

  • Either Stumbleupon or Google Reader

  • LauncherPro Plus for its Calendar widget (and Swype, Dropbox, Documents to Go, Plume etc)

    • Anonymous

      LPP forever bay-bee =o!

      • Billyrouth2000

        Go launcher is the best launcher out today

  • Vmsawrsmsz006z

    Google Reader. First thing I check for news.

  • Anonymous

    I have to go with Google Maps.  It’s saved me more times than I care to admit.

  • Any phone dialer. Any text messaging app. Any IMAP4-capable email client that supports IMAP online standby.

  • Anonymous

    You mean Voice Actions which is native so it doesn’t count according to the post. Google Voice is a different app.

  • Anonymous

     google maps (navigation included). iFans have no idea what they are missing out on.

  • Anonymous

    Dolphin Browser HD best browsing app there is that I found anyways.

  • Larry Mao

    Verizon Navigator, because what else would I use for maps and voice navigation? [/sarcasm]

  • Google Voice!

  • Kevin Raymond

    Google Maps/Navigation… Nore more need for a standalone GPS.

  • Could not live without Touchdown (Exchange client)! Second choice… Patience Revisited (Various Solitare games).

  • Could not live without Touchdown (Exchange client)! Second choice… Patience Revisited (Various Solitare games).

  • Michael Black

    Mine would have to be Google Voice. I don’t touch my phone, I talk to it. I still say Siri is just a renamed Google Voice with a conversational mode. I do not want to carry on conversations with my device, I want it to do as its told. At least the phone will. My kids don’t…

  • Michael Black

    Mine would have to be Google Voice. I don’t touch my phone, I talk to it. I still say Siri is just a renamed Google Voice with a conversational mode. I do not want to carry on conversations with my device, I want it to do as its told. At least the phone will. My kids don’t…

  • Anonymous

    Hands down most important – Gmail. I am easy to please.

    Close runner up – Google Navigation.

  • i would have to say Swype

  • Anonymous

    Google Voice

  • Google Maps!

  • Anonymous

    I am sports and NFL Junkie:

    Espn Score Center: (Always looking at the scores and info. While double checking facts when someone is talking smack and spewing off with wrong info. Then it time for me to correct them lol) Everyone has that Guy in the office (Wrong Info Guy, always talking smack and his team sucks lol)

    NFL Mobile (For my NFL news on the Go)

  • Hands down tie between Titanium Backup and Google Music (ICS version) trying out different roms requires TB, and I always have my music wherever I go

  • definitely swype for me. I hate typing on a mobile device without it now. In a pinch I can use swiftkey but I still prefer using swype.

  • Ray


  • i3L41NE

    Without a doubt has to be SwiftKey.  I hardly ever have touch my letters anymore.

  • Klw55688

    idk what i would do sundays at work without nfl mobile… there is an alternate for everything else, but not this

  • Bryan Williams

    Handcent SMS for sure.

  • I’m going to have to go with SuperUser for sure……..

  • too hard to say just one: RunKeeper (I at least plan to use it every day); FiOS DVR Manager; Google+ (at least in the background for the instant upload of photos and videos); 

  • Tmccu006

    Tweetdeck …keeps me always updated on Droid-life news

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    CBS fantasy football app! Go Browns!

  • Anonymous

    easy, google navigation. otherwise it’d be pandora or onebusaway

  • Justin

    Swiftkey X and Go SMS Pro are pretty high on the list for me.

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to choose just one.

    Reader (though I actually could live without the app itself since the mobile website for reader is pretty good)
    SMS Backup

  • TOR browser… does that count?

  • as of last week i am LOVING Go Launcher.. the new updates made it the best 3rd party launcher on the market IMO

  • HooDawg

    Pandora!  Pandora!  Pandora!

  • Google Reader, but I second the guy who said Yahoo Fantasy Football app.

  • Jared Duquette

    NPR news.

    I’m that gansta.

  • angermeans

    swiftkey, evernote, dropbox, and astro in that order  must have applications and the first i download when getting a new phone or flashing a new rom  

  • For pure utility – Titanium Backup
    For pure fun – Tweetcaster

  • Satya Chowdary

    Android Market app

  • Maps for public transit and driving

  • Don

    Google Music.  Uploaded once and you always have your music!    

  • LeeInMKE

    TweetCaster Pro is probably the app I use most often, other than games, which I don’t consider apps.

  • Levi Wilcox

    I guess it would have to be titanium, because after that. I get to live with all my apps. 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • hippo

    GO Launcher.  Can’t imagine having to use the default sense launcher.  And I have to add a vote for spotify as the app I actively use the most.

  • DasNOOB

    Doggcatcher, the ultimate podcast app.

  • Its a tie between Newsrob and MyBackupPro (can’t stand Titanium)

  • Google maps.  I’m directionally challenged.

  • Anonymous

    Look at that Pentile in the picture. Thankfully it’s gone from here forward.

    • Mctypething

      I’m glad it’s gone also (if it really is). More so because now we don’t have to listen to all the morons on this site whine about how bad it is, when it’s actually not bad at all.

      • Anonymous

        U happy bro?

      • Anonymous

        U happy bro?

      • Billy Jenkins

        you one of those morons bro?

        • Mctypething

          this coming from the guy who listed the app market as his favorite app when it says about 5 times in the post to not use native apps, and specifically lists the market as one not to use. Thanks for proving my point.

          • Billy Jenkins

            nope. It said THEY are ruling out the native apps. It never said WE cant use them. If I only downloaded a few apps but dont use them that much and the only app on my phone that I use is the phone app am I not allowed to say that the 1 app i cant live without is the phone app when thats the only app I ever use? Nope. So how did I prove your point? but I should thank you for proving my point that you are one of the morons you mentioned.

          • Mctypething

            “Since we are not allowing you to choose native apps or ones that were once native”

            The spirit of the post is clearly that they don’t want native apps to be used. If you can’t see that, you’re an even bigger idiot than I thought.

          • Billy Jenkins

            But maybe you didnt read the second half of my post. If I only downloaded a few apps that I use like once a month or less and the only app on my phone that I actually use is the phone app or the native text messaging app am i not allowed to say that? or should I just lie and browse the market looking for an app to mention even though I never even used the app? Nope. and what exactly do you mean by “native apps”? are you referring to apps that came preinstalled on the phone? Like Google Voice which is the app that Kellex used? I think u can figure it out from here that you are still the only idiot here.

          • Mctypething

            And we are ruling out Gmail, Google Maps, the Market, or any other app that is or was at one time native.

            Maybe what they meant by ruling out the Market was that they wanted you to use it as your must have app. Moron

          • Billy Jenkins

            lol once again you missed an important part of the comment. try paying attention a little better. Yes they said that they are ruling out native apps but notice how Kellex (the one who typed and posted the entire article) used a native app as the app he cant live without. Since you obvously aren’t that smart I will give you a direct quote from above. “When you reach into your pocket, grab your phone and unlock it, what is the app that you almost instantly gravitate towards?” What if the only app that I open every time I take my phone out of my pocket is the phone app or even the market? should I not say those just because kellex said not to native apps? even tho he used a native app himself? Maybe you should read better. it will deff help you understand sentences alot better.

            U can’t read bro?

          • Mctypething

            Done with this. You’re telling me to read better when the post says to not use the Market, and you used the Market. Yes, but I should read better. I’m not going to go back and forth about something you are so obviously wrong about. Idiot.

          • Billy Jenkins

            Well yes it says not to use the market. But it also says not to use native apps. So i figured if Kellex changed the rules in the last sentence by using a native app I thought it would be ok to break the rules as well and use the market. I hope I dont get in trouble or banned for saying the market even though Kellex said not to. lol. and yes you still cant read that good since I’ve been saying the same thing in 3 comments and with examples and you still didnt understand it. lol.

          • Anonymous

            You two need to get a room and quit spamming the board…

          • Billy Jenkins

            hes the troll. not me. I’m just showing how stupid he really is.

          • Mctypething


          • Mctypething

            I agree with you that kellex said not to use a native app, but then uses Google Voice, which is a native app. However, the only point I was making was that it specifically says to not use the Market, and that is the app you gave. I’d call kellex out on his use of google voice, but he’d just come up with some stupid CYS excuse like all the mods of this site do when you call them out on things.

          • Billy Jenkins

            But he didnt use any excuse since I wasn’t actually calling him out. If you read my other comments which is something you lack then you would see that I was explaining to an idiot why I used market as the app i cant live without. yes he specifically said not to use market but he also specifically said not to use native apps which he did. Before replying back why don’t you read my other comments so you actually understand what I said and what Kellex said?

            U uneducated bro? lol

          • Mctypething

            judging by your poor writing style, I’d say you’re the one that is uneducated.

          • Billy Jenkins

            I just read my last comment and I spelled every word correctly.The only thing I noticed that was poor writing style was when I said “U uneducated bro?” which is something you usually do everyday. So if that makes me uneducated for doing it a few times in 1 day than you must be beyond help for doing it everyday. lol. And if someone actually criticizes someone elses spelling or writing style like you did in an online forum then they must be desperate for a comeback. Maybe you should just give up because in every comment you are showing a little bit more each time how much of an idiot you are.

          • Mctypething

            Spelling is not the same as writing style, but I wouldn’t expect a dipsh*t like you to make that distinction

          • Anonymous

            Love the native apps, but if you only use apps from the market once a month, you probably shouldn’t be on this site.

  • Maps

  • trumpet444

    Titanium Backup

  • Matt McCarthy

    Amazon for buying tons of unnecessary crap with only a touch of a button

  • Joseph Michael

    swype is a daily

  • Champlification

    SpeedTest so I can marvel at the 4G speeds I am getting.

  • SwiftKey. I use it more than any other app and pretty much any other keyboard drives me INSANE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Phone: Swype

    Xoom: Thumb Keyboard.

  • Michael Allis

    Twitter, probably. It keeps me the most socially connected to the people I care the most about.

    I will say, however, that HeyTell is really coming up quick as my default text message replacement. Quick, short messages to get the point across verbally, with an almost instant send/recieve time? Incredible!

  • JellyBean

    Definitely Flash, many sites dedicated to Adult entertainment do not have a mobile version.  I just couldn’t live w/o it.

    • Imns

      This comment should have the most “likes” of any post in the history of liking posts.

    • Imns

      This comment should have the most “likes” of any post in the history of liking posts.

    • Mike

      MiKandi is a close 2nd.

    • Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave 

      oh wait
      No one here cares 😀

  • David

    Navigator.  This has really helped me out of several jams.  There are many I really like and use a lot, but this is one that could not be replaced.  Yes, I could use a mobile GPS, but Google’s integration makes this a top app.  

  • STiK


  • def google nav, gets service when my actual gps doesn’t so I don’t even use it anymore

  • mm777


  • Ryan

    Google Maps

    • Ryan

      Oops, title skimming ftl. How about K9 Mail instead..

  • Swype, hate typing without it

  • Eric Peterson

    Y5 and Tasker are the unsung heroes of my phone

  • Djrinauro


  • Go Launcher EX. I have tried every other launcher I can find, and can’t find one that can come close.

  • Anonymous

    ESPN Scorecenter

  • Anonymous

    ZD Box

  • Br_hermon

    It’s too hard to say just 1…. I’m kind of splitting these up… 2 apps which I don’t “use” on a daily basis but were installed, set it and forget it are LauncherPro & ToggleSettings Lite. Both of which are a standard for me. Which still leaves to question, what app do I “use” multiple times a day and rely on it? I’d have to go with widgetsoid. It get’s the most use from my homescreen or notification bar.  A consolation prize goes to Google Voice. Truth be told I don’t actually use the app very often, however the Google Voice Service, TOTALLY invaluable. I use it as my “work phone number”

  • KniteLyf

    Google Reader – All the news I want (including DL) and none I don’t

  • Anonymous

    Circle Launcher.  This allows me to groups my most used apps on my main page neatly without making my home screen cluttered.  I have access to 99% of what I use most often right on my main home screen.  I almost never waste time swiping through the app drawer.

    Runners up: FlexT9 (like better than Swype) and Google Voice (caller groups and call log to go back to along with texts and vm)

    • LeeInMKE

      +1. I forgot about this app since I don actually ‘open’ it daily. Good call!

  • psipher


  • Anonymous

    LauncherPro….. Hands down

  • Ben Murphy

    Rom Manager
    Titanium Backup

  • The Observer

    SwiftKey X and a toss-up between G+, Handcent, and Dolphin Browser HD.

  • Billy Jenkins

    The app market. because without that app none of the others would exist.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Market. Without it, I’d not be able to get any app. Just sayin’ 😛

    • Billy Jenkins

      I already said that

  • Mike Whitesell

    Most used….  DoggCatcher for podcasts and Google Reader for RSS

  • Aventador779

    It is definitely Textfree, I save $20 every month by just texting through the app, you even get your own phone number! Seriously I have saved about $200 already

  • Josh Flowers

    I’m Ron Burgundy???

  • SuperUser.

  • Dhalls16


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Google Music is working it’s way up the list, but right now Beautiful Widgets and LP

  • Browser (Dolphin) I could get by without most apps by using the web. Titanium is my other choice, but if I had to pick one, it would be the browser. 

  • Coriolis

    Pandora, my number one most used app.

  • Google maps. I could actually live without it but I’d be perpetually lost.

    • “And we are ruling out Gmail, Google Maps, the Market, or any other app that is or was at one time native.”

      • Anonymous

         doesn’t make it less true for me

  • Anonymous


    • Shipstylin


  • OG Droid


    • Billy Jenkins

      u dont need the phone app. you may but I rarely ever use the phone app since i can text or IM

  • I’d say Tasker and Google Reader.

  • Fortesquieu

    NewsRob Pro

  • Anonymous

    My new app for work is DeskSMS from ClockworkMod. I love texting inconspicuously through my Chrome browser!

    • Sp4rxx

      ugghhh …. that app is horrible – the idea is nice, though.  It got to the point where only phone numbers were being added to my Google Contact list when I was integrating text messages.  Additionally, texts weren’t being received at times and others weren’t being sent.

      Went back to Handcent and would rather deal with 2 easy programs, vs 1 annoying program.

      • Anonymous

        I think you have applications mixed up. Are you thinking about GoSMS? I use Handcent and DeskSMS. DeskSMS allows me to read texts in Google Chrome as a browser plug in. It transfers texts from my phone to Chrome and I can reply in Chrome and it sends it through my phone. I still see the texts in Handcent as if I had sent them through it.

  • Bigteedo

    I need my wifi-tether app!!

  • SwiftKey

    • Anonymous

      The best

  • Google voice, twitter & Google Music Beta

  • LauncherPro, SetCPU, and Autokiller Memory Optimizer keep my OG droid running smoothly until Nexus comes around. 

    And Pete’s new bugless build is slick as always…

  • Jack Hoffman


  • duckphan

    Titanium Backup Pro

  • Archipelago…simple game, kills time between elevator rides and boring conversations.

  • Twitter is the only app I use these days.

  • Dropbox

  • astro file manager

  • Anonymous

    advanced task killer

    • Anonymous

      You shouldn’t be using a task killer unless you’re on Android 2.1 or before.  The newer version handle this better and task killer waste more of your battery than help it.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        I kill facebook constantly. The GPS hangs and kills the battery quite often.

  • Dropbox has become a must-have for me lately for easy cross-device sharing.

  • Ricky

    Google maps

  • jav

    Not sure if Google Music Beta counts, but that’d be my choice. Or, Pulse (on my tablet) and Google Voice (on my phone).

  • Kevin

    Either Netflix or Power Amp.

  • Google Listen

  • Anonymous

    Superuser for sure!

  • Dolphin Browser HD, and Plume 

  • Dropbox. It was a welcome addition to my DROID. A day does not go by that I don’t access it.

  • JM021


  • Austin

    Dropbox, And Rom Toolbox

  • Other than the stock apps – I guess Google Voice, but not because I enjoy it.  That award probably goes to Google Reader.

  • Brucekie

    GrooveIP and Google Voice. Gave my tablet a voice.

  • Anonymous

    words with friends

  • Anonymous

    It’s between Dropbox and Hello Expense.  I use them both everyday.

  • Anonymous

    On Call End

  • Titanium Backup. 

  • Kuboo99

    Super User

  • Anonymous

    noLED on my Droid Charge

  • If I say the Droid-Life app, will that improve my chances of winning a tablet?

    • Billy Jenkins


    • Anonymous

      It might of if you haven’t finished with “will that improve my chances of winning”

    • I would put the Droid-Life app up there if comments were included in it.

      • Anonymous

        Plus +1 on your comment that a great point 🙂

        • Anonymous

          + another 1! 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Thank you Michael 🙂 Whats up man how are you?? Hows the Jeep ??

          • Anonymous

            Life’s good man, but I still don’t have a Jeep… lol. 🙂 How be you? 😛

          • Anonymous

            Damn lol I keep forgetting lol Good man hopefully we will have some good devices and finally move on from the OG Droid lol

      • Droid Life Gods! Take note! 

    • Anonymous

      no offense to the site- i love DL; can’t stand the app though.

  • SjB

    Audiogalaxy, by far.

  • Burkett375


  • Anonymous

    Google+ Messenger…So great.

  • Touchdown. My phone is my work email and calendar.

  • Peter Iles

    I love feedly

  • Yahoo fantasy football app, nothing better than setting your lineup from bed on Sunday morning.

    • Anonymous

      That reminds me, I need to do my college picks for this week. Need an app for that.

  • Dan

    Facebook and Twitter and different Sports Score apps

  • Anonymous

    the Browser

  • Definitely Dolphin Browser HD.

    • Anonymous

      Use Miren browser.. I was hooked on Dolphin until this month…….

      • Anonymous

        Love Miren browser.

  • Keith Sumner

    AI type, Dolphin HD, Beautiful Widgets.

  • navigation beta <3

  • John


    can’t decide between the two

  • Anonymous

    Thats easy, I use Pulse daily, almost every night.

  • Alexa White

    Parcels.  I order a lot of stuff online and it tracks everything for me.  Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Superuser so then most of my favorite apps work?

  • Adam Wiggins

    WidgetLocker with the ICS lock screen.  Incredibly handy.

  • Avery Ma

    SWYPE. It is my essential.

  • Dolphin Browser. 

  • Beautiful Widgets, Go Launcher EX, Widget Locker, 

  • lastpass.

  • Aaron Clay

    ROM Toolbox.

  • Lumpysherman

    SiriusXM is one I would kill for before giving it up.

  • Titanium Backup cos it’s saved my ass so many times its not even funny…

    • Matt Schulte

      I’m with you.  I use TB a LOT.

  • Anonymous


    • John

      you can’t live without twitter?

  • Eric Hedden

    Screeble … no question.

  • TJ Egan

    I’m completely addicted to Foursquare