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Tuesday Poll: The One App You Can’t Live Without?


Too hard to decide? Can you come up with just one? And we are ruling out Gmail, Google Maps, the Market, or any other app that is or was at one time native. If the game was on the line and you had one app that was guaranteed to give you victory, what would it be? Can there be just one? When you reach into your pocket, grab your phone and unlock it, what is the app that you almost instantly gravitate towards? An alternate keyboard? A cloud storage service? A 3rd party dialer? Twitter app?

Since we are not allowing you to choose native apps or ones that were once native, you can’t choose the text message app, but you could go with something like ChompSMS for example or another app that powers something native.

Have something in mind? Drop it in the comments below.

The DL choices: Tim went with Swype. Eric went with DropBox. Dan with Pandora. I went with Google Voice because there are far too many phone numbers and phones to keep track of these days.

  • espn sportscaster

  • CamCard. I HATE adding contacts so this app is awesome for me right now

  • ShapeWriter. Yall remember that. I still use it. I think it is and always has been better than Swype. Someone should get it back on the market.

  • Dana S.


  • Rizzidy


  • GotBeer


  • Ateamlawn

    bank of america app

  • Anonymous

    gReader by noinnion

  • En28so

    Widget locker. I couldn’t live without this great app.

  • Rhinoj1

    Google Voice.

  • Daniel Rowen

    Handcent SMS and Swipepad totally…I love Swype, but not as much as my physical qwerty keyboard so I could live without that

  • Can I go with the market place app 🙂

  • Steven Tolnai
  • Umm google translate.

  • Just_hot_graham

    Swype for me. It’s ruined me for texting on other phones.

  • Vbdriver

    Old time radio app. Hours of listening on the road

  • AutomateIt Pro does so much for me I forget that my phone didn’t do all those useful things without it. I schedule my ringers/audio off at night and turn them back on in the morning. GPS location toggles audio off when arriving at the library or a restaurant. It automatically turns on GPS and Bluetooth when I put it in the car dock. If I have the speakerphone on, it turns off when I put the phone near my face. And there are so many other event triggers and actions that I don’t even use yet. A buck and a half? Yes, please.

  • Jon Garrett

    Google Maps, even when I had an iPhone 4, Google Maps is by far the best app ever. If I had to choose something other than Google Maps, then Id choose the mobile banking apps (Capital One, Citi Bank and Chase) and the AT&T app.

  • lrnano

    Yourube… is my personal teach. When it comes to tech stuff.

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    Handscent SMS and Robotek. Great alternative sms and fun game.

  • Franz

    Google Voice is my choice (free visual voicemails ftw!)

    Google Music Beta a very good second (Love having my music everywhere).

  • Jaschart

    Without Agenda Widget, I’d be unemployed. Google+ keeps suggesting I add roflharrison to my circle, even it knows.

  • +1 for YouVersion. NLV will be available for download next weekend only keep your eyes open for that.

  • Surely Frederick, my Google Reader RSS reader

  • Joediver

    Pageonce. Without it I’d never remember all my bills.

  • Google Music!

  • Not to be a suck up or anything..but I love my the Droid Life app especially when I am on the go. I honestly must spend atleast 40% of my day checking out the site. Even at work… :o)

    • Anonymous

      You have some brown stuff on your nose…

  • Stephen Hart

    2x Client

  • Stephen Hart

    2x Client

  • Sqt5022

    Google Maps.

  • Google Music. If I didn’t have it, I’d have an iPhone. Music is my life, and I can’t fit all 4.4 thousand of my songs on my small SD card and I refuse to buy a bigger one when i already own one.

  • Mdn5024

    ESPN Scorecenter

  • smart keyboard pro.. it seems i am one of the few who still uses the t9 keyboard

  • Doggcatcher.  Use it everyday.  It allowed me to get rid of my iPod.

  • Trend Micro Safe Sync.  Let’s me take my office with me.

  • Guest