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Potential Permanent Root Method Released for Motorola Devices: Bionic, DROID3, and DROIDX2 Included

A potential permanent root solution has popped up for Motorola devices (including the Bionic, DROID3, and DROIDX2)  that you should be able to complete in about 5 minutes time. You have to be rooted already (instructions), but from there you just need to edit some lines in your “mount_ext3.sh” file using Root Explorer. Now, there is a chance that Moto could (will likely) patch this up in a new update, but you might as well attempt it anyway if you love having root access.  


1.  Using Root Explorer, head into /system/bin.
2.  Hit the Mount R/W button.
3.  Scroll down to find “mount_ext3.sh” and long press on it.
4.  Choose “Open in Text Editor.”
5.  Scroll to the very bottom and add the following lines:

chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su
chmod 755 /system/app/Superuser.apk

6.  When finished, press Menu and “Save and Exit.”
7.  Hit the Mount R/O button and reboot.

Via:  MyDroidWorld@DjrBliss

  • Jayson Minagawa

    I have no  “Mount R/W button”
    What can I do?

  • Aroldan284

    How do you no if it worked?

  • Is there a way to do this in a terminal window or ADB shell? Is there a text editor that will work in a shell?

  • Hugh

    If I root my phone can i get free wireless hotspot.

  • Damn… where was this article 2 days ago when I ran “Root For3v3r” just to update to .893 and maintain root?  This would have been sooooo much easier.


    Bricked my bionic doing this. Will flash and try again. Be cautious everyone!

  • Curious

    Does anybody know if the last line of the script is supposed to be also 4755 as opposed to 755?

  • Steve G

    My droid3 is now in bootloop.  It shows the eye for a little while then loops.  How do I get into ADB so I can overwrite the mount_ext3.sh file…. or so I can edit it and take out the above stuff?

    • Steve G

      HELP BOOT LOOP on my Droid 3.  What approach should I take to fix this.

      • lilschil

        Did you ever get this fixed?  My RAZR is in a boot loop!

  • smalltownlawyer

    Doesn’t rooting keep me from upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich when it becomes available?

  • Typo…. per mydroidworld.com the last line should read 4755 as well.  Maybe that’s why some peeps got a bootloop?

  • Anonymous

    So would this work on the Droid X?

  • Skyskioc

    I’m still waiting for someone to say ” you mad Bro “

    • Oh, the retarded kid who puts that or his brother who stole his schtick are busy Occupying some city.

  • Kevin Parlee

    Will this work for DX?

  • Bionic

    i dont understand what this does that regular root does not do.  

  • Grkbouzoukiplayer

    does this work for the droid x?

  • What prevents Moto from simply overwriting the mount_ext3.sh file during an OTA update to undo the changes? Or simply deleting the su file? Think this needs a little more research.

    • Pennywise

      Nothing prevents them from doing that.  This root is “permanent” as long as Moto doesn’t overwrite the mount_ext3.sh file… (read: no, definitely not permanent)

      What it SHOULD allow you to do is apply the .893 OTA after applying this “permanent” aspect to your root and NOT lose root in the process.

      Updates beyond .893 may be a whole other story.

  • DroidXuser

    Any updates on whether or if Motorola is planning to fix the buggy Droid X?

  • Dominick DeVito

    Developer communities for Android are what make the platform truly great

  • Anonymous

    Does wireless tether work for it without going through Verizon hotspot? It looks like they blocked it somehow on the Droid 2 when it received the latest gingerbread update.

  • Guest

    The real question is…if permanently rooted, what happens if you have to return your phone to Verizon for some reason?  Can you remove the permanent root if necessary?


    • Yeah, you’d just do the same process and remove those 3 lines.

    • Are you sure this will survive an SBF?

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Any way to edit that file or restore the backed up version without booting into the OS?

  • br

    Careful, watch your case and the auto-correct  keyboard ‘feature’.

    • That’s probably why people are commenting that they are bootlooping. Not watching case when they type. 

      Remember people, this is not Windows, everything is case-sensitive!

  • James Zino

    Not too shabby!

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    In a bootloop…great….

    • Keith Sumner

      u mad bro?

      • You retarded bro? Yep, you are.

        • Keith Sumner

          Was I born with a mental/developmental disorder bro? No, I wasn’t, and it’s not nice to use that as an insult.

          U Rocko Smith, bro? Now THAT’s an insult. (When someone’s unintelligent and has no sense of humor, people just say “that’s so Rocko Smith”.)

          • Anonymous

            No pretty sure you saying the same u mad bro? on every post makes you sound like a foolish teenager. Maybe stuck in your parents basement? U got a life bro? Prob not

          • It’s when ‘someone is’ , not someone’s. Buck up mental boy. You were born with a disorder. You mad about being retarded bro?

          • Actually, “someone’s” can be interpreted as someone possessing something, as in:
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            or it can be used as a contraction of the words “someone is” as in:
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            In conclusion, he technically used the word correctly.

    • Stephen Felkins

      Mine bootlooped when I did this as well.  Had to restore back to stock to get out of it.

    • Steve G

      How did you fix it?

  • Erich

    Do you have to use Root Explorer? Is there a free alternative?

    • Dominick DeVito

      I use ES File Explorer – it’s free and allows root access – it just needs to be turned on in the advanced menu in settings.

      The app is a tad slow but works great.

    • I use File Expert. Just needs root access turned on in the settings menu. It also can access FTP servers and a few other cool things.

  • the only reason you would legitimately need root is to uninstall bloatware and run stock android.
    the galaxy nexus does not need root, and already has stock android.
    i am getting the galaxy nexus.

    • There are some apps that are pretty useful that require root access, and I’m not just talking about free tethering.

    • Anonymous

      Actually you would also need root for flashing themes, mods, nandroid backups, TI back ups. Possibly overclocking or under clocking and so forth.

      • Henry says you’re wrong, those apparently are not legitimate reasons.

        • Henry must never backup a computer or re-install an operating system then either…Hope Henry’s phone never gets a virus…He’ll have to just buy a new phone compared to someone with Root who can just restore a backup 🙂  

          • Brian

            Doesn’t just have to be a virus.  The failed Thunderbolt from Verizon a few weeks back went so bad for me I had to restore my backup that I took just before letting the OTA update run. 

        • Anonymous

          (in the word of an iphone fanboy)

    • Whoa, buddy! Since when was there an “illegimate” need to root?

    • Anonymous

      What the heck are you talking about?  Custom roms are always nice, and while not “legitimately needed” makes the phones a heck of a lot more fun.

      • Anonymous

        Word up!

    • Raven

      Running Titanium Backup is the best legitimate reason to root, but not the only.  There is also using Autostarts to control what apps start on boot, CacheMate to clean your cache areas, KM Launcher to switch keyboard based on orientation, ShootMe and other screen shot apps, etc.

      There is also the latest business need that I have which is using a commercial product called SonicWall NetExtender to access my company’s secure VPN which actually requires your phone to be rooted to work.

      • Pennywise

        Ugh I hate working with SonicWalls.  But NetExtender and the ability to secure vpn on your phone is so hot!

    • Dominick DeVito

      So am I – but it’s a developer phone so it WANTS to be rooted. It begs for it  🙂

    • Support the ROM Devs. Plz read XDA and Droidforums.net There are really good instructions for flashing ROMs and these devs worked really hard on their ROMs. 

      • Anonymous


    • Pennywise

      Galaxy Nexus doesn’t need root? You got inside information or did I miss an official statement?

  • Anonymous

    From, jcase
    @droid_life not so permanent, all moto has to do is attempt to delete su on the update.

  • Might forget the Nexus and get a Bionic or DX2….    Still with the OG D1 NEED FULL ROOT!

    • John Landgrave

      If you are going to forsake the nexus for anything at all it should most definitely be the Droid RAZR.

      • Pennywise

        Droid 4’s looking like the sweetest thing I’ve seen so far.

    • bigrob60

      I really hope that is laced w/ sarcasm. 

    • Deltaechoe

      Are you serious?  If you want a rooted phone then why would you go with anything but a nexus?  All you do to root a google experience device is open ADB, and then type fastboot oem unlock

      There you go, unlocked bootloader (full permanent root)

  • Cuppa Coffee

    How is this different/beneficial than the root we’ve already got?

    • its not a root method, you already have to be rooted. it just basically keeps you rooted when you use an ota update

    • Kixofmyg0t

      It lets you keep root. I used this method to keep root when updating to 893 on my Bionic(bravo Motorola btw on 893.), it works like a charm.

      • Keith Sumner

        Just wondering, when will the masses see the .893 ota?

        • Anonymous

          Beginning or mid November.

          • Keith Sumner

            Thanks…and yippy ki yay

          • Anonymous

            Bionic owner?  If so, did you root?

            My D1 was rooted forever, but I haven’t rooted my Bionic.  I’m not a fan of the bloat, but other than that being stock isn’t killing me…on this device.

          • Anonymous

            Yup, rooted to remove the bloat and also do a little theming.

          • Morenoc12

            Root and try liberty its a whole new experience on how smith a moto phone can tub y

          • Anonymous

            If I was to root, it would be for the same reasons as McClane. I flashed so many ROMs when I had my D1, so I’m ROM’d out for a while.

      • Cuppa Coffee

        So I would be good to now finally update to Gingerbread from Froyo and still keep root?

      • therealmavsfan

        I have Bionic. What is 893?

        • Kixofmyg0t

          5.5.893 is mostly a kernel and camera update for the Bionic. Still the same Blur as stock 886 but fixes ALOT of the small issues people were having.

          My personally experience has been nothing short of epic. Faster camera, *DOUBLE* battery life…although your mileage may vary… I have the extended battery. LTE, GPS and Bluetooth disabled, only Wi-Fi and CDMA radios running and I see ~16-18 hours of “always using the damn thing” to days(with a “s” as in plural) of “ehh a few txts, maybe a few emails and such, light use” to just over 8 hours of constant Netflix over 3G. (Two bars)

          • Anonymous

            does it fix the problem the bionic has with handing off between data connections?

          • Anonymous

            I believe so, but I haven’t upgraded to it.  If you turn the phone off, remove the SIM, power it up, power it down, put the SIM back in, and start it up again, that issue seems to fix itself when LTE re-registers with Verizon.

          • 1loudls

            did you miss the part where he said that he has LTE disabled? how would he know if it did?

          • Anonymous

            it could still hand off between 3G and wifi…thats not LTE, that would be 2 data connections that it has trouble handing off between…or did you miss that part?

  • Eddie

     now if only someone could crackthe bootloader

    • Typhoon12k

      LMFAO! worddd i been waiting for that shit forever

  • This worked perfectly for my Bionic.