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New Google TV Software Finally Introduced, Available Starting “Early Next Week”

The Google TV update to “Honeycomb” or whatever we are calling it these days is finally ready! Through this new 2.0-ish approach to GTV, the team focused on 4 key areas:  keeping it simple, making it easy to find something to watch, making YouTube better, and most importantly, bringing apps to your TV. This is really the update that all GTV owners have been impatiently waiting for since day 1. A market with actual apps?  Mmmm, yes please. No mention of deals formed with the big networks for website viewing of content, but they are adding support to HBO GO which is a huge +1.

The software will begin rolling out to Sony boxes early next week (maybe Sunday?) with Logitech devices seeing it soon after.

Three videos that walk you through the all new Google TV can be found below.  

A quick overview of what Google TV is:


TV and Movies:


The New Search:


New Photo Experience:


Who plans to run out this minute and pick up the Logitech Revue for $99?

Via:  Google TV

  • Questto

    Getting one for Xmas 🙂

  • It is good to know that there is another TV software being introduce in the market, this just shows how online TV is making a wave in the entertainment world nowadays. I for one subscribed to tvhook for my TV needs and as of now I don’t have any regrets that I turned to online TV.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    what phone is that on 0:13 of the first video with three buttons on the bottom like ICS? Looks like a HTC phone.

  • About time my Sony gtv gets it…..been so long

  • Dominick DeVito

    The angels in the sky are singing hallelujah!

  • Am I the only one thinking we need a team like CM for Google TV? I have a Vizio with Yahoo Apps (…whoever thought that was a good idea), Wifi, and Bluetooth, that is just begging to be hacked and get Google TV. Is Google releasing source for this?

  • Sean Maloney

    In the first video at 56 seconds, they say, “or visit your favorite web sites with the Chrome browser”, and you can see the Chrome icon in the upper left.  Does this mean they already have a working version of Chrome for Android?  Can all Honeycomb tablets run this?  Or do they already?

  • I’ll buy this for a family member for Christmas no doubt.

    I’ll probably use it 80% of the time though 😉

  • Jerry

    Already have two Revues. Paid full price for one $299 and $99 for the second one. They work great now…Still not sure why it’s getting all the bad press… Will be even better with this update!

  • GCurry

    I bought the Revue when the price dropped to $99, on rumor of honeycomb update.  Still a little rough around the edges with 2.1 on it, but lots of potential, so am looking forward to 3.x.

    The fact that the Harmony remote functionality is integrated into the keyboard is a big advantage for my wife, who was frustrated with the various devices behind our “integrated” computer/tv.  Much simpler.

  • I expect this to ship out in one week, Valve Time.

    • JG

      so you mean never? :-p

  • Anonymous

    I won’t be running out to get one until after Monday. If I got one this weekend I know I would win the contest 😛

  • Carl

    I’m all sorts of happy about this.  I bought my 32″ Sony Google TV for my bedroom 2 or 3 months ago after they dropped the price.  I love being able to stream videos to it from my desktop, stream from amazon, etc, all without having to use another device.  It’s quite nice having it built right into the TV.  Eventually when it’s time to replace the main TV, I’ll most likely be replacing it with a Google TV as well.  That way I won’t have to switch to the PS3 every time I want to stream a movie from the desktop.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta go buy an HDTV now.  LOL

    • Qwerty

      u crt bro?

  • Sputnick

    This just made my day!  

  • whoa

    Mark that off the list now only if I could get a galaxy nexus with the size of the screen on the galaxy note, the build quality of the Motorola Razr( what it is supposed to be my dx flew off the top of my car going 40 mph hit the road and is good minus a few scratches hopef.ully moto keeps upwith that). Then make it look like the DROID 4 and give it its keyboard and ill be happy

    • u want much bro?

      • whoa

        Heck yeah!

        I would be willing to pay 800+ dollars off contract to be able to have a companybuild the phone I want andhave to live with for a year+ instead of having someone just put together a phone that has some or most but not all the specs and features I want

  • Jon

    it would be cool if someone got honeycomb running on a normal PC that could just be hooked up to TV. I have a few of those laying around collecting dust. 

  • Anonymous

    Not this minute, but probably soon.

  • No need to run out and get a revue for 99.  I have had a revue since they released.  I love my dish network integration and the box was well worth the price when it came out.  It’s even easy enough for my wife to use which is a testament to the box.  I can’t wait to get more apps and things loaded on it though.

  • Anonymous

    I was really hoping the networks would let me watch old episodes of their shows. I can’t be there every time a new episode is on, especially when it’s not available where I am.

    That being said, this does look great and I’ll be checking my revue even more often for it now.

  • I was thinking about getting it. My Fios box was just updated to 1.9 in my area yesterday so I might run out and get one.

    • Sputnick

      The browser alone was worth it for me off a device with a small form factor under a wall mounted tv.  

  • Anonymous

    When will soon be now?

    • Mctypething

      u philosophical bro?

    • Tim

      I hope this is a Spaceballs reference!

      • Anonymous

        but of course!

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      It’s : when will *then* be now….

      The answer given is “soon”

      • Anonymous

        I used to watch that regularly, unfortunately I’ve been slacking.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Soon to follow, no sir, NOW. NOW, not LATER!

      • Nex


  • Drrrrrroid

    bought 2 of them about 2 weeks ago.  I installed the honeycomb leaks on one of them and hope I can still grab this update

  • Anonymous

    excellent news… 

  • Spencer

    about time been waiting forever! On my 46 Inch Sony TV

  • Anonymous


  • johnychan

    already have two of them 🙂

  • Jadam6118

    … if it didn’t cut into my nexus budget perhaps

    • Anonymous

      That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from getting the Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player.  I already have the Revue in the living room.  I want the Sony Blu-Ray player for the bedroom though.

      • Sputnick

        I have the Blu-ray and the actual Blu-Ray player is surprisingly fast.  I have it in the bedroom as well and it’s the perfect setting for it.  

      • Anonymous

        I’ll buy your Revue to help you out. 😛