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Normally $15, OfficeSuite Pro 5 is Free Today from Amazon

As if there weren’t enough office solutions on Android for you to take advantage of already, another one popped up on Amazon today for free that normally runs $15. It doesn’t appear to have all of the cloud storage options that say QuickOffice does, but it claims to have Google Docs support which may be enough for many of you. Wish I could give you an official opinion on how awesome this app is, but I’m really just sharing the fact that it is normally $15. Yep, another cheap Android user. 🙂

Amazon Link

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Anonymous

    Now bring on SPB Shell 3D and all will be right with the world!

  • I would go and get it for free, but I want these developers to support Android and if I get it for free, what makes them think that any Android user will pay any money for any of these apps. I support Android, but I also support developers hardwork and in this case I feel like I’m stealing their product. No thanks, I’ll pass.

  • Knixon71

    Will they allow updates tho? Like flex t9, they do not post the updates through Amazon. So you go to the market to update it and you have to buy it for the update. So… I don’t feel bad for the developers, all these are is a trial version.

  • Fdc_guy

    I cannot believe that with all of these comments no one has mentioned the crazy permissions this app wants allowed when you install it.

    • Anonymous

      Accounts for accessing GDocs, etc.  Any other issues?  Everyone freaks about permissions, but I think AAS looks over the apps first to validate them.  And look at an app like Pandora that was busted a few months ago for using and selling data more than any other developer!  With the tinfoil hat on, the whole becomes a little less scary.

  • Finire

    I’ve never heard of it before, and I don’t plan on replacing QuickOffice anytime soon, but I’ll get it for my amazon account while it’s free in case it becomes worthwhile with a future update.

  • Anonymous

    Someone else posted this, and after reading it, I’m gonna have to be a spammer for a second and post it as well.

    I will no longer be using the Amazon App Store or taking advantage of the free app of the day. I always assumed they paid the devs some amount of money for the things, not just handing away someone else’s hard work for their own means. 

  • Anonymous

    Just saw this too! Awesome!

  • 喜欢你这 我会经常来

  • Anonymous

    Going to give this a shot on my TF just because its free.  Anyone looking seriously for a word processing app for your phone/tablet and wants more answers on features and shortcomings, check out this thread – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1085173

    It doesn’t have this app, but I’m sure for the cost of $0, he’ll give it a run through.

    • Raven

      Wow, this was an excellent review and very informative.  Thanks for the link.  It looks like at the time Polaris Office was the best thing going.  Makes me even happier to have an ASUS Transformer.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, he just updated the reviews yesterday using the newest version of each of the apps!

    • Sven Enterlein

      Thanks for posting the link to my review 🙂 I was about to do that as well. I installed the app and had a quick look at the spreadsheet function. It clearly shows that this version is not optimized for tablets. I’ll have to check the other functions and maybe add it to the comparison if it looks promising.

  • Dominick DeVito

    lol, seriously how do developers make any money with Amazon – all I do is download their free app of the day.

    • Slopchopp

      Amazon foots the bill for the app. The Dev gets paid for their app. At least that’s what I understand.

      • Anonymous

        Not really, at least not with the case of ShiftJelly – http://shiftyjelly.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/amazon-app-store-rotten-to-the-core/

      • Dominick DeVito

        I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but I hope it is for the app devs.

        *update* – Nope, basically you the developer submits it (they don’t randomly choose it) and you basically accept zero revenue on that day.

        If you’re Rovio Mobile (Angry Birds) then Amazon will bend over backwards for YOU.


    • Anonymous

      They do it mostly for exposure, and the hopes that you will purchase the app later, or purchase the pro version with more options.

      I personally have purchased 3-4 of the free apps because I really enjoyed or used the app daily.  I like to support the developers, but also, I can’t stand getting an app update notification only to find that they are Amazon apps that can’t be updated through the Android Market!

      • Anonymous

        But every app available for free(everyday) on Amazon is the full or Pro version though.

        • Anonymous

          Indeed, you are correct, with the exception of the ad supported apps, aka Angry Birds.  I still like to keep my apps up to date, and some of the free apps have never had updates, or they take forever!

          • Anonymous

            When it’s the FAOTD, then it’s the pro version – Angry Birds Seasons and Rio were ad-free.  I don’t believe that Angry Birds was ever a FAOTD, but just like in the Android Market, there’s a free version (ad-supported).  And yes, Amazon takes longer on updates.

    • Urugami

      Seriously… I’m to the point where I’m ‘buying’ these apps, and immediately removing them from my Droid (OG), because I don’t have the space for all of them any more.  I will with the GNex, though. 😉

      • Tom

        You don’t even have to install it. Just initiate the purchase/download but never do the install.
        Same as you, stockpiling possible apps for the G-Nex since my OG is ready for the nursing home.

        • Dominick DeVito

          That’s exactly what I do – what I don’t like is the fact that you can’t remove any – so my list is way longer than I’d like it to be

        • Anonymous

          i keep my only-download-over-wifi setting at 1mb, then purchase and let it try to download over 3g/4g all the time.  i don’t even have to bother downloading most of them anymore because they won’t start.  either that or purchase over wifi, then once the download starts, toggle airplane.

      • Sublime8696

        Just go to the amazon android app store website and click purchase….. you dont even have to bother downloading anything to your phone. I visit the site every morning when im having my coffee and just click purchase app.

        On another note, the only thing i ever purchased there was FlexT9 keyboard…. It was on sale for $1.99 and i had received a $2 promotion from amazon for tweeting about their android app store. So i guess i didnt really purchase anything there.

    • Anonymous

      I’m passed the 200 app point now…it’s crazy. lol

      But seriously, yeah, how do they make any money, especially when apps like OfficeSuite Pro are normally $15 but for one day, the app is free on Amazon. Crazy.

      • Dominick DeVito

        When Amazon first announced they were making an App Store even I was excited, thinking that maybe the quality of apps would be better. But then they announced it was $99/yr and they have to approve it. Ummm, what is this Cupertino?!

        Then they announce the Free App of the Day and I laughed – unless you’re a big name or (if the user) is in desperate need for a specific type of app – devs won’t make money. I would expect Amazon to change their policies within a year.

        I paid my $25 (one-time) to Google and now I can publish at will.

    • Anonymous

      i wish i knew.  i feel dirty every day i go there and get the free app.. knowing i would never, ever purchase from the amazon app store.  i like my apps all in one place, at least purchased.  and amazon app store looks lazily slopped together and just plain old shady.  it’s missing much needed functionality.  the last update was months ago now…

      • Anonymous

        Amazon is coming out with their Kindle tablet soon and it has the Amazon app store on it also. They will sell millions of those things and they will make plenty of money.

        I’ve purchased an app from the Amazon store simply cause I felt like I owed them for all the apps they’ve given me.

        • Anonymous

          Well sure, when it’s integrated properly with the Kindle Fire, it’ll probably look pretty nice and sales should take off then.  I still refuse to buy an app from the Amazon app store.  If I liked a developer or game that was free app of the day and want to buy it, I go to the Android Market.  Did that for Greedy Spiders when it was free.  Quicker updates and it just feels all around more official.  Plus I can’t support the way they treat developers.

      • Mii

        I wouldn’t buy from the amazon store either, I asked them once about why my app says there was an update but I could not update the app. Their response was “we have not tested it yet”. I understand they don’t want malicious apps or updates floating around, but if you approve the app and the developer, when the developer releases updates, let the updates just go through and revoke the app / developer if something goes wrong. Their whole process is just off, for an app store.

  • 9erFan

    Great app.. works great with office 2007/2010 with password protection.

  • David

    This is a great app and worth the price!  

    • PyroHoltz

      Great app worth the $0 price?

      …that’s an amazingly profound statement.


      • David

        I simply meant that it’s a great app, one that should not be overlooked since it’s free.

        • Anonymous

          This is literally the first comment on the quality of the app.  This whole thread has been about the GN or AAS.  Thanks for dropping at least a line on the app itself!

      • Billy Jenkins

        I think he means the $15 price and he is correct. It is worth the price

        • David

          Thanks Billy.  I hate when people use these forums to hide behind anonymity and make rude comments.  

  • Jadam6118

    I need my daily fix for galaxy nexus news!!!

  • Firstguy


    • Anonymous


  • this is what dreams are made of

    • PyroHoltz

      No, dreams are made on the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Billy Jenkins

        no. dreams are made on the galaxy nexus but then lost 2 months after its release when the galaxy nexus is replaced with an even better phone.have you not learned anything from the Thunderbolt release and the Bionic release?

        • Dominick DeVito

          Nexus is a different breed though. It’s not about the specs.

          • Billy Jenkins

            it doesn’t matter. its still a phone. I admit the Galaxy Nexus is deff a good phone. But what happens when they release the next Galaxy Nexus phone or another phone just like it but better? Then the Galaxy Nexus will be replaced. You think people still talk about the Nexus one which is the first. Nope because it was replaced with Nexus S

          • garrett sullivan

            Yeah, a year later. You make it sound like 3 days later they came out with a new phone.

          • Billy Jenkins

            How? lol. My first comment I said 2 months. not 3 days. and when I said 2 months I was mostly talking about the thunderbolt and the Bionic which were both replaced and/or forgotten after 2 months. The first Android phone was released 2 years ago in 2009 and there has been 2 Nexus phones. which means they released one Nexus phone every year and now they are talking about the third which will replace the first 2. so I never even mentioned 3 days. lol. I mentioned a year in one of my other comments.

          • Anonymous

            They also release a new car every year. Do you sell your old car to get the new one? No. Do you wait around holding on to your old car to see what the manufacturers may produce? Maybe. When it is time, do you still settle for a car and repeat the process years later? Probably.

            Its the way evolution of technology works, and with Android you have multiple manufacturers doing it at the same time.

        • garrett sullivan

          I don’t think there’s going to be a phone to eclipse the GNEX for a while. Even if a quad core comes out, is there really any use/need for a quad core 2 months from now? Maybe a few games would take advantage of that, but it’s not like you’re getting a huge boost in power. Now ask does that new phone have an HD screen? NFC? Stock Android? ICS?

          Remember, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Finding a phone with one or two better specs does not make a better phone.  If it did, the iPhone wouldn’t sell. 

          • Anonymous

            We also have to realize that most of the time it is just manufacturers trying to 1-up each other. So yeah, a phone with 1.5 Dual Core may come out 2 months later from HTC but it still doesn’t mean we have to sell our phones for it.

            I have been waiting a long time and I think the G-Nex is the “jump” that I’ve been waiting for. It has the specs and is future proof. I think its a good 2 year phone (which is what I buy.) Though I still may recommend the Razr to my friends in certain situations.

        • PyroHoltz

          Sadly both the Thunderbolt and the Bionic weren’t executed well.

          Sure the device will be eclipsed by something else but not 2 months later. I think the Galaxy Nexus has a little more engineering behind it. But, only time will tell.

          • Billy Jenkins

            well 2 months was mostly referred to as the time the thunderbolt and bionic remained the best. The Galaxy Nexus is more popular since its a Google phone. but its also not the first. The other google phone were replaced after a year so what make you think the Galaxy Nexus won’t be? If you look at the comment I was replying to then you would understand what I mean.

          • PyroHoltz

            I understand your points and I don’t want to get into an argument.

            All I’m saying is, technology will always improve and in short order too but that doesn’t mean that when a device is replace by the next model(generation) it doesn’t mean the previous isn’t a solid product. Just look at vehicles, if you purchase a year 2011 vehicle, in most cases the 2012 will be a better product but it doesn’t mean the 2011 is worthless.

            Now I understand tech devices definitely don’t follow the same model,  but the underlying principle still holds.

            My point about the Thunderbolt and Bionic is response to yours is, they had too many flaws/drawbacks to be released when they were. The Bionic should have been released at least 4 months prior and the Tbolt should have been bug tested for longer prior to release and should have had GB on it.

            As far as I can tell, the Galaxy Nexus will be a solid device running the latest software and not be restricted to developers, on the fastest network around. Sure there will be bugs but I think Google has a strong track record for beta testing.

            Again, I recognize your view but you just can’t compare this device to the Tbolt/Bionic, IMHO.

        • bigrob60

          I can’t remember. There was like 6 months between the two. It was like going on summer vacation all over again.

      • Dominick DeVito

        Is it me, or does it seem that the G-Nex fans are being divided against other Android users??