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Day of the Dead Android Mini-Collectible Coming November 1

Forget Halloween, the Dead Zebra team wants you to celebrate November 1, which is the Mexican holiday known as “Day of the Dead.” Through their newest Android mini-collectible called “Calaveroid” (designed by the Beast Brothers) we can all get a little taste of the black magic. Orders will go live on November 1 at 11AM EST with supplies limited to just 1 per person.

More info. Pics after the break.    

Cheers Scott!

  • Anonymous

    Are we sure it isn’t called “Don Pablo” ?

  • Anonymous


  • Bert336

    that’s pretty hot… reminds me of the chocolate skulls i used to buy when i was a kid… http://www.midwesternerinmexico.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/muertos-skulls.jpg and if you guys know nothign about the “Dia de los muertos” aka Day of the Death, please keep your negative comments to your self.

  • longcat

    Where does one purchase these collectables?

  • blue horseshoe loves…

    que viva la causa

  • I love how the comments are dominated by “WTF is this? Anything from another culture is ugly as shit!”

  • Sorry you got disappointed guys. I’m from México and we celebrate the día de los muertos by making small pedestal and pay tribute to our departed family members. We usually put flowers candy and favorite dishes that our family members used to love. The candy that we place is made in shape of a human skull and is colorful decorated. That’s where dead zebra got the inspiration for this mini-collectable.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i was surprised to see that people actually thought it had to do with the movie, seems pretty obvious to me that it was for the holiday.

  • Anonymous

    There is no way in hell I’m buying that hideous piece of garbage. Why haven’t we seen a zombie droid yet? That would sell like gangbusters…or zombie exterminators. Dead Zebra should issue a Halloween set of the following:

    Zombie Droid
    Jack O’ Lantern Droid
    Wolfman Droid
    Mummy Droid

    • Anonymous

      There’s a Vampire android mini-collectible(sold out on the site, and lots of rip offs, just saying), but that’s all I’ve ever seen that’s Halloween themed.

      Maybe he has something cooking…but somehow I really doubt that considering Halloween is almost upon us. Maybe next year, eh.

  • Jose Lopez

    Day of the dead is the 2nd of november. I lost my dad 10 years ago on that day. R.I.P.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear that man.

  • Rodster

    Where is the GI Joe Android with Kung-Fu grip and Life-like hair?

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell are the zombie android mini-collectibles at? We want those!

    • Anonymous

      seriously.  i read day of the dead and collectible and my heart jumped.  then i saw it and reaized what it was.  it looks like someone puked all over it.

      • Anonymous

        I was recording a video, then heard a Droid-Life notification on my Droid X. I quickly glanced at what the new post was, and BAM, read “Day of the Dead…….”, within a seconds notice, I immediately turned around to my other computer and swiftly headed to the site to read the post in full. To my dismay, it was definitely not what I was expecting. I was expecting a zombie themed android mini-collectible that was chewing down on someone’s brain.

        Ahh well…maybe next time. 

  • Worm

    This is the ugliest collectible they’ve made. You couldn’t pay me to own this.

  • Anonymous


    Apparently, there will be a black version of the android mini-collectible, as well…at least that’s how I read it on the Dead Zebra blog post. If that’s the case, I’ll definitely buying the black version as purple is not my color…lol

    EDIT: Actually, that isn’t how I read it…black and purple are only available on the t-shirts that will also be available. BLASTED!

  • JG

    my god he’s got a lot going on

  • Teng247

    meh not really feelin this design

  • Anonymous

    Not only are these collectibles the geekiest things I’ve ever seen, they’re the ugliest as well. Lol and I ain’t mad bro.

  • Rodster

    Hey Bro, am I mad?

    • Keith Sumner

      nah, u glad?

  • Keith Sumner


  • Rodster

    Who comes up with this stuff?

    • Anonymous

      People that are weird I suppose.