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Video: Blackberry Playbook Running BBX 2.0 Shows Off Its Android Ways

This may sound odd, but as someone who has grown to love the Blackberry Playbook, I can’t help but get excited at the video we have for you below. A German Blackberry-specific site posted up a brief walk-through of the Playbook’s new BBX 2.0 OS that happens to have Android apps up and fully working. During their hands-on time, you get see how seamlessly these apps that have been ported over, work. The Kindle, WordPress, TweetCaster and IMDB apps all fire up without much hesitation. The future of this tablet could be bright after all.  


Via:  Macberry, BGR

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  • you are getting it wrong. the android app player extends the market for android devs and coz the apps will be sold via BB AppWorld, Google will not get a penny. simple as that.

  • jbonics

    What a piece.

  • Anonymous

    Sooooo….why not just buy an Android tablet?

  • How embarrassing, to spend more time on Apps from devs on a rival OS than to spend more time on your own (facepalm).

    Well, it’s looking like Blackberry will be integrated in to the Android family by this time next year.

    • you are getting it wrong. the android app player extends the market for android devs and coz the apps will be sold via BB AppWorld, Google will not get a penny. simple as that.

  • BBX app jukebox.

  • Tom Gross

    Curious.  WHY do you love the Blackberry Playbook?  Do you prefer it to other tablets?

  • This dude sucks….lets keep going n and out of the same apps….and that bb software is horrible

  • If I wanted to run the competitor’s apps, I would buy a competitor’s device. Seeing as the apps were designed to run with that OS. Wouldn’t it be logical?  One way to run into less bugs… *shrug*  I don’t get the allure of Blackberry.  Years ago prior to the rise iPhone and Droid?  I thought they were neat.  Now?  Not so much. 

    • I never understood why Blackberry took off at first place. Glorified email pager. WinMo was there already it and was leaps and bounds more sophisticated than Blackberry. Maybe too sophisticated, I guess.

      • John Landgrave

        The main selling point of a blackberry for years was the hardware level security. However, iPhones have that, and will ICS we’ll get it now too. For “Big Business” software level security just isn’t quite enough to make things like government agencies happy, so that *was* Blackberry’s niche. However, all of that is a thing of the past!

      • Hoosiercub

        Because WinMo was cumbersome and meh. If you’ve never experienced time with a good Blackberry you simply won’t get it as a consumer. There are times when I miss mine.. I think touting this as a feature for the Playbook is merely a way to kick it back into life. The Playbook is damn good hardware and saying otherwise would make you damn ignorant.

        • I had a company issued Blackberry once (one of the older ones, probably first model with a color display, judging by the appearance) and it that’s was a horrible monstrocity. True, WinMo was cumbersome to use because it was an attempt to fit a Windows UI into a pocket device, but from engineering and functional point of view the OS was very advanced, especially for beginning of 2000’s. Too bad Microsoft let it die from years of negligence. Well, now they paying for that.

          I can’t say much about Playbook (hardware or software), my point is that Blackberry roots are rather belong  to dumbphones, than smartphones. RIM bought QNX which is a great OS with a long history and now they are trying to reinvent themselves on QNX. If they will pull it, then good for them. But I’m afraid it could be too late.

    • Anonymous

      Actually you are going to see less bugs — simply because the largest number of Android users are using Android 2.2 vs. you are using Android 2.3 in the Playbook.

  • Bear0013

    Yaaawwwnnn !!!!!

  • At best this should be on an.droid-life.com…  nothing to do with Droid.  I’ll buy this tablet when its $49

  • FortitudineVincimus