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Motorola Facebook: DROID Bionic Will Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Last night’s news that the DROID Bionic has been flagged as “unsellable” is a little unsettling. There could be a variety of reasons for something like that to happen, so we will just hope that Moto and Verizon can figure it out and get it back on store shelves. In the mean time, we have news on a positive front for current Bionic owners to look forward to. Many of you have asked time and time again, “Will the Bionic get Ice Cream Sandwich?” While we figured it most certainly would, the message above from Motorola’s Facebook page is exactly what we all wanted to see. According to Moto, they will get to working on or at least share timing of their plans once Google releases source.

Via:  Facebook

Cheers Josh and Lambo!

  • Bwfurst

    For years I resisted a “smart phone”, refusing the iPhone and all the rest. I had heard the Android phones were for techies and I’m not really one. However, I bought the Bionic when an opportunity presented itself and it took me about one hour to learn it. Great phone. Better than my wife’s iPhone. Looking forward to the ICS upgrade
    (but also apprehensive)

  • eddieonofre

    Can anyone point me to a sit ewith instrucction to rrot the Bionic (I just got one) as well as if teh bionic is able to install custom ROM?

  • Jpmkem2003

    I just picked up the BIONIC, and Verizon has many of them in stock at several stores in Detroit area?  Why do I hear they aren’t selling them? Or not on shelves?  But I may just turn it back in within the 14 days for the RAZR, I get a 25% discount so the price is not a problem as it is an upgrade to the my Droid X

  • Anonymous

    Soon, I will try to return my Bionic to Verizon and tell them it is non functional. With so many people complaining, is it any wonder the sales of this phone might lag. I think Motorola and Verizon have performed about the same with the Bionic as they did with the Xoom. This may be my last Android/Moto device.

  • Anonymous

    For the love of god, the “unsellable” story was about stores UNABLE TO KEEP UP WITH DEMAND for the phone not there being something wrong with the phone. 

  • Anonymous

    Buyonic remorse?

    • Msvicki73

      None here..

  • me

    My bionic is great the nexus will be a little better but not enough to make me second guess my choice ..btw they are still selling bionics.