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Swype Beta Updated to Version 3.26 – New Color Scheme Soon, Automatic Updates


Swype is back in the building with 3.26, their latest build. What’s new? A lot of stuff actually. The most important thing though, is the fact that we no longer need to use their ridiculous installer app. Well, to clarify, you need to install this newest build with the newest installer and then from that point forward, will no longer need it. Automatic updates is what I’m trying to say!

They also plan to introduce a new color scheme with an orange tracer and new black and orange word suggestions. There are rumors that it should be out soon as one of the first automatic updates.

Here are the rest of the major updates:

Automatic Updates have finally arrived! Once installed, this latest version of Swype will let you install updates on-the-fly via Swype Connect.

  • When an update is ready, you’ll receive an Android Notification informing you that an upgrade is available
  • Install the update right through the Swype Settings window
  • Your user dictionary and settings will automatically be saved during the update!

Improved Language Control gives you access to only the languages you use. From Swype Settings you can select which languages will appear when switching languages directly from Swype. Never cycle through a language you don’t use again.

The Refined Key Layout brings a better overall user experience, more in line with what users expect. Numbers are now across the top row, and the symbols layer contains several new characters, and a button to switch between 2 pages of symbols.

Redesigned Settings & Help makes it easier than ever to control how Swype behaves, and learn how to become an advanced Swype user. Just long-press to go straight to the Swype Settings window!

Full details on these changes can be found here. Download from here.

*Note – Their servers may be struggling, so just keep checking back.

  • Stephen

    People you need to realize Swype coming preinstalled on your phone is a bad thing. You don’t get any of the updates Swype puts out.

  • Mike Carozza

    i have it pre-installed on my bionic and “swype” does not show up when i go to “manage applications” in settings…any ideas?  does pre-installed disqualify me?

    • Stephen

      Yes, yes it does

  • Daniel Rowen

    Glad I won’t have to keep uninstalling to upgrade, but I hope if they change teh theme, they build in theme settings so we can set it back to blue or change it to match our phone’s theme instead of some new colors they think are nice.  I like the dark keyboard with blue trace, almost matches my CM7

  • Anonymous


  • Pirroav

    The only thing, which I hope gets added in before the beta becomes the release, is the number arrangements; when switching to the number keyboard the jagged number layout bugs the hell out of me. Its fixable now just by pressing the button again and it snaps to an actual number pad, but that should be the default!!!

  • Ravnos CC

    Loving this new beta, if Swype keeps improving, at this rate I might consider a keyboardless phone 😛

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure what is going on with this new version. Is anyone else getting the screen size not supported error when installing the new version? The previous version installed just fine, but when i went to install this new one it showed that error. 

  • ochowie

    Why is the installer still showing up for me?

    • Mankindof

      Installing the new version does not remove Swype Installer. It just hangs on like a vestigial limb. I presume that you can safely uninstall it once you update Swype to 3.26, but haven’t tried it yet. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember the 8 keyboard?? 

    • I do, and actually…I used it for a good couple months…just because I was being stubborn.
      Never really worked out.  It was mediocre…not faster…and still frustrating having learned the patterns by heart. 

  • Anonymous

    why is swype in beta for so many frigging years? What is their game plan? are they ever gonna release it in the market??

  • how I uninstall 2.5 version?…unable to find in download but able to see it under keyboard settings

    • Mankindof

      Same way you uninstall any other app.  Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications. In your list of apps you’ll see both Swype and Swype Installer.  Just click Swype and hit the Uninstall button.  Then launch Swype Installer and it will automatically prompt you to download the latest version of Swype.

      • udispyn

        no option for uninstall for razr maxx, just force stop and clear data…

  • I got the answer!

    For those on 3.25, you must uninstall Swype (not Swype Installer).  THEN run Swype Installer.  Installer will not overwrite an existing installation.

    • Steen Kendle

      Hey Thanks

    • Ira Crain

      Soooooo is there anyway to back up your dictionary before you uninstall 3.25?

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    Still no honeycomb support, FAIL!

    • Honeycomb support is currently available for WXGA 1280×800 screens only.  If you’re running a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Xoom, or other such tablet, the installer will grab the honeycomb version for you.

      • Dask0341

        I have tried many times to upgrade and it tells me that my screen size is not supported. Xoom Verizon 4G 3.2.2. Downloaded the new installer after uninstalling the old one. ? Any ideas? The swype forums have two others reporting the problem!

        • Brian Resnik

          Sorry about this!  I fixed the issue 🙂  Should work just fine now.

  • Glpd46

    why do people like swype.  they keep it all special and invite only unless your phone came with it. i tried it and it was ok but not much better than t9 flex keyboard.

    • Tboltuser

      I think it’s personal preference.  I found t9 flex to be heavy and somewhat slow at times.  Actually used SwiftKey X the most, but am going to run the latest version of Swype for a while.  It’s going to be interesting to see what comes of Swype and T9 flex now that Nuance owns them both.

  • Steen Kendle

    just updated mine and it only went to 3.25.91D.31127.t100 – wth

  • Pre-installed on the Galaxy Nexus???   I Hope so!!

    • EC8CH

      doubt it

    • Anonymous

      I hope not… The people with beta get the updates.

    • Anonymous

       Nexus is a google phone.. so I doubt there are any 3rd party non google affiliated apps in it.

    • Stephen

      I don’t hope so. That would be horrible. No updates for it unless you have the Swype installer which doesn’t come on your phone if it’s preinstalled. I’d rather just install it after the fact

  • Thumb Keyboard FTW!

  • Can you install it over the pre-installed version yet? The version on my Droidx is showing it’s age.

      • Thank you sir. Guess it’s time I get off my lazy butt and root my X. Haven’t had a compelling reason yet, mostly because I hate my phone.

        • John

          fyi, when doing this method. swype will prob force close/crash. i had a bitch of a time getting latest installed on my stock rooted dx

          • Anonymous

            When I installed the last update on my stock and rooted X I think I froze swype in TiB, used the installer to update the version and then unfroze the new version.  It was a long time ago, but I am pretty sure that worked for me.  

          • John

            True…I don’t personally use TB so did it manually. Trick is to reinstall latest Swype twice even after the force closes, once you delete ask necessary stock Swype files

    • Anonymous

      on my atrix  you can delete swype.apk and libswype*  from /system/app and /system/lib if you are rooted. should be very similar

  • Anonymous

    Android Gingerbread Stock Keyboard. Thank you.

    • EC8CH

      Android ICS Stock Keyboard…. Thank you.

      • Android Key Lime Pie Stock Keyboard…Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        yes of course.. how could I forget 🙂

  • No built-in theming yet, boo.