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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Page Goes Semi-Live, Mentions Verizon

Been wanting to see the backside of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus before it is announced tonight? One of our readers cruised over to Samsung’s site just a minute ago and searched for the device just to see what would happen. The screenshot above is what happened. Now, the actual page for it is not live yet, but we do at least get a beautiful shot of the back and side.

Update: I clearly overlooked this, but that is what our amazing readers are for. The site says “from Verizon” which is a pretty good indicator that they may have that exclusive few weeks after all.

Only 3.5 hours from game time! Live blog will start at 6:45 Pacific.

Cheers Tearminx!

  • Anonymous

    Those bezels are huge on this device.

  • Dirkbenedick

    I’m sorry, BUT DO YOUR JOB OR GET A REAL JOB.  I read all sorts of blogs, but you have nothing, but contributor’s scoops.  You do a service on the backs of others.

  • Is that really the picture…cuz the “something big is coming” teaser makes the phone look A LOT more curved.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    Has anyone else noticed that the backing looks removable? Possibly a removable battery to go with that…one can hope.

  • Anonymous

    Just got an e-mail from Verizon Wireless telling me I am eligible for an upgrade and I can get the Droid Charge to $199.99.  I thought about it.  Kidding 🙂

  • LEak
  • Christianpeso

    Video over on engadget!!!

  • hatethanet

    It’s all about function over form for me. I don’t care if the RAZR looks flashier. With the bigger, higher res screen, ICS, timely updates, LTE, and Samsung’s most recent track record with the GS2 (versus Moto’s recent track record with the Bionic), the Nexus is number 1 on my list.

  • speed

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