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Motorola Confirms Our Suspicions, DROID RAZR Will Have A Locked Bootloader

After Motorola’s DROID RAZR announcement this morning, users took to Twitter with a pocketful of questions. A user by the name of @Eldorath reached out to Moto about the RAZR’s bootloader and was lucky enough to get a response. Unfortunately, as we suspected the RAZR will indeed have a locked bootloader at the request of Verizon.

While the phone is definitely slick and sleek – will this change your attitude towards it?

Via: Twitter

  • I’m running a custom rom on my locked Droid 3. Just saying

    • babadush

      They also have roms for the bionic

  • nexus on the brain

    Yeppers, locked bootloader, no NFC, motoblur, and a who the heck knows when update to ICS……Nexus, please make my day!

  • Anonymous

    Why is anyone surprised? trololol

  • Bhazard451

    Vote with your wallet. If they don’t want to provide us with a feature we want (unlockable bootloader), then I won’t be buying your product. $$ talks.

  • Anonymous

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    • if your best friends brother is making that, HOW ABOUT YOU GO DO IT AND STOP SPAMMING

  • Locked Bootloader, no NFC.  I’ll pass

  • hatethanet

    Anyone have any ideas whether it will be easy to root or not? Forgive me for being such a noob when it comes to rooting lol.

    • Anonymous

      I imagine it will be rooted no problem. So you should be able to do some things with it, but being unlocked would have been much better.

  • Moto, please chomp on this. *grabs crotch*

    If Verizon somehow manages to lock the Galaxy Nexus bootloader, I will definitely be purchasing it on another carrier.

    • KniteLyf

      As funny as this was, I’m not angry at Moto.  They chose to go this direction.  It will be interesting to see with all these phones coming out around the same time how important a locked bootloader is to non-DLers.

      • I have no doubt that it won’t put much of a dent into their sales.  I’ll be the first to admit that Motorola makes some amazing hardware, so much so that my past two smartphones have been made by Motorola (OG and DX).  My problem arises from the fact that they told us they were going to unlock their bootloaders before the end of the year.  Now they obviously have plenty of time left, but it sure seems like the Bionic and now the Razr would have been perfect opportunities to do it if they truly have intentions to.

  • Anonymous

    Okey dokey, Moto!  Well, let me know how that RAZR sells up against the Nexus.

  • Rubenalifuenmayor

    Let the boycott begin.

  • Anonymous

    All Aboard the fail train! I was getting a G-Nexus anyways, but this did stir my interest until this lil bit came out. 

  • EC8CH

    When did the FCC start to require encrypted bootloaders?

  • Bryan Williams

    Locked Bootloader, non-removable battery, Blur, No NFC, no ICS.

    Yeah, I’ll pass.

    • rick

      yupt. nothing more to see here.  moving on . . . . 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been heavily leaning towards the Galaxy Nexus…this just confirms my choice.

    Thank You Motorola for validating my choice…Galaxy Nexus it is!!!

  • Wuffpack99

    No NFC, no open bootloader, no ICS, no removeable battery.  What does that equal?  No win.

    • Bryan Williams

      You forgot that it has Blur on it too.  🙂

  • Kierra

    I dont care about bootloarders…

  • Fyrenzy

    nope, didnt want it in the first place and the locked bootloader is just confirming this phones UNappealing looks,software and programming. ill  get the nexus or even wait til something better. my personal opinion that i dont like this phone.

  • Guessa

    I don’t get why they say ‘per carrier request’ when Verizon has various Samsung and HTC phones with unlocked bootloaders. Why would Verizon discriminate?

  • Kind of a toss up between the Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Razr…

  • babadush

    As I’ve said it before. Motorola is the Apple of Android.

  • ChrisI

    A locked bootloader on Verizon?!?!?!?!? Never saw that coming…..

    • EC8CH

      From Motorola no less….

  • It’s not a bad phone, but with all these easily anticipated ‘cons,’ it still seems like Motorola has become the ugly stepchild of Android hardware makers.

  • OG DROID owner here. I don’t trust motorola to update this phone in a timely fashion so i guess ill be jumping ship.To bad this phone is a really nice piece of hardware.

  • Keith Norris

    Well when ever at&t gets LTE I’m switching from Verizon.


  • Tony Allen

    Way to play the blame game Moto. I love my Bionic, but I’m jumping ship to the Nexus if all goes well after the end of the year. Tired of not having my phone the way I want it. YOU locked the bootloader, not Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    So is the Rezound still coming this year?  Despite the leaked release date I’m amazed there’s no good leaks for something coming out around the same time as these two phones.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, number one priority for me when buying a phone is playing frisbee with it and skipping down the sidewalk.

  • Anonymous

    What a sham and a shame. And then to blame Verizon. I think we’ll see tonight that Big Red allows unlocked phones.
    **** I almost wanted this phone.

  • rick

    The possibility of an unlocked bootloader was the only thing keeping me remotely interested in this phone. Now that a locked bootloader is confirmed … Step right this way Nexus. The OG has served me well, but it is time to move on. see ya moto. 

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the locked boot loader doesn’t bother me that much.  I think what bothers me is that the design is very awkward and they still haven’t gotten rid of that camera hump.  They make this amazingly thin phone and shoot themselves in the foot with the same camera hump and bad screen. 

    It’s like, the Bionic was pretty thin already, improve on what is bad: your camera, your screen, your stupid hump.

    Also, going with capacitive buttons and no time table for ICS is pretty disastrous in itself.

    • Tony Allen

      There is nothing wrong with the camera on the Bionic, there is however a problem with the factory Bionic software for the camera, its slow and shitty. Using other camera apps, I get snappy quick performance. 

      The screen is ” taken care of ” here even though there isn’t anything wrong with my Pentile QHd display, it works well, saves battery life, and doesn’t look bad like the bullshit that’s been flying around tech blogs for months. 

      The design of the hump is nice IMO, it allows the phone to rest on my finger when I’m holding it with one hand.

      As for ICS, it isn’t released yet, and capacitive buttons or not, doesn’t have anything to do with this phone getting or not getting it. We already know that phones without the on-screen buttons will be getting it as well. Don’t be stupid. This phone will sell well for those who want an LTE device that is very thin and very attractive with the SAMOLED screen.

      • Anonymous

        “The screen is ” taken care of ” here even though there isn’t anything
        wrong with my Pentile QHd display, it works well, saves battery life,
        and doesn’t look bad like the bullshit that’s been flying around tech
        blogs for months.”

        Opinion.  There are many that bought the phone and took it back because they couldn’t get used to the screen.  I was one of them.  To me, the PentileMatrix screen looking bad wasn’t bullshit.  It was reality.

        It doesn’t bother some people, and some people can get used to it.  Others can’t can’t get used to it.  For me, I shouldn’t have to pay $300 (or full retail) and get used to anything major like that.

  • PyroHoltz

    After the D3’s development delays am officially boycotting locked bootloaders.

  • Livin4Freedom

    Any you guys are shocked by this? No surprise whatsoever besides there nice little BS stab at VZW on why it is locked.

    Hey Moto stop passing blame you lying a%*hats. VZW DOES NOT force you to lock it up that is a hogwash excuse plain and simple. Get off your darn high horse and give us our freedom back like we are suppose to have with Android.

    At this rate I sure hope they start dieing a slow death like a few yrs back as you deserve it at this point seeing as you’ve lied to us all anyways saying we’d have options to unlock things. FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!

  • Spencer 0030

    Locked no custom ROMs they just lost My money

  • Anonymous

    motorola is catering to the enterprise user, that’s no secret.  to do this, they have to stick with a more secure environment, which is why i’m over moto.  they’re trying to take over the BB space, and it looks like it’s working.  but for how long?  i think the enterprise market is a dangerous game.  if you’re they’re too long, you stop innovating and become stagnant…and then utterly fail.

    i can’t wait for the samsung even tonight…can’t freaking wait.

  • Dear Verizon & Motorola.  I buy the phone.  I pay for service. If I opt to void my warranty, that’s my choice.  If you choose to tell me “told you so” if I brick my phone, that’s your right.  Can you treat us like adults now?

    • And VZW will say dear customer you didn’t actually read the contract that you signed that says you cannot tether or use a wifi hotspot or about 30 other things on their network without paying extra.  This is why they require the manufacturer to lock the bootloader.  If you want freedom go find and already unlocked device that is not subsidized and only run it on WiFi.  That is really the only option in the USA.  Its not like other countries where all phones are unlocked and there are no contracts.

      Why is concept of a locked bootloader so hard to grasp.  Better yet why does everyone think they are “entitled” to so much.  Its not your network you don’t get to make the rules.  Its honestly as simple as that.  They provide a service either take it or leave it.  No one is holding a gun to your head about it.  I work in corporate IT and there is a ton of crap our end users cannot do on their computers.  We even restrict what you can do when you bring in your own device an put it on our WiFi.  Why? because its ours.

      • Anonymous

        Because locking the bootloader stops me from using WiFi Tether.

        • Anonymous

          They blocked usage on the DX kernal update. So yeah.

          • Anonymous

            I’m fairly certain it’s already been cracked since when I was running liberty 0.9 GB it was working fine (on CM7 now).

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I know I ran .9 before CM7 as well, but just saying: if they do it right, it could easily cause problems.

        • No its doesn’t stop you completely. But it stops you from using an app that they didn’t put on the phone that is harder to track.

          • Anonymous

            WiFi Tether is the app…. not 3G Hotspot.

      • Eric Elliott

        It’s your network, ultimately bankrolled by us, either the consumers or the employees.  I hate corporate IT – go plug in a router or something.

      • Jake

        You’re right that it’s Verizon’s network and they make the rules about what you can and can’t do on their network. Not everyone who is looking for an unlocked bootloader feels a sense of “entitlement” as you say. They’re stating their preference and if they ultimately will speak with their wallets. The analogy of your corporate network isn’t spot-on, because most of the computers belong to the company, not the individuals, so the company can do what it wants to is own computers. As for users’ own personal devices on your company’s Wifi, the company does that by limiting the network access, not by locking down the users’ perosnal computers and taking away their admin privaleges on their own devices.

      • Mikedeamicis

        um, corporate? who cares, we are not talking about company property here. they already throttle webhogs so get over that angle. this is a matter of doing as you wish with what you paid for. they subsidize phones because most people will not pay 600 or 700 dollars for a phone and this gets them lots of dollars on data plans and accessories. do you really think they take that hugs a hit on subsidizing your purchase? how naive a point of view you have. verizon is making money hand over fist just like all the other people in the chain along the way. not everyone wants to unlock their phone and go all apeshit with it. but that is a choice that should not be stigmatized by the carrier. i took my droid in to get it looked at by the stare and they were like this phone warranty is voided and we will not touch it? i asked why and they said i hacked it. i just have launcher pro, lockscreen and widgetsoid running, all of which are market aps and i loudly threw it in their face and called them out for not even knowing jack shit about their own products. they apologized and tried to do a reset on my phone and again got yelled at. i made them do the troubleshooting and it was a local network issue and they ended up sending out a notice to field support about a tower proble.  verizon has not the slightest clue as to the true potential of android, they seldom know anything about their own products, they lack technical proficiency, and they think their customers are stupid. if they did not have the best physical network i would have left them 3 years ago. if any other carrier gets a competitive network i am kissing these losers good bye. they are not even a shadow of the model of customer service they were ten years ago.

        • Anonymous

          You wrote a novel lol. This post is so long and it doesn’t make sense.

          • Fallacies

            made sense to me.
            then, again, your name is “aAaNnNgGgEeElLlFfFaAaCcCeEe…”

          • Anonymous

            Im an angel 🙂

      • Anonymous

        As I was reading this post I was thinking to myself “Why is this guy posting such a pissy, grumpy, self important comment?” Then I read “I work in corporate IT” and it all made sense. 

        • Bioniccommando4231

          I swear its part of their training. Think they are the most important people in the company, but really they are the same as the facilities people maintaining the elec and hvac.

      • Anonymous

        And if I pay full retail, then what?  Oh, and BTW, I don’t have a contract with Verizon. :p

        And you’re aware that Samsung doesn’t lock their bootloaders, right?  There are plenty of options here in the US.

        Subsidy is there just to get people to buy a phone who otherwise wouldn’t pay $600 for one.  It’s not Verizon’s phone.  It’s mine when I buy it.

      • I don’t tether.  I don’t need to. vive la wifi! I prefer to root my device to overclock my cpu, use alternate themes, try ROMs that have been tweaked to run more smoothly and are updated more often and at a rate faster than Verizon could ever possibly imagine rolling out updates to their devices. 

        I think because most people pay at least around $2000 a year for a cellular device and service makes them question why anyone would make them feel as if they’re asking for too much to get the most from their device and their experience.
        You’re right, no one has to do business with Verizon.  It’s just a shame that phones are locked to specific carriers.  While it would be more expensive, I really wish all phones were sold unlocked so customers could get the device they wish on the network they choose. While some devices come locked, it’s not the case for every device.  Verizon would probably hemorrhage customers until they figured out that people don’t like being limited and are not fond of double dipping for merely extending a service their customers pay for and they would adjust accordingly!  It would be a more level and competitive playing field if all phones were sold unlocked and carrier free.  Charging to tether. to me, is like varying the price of a bottle of water based on if you chose to drink it by yourself or share it with another. Especially if you’re locked into capped usage. In the case of capped usage, I think it’s their wet dream that customers run over their quota so they can get charged a premium for making that mistake. And working corporate IT isn’t a parallel reference for this scenario.  I don’t work for Verizon.  I pay them, they work for me.  I am the consumer and when I hand my money over, make no illusions that what I ask for comes from a false sense of entitlement. Not at all. I pay for a premium device I should be able to use it as I see fit. When you make computers available as a corporate IT guy, you and the end users of that company are paid to use those computers to do what you’re paid to do! Apples and oranges, dude.

        • P.S.  You’re right concerning “contracts”, not everyone reads them. But there’s so much more to having an unlocked boot loader than tethering. 

      • trumpet444

        While you make valid points, unlocked bootloader does not = tethering. Rooting = tethering. So its not about controlling what we do on their network, it’s telling the guy that probably dropped retail $ on a phone that he’s limited to what he can do with something he owns and may or may not even plan to use vzw’s network.

  • Anonymous

    I expect the same types of comments tonight after the Samsung event…for me, its impossible to choose until the HTC device is announced.

    • KniteLyf

      With HTC’s history of horrible battery life, and the fact that Samsung’s is a Nexus phone, HTC will be in a similar boat as Moto for this holiday season.

  • Anonymous

    Phone is still possible good for a normal user.  For advanced users who want root, fail.  I have sprint, and want to switch to verizon..but they do so many stupid things.  Was looking for nexus the entire time, but they really need to stop. 

  • Billy Gardiner

    I don’t think you guys know what kind of security exploits there are when a phone is unlocked (and then rooted).  If the target of this phone is Businesses and the Corporate world at all, then the bootloader MUST be locked.  It is a high security risk to company information when an unlocked bootloader/rooted phone is passing their information.

  • Rob Becker

    My finger is pointed squarely at Verizon. Google where’s the free whitespace wifi plz?

    • Tony Allen

      Then your finger is pointed in the wrong direction, this is Motorola’s call, not Verizon’s.. they decided on the locked down bootloaders and they’ve been off and running with them since.

  • Davidukfl

    locked bootloader definitely sucks. However if a 2nd init solution is available like for the X this phone may still be able to run CM7, MIUI etc

  • This is what Cellzealot over at HF had to say about the Nexus…I think the issues he is referring to is in regards to Verizon and it being unlocked. He’s a well known member over there at HF.
    “I hear the Prime is having some serious issues…can’t really say much more than that though, sorry.It could mean delays in the announcement and/or any proposed release date, and give the RAZR an edge…so to speak!”

  • Gregory Pickering

    I am done with Motorola phones.  They are pretty good phones and a lot better than most but I am just not sold on them any longer. I have had the Droid, Droid X and Droid X2. All of that is fine except I had my OG Droid replaced 3 times, the Droid X replaced 2 times and the X2 replaced once. All for hardware / software type stuff like rebooting because the phone apparently felt unloved and lonely. I am moving to the Samsung Nexus and won’t be coming back for a while. I mean, considering my brother is a big wig with Samsung mobile… it is long overdue.

    • Anonymous

      I’m in the same boat.

      Had the Droid X replaced 3 times.

      Plus, I own a Xoom.  Enough said.

  • OG Droid

    Well now that we got that out of the way we can move on to PRIME TIME!!!! (Insert your time zone)

  • I’m really surprised with this phone. Verizon is offering me an early upgrade for some reason (my NE2 is supposed to be in March). I think the Nexus will be too big. I’m seriously considering this phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Locker per the Carrier…..

    Will VZW lock the galaxy nexus????

    • Anonymous

      We will see shortly but I sure hope the hell not.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus it is!

  • This is what I expected to happen.  For myself, I will likely try to get the Nexus because I like the stock and unlocked features.  For others, e.g. my family and friends who aren’t technical, I think this is a GREAT phone and will recommend it highly.

  • Anonymous

    Am i the only who senses BS, other 4g phones have unlocked Bootloaders, any who this throws out me getting a RAZR (if the nexus was a disappointment or not on verizon).

    • Anonymous

      None that are Motorola… that is the issue. They are the only ones who pull this crap now and then blame it on Verizon.

      • Anonymous

        The OG can be unlocked. The XOOM can be unlocked. Weak excuse by Moto.