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Motorola Confirms Our Suspicions, DROID RAZR Will Have A Locked Bootloader

After Motorola’s DROID RAZR announcement this morning, users took to Twitter with a pocketful of questions. A user by the name of @Eldorath reached out to Moto about the RAZR’s bootloader and was lucky enough to get a response. Unfortunately, as we suspected the RAZR will indeed have a locked bootloader at the request of Verizon.

While the phone is definitely slick and sleek – will this change your attitude towards it?

Via: Twitter

  • B

    If this came with Ice Cream Sandwich, I would accept the locked bootloader.

    Having to wait for 6 months or more for the latest updates will be frustrating.

  • Donnydon

    huge disapointment. Im gonna pass.

  • Yiannis

    You can thank those who tether 100+ GB/mo. VZW jdoes not want to risk their network’s integrity.

    • Anonymous

      The locked boot loader on my DX has rarely prevented me from using WiFi Tether.

    • Fyrenzy

      there are dozens of non rooted apps that allow you to tether. next reasoning?

  • kep

    probably wouldn’t make a difference either way for me b/c I don’t plan on running custom roms.  That said with the Galaxy Nexus coming out there is very little chance I’d buy the Razr.  As I’d like to actually get OS updates.  My guess is Razr is months away from ICS.  With all that stuff they’ve added to android it’s probably going to take awhile to make it all work on ICS and every other update to Android going forward.

  • Rob W.

    UGH it’s such a sexy phone, great specs, and some great features. But why does Motorola continually ignore their customers and pull this crap. Who effin cares about big red. All we want is an unlocked bootloader. Don’t sit there scratching your heads when you see the Nexus destroying your RAZR in sales. 

  • Murphy


  • Anonymous

    They try to say its locked because of a carrier requirement? Why does Verizon allow Samsung devices that are unlocked to be released. Or the xoom which is clearly known to be unlockable. I find that to be dishonest. They need to come out and confess “we have put so much effort and money into our awful skin called blur, and we want to be sure you’re using it.” They have some magical fantasy about blur being really popular and sought after. Its garbage. Anyone who would consider paying money for this is NOT a true android fanatic, as this does not follow the spirit of openness that android encompasses.

    • Anonymous

      The Blur Dialer is 50000000000x better than the stock one.

  • No change. I was leaning towards Nexus anyway.

  • No thanks to any more Moto locked shenanigans.  As I’ve been saying on the DROID3 forums for some time…Nexus for me from here on out!

    I’ll take the latest version of Android, frequent updates, and no bugs swarming all over the phone. I had the DROID3 on launch day. Camera was supposed to be “advanced.” Maybe the hardware was…who knows? The fact is that Moto sucks so horribly at programming software that there was no hope for it’s hardware to shine. Moto, when immersing their hands in code, can’t help but to completely ruin the experience. And then locks the bootloader on top of that, so you can’t get out of their ruinous programming.

    No sir from me to any future Moto device, unless it is a Nexus…then we’ll talk. But at this point, there is no future with anything but Nexus phones. HTC’s update track record is positively brutal. Samsung’s has not been good. I remember galaxy S’s being on Eclair when Gingerbread came out. Seriously? Nexus, NEXUS NEXUS.

    Say it with me now….


  • Murphy


  • Antivanity


  • Anonymous

    I could care less about the locked bootloader.

    • Keith Sumner

      Couldn’t care less would be the correct phrase.

  • DavinFelth

    No ICS is by far the biggest problem I see.  If they don’t announce intentions to upgrade to it before release, it’s just another reason I’ll be buying the Galaxy Nexus instead.

  • Noble Four

    In other news, the sky is blue.

  • Bionicman

    if this is true and Verizon made them lock it, makes you wonder about the verizon version of the GNex and if thats going to be locked as well….

  • hmmm a locked phone running gingerbread…or a developer device running ice cream. what to do, what to do.

    • Keith Sumner

      Who said the Nexus would be unlocked?

      • Anonymous

        We will soon find out and man there will be screaming if it is.  But if it is I won’t buy it and I’ll go with the Rezound since HTC stated they will no longer encrypt a bootloader.

      • Google did.  Its a requirement for Dev devices.  Look at the OG, the XOOM and the Nexus S 4G.  Two on VZW that came unlocked and one that is from Sprint.  I mean all of the Nexus/Experience devices to date have come unlocked.  Google tells the carrier either take it how it is or you don’t get one.  So many people want a Nexus device and make it sound like Verizon has never gotten anything that is Dev Friendly but the OG was the phone that started the revolution if you will.  The locked bootloader doesn’t bother me nearly as bad as no NFC in this thing.  Moto needs to get on that fast.

      • Tom

        I said this before earlier… Nexus is a GOOGLE device. If it bears the Nexus name, it will be unlocked. They are developer phones. If they even DARE to lock it, they are losing a whole slew of customers. Besides… they are other phones on Google that are unlocked, why would they do something as stupid as lock a Nexus phone on a network that is known to have unlocked bootloaders. Especially since there are plenty of OG Droid users at the end of their contracts who were waiting for a phone like this, and won’t accept anything less.

  • Goincarcrazy

    Well at least we all know who to point the finger at… Big Red, ball’s in your court!

  • Anonymous

    Moto announced a new phone today???????

  • Greg Abbate

    The bootloader could cook me dinner, wash my clothes and massage my back and I still would not get this phone. Galaxy Nexus is a far superior device.

    • Keith Sumner

      I love how so many people like you are passing these judgements on phones that are not even released yet, have you tried both of these phones?

  • JohnPA2006

    Locked or not, this and the Bionic are awesome phones no matter how you look at it.

  • People, get over yourselves. V will not allow a unlocked Moto bootloader. Move on with your lives.

  • Anonymous

    if this is locked because of Verizon, what about the galaxy nexus, did big red lock that down too

  • this was never really an option for me with the nexus coming… but any chance has been lost with the locked bootloader… bloatware… blur… not to mention the fact that it will probably we a really long time before it sees ICS…

  • QQMore

    By Moto, I’m going back to Samsung.

  • With the g-nex coming out, locked bootloader = out of consideration

  • Anonymous

    I think I speak for everyone here when I say, THIS IS BULLSHIT

  • Adf

    That is a bullshit excuse.  Verizon carries both Samsung and HTC phones which are unlocked…

    • I assume you mean the Thunderbolt.. which has a locked bootloader, but there exists an unlocked leaked version.

      • Anonymous

        They originally tried to lock the thunderbolt yes, but since stated they will no longer lock any HTC devices in the future…  Meaning encrypt.

        It is only Motorola that does this now.

        • Anonymous

          We shall see. HTC has been locking their phones down as well, they only said they would start unlocking them; so did Moto and look how that’s gone.

          • Anonymous

            Yes we will see. I don’t care if they lock them as long as they are not encrypted. Soon enough we will see what happens with the Nexus and the Rezound.  Out of 3 new devices I hope at least one of them will be unlockable.

        • Imns

          Hopefully that will change once the “merger” with Google goes through.

          • Anonymous

            We can hold out hope… and that would sure be nice.

  • Scrub175

    This was expected… Locked per the carrier. what about the Verizon Nexus? Xoom is unlocked, here’s hoping the same for Nexus.

  • Worm

    Yes, that’s why I won’t own a Motorola device. I want my Android rooted and s-off, period.

    • Noble Four

      S-Off is a term that applies only to HTC devices.


  • So by end of the year… what did they mean? Guess they took the HTC route with the Thunderbolt…. We Promise 3rd Quarter 2.3 update…. Hello 4th Quarter and still no Ginger bread.. losing faith fast

  • Maniko (Meister_Li)

    Yes. The Droid Razr is completely out of the question now. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Edit: any mods out there that can remove this post?

    • Anonymous

      That ascii doesn’t show right?  Facepalm or its a trap?

      • Anonymous

        An epicly failed facepalm lol

  • Anonymous

    And now everyone turns to the Galaxy Nexus. 

    • Now?  hahaha never turned away from it.  So Moto, whatever happened to “late 2011” hahahaha

      • Anonymous

        Some of us did. I can assure you that there is not one phone coming from Samsung built like the RAZR. Not even your Galaxy Nexus.

        • OG Droid

          Well have fun with your locked bootloader and non-removable battery.

          • Anonymous

            Who said I was getting one of these? All I said was that this is going to be a better built phone than anything on the market.

          • Anonymous

            I’ll come out and say it then. I think the Nexus will be junk. Things Samsung is known for: Poor poor build quality, crappy radios and gps. I am not happy about Moto’s locked bootloader, etc. but this phone will have better built hardware than the Nexus.

          • Anonymous

            We are on the same boat.

          • Guest

            I’m with you guys on this one. Moto Build Quality has been second to none for years IMO.

          • Anonymous

            Moto devices has the most useful things radios, call quality etc.

          • Anonymous

            I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so. The radio thing is spot on. Fascinate did not get nearly as good service as my OG Droid and the Inc2 is only slightly better than the Fascinate.

        • Anonymous

          You are correct. You’ll get your Nexus on Verizon but that’s about where it ends, there’s lots of caveats. It still won’t touch Droid RAZR in terms of build quality or battery life. And what good is a phone running first to running Android 37.2 if it’s dead when I need to make a phone call?

      • shdowman

        They did say “late 2011” BUT, they also put a nice disclaimer on it saying “as carriers allow”.

        How many carriers are going to allow an unlocked bootloader I wonder?

        It will be a cold day in hell before VZW allows one voluntarily…

        • Considering they have already allowed 2 they must be playing Ice Hockey in hell tonight.

          • shdowman


            As in:

            Moto: Hey Verizon, we were toying with the idea of unlocking the bootloader on this new phone, that cool with you guys?

            VZW: Do we have an option here?

            Moto: Of course! We really don’t want to, but kind of tweeted that we would do it sometime this year with the caveat that we would “leave it up to you”.

            VZW: Cool. I get it. Then No. Lock that bitch down.

            Moto: Already did. We all good?

            VZW: Indeed.

          • Anonymous


        • All the Samsung phones are unlocked, as are the LG.

          Must be pretty damn cold down there right now.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t see what the fuss is, I’ve got a thunderbolt and its locked, didn’t take the devs too long to figure out how to crack through. I’ve been running Gingerbread (CM7) since late July. 

            I understand its an extra hoop to jump through but having quite a bit of experience with VZW I can’t imagine they would ever intentionally allow an unlocked device on their network (yeah, they had a few early on leak through but its not common now that the process is understood).

    • Justin Kos

      the way you phrased that got me to think i wasnt already turned in the direction of the gnex

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    safety? its a bootloader not a chainsaw

    • palomosan

      Those are just excuses by Moto, they’re not Devs friendly.

      • Anonymous

        Totally agreee with you on that point.  What happened to Moto saying they will unlock their devices at the end of 2011???

        Maybe they were talking about unlocking their new Fat Burning Calorie Counter device they just presented LOL!!! This is Mobile not a fitness convention 😛

      • PSU_DI

        I don’t think it’s just Moto… Its Verizon that isn’t dev friendly.  I doubt we’ll ever see an unlocked HTC either on Verizon.   

    • Anonymous

      I, for one, can appreciate the safety aspect. I was carrying a phone with an unlocked boot loader and got attacked by a pack of rabid wolves. Never again, thanks Motorola!

      • Eric Elliott

        I just laughed out loud.  Thanks for that Timoh.

      • Anonymous

        This looked like a decent phone… this is a shame.

      • Anonymous

        Your comment reminded me of a Far Side comic called Luposlipaphobia: the fear of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newly waxed floor…google it…the illustration is priceless!

    • Anonymous

      This pretty just made this phone an impossible sell.

      • Anonymous

        There are more normal people than geeks, so let’s see about that.

      • Anonymous

        you do realize that probably 90 percent or more of the people that buy phones don’t care about CM, MIUI, Rooting or bootloaders.

        • Anonymous

          except you can have CM, MIUI and rooting still with a locked bootloader thanks to 2nd-int.

          • Anonymous

            Great for those phones. But did you not understand what I wrote?? I said most people don’t care about CM, MIUI, ROMs, rooting or bootloaders. Not that you can’t get CM, MIUI, ROMs, root with a locked bootloader. This phone will sell because it is fast, thin and looks nice.

          • Anonymous

            No question. My point is that a locked bootloader (and really it’s not about locked, it’s about being encrypted) is becoming less and less relevant. 

          • Crazymofoster

             correct,but the devs don’t stay with it. You get an initial port and then support is abandoned. It’s not as smooth. (MIUI on droid x). screw verizon and motorola for listening to them. I will never get another motorola, unless google makes them unlock the bootloader on one

        •  But those 90% ask asking us 10% which phone to buy. And I, for one, will be saying “not the motorola”.

          • Then you would be giving those 90% bad advice since they have no business messing around with an unlocked bootloader anyway

          • TexasHorns88

            That’s not my problem, that’s for Motorola to consider.  When it comes to technology, I’m self-interested first and foremost.  The person who has no business messing around with an unlocked bootloader likely has no ability or appreciation for the hardware they’re handling, so what’s the difference if I were to tell them to get a Galaxy Nexus or HTC Rezound?  Either way they’re probably getting a phone with much more horsepower than they’ll ever put into use and will still be able to do everything they likely need it to.

            Word-of-mouth is one of the most sought after and coveted aspects any retail seller of a product could hope to garner.  Motorola/Verizon have made the conscious decision that they would rather ignore the requests and desires of the most interested, knowledgeable, and informed users of their products in the belief that they’ll make more money by trying to nickel and dime the larger, less knowledgeable users.

            Refusing to pimp the products of that company and/or avidly diverting people’s business elsewhere is a reaction to their conscious decision–not vice versa.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with Jake. Why would you tell them no to a phone that is clearly superior to everything else on the market right now. You are giving them horrible advice. If they are one of those 90%, they don’t care about bootloaders. That’s like telling someone not to get BMW cause you can’t do some aftermarket mod to it that most people would never do to begin with.

          • Anonymous

            So getting advice from you is a dumb idea.

            Oh, and it is more like 99.9% don’t care.  There are 1M Android phones activated daily, and how many will downloaded CM7 or another custom ROM?  What, 300-400k tops in total?  Do the math.

        • Anonymous

          You also realize that 90% or more of people looking to get a new phone are going to choose a 6 month old phone that’s only $99 vs. a brand new phone that’s $299 if they can’t tell the difference between them.

          If the i*hone is cheaper, the masses will pick it up anyway unless there’s something spectacular about it.

    • Eddie

       rommer’s gonna rom. and if you’re already installing a rom, you are less likely to brick your device if you have an unencrypted bootloader you can actually modify. i never had to SBF my droid, but my droid 2 I’ve had to SBF a few times due to kernel incompatibilities. Thanks for protecting me, motorola!

    • Nemesis15

      No it’s a Razr

  • Firelight


  • droidify

    so will the Galaxy Nexus be locked? Same carrier.

  • Jmechy

    A droid razr running CM would have been a killer device.  Without the unlocked bootloader I have no reason to choose it over the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Gerrard8199

    There go the sales!!!!

  • 2nd-init.

    • Anonymous

      Is that even a sure thing for this hardware?

  • shdowman

    Did ANY of you really expect anything different???

    • EC8CH


  • Locked per the request of the carrier? Uhoh…. hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come tonight for the Galaxy Nexus…

    thanks for the heads up Dan!

    • Tom

      I doubt that will be the case… Nexus phones are controlled by Google, not the carrier. It will be the biggest mistake of Verizon to lock that down, because that will cause people to jump ship.

      • not to mention that the nexus line is targeted at being a dev phone.

      • bigrob60

        Which is why I’m waiting until Kellex gets his hands on it. He has hinted that the VZW one might not be a “true” nexus device like the others. 

      • Anonymous

        It will be lock.

  • Wow the one chance for Motorola to really redeem themselves with many people here down the drain. At least unlock the Bionic after releasing the RAZR only 2 months later.

    • HD

      Bionic= who cares: bad screen, too thick, no Kevlar, not water resistant, slow 1 Ghz, etc.
      You wasted your $ bro.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Would you happen to be mad, broski?

          • Anonymous

            Yup, stupid people anger me.

    • Jeff

      it’s not motorola, it’s verizon.

      • kurttrail

        The Xoom is on Verizon, and it’s unlockable, so I’m not buying that excuse.

  • You have to ask?

  • Anonymous

    Nexus Prime, come to me, now

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that the international version will not be locked?

  • John

    Yes.  I’m not interested in a phone with a locked bootloader.

  • Not sure, based on the lower screen resolution, blur, and locked bootloader, why anyone would consider buying this over the Nexus.

    Maybe that’s just me though.

  • TheAndroid1

    Imagine if this was the nexus device (stock android and updated by google with an unlocked bootloader)

    It would have been perfect

    Lets hope tonight doesn’t lead to the same disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    RAZR -= 1;