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European Motorola RAZR To Have Lockable/Unlockable Bootloader?

Over on Motorola’s European Facbook page, the moderator is seen saying that their Euro Motorola RAZR is coming with a lockable/unlockable bootloader. Curious as to why? We reported earlier that the U.S. version will indeed be locked and Moto is pointing the finger at Verizon for that decision. So is Motorola not completely the bad guy anymore? Or should we all move to Europe to enjoy phones the way they were meant to be used?

Via: Motorola Europe Facebook

Cheers Jeff!

  • Frozenwind

    Europe has more freedom and democracy? =)))

  • Anonymous

    … OK Moto, now it is your term. The carrier free razr should be unlockable, right? So we will prove your honesty! RAZR FTW

  • RW-1

    Sherman my boy, activate the way-back machine ….

    Oh yes!

    RW-1 correctly predicted that moto would pass the buck, ballless Jha allows VZ to decide that its locked down instead fo telling them this is how it will be on the HW.

    In any case, told you so. Carrier dependant is their excuse now, as predicted.


    Moto: Galaxy Nexus is where I’m headed shortly. Even if VZ locks it down, at least it will be pure google ICS.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sure the developer community will figure outback way to unlock this bad boy. Add HDMI support, eventual ICS. Upgrade, and removable memory and you have a winner folks. I have had almost every VZW smartphone possible and yet I have always gone back to my Droid X. The RAZR is what the DX2 should have been.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i mean correct me if i’m wrong but a stock motorola atrix on gingerbread doesn’t have the fastboot on it but if you flash the file that does then you can unlock… possibly same idea here only the european versions will already have it and the american ones wont… just a thought

  • Anonymous

    If this is VZW’s doing then forget them, and hello G Nex 🙂

  • This is actually good news

  • Anonymous

    You guys do get moto may actually be being awesome… if the hardware is the same, which it looks like it is, we may be able to flash the euro kernel, bootloader, the whole shebang on the verizon version… presto unlockable bootloader, then go from there.  May need a crazy conglomeration of the two dumped and mixed together, but there is a small chance. I think… Maybe…



  • There has to be more to the story.  HTC was able to unlock bootloaders on VZW, so it can’t be ALL VZW. There is no doubt that VZW does have some responsibility for locking bootloaders though.  So you can’t blame just Moto or just VZW.  I say blame them BOTH.

  • Again, another post about locked/unlocked bootloaders. If you need it unlocked just be patient and there is sure to be someone in the community who will figure it out and allow it to be bypassed. To the rest of EVERYONE else who would purchase the phone, they use the software preloaded on the device and would never know if the device has a locked bootloader or not. Let’s judge the phone on its specs, design, and software and get over the whole bootloader thing.

    • Granted

      An actual smart comment. Now back to idiotic ones for another year. Congratulations though, it was nice to read a comment from someone that actually partakes in life.

  • Vaporware

    I made a post on the Moto owners forum asking for a specific response about the bootloader. Lets see if it gets answered or deleted entirely.

  • Jose Lopez

    The bootloader is unlockable in the RAZR, as is in any other android phone in the world. Wether it will be locked or unlocked will be up to the carrier. Hence why the DROID RAZR for Verizon will be locked, because Verizon wants it that way. So quit bitching at moto and quit bitching if other carriers have it unlocked and pray that some dev out there can find away to unlock it because big red aint gonna allow it.

  • WalkingDead

    i think moto is ready to release the grip and it’s obvious our angry emails should be directed at Big Red and if they so much as think about doing something like this to Nexus my head will explode and I will definitely consider leaving Verizon with us getting our first all android phone since the OG droid and they lock it down. I wish they could see the life and support that the OG droid is STILL receiving to this day because of its unlocked BL. I’m always amazed at how many people still own and use that phone and it’s because of the unlocked BL, that phone is a beast. 

    • Worldphoneuser

      Right, and Verizon is of course delighted that the unlocked BL is greatly increasing the life of the OG Droid, because that means that all those people aren’t buying new phones and signing new two year contracts with Verizon, so that’s good for…. oh wait

  • Why of all things for Motorola to be the best at is locking phones down?

  • Anonymous

    Congress should pass a law outlawing carriers from locking down devices.. be it their bootloader or their frigging radios!
    I pay full money to buy the phone.. I have the right to access and use all of it’s built-in features. Period! 

    • Anonymous

      Won’t happen, the FCC wouldn’t like that because then they couldn’t control and regulate the airwaves as easily.

  • vernon


  • Keith Norris

    Its locked to make the Nexus Galaxy seem oh so much better!

  • hershey2726

    Honestly verizon, screw you

  • Kixofmyg0t

    There ya go Nexus trolls.

    On another note that means theirs hope for the Verizon DROID RAZR and DROID Bionic bootloaders.

  • Vaporware

    I posted this in the other article but it applies here as well.

    Everyone here is jumping the gun IMO. Saying the bootloader is locked
    doesnt really tell us much. The Xoom has a locked bootloader at
    purchase. HTC has locked bootloaders at purchase. Those devices can be
    unlocked by agreeing to void your warranty if you unlock them. The fact
    that the Razr has a locked bootloader DOES NOT mean it cant be
    unlocked.  We simply dont know yet. We will not know anything of
    substance until we learn if the bootloader is encrypted or if they will
    provide a way to unlock similar to how we unlock the Xoom. If its locked
    but not encrypted the devs will have it unlocked inside a week. 

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t matter. There is a big difference between “locked” and “lockable/unlockable”. It’s LOCKED.

      • Vaporware

         No. The only info we have to go by is that the Razr ships with a locked bootloader according to one twitter post. The Xoom also ships locked. Someone needs to ask that same twitter account that said the bootloader is locked if it can be unlocked.

        • Anonymous

          you’re kidding yourself.  it’s locked and encrypted.  bet on it.

  • Anonymous

    People keep hating on moto, when they should blame Verizon for lacking the bootloader.

    • Anonymous

      Its not Verizon that encrypts the bootloader. And Motorola is the only one that does.

      • Anonymous

        that is actually not true. Verizon probably tells Motorola to encrypt the bootloader. and HTC started doing it recently as well. Samsung idk.

        • Anonymous

          i’d wager that.  wtf does moto care if you have root access and can tether and all that crap.  their hardware has already been sold to you.  it’s verizon that cares.  verizon’s the bad guy here anymore, all the way.

      • Anonymous

        It’s Verizon fault.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon better leave our Galaxy Nexus alone.

    • Anonymous

      It will be lock.

      • Let me help, it’ll be locked till you plug it into ADB and type “fastboot oem unlock” thanks have a nice day! Time to go get some ICE CREAM SANDWICH

        • Anonymous

          So the bionic has been unlocked using that method? I don’t think so.

          • Anonymous

            The Bionic isn’t a Google experience device. The Galaxy Nexus will be, and thus it would be unthinkable for a Google experience device to be locked.

          • Anonymous

            i hope you’re right.

          • Anonymous

            You mean encrypted, all devices come locked in one fashion or another.

          • lulz…that wasn’t in referance to the bionic at all…learn to read, it isn’t hard! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I don’t care about lock or unlock bootloader.

          • If you don’t care then please care to explain this: “People keep hating on moto, when they should blame Verizon for lacking the bootloader.” oh and brush up on using the right words ;-). Good day!

          • Anonymous

            Are you crying? Go buy cialis you impotent moron 🙂

          • I hate you so much AnGeLFaCe77. Please die.

          • Anonymous

            What a baby lol. You may die sooner.

          • Anonymous

            Man, this talks so much smack, thats why people don’t respect him on here.  Act like an Adult and maybe people will listen to you.  Your constantly keep proving that your ignorant with nothing to say!!! 

            Take a look at your post,  See what i did there you keep proving me right and i didn’t have to insult you!!!  You did it for me!!!


          • Motorola encrypted all Android 2010-2011 bootloaders in the rest of the word (Milestone, Milestone2, Atrix, etc). They never provided a way to unlock it even when they promise an unlock procedure this year for all phones in their FB page. Its not only Verizon fault.

      • Anonymous

        Locked is OK as long as it’s not encrypted like Motorola.

        • Anonymous

          The gs2 from tmobile is super nice. If it was not cheap plastic, it could of been better.

  • Until more info I’m thinking about pointing the finger at Verizon. 
    Evidence- Xoom and OG Droid. 

    Any Moto devices on other carriers unlocked? 

    • Anonymous

      Atrix 1 only by accident, and no, they are locked down on all carriers.

    • I believe the Photon got unlocked too with the Atrix didn’t it? Not that Motorola did it on purpose, but still. Couldn’t Motorola “accidentally” let something slip to let the Bionic and RAZR be unlocked too?

      • You would think…Maybe they are waiting till more people are off unlimited data, to fight free tethering?

        What they don’t realize is a very limited amount of people use and care about bootloaders, and a good percentage of that KNOW how to fix their phone if it screws up…it’s really not affecting them as much as they would like to think.

      • Photon got unlocked using a method to search moto’s servers the same way they did for the atrix, wasn’t directly a result but similar steps were taken to “discover” it.

    • Anonymous

      All carriers moto phones are locked down

  • Anonymous

    maybe by what the motoroa twitter account was implying earlier that is is currently locked, but can be unlocked? Just wishing maybe.

  • Anonymous

    is anyone surprised that Verizon wants the phone locked down/encrypted?

    • Anonymous

      No. I *am*, however, surprised that Verizon is getting a Nexus that [presumably] has an unlockable bootloader, but still seems to be a total dick about Motorola devices.

      • Lgreg64

        who said it will be unlocked this verizon

  • Youtspam

    it has hit the fan

  • OG Droid

    Less Razr more Prime!!!! At least for tonite!!!