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DROID RAZR by Motorola – Hands-on Gallery and First Impressions

Indeed we did get our hands all over the DROID RAZR, Motorola’s newly announced “thinnest smartphone in the world.” If I had one word to describe this phone, I’d easily go with thin. It really is the thinnest device I’ve ever touched at just 7.1MM thick. Is the rest of the package enough to get people out of the Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus mood though? Tough call, but I can definitively say that I’m a fan after this event.  


It’s 4.3 inches of Super AMOLED “Advanced” goodness. Pretty sure it’s still PenTile, but it’s most definitely not the same PenTile that was on the Bionic and DROID3. As you can see from our close up shot below, there are far less black dots and a lot more straight lines. It looked fantastic in both video and hands-on demos.


It’s packing a 1.2GHz dual-core OMAP (though our guy wasn’t sure which OMAP) and 1GB of DDR2 RAM. This phone flies. If you thought the Bionic felt polished and smooth, just wait until you get your hands on this phone. Also has an HDMI port, 16GB of on-board storage, 8MP rear camera (1080p video), and a 1.3MP front camera that can do 720p video.


The phone feels amazing in hand and that’s because Motorola always seems to use quality materials. It’s lighter than any of their other devices, but it still feels like Moto. The kevlar casing on the back is a nice touch along with the splash guard for protection. The real story here is how thin this phone is. It’s almost hard to explain. Check out this comparison shot to the Galaxy S2 to get an idea.


Non-removable. Everyone OK with that? I have a feeling that this is the way of the future for Android phones. Our sources told us months ago that the Dinara would have a non-removable battery, so it doesn’t surprise us that this phone does as well. It’s 1780mAh though, so it should last you through a day, especially with all of the software tweaks that Motorola has claimed to have done.


So we walked through the phone a number of times with one of the Moto reps who has made this his daily device over the last month or so. He showed us that MotoCast has been fully incorporated into the system to actually make it useful. Things like making playlists from both on-device music and music that is stored on your computer was one of the examples he used. It may seem like bloatware, but they appear to be fully invested in the cloud, something we like.


We did not get a response on the bootloader situation, but Moto Twitter already took care of that. It’s locked.

Random Notes

  • HDMI and microUSB are on top – just found it awkward, especially when docking.
  • SIM and micro SD slot are where the HDMI and USB normally are. With a non-removable battery, all of this stuff has to be accesed from the outside.
  • Can utilize Netflix HD videos. Should be the first on the planet for Android.
  • Lock screen now has a direct-to-camera option.

Check out the rest of the gallery below for more fun.

  • Any phone which needs its battery to be removed time and again for
    whatever reason,doesn’t deserve to be bought in the first place.

    A smartphone should have also have smart hardware not just smart software.

    This is my opinion only and i dont intend to start a fanboy war in any way,shape,size or whateve

  • Anonymous
  • Alvis May

    Apparently 200mhz and newer software makes this phone smoother than the Bionic trolololol. 

  • Alvis May

    I really doubt 200mhz is going to make much of a difference in terms of performance for the phone.  Probably just further software optimizations.

  • Tony Perez

    I keep going back and forth between the new Nexus and the new RAZR. I’m learning toward the RAZR because it’s likely to get Android ICS soon however, the lack of being able to pull or replace the batter IS an important problem for me. I want the solution. I can’t find what a user can do WHEN (not if) the batter needs pulling or replacing. I intend to use my new phone just like I’ve used my Droid 1: daily and throughout the day. Two months ago, 18 months after purchase, the OEM battery in my D1 finally gave out and couldn’t hold a charge more than one hour no matter what I did to recondition it. I have two cheap backup batteries from a company in Hong Kong but that wasn’t the answer. I orders a inexpensive replacement battery that is of very good quality and has even more capacity than the OEM battery. I liked being able to do that all by myself without driving to a Verizon store or shipping it so another location just for a battery replacement. 

    The RAZR costs a lot more than the D1 did and thanks to LTE I expect the batter to burn out shortly after the first year of use. What then? Does anyone have an answer for that. If I can get an answer I can live with, I’m getting the RAZR. However, if they expect me to pay a bunch of extra money pay for a new battery PLUS an extra charge to have someone else replace it for me, I’m not going to be excited about that…. Unless they want to price it right… $199.00 works for me knowing that I’m likely going to spend $50 to $75  later to have someone else replace the battery later on. What about the remaining $25? $50 an hour is my least expensive charge for my consulting services. It’ll take more time than an hour to drive to a store, make the purchase, wait for the tech to replace the battery, then back to my office. The least they can do is buy me lunch while I wait and pay for gas.  LOL  

  • Smacinsky

    Is there inductive charging?

  • BoozeHammer

    Now does this phone have the mcfinnagin rod?

  • Anonymous

    A thing of beauty 🙂

  • Drayphly

    Not a fan of Motorola’s Industrial Design team… they need some fresh ideas… Their product just looks … “not nice”.  As for the non removable battery… as long as they make it easy to rest it I can live with that .  I once had my iPhone lock up and the reset wouldn’t work and I had to let the phone die on its own, which took about 6hours……By the way i can lock up any electrical device, it’s a gift!!

  • Anonymous

    Why does it look like the hole for the front facing camera is an afterthought and was cut out with a  miniature hacksaw?

  • if i wanted a phone without a removal battery, i’d buy an iShit.. glad I bought my bionic instead of this.

  • Android devices…esp Motos require the occasional battery pull. No Way to this phone.

  • Anonymous

    usb and hdmi ports on the top is a dumb idea

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I thought. Sad that such engineering and high quality was put into such a locked device.

  • Anonymous

    Screen looks the same to me. 

  • Who puts the charging port on the top of a phone. That is where the lock button goes. … and it goes on the right. 

  • Shawn Lasky

    Will it have Webtop? If it does, I can’t see any reason to stick with my Bionic over this. 

  • John Mozelewski

    if i dont get a nexus for verizon tonight ill sadly be moving to an iphone 4s no one is doing stock android besides nexus and my droid incredible needs to be let go.  this bloat ware on this phone is un needed

  • Cam

    I’m still leaning towards the new Nexus, based on what is currently known. But, it is nice to have another option out there that is very attractive if Samsung somehow screws up the Nexus.

  • Locked bootloader isn’t as much of a turn off to me as a non-removable battery, and I am someone looking to root my phone and flash different ROMs that included changing kernals. That’s the deal breaker. My next phone, since it will be 4G, will have an extended battery as well as the backup stock battery. I might even go in for a spare extended battery. I am often gone all day and night with no access to a charger, in particularly boring situations sometimes, so I tend to really kill my 2 batteries, and that is with 3G on my OG Droid. I will not get a 4G phone with non-removable battery, period.

    • Anonymous

      you can buy the volt charger on seidioonline.com 🙂

  • Kevin Parlee

    This is what the Droid X2 should have been

    • Anonymous

      i agree, but there are people that do not have lte as of yet.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, did you get a chance to see if the camera time was improved over Bionic? Cant have my iPhoney clone friends giving me to much of a hard time about it…

  • Duck Dodgers

    For a bunch of people who consider themselves tech enthusiast, I don’t know If you’re whining just to hear yourself whine or you’re really that stupid? “How will I reset without a removable battery?’ Seriously…are you fist f**king my brain right now?

    • thats exactly what i thought are these people this stupid or are they just wanting to whine…obviously there would be a reset button like on tablets….but then again i think they are trying to find reasons to hate motorola because its the cool thing to do?

      • Anonymous

        It is always like that bro. They hate moto for no reason lol. I bet if moto unlock the bootloader, you will see them switching ships.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly Duck I think its a combination of the two. Mix a little stupidity with a little whine and you get the baseless complaints about a product that isn’t even available yet.

    • They are the same douche bags who only want Nexus news. Simple minded fucks.

      • wait. what about the people who just want Nexus news because they want the nexus? i’m not complaining about any other news, but thats a pretty stupid statement to make

        • Anonymous

          His response is aimed at all the assclowns that feel the need to post comments like ‘no nexus, no care’ in every article not related.

    • Anonymous


      They may consider themselves tech enthusiasts or experts but the reality is far from that.

    • Anonymous

      THAT is an excellent point!  How DO we reset when things go really wrong?  

    • Anonymous

      they must be ex-crackberry dudes. That was a daily ritual on all my blackberry’s…

    • Anonymous

      If you play with the Xoom, you will figure it out.

  • Jeremycase00

    Am I alone in thinking that its kinda ugly I’m not a fan of the corners looking cut off. Also how thin is too thin teally.

  • trumpet444

    No removable battery = less choice for the owner. I’ll pass. And if the Nexus doesnt have a removable battery or expandable storage, I think Im gonna cry. I still have the only vanilla phone on vzw right now.

    • Anonymous

      Vanilla is so boring.

  • Tony Allen

    USB and HDMI on the top? That was one of my least favorite things about my fascinate, I’ll be sticking with my Bionic til I see the new Nexus as fit for me.

  • Mmcelligott89

    on the blog you said they announced it will be sold globally as the “Razr” and just the “Droid Razr” at Verizon. Does that mean some of us forced to be on other US carriers (my phone is paid for by my job and they use AT&T, aghh) might get this phone soon? My net upgrade is in December and i need better choices that the Atrix 2.

  • Yiannis

    Non-removable battery and a more power-hungry processor. Welcome to a 4 hr battery life… My Bionic with extended battery lasts about 7 with continuous non-video use. Uhm no thanks!!!

    • luckily this isnt the bionic and if your phone only lasts 7 hrs with extended battery i think you need to put down your phone and have some human interaction 

  • Carlos Elias Soliman

     I can understand  why the hdmi port is on the top, but no battery removal? is a step back,

  • Me357

    no word about being a global phone?

    • eq

      Apparently it is a global phone but its probably locked by Verizon.  The FCC page shows a GSM chipset

      • Tony Allen

        I think it’s an Android thing with Verizon.. My Blackberry devices were always global, I could call VZW and have it unlocked, drop in a SIM and go. Doesn’t work with Android. So even if it is a Global, you’ll be stuck with approved partners I’d assume, of Verizon.

  • kph3

    Wonder what the difference is between Moto’s “qHD Super AMOLED display” and “Super AMOLED Plus display” on the Galaxy SII.  I know Sammy makes them both…wonder the difference though. 

    • the resolution is different the rzor has better res

      • Anonymous

        yea, better than the original galaxy and the nexus s.

    • Anonymous

      AMOLED+ = 800×480 RGB stripe subpixel array
      AMOLED “Advanced” = qHD 960×540 pentile subpixel array
      AMOLED HD = 1280×720 pentile subpixel array

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t like the way it looks. The taper top and bottom, plus the bump where the camera is, are just not appealing to me. Add that to bloatware, motoblurr (or whatever they call it) and no ICS, and this is just another device behind the curve.

  • I’m sorry, was this phone supposed to be enticing? Locked bootloader and non removable battery seriously turned me off. 

    • Anonymous

      If they put a skirt and 6″ heels on it would that turn you on?

  • Shipstylin

    So the question is Razr or Galaxy nexus

    non removable battery on the Razr –
    no micro sd slot on nexus from rumors I hear although I have seen conflicting info –
    nexus has ICS out of the box, Razr might too though +
    nexus 1.2 or 1.5ghz dual core although 300mhz won’t make too much of a difference ?
    Razr thinnest 4g lte phone +
    Nexus Super AMOLED Plus screen +
    Nexus Bigger Screen ?
    Not sure how to compare the camera to each other ?
    Nexus has NFC+

    Guess we will find out in about 6 hours

    • Shipstylin

      ? is meaning not sure if this is a + or –

    • confirmed 1.2 dual core for nexus

  • Matt2783

    Non-removable battery and bloatware… Galaxy Nexus it is.

  • i could care less about the removable battery the usb and hdmi and to akward and weird even thought i dont rellay use hdmi

    • Keith Sumner

      Couldn’t care less ***

      • Anonymous

        Maybe he cares a little therefore he could care less?

        • Yeah, I have zero donkeys. I have even less than zero donkeys. Huh?….

          • Anonymous

            Rocko you have posted some really dumb sh*it but that has to be the dumbest.. Just sayin.. Huh?

          • I know, you have to be somewhat cerebral to interpret my posts. It’s ok, I throw in the your mama lines for you now and then.

      • i don’t care, and i could care even less. i could care less is the winner here. actually i think either can work . couldn’t care less means you already care least possible. but the popular term is actually, “could care less”

  • Anonymous

    Confused as to why this and the MOTOACTV are not sporting NFC after their recent release of NFC capable headsets.  I think they missed the boat…

  • Anonymous

    I’m just curious about how this will look with ICS version of CM on it …

  • Anonymous

    No battery removal!  Like the fruit company!  Oh no!  I am thinking this will make my decision to get the PRIME much easier.

  • Michael Allis

    I’m going to be completely honest, the more this thing gets press, pictures, hands-on looks at it…

    The less and less I remember that ICS and the Galaxy Nexus is coming out of hiding in 6 hours. The two things that are holding me back from being all-aboard with this sexy piece of hardware is the locked bootloader and lack of ICS.


    • LiterofCola

      Like a lingerie model….I know, I’m still leaning towards the GNex, but this is a pretty slim phone.  But Motoblur is the dealbreaker for me

  • Anonymous

    my eyes still wander to the right of this page under T mobile where they are showing the Galaxy 2. Damn you Verizon!

  • 720p front cam damn nice

    • Anonymous

      Will it be hd or 1.3 mp?

  • Decaf

    This, the Dinara, or the GNex?

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing the non-removable battery is a consequence of the waterproofing?  You’d think they could just put a gasket around the back case like with the G’zone phones.

    • Justin Kos

      i believe it makes thinner lighter phones with a iphone like, err non removeable batt

  • Anonymous

    Those top ports scream LINT TRAP!! Kool looking phone though. I don’t think I can pass on the Nexus at the moment… 16 hours to go…

  • shdowman

    Ya think they could’ve dusted the place up before tossing phones out??

    Every site’s pics look the same.

  • Of course it is locked.  The carrier requires it.  The OG Droid was locked too.  If Moto wanted to, they could satisfy verizon without encrypting the shit out of this phone.

  • Eddie

     the hump is thicker than any part of the SGS2. also, encrypted bootloader means this is another moto phone i will never own (unless someone cracks the encryption…)

    • the sgs2 has a hump too

  • nxusnow

    kellex when can u get a more detailed review?

  • Anonymous

    I might buy it if the bootloader gets cracked within the next 6 hours. Otherwise it’s Prime time.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a lot to be said for the type materials used in this phone…its nice to know that I can have a phone I don’t have to worry about if it slips out of my hand onto the desk.  Moto seems to have great quality here.  Right now, I’m liking the phone…can’t wait for the full review Kellex!

    Any word on an HTC announcement?

  • nxusnow

    guys lets just wait till tonight to decide

  • This phone is great….revolutionary for lte phones….no more tanks….and people are babies go cry somewhere else

  • Anonymous

    Is there a reason for branding the front of the phone? Can’t stand that.

  • Android69

    “It really is the thinnest device I’ve ever touched” <— thats what she said

    • Anonymous

      funny.. mine says it is the thickest.

  • DroidX_Owner

    So much for carrying two batteries when you are not near an outlet.

  • Inc2/tbolt

    With all these negatives and the awful GNex benchmark scores, where is the Rezound!!!! or at least some news on the thing. The only thing to worry about on that bad boy is the battery. Come on HTC, pull throught for us…
    We know besides the batt there is nothing else to worry about.(no surprises).
    Funny, the least talked about phone will be the best one by far….

    • Anonymous

       no kidding! I’m starved for news about the Rezound.

    • Your crazy HTC devices are not that good

      • Anonymous

        Moto and samsung are the best.

  • Sputnick


    • That’s what your wife does every night when you take your pants off.

  • Jon

    u can’t pull the battery….well they did that so they could make it more water resistant and bullet proof.

  • Anonymous

    Ok,so when the battery dies like it did midlife with my Droid, how does one replace it? Not a good idea at all to make it non-removable. And if I want to put a larger batt in, can’t do it with this. Another point of no sell goodness: locked bootloader. I’m waiting,thanks…..unlock your frigging bootloaders,Moto!!!

    • Anonymous

      iPhone can do it.  I am sure there is a way…  And for the bootloaders, call Verizon as it is their doing…

  • Bearbeasy

    How wide is this phone? It looks like the widest smartphone

  • Yourfriend

    You know, this phone could have vanilla Android 4.0, a 1280×800 resolution (which is a tad bit higher than the new Nexus screen res), an unlocked bootloader, the best, most crisp screen in the entire world and people on these blogs will continue to trash it like no other. Motorola seems to be the company that everybody loves to hate when it comes to Android, even if they did sort out all of their problems.

    • Yea people are nutz

    • Anonymous

      Tru on some points, but you’re never gonna please everyone all of the time.  On that point Moto has failed us on some devices as well and made promnises of future devices having an unlocked bootloader at the end of 2011. So far it’s now Q4 unless they’re talking about December time frame for another device to come out with??

      Moto can do  better on some fronts.  The fitness watch is a gret idea thats growing on me more and more.  They maybe on to something here if they market it right and catches on with the Fitness crowd in cities like NY, San Fran, Denver, etc… and the running world, which nike pretty much owns.

      • bigrob60

        I’d say it’s December 31 at 11:59:59pm. Hence “End” of 2011. :]

        • Anonymous

          The end huh lol Where’s the crazy religious man telling everyone that we will all burn in hell with fire and brimstone in our sould for eternity lol Oh and if you pay him now for the new church, coming in 2012, your soul will be forgiven of all it’s sins 😛

      • Anonymous

        I want that fitness watch.  I assume it uses bluetooth?

        • Anonymous

          @imronburgundy, Yep I can see this being more fleible in the gym than having that big ol ipad touch on my arm when lifting weights and having to worry about the wires from the head phones when squatiing. They’re on to something here. radio and your favorite music library. Thats cool, somethimes I just want listen to the radio instead of my playlist.

    • Anonymous

      Because Motorola sucks. Not including OG Droid.

    • Anonymous

      But they haven’t sorted out their issues.  They don’t have the balls to stand up Verizon/don’t care about the bootloader, their Blur skin is much improved but still is laggy and causes bugs. I’m glad they’re moving away from the old PenTile displays if nothing else but they really have some room for improvement. And I’m getting tired of seeing the same old crap getting iterated time and time again.

      Hopefully Google knocks some sense in them. Motorola can handle the hardware, Google handles the software.

  • Rakoskjc

    have fun waiting forever for updates for the droid line of phones. buy the Nexus Prime or keep waiting dont waste your money on this garabage razr.  Moto is slipping Gezz

    • Anonymous

      At least they get updates.
      With google in charge of Motorola, we will see fast updates.

      • Rakoskjc

        doudt it.  guess people can hope. 

    • It won’t be garbage….people are mad about choice?

    • Anonymous

      Keep crying.

  • lionheart

    Thanks god i returned my Bionic on time now we need the 27th to come fast so that we can get this beast 😉

    • Anonymous

      You could of stayed with your bionic.Was the pentile display an issue for you? In that case yea get this beast 🙂

  • ice cream

    – no ICS(?)
    – no removable battery
    – more blur
    – locked boot

    launched on the same day as the Nexus? I can’t see why would someone buy this.

    • Anonymous

      Cause most people don’t care about that crap.  Look at the iPhone, sold more copies then anything because consumers are stupid.  Only the nerds on here care about bootloaders and vanilla OS and batteries and UIs.

      • Anonymous

        That is what i keep telling people. Only geeks care about unlock bootloaders. Give me the best device out of the box 🙂 = droid razor.

    • Anonymous

      – will come in an update
      – granted
      – Moto’s new software isn’t bad at all and very fast, whine more
      – granted

  • lionheart

    that phone looks pretty sick , how about the droid eye animation . can someone please show it upload a clip 

    • Rakoskjc

      who cares about boot animations! they are lame… who reboots their phone and goes omg look at my boot animation?

      • Anonymous

        The same people who root their phones to change the color theme from black/green to blue/yellow.

  • Anonymous

    that’s if the phone is even responsive to the physical buttons.  my bionic goes down and a battery pull is the only thing that can bring it back to life.  same with my OGD.  I can’t imagine not being able to rip the battery out when that happens.

    • Hard reset button…..volume down and power probably

    • Anonymous

      The Xoom is non-removable.  If it locks up you press the power button and the up volume (or down, can’t remember since it hasn’t happened in a while) and it forces a hard reboot.  Probably will have the same thing going for it.

    • Anonymous

      It will be like the Xoom. You can still reset it.

  • Anonymous

    Ok.. one more time.. Global phone correct?

    • Anonymous

      If global you mean, releasing on multiple carriers internationally, then yes.  If by, can go anywhere internationally, no.

      • Anonymous

         It’s got all the radios in it.. I wonder if just like for Iphone 4s.. we can call Verizon and have it unlocked.

        • Anonymous

          That’s how it looks, based on the info released so far from VZW’s inventory systems and the FCC’s approval of the device.  Still not 100% confirmed though.  For those of us that travel abroad this may be the device to have over the Nexus…  A super phone is worthless if you can’t take it with you when you travel.

    • Anonymous

      No, the Verizon version only has CDMA and LTE radios.  The international version will have GSM (and possibly LTE) though.

  • Anonymous

    that’s if the phone is even responding to the buttons anymore.  i know when my bionic goes down, it goes down hard and battery pull is the only thing that can get it working again.

    • Anonymous

      The same as any other device without a removable battery, a key combination forces a reset.  What, you think the iPhone never locks up?  Android tablets are the same, hold volume up + power.

  • druhl

    how fast or not fast does it take pictures?

  • Anonymous

    I want to know why this will be the first to stream Netflix HD. Seems like the G-Nex should be able to do that (since it is the only phone to actually have an HD screen…). Does this phone have a unique Netflix app, or does Netflix detect the phone model and then choose what quality to stream? I just can’t fathom why that ability would be limited to this phone….

  • Kellex, can you hear me? HOW …..IS…..THE……CAMERA……???

  • Jason Purp

    1. What happens when the phone freezes and you can’t remove the battery?
    2. Galaxy Nexus.
    3. No HD? Galaxy Nexus.
    4. Pentile? Galaxy Nexus.
    5. Galaxy Nexus.
    6. Tonight = the day I’ve been waiting for. Time to find out the full retail price of the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Galaxy Nexus is also Pentile…

      • Anonymous

        It is? I thought they are using super amoled hd.

        • Dieringer

          HD means 1280 x 720  Super AMOLED HD Plus will not use pentile    but at the current resolution it wont matter much

          • Anonymous

            The nexus display is pentile.

          • Dieringer

            I know it is…  “Super AMOLED HD” = PENTILE “Super AMOLED HD +” Will not be pentile 

          • Anonymous

            They said it will be pentile, but it will not be noticeable. The razor specs will be better than the nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Nexus could not have a removable battery.  Nexus does have Pentile.  Nexus could also be locked since VZW likes locked phones.  Or they could allow unlocking but you won’t be able to connect to the network unlocked or receive updates…

    • When phone freezes hard reset it probably volume down and power button like tablets

    • Keith Sumner

      Sup, Troll? The Nexus S has a pentile screen, troll.

      • Jason Purp

        Well, I did make a mistake there. But apparently the Galaxy Nexus’s Pentile isn’t as noticeable. I’m sure it will look light years better than the RAZR.

        I’m not trolling at all. Well, I’m not attempting to.

        • This screen looks great through the pictures…and it doesn’t use the bad pentile…probably same pentile in the g nex

        • Michael Allis

          The thing is, and this is pretty huge right now, the Galaxy Nexus was still going through a lot of changes and updates even with those crappy hands-on leaked photos and info. I mean, who do you know whom has held the final device and said that the Pentile display isn’t as noticable as the Motorola RAZR’s? We’ve just heard that the RAZR’s screen is far and away better than recent iterations of the Pentile display, and they’re both utilizing very similar technology at a high resolution. So who’s to say that the difference between the two phone displays would even be noticable?

          I mean the other thing that comes across as trolling is the fact that two of your bullet points are just “Galaxy Nexus” and one is just about how excited you are for the phone.

          I didn’t think it was trolling, in fact I’m in your boat; I feel much more excited about the Nexus, but it really could come across as such since it seemed like you did have something to say, but instead it was buried under the words “Galaxy Nexus”.

          Anyways, to tonight!

          • Jason Purp

            Yes, to tonight!

            The extra bulletpoints that said “Galaxy Nexus” were just to show how excited I am for it. I REALLY hope I can afford it at full retail price, and I really hope they say exactly what that price will be tonight.

        • Anonymous

          Have you ever seen the screen for the Galaxy S or Nexus S?  The Razr’s is the same only better as it’s 960×540 instead of 800×480.

          • Anonymous

            Bro, do you know if this thing will have HD front facing camera or 1.3 megapixels?

          • Anonymous

            1.3 MP does qualify as HD since it is capable of up to 1280×1024 or 720p.

          • Anonymous

            But the cam on the nexus is just 1.3 not 1.3 hd like the one in the razor.

          • Dieringer

            Are you stupid…. Being able to capture in HD is based on software at that point 1.3 MP is more than enough for HD capture.  Remember the droid incredible… When it came out it only had 480 recording then through a SOFTWARE update it went up to 720. Idiot get off Moto’s dick

          • Anonymous

            Go suck on your mothers tits lol. Samsung htc suck we all know that shit. Learn something about technology, then you talk.

          • Dieringer

            I love how you didnt say anything that was remotely related to what I said.  Clearly you do not understand what 1.3 mp is.   It has the ability to capture in HD. However it all depends on the software using the camera.

          • Anonymous

            I know that, i said the nexus will not have that ability.

        • Anonymous

          You just made a fool of yourself lol. you are typing without facts.

  • Kellex, we need some report on the camera software!!!  We all know about the camera horrors of the DROID3 and Bionic.  Throw us dogs some bones!

    • jose cardona

      +1! The Bionic’s camera was a total POS. Let’s see if Moto figured out how to make a decent camera.

      • Actually the Bionic’s camera software sucked. The hardware is good and the camera is much better with an alternative camera app.

        • In my experience, when properly focused, the stock camera takes the best pics.  But the problem is that it is horribly slow, has a hell of a time focusing, and loves nothing more than to force a homescreen redraw.  So we’re forced to choose between best pictures or functional software.  No win.

          • Anonymous

            The stock Android camera app works fine with it, takes great pictures and is super fast, same case with the MIUI camera app, both are available from XDA developers.

          • Anonymous

            Samsung is the king when it comes to camera 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Can you recommend a good one?  I’ve been trying to find one for my DX, but I have no idea what makes a good camera app.

    • Anonymous

      I’m an idiot and didn’t take an actual picture, but the guy I spoke with assured me it’s better. His explanation was weird in that it wasn’t necessarily new hardware, but could be…sorry, I dropped the ball.

      • boo kellex, booooo!

      • Anonymous

        How about the front facing camara, it is 1.3 megapixel or HD ?

        • Adam Elghor

          yeah wtf?

  • Jrsmith08

    what happens if its raining with the ports up top.. Dont like that design… Nexus will crush this.

    • Kixofmyg0t

      Who holds their phone out in the rain? That’s the best hit you have on the DROID RAZR?

      What happens to the Nexus when you hold it upside down in the rain? Don’t like THAT design. What happens when you drop ur Nexus into the hull of a tank and it gets covered in motor oil and coolant like my Droid X did? (which still works fine btw, Motorola build quality FTW)

      • Anonymous

        They are the best on build quality and radios. The nexus will be a disaster.

        • Dieringer

          The Nexus S was fine…

          • Anonymous

            Nexus s was plastic.

  • webby

    Non-removable battery — NOT interested.

  • eddieonofre

    that beast will be really great only if it would have icecream sandwich on it

  • Anonymous

    This is a global phone too isn’t it?? 

  • Rick

    How about NFC?

  • Dave Kern

    looks… dusty

  • FortitudineVincimus

    God I pray the Nexus is all we all seem – for reasons only based on rumors – to think it is

  • Anonymous

    Was the camera software as slow as the bionics?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a software bug, not a big deal to fix.

      • Anonymous

        That is what i keep telling people. The bionic hardware is perfect. When it comes to software issues with an update all the bugs will be fix. The bionic is a beast.

  • nexus on the brain

    I am thinking Nexus dash Life dot com needs to be the new name of this website based on everyone’s comments here….anyone else agree?

  • Dave

    How’s the camera?

  • FortitudineVincimus


    damn good looking phone though

  • dhiren savalia

    still like the g-nex. mostly because of ICS

  • Hal

    Any mention of a commitment to upgrade the phone to ICS?  If so, is there a time frame?



    • Not yet because I cs is not official

  • No removal battery, locked bootloader, no ICS… lame.

    Headphone jack, HDMI, and charging port on the top = win.  glad they finally realized that putting them on the side was really annoying

    • Anonymous

       no kidding! hated the microUSB on the side.. top is the best place.. that way the chord doesn’t interfere with the holding

  • NFC?  Why no NFC?  Sure it’s not really useful now, but if I am going to have a phone for two years, it’s got to have NFC.

  • Adam Metzner

    Does anyone else see an X or X2 when they look at this thing? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

    • Mack

      This is what the X should have been imo. 

      • The DX is a year old phone, so why would you think it should have been this?  That makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    Why would they not include NFC? I doubt it would add much thickness to the phone.

  • Craig

    It looks to me like a slightly thinner Galaxy S2 only without Global capabilities. I don’t like the ports on the top of the phone. That is going to make a dock nearly impossible. The built in battery is also a negative. Overall I’m not very impressed. There are too many sacrifices for too few benefits!

    • Craig

      I’m also certain that they are measuring the the thin end of the phone at 7.1mm. How thick is the opposite end where the camera resides? From the pictures it looks thicker than the Galaxy S2.

      • Anonymous

        The GS2 also has a hump on the bottom.  The phone slides into the dock sideways. Non-removable battery isn’t good but then the thin form factor must play a role in that.

    •  They already said that they have docks available for this phone, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  • Avery Ma

    Those gorgeous shots of its misplaced ports and anorexic side-view are getting me excited for my Galaxy Nexus.

    Locked Bootloader? That’s like a chastity belt on the wedding day.

    • JC

      This phone is to thick, that phone is to thin… whine whine whine…nothing is ever good enough.  You people whine to [email protected] much about the smallest things.  Next thing will be the Galaxy Nexus has too much curve. 

      • Avery Ma

        Due to the high quality outlay of phones in the next few weeks, this one included, most everyone’s decisions will be made based on the “smallest things”. I’m happy to be complaining about these minor details it just means that things are getting sexy.

  • Hal

    Okay this something I don’t understand: what are the consequences of having a locked bootloader? if the bootloader is locked:

    1) can you get root access?
    2) can you load custom roms (I’m pretty sure that you can’t)

    Thanks for indulging me.


    • EC8CH

      with a locked bootloader you can’t open the pod bay doors Hal

      • Mrwest45


    • Anonymous

      You can root and load up custom roms with some tinkering, but you can’t flash new kernels.

    • Vaporware

      With the Matrix and Photon bootloader keys being “leaked” I bet the key to this one will be leaked as well. Sorry Verizon we released the phone with a locked bootloader per your request but somehow the key got out of the building. We will investigate the matter promptly.

      OK, a bit if a stretch I admit, but still, you never know.

  • Rakoskjc


  • Papoose34238

    “It’s 4.3 inches of Super AMOLED “Advanced” goodness. Pretty sure it’s still PenTile, but it’s most definitely not the same PenTile that was on the Bionic and DROID3.”

    quote of the day! (as of right now)

  • Bewara2009

    Lets start counting for Pre-orders! 

  • Pc747

    I could see bionic users not being happy with motorola now. I say motorola ought to make it up to them and unlock the bootloader. Just saying considering the bionic will be obsolete in a few weeks anyway.

  • Garrett

    Not with a 10 foot poll.

    • Garrett

      The kevlar looks gaudy, bootloader locked, nonremovable battery, sim/sd on outside. Motoblur. There are so many reasons not to get this phone. The SGS2 looks 10 times better, and I don’t think they should measure thickness at its thinnest point because that moto bump is massive.

      • PowersUSA

        I could not have said it better myself.

      • Hater

      • Vaporware

        So the Galaxy Nexus has the hump on the bottom. Does that make it massive as well?

  • Anonymous

    I’d have to think very hard about getting a phone with a non-removable battery

    • What if it gets you 15 hrs with moderate to heavy use with lte on all day?

  • HD front facing camera? I want to know how many MP this front camera has!! Does anyone know what it is?

    • Anonymous

      the post says 1.3

    • They did say HD front facing camera that’s sick

  • Hmmm

    Thought it had a 2.0 front facing camera, now it says 1.3? hmmm

    • Anonymous

      Never said that anywhere, only mentioned an HD ffc. 1.3 MP is HD.

  • Big Chris

    I’ll wait for the Nexus Prime, Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      big mistake

  • Anonymous

    What’s the point of this with the Nexus coming out?

    • I don’t see any problem with having options

      • Anonymous

        Me either, but what really differentiates this? Locked bootloader and non-removable battery?

        • Rphillipps16

          Verizon will probably market this a lot more than the Nexus since it’s a Droid, so I bet more people will buy it.

          • EC8CH

            I don’t know… if the G-Nex is in store right next to the RAZR, it will be a close call for the average consumer.  Even with extra advertising for the RAZR I think most people make a decision on which phone to get once they get in store and hold them in their hand.

            Both will sell well though.

          • Rphillipps16

            I hope you’re right. I plan on getting the Nexus, so it doesn’t really matter anyway. I just hope that the Nexus will be as well known as the Razr

          • shdowman

            Don’t forget the Rezound as well.

            VZW is positioning themselves to destroy the other carriers with their options this coming holiday season.

            Amazing how limiting to 2gb of data will motivate you to finally release current tech.

          • Anonymous

            I do agree, but the quality of the droid razor will beat the nexus hands down 🙂

        • eddieonofre

          IceCream, curved screen, no bloatload, on screen buttons, no dont-call-me-motoblur

          • Anonymous

            cheap plastic, bad radios 🙂 = samsung

    • shdowman

      With that, you miss the entire point of Android as an OS.

      • Anonymous

        The point of Android is to have different options… with very little differentiation?

        I’m not challenging the RIGHT of this phone to exist or anything, please calm down. Just the fact that it seems altogether outclassed by the Nexus while doing little to differentiate itself.

  • Razrsback

    No battery removal!? I hope this isn’t how things go

    • ChuckDz3

      Yeah I don’t understand the benefits there.. No extended battery? and no battery pull reset if needed. I’m interested to see how android phones will handle lock ups if there is not batter pull…

      • EC8CH

        benefit = thinner, sleeker design… that is all

        • Anonymous

          faster, amoled display and a better build quality than the bionic.

          • Dieringer

            You used to say you disliked AMOLED   but now that Moto has is its ok?

          • Anonymous

            I never say i did not like them. I like the ones in nexus s and galaxy. My problem with the Gs2 was the front facing camera saturation. I went to tmobile and it can be adjusted and it looks great specially the Gs2 in at& t. I feel iphone beats sammy in the display department because the iphone is just 3.5 inch but overall sammy has the best display and camera sensors. I love moto because their devices have the most important features for me which are radios, build quality, call quality and battery life.

      • Lgreg64

        to get the size and weight down you will see more phones made this way.

      • Guitarislyfe

        as a former droid x user, I could not imagine not being able to do a battery pull

      • With Moto’s shoddy software programming, I’m interested in how they are proposing we handle lockups.  Wait 2 days for the battery to die off finally?  They better have a workaround in mind, because their software is lockup city…

        • EC8CH

          There is typically a method of doing a hardware reset by pressing and holding one or more of the physical buttons.

        • With the Xoom you hold volume up and power to reset. I’m sure something similar will be implemented here.

        • hkklife

          This is BAD news all around and I honestly think the future of Android is pointing to fixed internal batteries and fixed internal storage (ie no more microSD slots).  What Samsung is going to release tonight may have a removeable battery but it’ll lack expandable storage.  Pick your poison.  This is ALL about $ and NOT about engineering constraints or limitations.

          -If your old battery craps out, unless you are pretty talented and have the right tools, you have to pay $ to send it off or bring somewhere for battery replacement.  That’s why the entire industry is falling over themselves to mimic Apple instead of showing users the obvious downsides of the Apple hardware model.

          -If you are a power user who uses your smartphone as your primary voice/web/gaming/music/email device, you are SOL if you run out of juice during the workday. Ever since the orginal Palm Treo days, I have always been a “battery swapper” instead of “plug in and wait” kind of user.  Almost every day I return home from work and pop in a freshly charged battery into my DX2 and head back out.  Then the next morning I pop in a fresh battery before heading out.  That kind of peace of mind is priceless!  If I am traveling I carry a spare battery in my bag or a jacket pocket “just in case”. 

          -So much for adding a big rump of an extended battery IF your needs dictate it.  I vividly remember carrying a PDA and a dumbphone in the same pocket so something the size of the TB or Bionic + extended battery doesn’t bother me a bit.

          -Also, I’ll be interesting to see how we learn to live without battery pulls. It’s a lot easier to do a quick battery pull while on the move or in the car when your phone locks up versus a complicated “press and hold” reset sequence

          I don’t care HOW good the battery life or power management software is on the RAZR, it cannot be good enough to go on LTE for an entire busy workday. 

          Someone please get rid of Sanjay ASAP.  He is slowly turning Moto into another Apple clone, just like how Rubinstein killed Palm by turning them into a 3rd-rate Apple wanna-be. 

          • 360NikondD300

            Amen! No removeable battery!? The Samsung Nexus better have one or I’m sticking with my Thunderbolt. A fixed battery is insane. I wouldn’t think of leaving my house without an extra battery for my digital camera.  An Android phone on 4G is no different. No way it’s getting through the day with heavy use. A replaceable battery is the number one reason I’m on Android and not iPhone.

          • Mike Majewski

            Supposedly Andy Rubin doesn’t like SD cards…which is the same reason the Nexus S didn’t have an SD card slot.  I think it’s a bit pre-mature to say that SD cards are going by the wayside because two phones designed by one person didn’t have them, or that non removable batteries are the future because Moto decided to try something different.

          • Eric815

            You are obviously new to the electronics industry. Manufacturers dont look to offer a 1-device-fits-all solution to fit every consumers needs. Thats why they offer many. Take a laptop for instance. you may want something lightweight and ultraportable under 3 pounds, so you might be willing to gie up a DVD drive, cpu performance, or battery life for that portablity luxary. However if you need the performance, DVD and battery, you would be willing to get the 5-7 pound laptop. In Moto’s case this RAZR is basically a downsized version of the Bionic and adding a nicer screen. Moto’s target was to create a smartphone as thin as they technically can. That means moving the USB port to the top, getting rid of a removable battery, and probably some other sacrifices. However they did achieve thier goal of thinnest smartphone period. A removable battery would add the thickness of the case around the battery cells as well as compromise the strength of the device with a flimsy removable cover. They probably shaved at least 2mm doing this. Note if you want the removable battery or extended battery, Moto already has a solution for you. Its called the Bionic. Go get it and shut up. Otherwise this RAZR hit its target audience on the mark. People that are willing to sacrifice to get thin. Remember the Palm V? It lost the Palm III replaceable battery for an integrated rechargeable one. It was a big hit. And every ipod and iphone has a built in non removable battery. People still buy them. How about the Bluetooth headset you wear? Can you imagine how big it would be if it had replaceable batteries? 95% of smartphone owners never swap their batteries. So it must not be a consumer driven feature.

      • Anonymous

        I have a Streak 7 and a Galaxy Tab 7, neither of which have a removable battery. On the S7, there’s a pinhole reset. On the GTab 7, you hold power down for 10 seconds. I’ve never missed the removable battery, actually; even though I really thought I would.

      • Probably like the XOOM, Power + Volume up.

      • Anonymous

        the XOOM had no removable battery. If you pressed the power button and volume up button 3 seconds it hard booted. built into hardware, not software.

    • jose cardona

      What am I supposed to do when this thing turns into a non-responsive turd? Any way to do a hard reset? Throw it against the wall?

      • Anonymous

        This isn’t the first device to have a non-removable battery. There’s always a way to do a hard reset.

    • Johnny Moralez

      I’m ok with no battery removal as long as I don’t have to remove it. Give me a way to reset the phone for sure, but most of all give me great battery life. Unfortunately, I got a Thunderbolt and have now developed the habit of carrying a second battery on the weekends when I’m out around town without my charger.

    • Aran Miller

      I am pretty confident that the non-removable battery has a lot to do with how thin this device can be. Not the only factor obviously, but a big one I assure you.

    • Q

      Hopefully they’ve solved the Bionic’s “Black Screen of Death” on this device since the battery cant be removed.  The Bionic has a bit of a nasty bug where it occassionally goes to sleep for good and requires a battery pull to bring it back to life..

      • B Diggs82

        I returned three bionics due to that bug that Verizon claimed they had no other complaints, I was the only one who ever had the problem, and after I called to return the third one they spoke to me as if I was lying

    • Little

      htc rhyme has non removal battery too ;(

    • DaveIsAwesome

      As long as I’m still able to reset the phone some way when I get it stick in a bootloop, I don’t really care.

  • Anonymous

    Ports on top makes perfect sense for being able to easily use the phone while plugged in…but for docking that’s going to be really weird.  So for the person who doesn’t buy accessories it will be a non issue…It’ll be interesting to see how dock lovers feel.

    • Anonymous

      That’s one thing that drives me nuts on the OG, despite being right handed and operating the phone right handed, I still think the charging port being on the right side would be better, especially with the orientation of the keyboard.  Top will be even better.

      I don’t see a huge accessory problem, the phone will likely just slide sideways into the dock rather than down.

      • Babyj_y2g

        Yes I saw on another site where the docking station ports were located sideways so when you dock the phone its in a landscape position.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree.  Most of the time when I use my phone while it’s charging, the power source is below me.  If they didn’t want power on the sides they should have went with the bottom.

      • EC8CH

        Moto hump on top = ports on top

        Sammy hump on bottom = ports on bottom

      • Anonymous

        Is it so far below you that you are already stretching though?  I’d rather not have the cable in the way of my keyboard use.  That being said, on a touch screen phone, you could always just go with the opposite orientation.

    • Anonymous

      I disagee as well.  If I am trying to talk on this thing while charging and the cord is above my head it is going to be ackward and not the most usable.

  • Looks swell but it’s not for me. Locked bootloader FTL.

  • Did you test out the camera?!

    • Calvin Williams

      ^ This is the only thing you didn’t cover and I really wanted to know about it.

      • Q

        The camera app looks just like the Bionic.  Hopefully they tweaked it so the auto focus doesnt take so long..