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DROID 2 Global 4.5.608 Update Resumes After Minor Delay

All you great DROID 2 Global owners can starting waving your DROID flags again today, as the 4.5.608 update is now being rolled out (again) for users. All the way back in September we saw the update begin to roll out, then we heard it had been put on hold. Last week looked promising as it had started to roll out again, but then got another axe.

Now here we are in mid October, letting you know the 4.5.608 (changelog here) is ready to be pulled on your devices. Do we have any D2G users here who have been able to pull the update? Let’s hope everything has been fixed.

Cheers Evan!

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  • Did you guys ever find the zip for this update?  I still can’t pull it 🙁

  • waite4me88

    Wow. From reading the comments it seems that there are way too many people who are too stupid for smartphones.
    I’ve loved this phone since the day I got it. The two reasons why I got it is because it’s Motorola and because it has a slide-out keyboard. (I don’t care what anyone says, no touch screen keyboard ever works well. Even on the iPhone. I can attest this with scrambled-lettered text messages from friends with touch screen keyboards.) Though lately, I was getting a little frustrated with a few buggy issues. When the RAZR came out, I was determined to get one as soon as I can. But now that I’ve gotten this (amazing) update, pretty much all the buggy issues have been resolved. I have fallen in love with this phone again, and I can totally wait until my contract ends so I can get the RAZR at the lower price. (Although, I’ll have to get used to the absence of the slide-out keyboard, but I’m sure they’ll be completely eliminated in a few years so I’d have to anyway.)

  • Henrok79

    I can’t get the download to work on my droid…it keeps failing…help

  • Codzjk

    i have no slide to unlock bar anymore and can’t use my phone, I hate u android, can’t wait until my verizon contract ends in december and i can get the iPhone 5 in spring 2012

  • const74

    lost all contact information & motorola says they can’t get it back

    • waite4me88

      Your contacts are stored online with your gmail address. They’d sync if you re-logged in with that account.

  • So far, so good. The D2G update download over WiFi took about an hour (10:45-11:45 EDT).  Install about 10 minutes.  Personalized screens & widgets were preserved.  It even preserved my paused spot on a podcast — very useful for me compared to the FroYo music player.

    Can’t say I know why this took 5 weeks longer to prepare this than the Droid2 update, but I’d rather have it work right than have it earlier and buggier.

  • smokewit

    yeah it updated on my D2G and has completely destroyed my phone, after it shut off for the installation it will not turn back on, nothing, black screen, plugged it in thinking maybe it died, nothing, no nothing shows up, worthless

  • Torroweap

    this lump of shit screwed up the battery management so bad that it drains a fully charged battery in about an hour, says it is charging when connected to a charger and still drains the battery down.  then when you have had enough of it, swap out a battery that you charged in your wifes phone and try to do a factory reset, it won’t let you because it says you must have a minimum of 25% battery life.  Ignore that pesky message that says the batt is at 90%.  It didn’t even give me the option of not updating.  it basically gave me a snooze button for one hour then started the download on its own.  I never thought a phone could make my P.O.S blackberry look good, but droid and VZW did an excellent job

  • so far the look and fell is pretty Good, Ironically i go the new Motospeak app couple days Before, D2G im so glad your my wingman!

  • Elizabeth McCoy

    I pulled it this morning.  So far I like the updates a lot… the color scheme is the first noticeable thing.  To this point I have not had any app problems.  There are a few little differences that are immediately noticeable but all in all I really like it.  🙂

  • callen

    I have the update. Was able to use the Advanced Task Killer. Then my phone froze. Maybe the 9th reset is a charm. I guess I’ll see

    • If the freezes continue, one thing to check is the SD card.  If you can reformat it or replace it the freezing might clear up.  A bad card or reader slot can cause spontaneous reboots and/or slow card reading.  I had major freezing issues after the Droid2 update in Sept.  Verizon replaced the phone with a D2G but some of the freezing followed the old SD card into the new phone.  With a new card the phone has been very stable.

  • Anonymous

    This is good news. Now that the update has been resumed, this is the right time for me to get it and try it on my droid phone. Im excited..cant wait..phone service

  • Im excited with this news. Now i can may the update and see whats new in it. Cant wait to test it on my droid.

  • Lance19

    Mine started earlier today.The downloaded spanned over like 6 hours to complete. its installing now. Montgomaery, Alabama. USA.

  • majmom

    so why did this update screw up my contacts and how can I fix it??!!!!  only numbers, no names, only facebook contacts but unable to  update to include numbers. . .will I have multiple entries for the same person now? That SUCKS!  how can I fix or revert?  Lost major client info, only luckily they are in my Outlook, but now that account keeps showing an error!

  • Justin Hollender

    Hmm…update failed for me. What a wonderful, descriptive message. I wonder why it won’t work. I updated to 4.5.607 with no problem.

    • Fbpeggy

      mine failed too but then it said I was up to date??? no idea

  • JohnnyD

    It’s downloading as we speak.  Fingers are crossed!

  • Rodgeman

    I am downloading it now. 

  • Raven

    I don’t want this update on my rooted D2G 2.2.  I have everything configured and working exactly how I want it and want to keep this ROM until I get a new phone.  How can I prevent it from ever prompting me to update before I get stuck in the obnoxious nagging me to update every 20 minutes loop.


  • LionStone

    I can’t wait til my lady gets home so I can update her software!   😉

  • l0rdb33f

    Working great so far… nice and smooth… and it finally fixed the sound popping/crackling issue!

  • Acarvall87

    FINALLY. This makes a huge difference in the phones performance and the updated UI looks much better. I just wish this would have come a lot sooner. My anger with this phone is already pretty deep seeded lol

  • Jaybidosu

    Got it this morning.  I was one of the lucky few to get the GB update when it started rolling out in September and I see no noticeable differences with the latest build.

  • Logan

    Just in time to wait for their ICS update.   *Slow clap*

  • Anonymous

    To all that say DL is all about hyping new phones here is proof. On possibly the greatest day for New Android phones this year DL is posting about the D2G

    • They cover all things Droid, so yeah I’m glad they are posting this. It’s getting so hostile around here lately.

    • Kixofmyg0t

      So “u mad bro” because droid-life.com posted about a Droid phone instead of Galaxy/Nexus/Megatron/Cialis phones……great logic u has bro. 

  • oddball

    I pulled the original update as part of the soak test and the only issue I had was the touchscreen didn’t always respond properly.  This seems to have been fixed but now the phone keeps randomly freezing and memory usage which WAS fixed is out of control.

    • Guest

      Try a different launcher.

      Also, despite what people tell you, high memory utilization is a good thing.

  • Laun17

    I got it on Sunday and it seems buggier than the 4.5.607 build

  • Kianhjudah

    What’s that…you say something about the Galaxy Nexus???

  • Ice456789

    I’m sorry, what does this have to do with the Razr or Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      no. it doesn’t. this isn’t Galaxy Life or Razr Life. 

      • Ice456789

        U mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          No. I ain’t.

      • EC8CH

        you obviously forgot what day it is today 🙂

        • Wareaglevi

          Is this the day when the Nexus comes down from Heaven to save all of the Nexus Kool-Aid drinkers from the e-vile Motorola Droid onslaught?

          • EC8CH

            Yeah I don’t know why anyone would be excited that a Nexus phone is finally getting released on Verizon after waiting for nearly two years after the Nexus One was originally promised.

          • Mctypething

            u sarcastic bro?

          • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      This has alot to do with the Razr.  It is another example of a Motorola phone with a locked bootloader.

      • Yep – it’s fat, older cousin that has the ability to travel the world.

        • Anonymous

          Fat older cousin… lol

        • bigrob60

          I thought it was the red headed step child.

      • Right, becuase HTC, LG, Samsung and Pantech are just unloading phones like crazy with unlocked bootloaders….

        • Anonymous

          Yep you are correct!  And hopefully later tonight you will see why.

    • Kixofmyg0t

      Really getting sick and tired of these kids spamming every Droid related post on DROID-LIFE with more stupid Galaxy Nexus crap.

      Realize that their ARE people that don’t care one bit about Nexus phones. This post is about the DROID 2 Global. Go spam somewhere else.

      Now back on topic. My wife pulled the update early this morning. I’m in the field right now so I don’t know what all has changed.

      • Mctypething

        u sick and tired bro?

    • That line is as tired as your mom’s meat hole.

  • Anonymous


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      • Anonymous

        I agree, you should come up with something new.

        • Mctypething

          u mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            Nope, I’m sad bro

          • Mctypething


          • This ocd idiot.