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Halloween Angry Birds Edition Is On The Way, With Surprise Guest Appearance?

Rovio is about to release a spooky addition to the Angry Birds franchise just in time for ghoul-filled holiday. We see a few birdies dressed up in costumes and then they stumble upon a bucket filled with candy(?) There is minor speculation (I stress minor) that it could be none other than Om Nom, the beloved creature from Cut The Rope inside the bucket. 

Guess we’ll know soon enough. What do you think? Om Nom? Pumpkin Pigs?

  • Dan

    Yay! The new seasons update is out plus a new bird to join the other  Angry Birds 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Theres talk on the internet that its gonna be Nightmare Before Christmas themed. I could get down with that.

  • QQMore

    Maybe they can stop making bloated versions of the game?  Even at 800-1000Mhz my OG droid still chokes after a couple tries at one of the Moon Cake levels on Seasons.  Compcache on, compcache off, fresh reboots, etc., it doesn’t matter.

  • Please stop.

  • Anonymous

    Om not caring.

  • Mannysaurus

    I would be more excited about this if my OG Droid didn’t crash every time I got past 2-3 levels in Cut the Rope 🙁

    Oh and just letting the readers of D-L know in case you don’t visit the AC forums…

    The bezel for the Galaxy Nexus/Prime is touch sensitive and it’s what will be used to bring up the back/forward/home/etc. buttons. Supposedly, someone got their hands on one and used it for a short while. The battery will be 1900 instead of the rumored 1750. Just thought I’d throw it out there!

    • Mannysaurus

      Oh, and removable battery + LED notification somewhere near/on the bezel. No word on a microSD slot yet. You can read up on it yourself if you’d like. I’m just regurgitating what I read last night.

      • EC8CH


        • Mannysaurus

          LoL I’m sorry but to post a link would be kind of like going against my droid-life morals. Look up AndroidCentral and go to the Nexus Prime forums.

          • Hah +1

          • EC8CH

            Yeah, I figured it out… at first i didn’t know what the hell you meant by AC forum…

            guess I’m too much of a DL purest 🙂

    • EC8CH

      Is that why the bottom bezel is bigger than what seems necessary?

      Seems like there were lots of complaints about that, but if it serves this function it might be space well used.

    • Anonymous

      Now I’m glad I clicked on this thread.

  • Jason Purp

    Omnom is so f*cking cute. Gimme.

    • Seriously – combine those two games and you’ll have tweens saying, “What’s Twilight?” lolz

      • Anonymous

        One can only hope for that to happen, but somehow, the world would probably eat itself before that happens.

        But one can surely dream.

  • M.D.


    • Lol

      no. and shutup.