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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pops Up In Verizon System, Name and 4G LTE Essentially Confirmed

With a new date set for Samsung and Google to unveil the Galaxy Nexus, people have started to wonder if those rumors of it being a Verizon exclusive for a few initial weeks were true or not. While our sources have led us to believe that, we will probably know for sure come Tuesday. With that said, the fact that the device is now in VZW’s Device Management system as the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” is a good sign that it is most definitely coming to Big Red under that name – something that a growing number have conitnued to question.

What else are we seeing in this screenshot?  That the G-Nex (as mentioned countless times) will have a 4G LTE radio to take advantage of the fastest network in the land. Of course that probably also means that it will live up to the rumors that it has similar battery life to the rest of the Verizon LTE devices, which has not necessarily been a compliment this year. It is also showing as “N” for “No” in the global department. That could frustrate some, especially given the fact that the GSM version will likely be able to travel the globe.

Good signs for an imminent release though. Now, how about an FCC filing?

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  • Peter Kern
  • mpouxos

    so, is there anything new about the phone being ‘international’ or no?

  • Mr Tato

    Honestly with the way my Thunderbolt and now Droid Charge have mis-handled data connectivity, even while 4g is turned off, has turned me off of VZW 4g.Makes me almost not want this phone.

  • Anonymous

    I give up on trying to stay up to date.. OG Droid -> Thunderbolt -> Bionic (which will be lasting me the rest of my contract)

  • Chris

    No Global = Dead in the water.

  • viewthis66

    i’m getting a hold of my company’s verizon rep today. i have an upgrade coming and i want this phone asap.

  • Sean333


  • Kianhjudah

    The battery news is pretty sad to me. I was just soo hoping that with this phone of all phones, a freakin’ Nexus, that they would have made a point to come up with something to make the battery life great on it. If the battery life is as good as the Charge, then I’ll basically be OK. But if it’s as bad as like the Sensation, then they have officially screwed us. 

    • Anonymous

      Shut off the LTE radio and you should be fine.

      • Kianjudah

        But that would make no sense. I want a 4G phone so I can use 4G speeds. 

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t mean never use it, but you don’t need 4G speeds to receive emails and texts when your phone is in your pocket.  Turn it on when you want some melt your face off browsing or downloading speed.
          This is really your only practical option when using gen 1 LTE radios.

  • Anonymous

    Is it easier to get free mobile hotspot on a nexus?

  • Some Random Dude

    *shrieks like a little girl*

  • guest

    Gotta say, I’ll be pretty disappointed if this does not come with a SD slot.  What is this *pple? I just recently bought a 32G Micro SDHC card and will be pretty pissed if i cant use it in the Nexus.  Anyone know the expected memory?  Honestly if its not 32G+ i wont even give it a second look.  Big, big fail IMO.  Really seems like a step backwards for no reason.

    • LiterofCola

      Might be an inconvenience, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “fail”

    • JDub

      I believe its going to be 32G internal memory.

    • andrew

      I promise you that it won’t have a sdcard but it does have 32 gb internal

    • Thickey85

      Memory cards aren’t going to matter as much soon with cloud services….check them out

      • guest

        I use cloud services all the time, however there are certain things that for work purposes, as well as legal purposes that i do not want stored in a cloud.  Also google music is not great yet, and other cloud services i have been using, also not great.  Anyways, the point is that it really doesn’t make any sense that they would exclude the card slot.  Also i like the ability to physically give someone something with tons of files on it instead of having to transfer it via cloud services etc. Its just a step backwards. If you do this move you have to make sure that you can supply enough space for everything the user needs/wants.  32 gigs will just barley cut it for me.  if they offered 64G version i would be willing to pay for it, but i think its just very weak to offer no solution for something they are purposefully downgrading. 

  • Anonymous

     My next phone popped up in Verizons System!    I can’t wait, this looks beautiful

  • Is there voice and data on 3g? i don’t wanna give up my Tbolt for less features.

  • Anonymous

    Alot of OG users will be getting this, including me

    • Anonymous

      Cant forget us DInc users. Im ready to pull the trigger.

      • Avery Ma


  • Jvrcb17

    WHOOOO!!!! Google goodness for verizon… FINALLY!!!!!!!

  • Interstellarmind

    so i get it now. this is the charge 2 (look at model numbers of charge and g-nex) but as a marketing ploy they’re making it a “Nexus.”

    Whereas what would have been/ will be the REAL nexus (again, look at model numbers of nexus s and nexus prime) will come out later – and presumably not to verizon.

    vzw – why are you Fing us with an inferior phone? no SD card, 5mp cam, low clock cpu? is it because it’s cheaper than the real nexus for you and your bottom lines, and you figure most of your customers won’t notice?

    i’m back to getting the htc rezound – unless the g-nex has an Amazing camera image sensor and a better cpu, though, that’s sounding less and less likely.

    • Me

      Well they had to get the droid name away from samsung some how

    • Riders0ftheli

      ive said it before but the model number for the Nexus S 4g is SPH-D720. Standard Nexus S on att and t mobile is I9220

  • Me

    I hope you guys have gorilla glass
    . I will never buy another phone without it

  • jimbob

    You people would complain even if you were hung with a new rope.  Jesus, it’s a phone.

  • Anonymous

    If it comes to verizon, I think it will confirm that all other carriers WILL get it as well. At the same time.

    T-mobile was the first to (literally) get each of the nexus handsets.  They will get it first (if not at the same time as Verizon)  It would be like if At&t didn’t get the iPhone 4S while the other carriers did. 

    Last I checked, Nexus has been an “international” phone, so why would the release a non international phone first?

    So, my bet is, T-mobile get’s it first.  If they don’t, it means that everybody (T-mobile, Sprint and AT&T) will get it the same time Verizon will get it.

    • Anonymous

      The rest of the continental US is happy as a pig in sh*t that they ditched Tmobile as the primary avenue of release. 

      Also – Tmo doesn’t have 4G LTE.  VZW does.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung sucks plain and simple. You would be better off with a bionic over this phone.

    • EC8CH

      I doubt the G-Nex will “suck”
      I doubt the Razr with “suck”
      I doubt the Rezound will “suck”

      • Anonymous

        I think the Razr and Rezound will be good because they have a better track record of using good hardware in their phones than Samsung does. Don’t expect the Navigator to work on the Samsung.

    • Anonymous

      If samsung was responsible for the updates then I’d agree.  But Google is in charge of updating this beasty.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not just the update thing. Samsung uses horrible radios and gps. Don’t be surprised if the GPS doesn’t lock with this phone.

    • Riders0ftheli

      i respectfully disagree, i think that role is reversed. motorola hasnt impressed me since the razr heh

      • Anonymous

        Have any of you guys that want this phone ever owned a Samsung device? Just trying to warn you guys because the GPS and Radios they put in their devices are not good. I use to have the Fascinate, my friend has the Captivate, and my Cousin has the Charge…. all bad GPS and Radios. Kellex is even said earlier in this thread that the GS2 has a not so good radio

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I have a Vibrant and I consider it the best phone I’ve ever owned.  I don’t ever use the GPS so it doesn’t bother me if it’s accurate or not (it seemed OK to me when I tried it last).  I’m jumping ship from T-Mobile and getting one of these as soon as they’re available. 

          On the other hand, I could spend all day talking about how bad the Motorola Cliq is.  Motorola doesn’t have a perfect track record either…

  • No global — that kills it for me.

  • Sobr0801

    My epics keyboard felt like it was going to fall off after the first month, gave me a reason not to use my keyboard on my droid 3, but I have been using it for months with no problem. Motorola build quality is number 1 compared to samsung.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus name is official and no Get It Now. A true Nexus on VZW! Excellent.

  • J Dub

    I could care less about global roaming. It will still work on wi-fi outside the U.S. Skype will work. Google Voice will work. Plus its expensive as crap when traveling. Better off just buying a cheap “disposable” prepaid phone once you get to your destination.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i still have a feeling that big red will find a way to blow it with this phone…as of late all they do is get sprints old devices… epic 4G=stratosphere.. EVO 4G= thunderbolt…photon 4G= droid bionic…idk i may be alone but im not gonna get too excited until its announced and we know the specs for sure

  • nxusnow

    I’ve never wanted anything as much as i’ve wanted this nexus!

    • Balthazar B

      You must not have reached puberty yet. 🙂

  • NO PUSH TO TALK?!  DEAL BREAKER!  argh!  I was so looking forward to blaring my business to the world!  


  • Anonymous

    Is it too awesome that Moto and Samsung are revealing two new superphones on the same day? Yes it is. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    With the confirmation of it having 4G this is just asking for tethering written all over it, which i expect it to have. But what I am curious about is if the other nexus phones have had free tethering on them or if carriers made it so you have to pay like all other phones with the built in app.

  • It seemed when I wasn’t with verizon that all the cool phones came out for it.  Now that I’m with them I kinda wished I would have bought the EVO and joined sprint instead of the DX on Verizon.  EH You live you learn

  • Anonymous

    How many people will flip if this turns out to be the Droid Charge2?

    Droid Charge SCH-I510
    New Samsung SCH-I515

    Nexus S i9020
    New Samsung i9025

    Just make note of the model numbers…

    Hate to see so many pissed off people.  If this is indeed a true Nexus, which I highly doubt then I will jump ship back to Verizon.

    Moto may we have a real phone please?

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same a few days ago, but seriously, seeing it in the system as the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t convince you?  I’m on board now seeing this…  It’d be called the Charge 2 if it was that.

      • Anonymous

        Couple more things…

        In one of the leaked videos the clock used sans serif font which looked the same as the TouchWiz clock font on the Galaxy Tab. Also, the navigation buttons looked like the ones used in TouchWiz tab while in another vid the buttons looked different.

        HTC did about the same with two models, the Nexus One and Desire.

        A name popping up in some sytem doesn’t convince me yet…

        • Riders0ftheli

          Look up the model numbers for the Nexus S 4g SPH-D720. Cdma model numbers tend to differ from Gsm in my experience.

        • The phone isn’t real? Have we all been hallucinating this whole time? I like how you referenced the Verizon system in your first comment and then you dismissed it as worthless in your second comment. X)

        • Dave

          Um no, the navigation buttons are different from the Galaxy Tab. The Tab’s clock font, at least on the lock screen, is actually the Honeycomb font seen in stock. How do I know? Because I have one right in front of me.

          Nothing in the leaked video screams TouchWiz to me. There are no color accents, icons, widgets, or layout that suggests that it’s been touched by Samsung.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe not globe cuz its verizons and took out radio for lte ?

  • Balthazar B

    What does it mean that this phone is listed as having IS95 (CDMA) but the HTC Rezound (nee Vigor) does not?

  • Craig

    The lack of global roaming is a real negative, especially for a flagship phone. On the plus side I really love my Galaxy S2 on AT&T. The HSPA+ is pretty fast and I’m thinking of abandoning the Verizon ship 🙂

  • Pardes33

    Just give me the phone for fucks sake ………

  • Maxim730

    No global capabilities? 🙁

  • Fd2blk78

    I have till the 19th to decide whether or not to return my bionic and grab the nexus…what would you do??? HELP!!!

    • Rp780

      Same boat as you…I’m very tempted with this Nexus. Just worried because I’ve never owned a Samsung device & based some comments the “build quality, radios, and gps didnt suck so bad.”

      • Anonymous

        Gps was only bad on the original Galaxy S devices. On the GSII it’s amazing.

      • Anonymous

        looking back on my mobile device history..it appears i used motorola and samsung phones equally….

        Motorola Droid * Samsung i910 (Omnia) * Samsung SCH-u740 (Alias) * Motorola E815 (Hacked) * Samsung SCH-a310 * Motorola v120c

        I don’t recall having any major issues with either. I feel pretty comfortable jumping back and forth. I am 95% sure the Galaxy Nexus will be my next phone. Hopefully Moto gets the Nexus when my contract is up in two years.

      • LiterofCola

        Just simply wait a week after it’s release for all of the Blog sites to post their reviews of the device.


      If you decide you don’t want the Nexus get the Razr

      • EC8CH

        the force is strong with this one…

  • Donnydon

    I hope the look and feel of ice cream is much improved. stock android to date is ugly

  • Why are people turned off by the fact that this isn’t a “global” phone? It seems to be a dream phone from all its specs, I mean…how many of you actually travel outside of the country : )

    • Flozzo

      I know for you as American its probably hard to imagine, but some people don’t live in the US

      • Anonymous

        Your point is moot because this is a phone build for VZW, an American carrier whose customers are American. Nice try being a troll, but try again.

    • Balthazar B

      And some people do actually travel…believe it or not!!!

      The other fly in the ointment is no SD card. This won’t be a major issue for most people, but it does definitely make the phone less desirable…and could hurt its resale value.

      • Anonymous

        If I were to travel anywhere, it would be within America. I wouldn’t spend a dime in some foreign country that likely hates us, the people don’t shower, the women have armpit hair, and rice is the main course. Have fun in the third world.

        • Dez

          Have fun in own little bubble idiot. I’m sure you are also angry that they don’t speak “American” lol