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Android has Not “Developed to Expectations” According to Michael Dell

Michael Dell’s net worth sits somewhere around $15 billion, landing him at number 18 on Forbes’ list of richest people in America. He’s one rich dude. Being rich though, definitely does not mean that you know anything about the world of smartphones and should probably avoid speaking about them in public. Unless of course you were Steve Jobs or someone from the Android team.

According to Dell while speaking at the Dell World Conference today, Android as a mobile platform has not “developed to expectations.” No I did not just make this up. In his view, the world’s top smartphone operating system just isn’t where it should be. And now is where I would normally toss out some witty jab, but am actually at a loss for words. Hasn’t developed? World’s. Number. One. Approaching almost 1 million activations a day. Used by more device manufacturers and carriers than I can even name. Dell though, not impressed.

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Via:  AndroidGuys, Electronista

  • Roog

    Dell is right. iPhone at one point was number one and many of the posters here would argue that it didn’t meet expectations. Being the number one selling OS has little relevance. My expectations included being updated with gingerbread some time ago and it hasn’t happened. Yet, I read of new phones coming out with ice cream sandwich, yet another update that my phone has no chance of receiving. The wireless service companies can and should be blamed for this, however Google has set things up this way for Android – not meeting expectations.

  • Als20007

    yea and everyone wants a dell

  • I’ve always been a fan of android over iphone.  Before the 4s came out, I had decided to give the new iphone (at the time believed to be iphone5) a chance.  I have an upgrade coming up so I was going to see what Apple could produce.  When I saw the iphone 4s I was not impressed.  My wife is getting the new iphone in the mail today.  She isnt into tech and I actually suggested the iphone to her because of that and the fact that she likes to take pictures.  I got a free ipod touch several months back and if the iphone experience is similar to that, keep the iphone.  I cant stand that Itunes and I resent the fact that i have to use it to do just about anything.  I cant switch from computer to computer with any kind of ease at all.  I cant stand the fact that I have to enter a password every time I want to download a freakin app.  I always have trouble connecting from one wifi to another and end up having to shut the ipod down multiple times before it will connect to the new wifi.  Siri looks cool and all but I guarantee the voice recognition is not near as good as it is being promoted.  Even if it is, other than sending text messages in the car or asking for navigation to a location, I never use it.  

    When it was all said and done, the new iphone seemed to be only trying to satisfy the lot of iphone users with some new features and a camera in an old phone until they can get their act together in the new iphone 5.  I saw nothing at all that made me want an iphone. 

  • I think what he meant was that Dell’s Android efforts haven’t turned out that well. He just worded it poorly.

  • RW-1

    It’s like Jha Jr.

    Streak = fail = Dell = fail.

    Don’t blame the OS for your poor decisions. The Streak was crippled by it’s screen choice among other things, did it get GB yet as promised?

  • Anonymous

    So his excuse for the various Dell Streaks and the Aero not selling is because Android hasn’t “developed to expectations”?  You don’t say!  It certainly couldn’t be the sub-par hardware, terrible designs and complete lack of support?  Where do you buy one of those things anyway?

    They’re having the same issue in the smartphone market as HP, they’re too damn slow.  Handling the type of support and development necessary to compete in the smartphone arena isn’t easy if you don’t know how and Dell obviously doesn’t. 

    It’s strange that HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Huwai, ZTE, Acer, Asus and long list of others seem to be doing fine.  I’m sure that’s not Android’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s totally fair to say and he’s *very* qualified to speak about it. He *runs* Dell, he doesn’t just sit around his house all day like Scrooge McDuck. He has teams of engineers working under him, some of whom have developed for & built devices, and I’m sure they know the pain points of Android better than we end users ever will. Dell has been dabbling and experimenting with Android since its inception and they’ve probably lost a fair sum of money while testing those waters. 

    Whatever their expectations were, I’m not surprised that Android didn’t meet them. Yes, Android sports an amazing growth curve and it’s dominating the market. Yes, its stability, speed, and features continue to improve. However, it’s had a rough start with horribly underpowered hardware, minor incompatibilities between versions, and the honeycomb mess. Dell’s early forays landed right in the middle of that so I don’t blame them for losing faith. (It looks like they haven’t given up though as there’s a high-end Dell phone launching in Japan.)

    Google sold the platform as open source and customizable for both manufacturers and carriers but now they’ve reigned back some of those options. I’m guessing that Dell and some of the less committed manufacturers found that they can’t take it where they wanted to — and that probably has to do with customer experience as much as product differentiation. Dell’s consumer base may also be the wrong fit for Android, I don’t know.

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of Android *and* I see a lot of room for improvement. Attacking critics and competitors doesn’t make Android any better. Our baby’s grown up a bit; I think it’s time to move past fanboyism and into realism.

  • I met Michael Dell once at a technology summit in Texas. He was the opening night speaker. This was his speech:

    “Hi I’m Michael Dell. Who has questions?”

    He’s a douche.

  • Djstar2k2

    wow!  2 words Dell Streak!  last word LAME

  • Ronald Gillis

    Makes me realize that there is hope for me after all.

  • Drewgy

    Michael Dell is evil… look it up…

  • Ozzzy3z

    Dell hasn’t developed to expectations.  I had a Dell computer in 1992 and it was outstanding.  I purchased a second Dell in 2000 and it was an absolute POS.  Dell cheapened their internals and outsourced their support. 

    I think the real issue is Michael Dell is jealous because HTC, Motorola and Samsung blow Dell out of the water when it comes to smart phone technology.  Michael Dell, while once relevant, is now an after thought in the technology field.

  • Morenoc12

    Can’t people understand that Androids OS is just the foundation and it allows you to build what ever you like on top of it!!! Its not like IOs where one company took care of of every little detail from what apps you can run to the options in style you get

    • Billy Jenkins

      This should be the top comment by the end of the night. because of how true this comment is.

  • Anonymous


  • Not First

    It’s not about quantity it’s about quality, just because android is used by more people doesn’t make the better OS


    Google > Dell

  • Anonymous

    clearly he likes crabapple

  • You may be rich, but you still make a crappy computer and NOBODY likes Windows Phones!!!