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Android has Not “Developed to Expectations” According to Michael Dell

Michael Dell’s net worth sits somewhere around $15 billion, landing him at number 18 on Forbes’ list of richest people in America. He’s one rich dude. Being rich though, definitely does not mean that you know anything about the world of smartphones and should probably avoid speaking about them in public. Unless of course you were Steve Jobs or someone from the Android team.

According to Dell while speaking at the Dell World Conference today, Android as a mobile platform has not “developed to expectations.” No I did not just make this up. In his view, the world’s top smartphone operating system just isn’t where it should be. And now is where I would normally toss out some witty jab, but am actually at a loss for words. Hasn’t developed? World’s. Number. One. Approaching almost 1 million activations a day. Used by more device manufacturers and carriers than I can even name. Dell though, not impressed.

Care to comment?

Via:  AndroidGuys, Electronista

  • Roog

    Dell is right. iPhone at one point was number one and many of the posters here would argue that it didn’t meet expectations. Being the number one selling OS has little relevance. My expectations included being updated with gingerbread some time ago and it hasn’t happened. Yet, I read of new phones coming out with ice cream sandwich, yet another update that my phone has no chance of receiving. The wireless service companies can and should be blamed for this, however Google has set things up this way for Android – not meeting expectations.

  • Als20007

    yea and everyone wants a dell

  • I’ve always been a fan of android over iphone.  Before the 4s came out, I had decided to give the new iphone (at the time believed to be iphone5) a chance.  I have an upgrade coming up so I was going to see what Apple could produce.  When I saw the iphone 4s I was not impressed.  My wife is getting the new iphone in the mail today.  She isnt into tech and I actually suggested the iphone to her because of that and the fact that she likes to take pictures.  I got a free ipod touch several months back and if the iphone experience is similar to that, keep the iphone.  I cant stand that Itunes and I resent the fact that i have to use it to do just about anything.  I cant switch from computer to computer with any kind of ease at all.  I cant stand the fact that I have to enter a password every time I want to download a freakin app.  I always have trouble connecting from one wifi to another and end up having to shut the ipod down multiple times before it will connect to the new wifi.  Siri looks cool and all but I guarantee the voice recognition is not near as good as it is being promoted.  Even if it is, other than sending text messages in the car or asking for navigation to a location, I never use it.  

    When it was all said and done, the new iphone seemed to be only trying to satisfy the lot of iphone users with some new features and a camera in an old phone until they can get their act together in the new iphone 5.  I saw nothing at all that made me want an iphone. 

  • I think what he meant was that Dell’s Android efforts haven’t turned out that well. He just worded it poorly.

  • RW-1

    It’s like Jha Jr.

    Streak = fail = Dell = fail.

    Don’t blame the OS for your poor decisions. The Streak was crippled by it’s screen choice among other things, did it get GB yet as promised?

  • Anonymous

    So his excuse for the various Dell Streaks and the Aero not selling is because Android hasn’t “developed to expectations”?  You don’t say!  It certainly couldn’t be the sub-par hardware, terrible designs and complete lack of support?  Where do you buy one of those things anyway?

    They’re having the same issue in the smartphone market as HP, they’re too damn slow.  Handling the type of support and development necessary to compete in the smartphone arena isn’t easy if you don’t know how and Dell obviously doesn’t. 

    It’s strange that HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Huwai, ZTE, Acer, Asus and long list of others seem to be doing fine.  I’m sure that’s not Android’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s totally fair to say and he’s *very* qualified to speak about it. He *runs* Dell, he doesn’t just sit around his house all day like Scrooge McDuck. He has teams of engineers working under him, some of whom have developed for & built devices, and I’m sure they know the pain points of Android better than we end users ever will. Dell has been dabbling and experimenting with Android since its inception and they’ve probably lost a fair sum of money while testing those waters. 

    Whatever their expectations were, I’m not surprised that Android didn’t meet them. Yes, Android sports an amazing growth curve and it’s dominating the market. Yes, its stability, speed, and features continue to improve. However, it’s had a rough start with horribly underpowered hardware, minor incompatibilities between versions, and the honeycomb mess. Dell’s early forays landed right in the middle of that so I don’t blame them for losing faith. (It looks like they haven’t given up though as there’s a high-end Dell phone launching in Japan.)

    Google sold the platform as open source and customizable for both manufacturers and carriers but now they’ve reigned back some of those options. I’m guessing that Dell and some of the less committed manufacturers found that they can’t take it where they wanted to — and that probably has to do with customer experience as much as product differentiation. Dell’s consumer base may also be the wrong fit for Android, I don’t know.

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of Android *and* I see a lot of room for improvement. Attacking critics and competitors doesn’t make Android any better. Our baby’s grown up a bit; I think it’s time to move past fanboyism and into realism.

  • I met Michael Dell once at a technology summit in Texas. He was the opening night speaker. This was his speech:

    “Hi I’m Michael Dell. Who has questions?”

    He’s a douche.

  • Djstar2k2

    wow!  2 words Dell Streak!  last word LAME

  • Ronald Gillis

    Makes me realize that there is hope for me after all.

  • Drewgy

    Michael Dell is evil… look it up…

  • Ozzzy3z

    Dell hasn’t developed to expectations.  I had a Dell computer in 1992 and it was outstanding.  I purchased a second Dell in 2000 and it was an absolute POS.  Dell cheapened their internals and outsourced their support. 

    I think the real issue is Michael Dell is jealous because HTC, Motorola and Samsung blow Dell out of the water when it comes to smart phone technology.  Michael Dell, while once relevant, is now an after thought in the technology field.

  • Morenoc12

    Can’t people understand that Androids OS is just the foundation and it allows you to build what ever you like on top of it!!! Its not like IOs where one company took care of of every little detail from what apps you can run to the options in style you get

    • Billy Jenkins

      This should be the top comment by the end of the night. because of how true this comment is.

  • Anonymous


  • Not First

    It’s not about quantity it’s about quality, just because android is used by more people doesn’t make the better OS


    Google > Dell

  • Anonymous

    clearly he likes crabapple

  • You may be rich, but you still make a crappy computer and NOBODY likes Windows Phones!!!

  • Smcdo123

    Yeah……….I dont care how rich this dude is Dell sucks. Anyone i know who has owned multiple Dells at once lasted maybe 2 years and had something major go wrong. Oh ya and Mr. Dell make better devices maybe you doucher.

  • Ahsan

    In before Jeff Bernard. Actually, I’m probably not.

  • Anonymous

    Dell has not developed to expectations, that’s why they lost the no. 2 spot to Lenovo.

  • Anonymous

    technically market share doesn’t have to reflect development of a platform so much as it does reach and accessibility. i mean sure, if you have the best platform or a well developed platform people are gonna want it, but sometimes you settle for something that you don’t think is the best because it’s more accessible, or the best isn’t accessible. either way, he’s not necessarily saying that he doesn’t think that it is developed. he could be saying that it isn’t developed to where he wish it were, independent of comparison. of course, it isn’t like he couldn’t contribute to the android source or (more accurately, likely) have his employees do so

  • Meme

    well, i hate to be the devils advocate but he’s right. android crashes constantly, leaks memory, eats up battery, etc. i should now, i have a phone with android. the first and the last, i should say.

  • Peterjang73

    As if Dell has met our expectations?! Dell’s quality has sunken so low that I wouldn’t buy it…

  • Anonymous

    If that’s the case then, I think his ‘expectations’ of Windows 8 is gonna be LOW.  Wonder what they’re gonna sell for an OS on all that hardware…

  • Anonymous

    You’re article is lacking an important piece of information. What were the expectations that he’s referring to?

  • Anonymous

    Someone is a little jelly(jealous) aren’t you. Hey what does dell make againg besides computers?! And who is buying this dell crap?

  • jbonics

    after that comment he said “that’s what she said”…..”oh wait”…. money can’t fix ugly. No it can’t. GOT CHEESE.

  • Mralexdsmith

    Nickelback is huge sold over 30 million albums, does that make them unable to be criticized? We sure as hell know they aren’t good?

    He has a great point. Android has come a long way. And for the 5% of us who are fanboys and root and flash roms like it’s crack, its fun. But Android as an OS has plenty of room to grow, and I think they need to with ICS and upcoming releases.

  • Anonymous

    Hes just mad cuz he forgot to give the dell streak a version higher than 1.6

  • Mikedeamicis

    My wife got me a dell laptop for Christmas awhile back because she screwed up my Acer. I cried because I did not want to tell her how much a hated everything about it. That piece of crap went through 3 hard drives in 8 months before they replaced the motherboard. I was out my computer for a week each time and in the end their half @$$ engineering in the power jack department led to the power jack just falling apart at 53 weeks. I managed to milk another 6 months out of it before it lost the 4th hard drive in 18 months. I went to wallmart and got a low end Acer and I love it. I am limited to low end because I am a full time student on the GI bill with  2 kids and spnding 3 grand on the laptop I would love to have is irresponsible right now. As much as I hate sony as a company, I would luv me a top tier viao.

  • Splicer78

    what he MEANT was “we can’t develop it on out phones properly to meet customers expectations”, it just came out wrong

  • Thechaostheory

    “Dude your getting a…” DROID! Suck it DELL! 

  • Anonymous

    I am and androiddict to the core of my green bolts. This guy sounds like a dick.I am hoping that he retracts the statement or atleast explains it. The more money you make the less intouch with Reality you become or so it seems. The caption for the picture should be “Open Mouth Insert Foot,I ‘m a Douche”….Drooooooiiid. Live It, Love It, Android-Life. 

  • Just shows, you can have billions in the bank and still be clueless… 

  • Not gonna lie, this sorta aggravates me. He isn’t really in the position to say anything about something they, Dell, hasn’t even put a dent in. He jelly. 

    /end rage

  • Gordon Bombay

    “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell!”

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  • When you say approaching 1 million activations per day, I think you meant to say barely over half a million. haha way to bump that number up by almost 100%

    • Anonymous

      No I think he meant to say that androids are selling more than the iPhone every day.

  • He means it’s buggy and fragmented. That can not be denied. Bugs are not addresses quickly by manufacturers or carriers. This is a problem that needs fixing.

  • Alan Marchman

    You know how the tech world pretty much shut down when Steve Jobs passed away? I doubt that will happen when this douche dies.

  • Anonymous

    Being number one doesn’t always mean you are the best, sometimes it j use means everybody else sucks. In a mediocre landscape, the leader is just the one who sucks the least. On OS dev, there should be way more going right than not. When you don’t expect perfection, you don’t get it, and the current mainstream is full of people who don’t get it.

  • Scott Hartman

    Michael Dell is also the guy who said in the ’90s that Apple should just dissolve the company and return their cash on hand to stock holders.  

    Just sayin’…

  • Anonymous

    he’s right.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell!

  • I think Michael Dell really meant the Dell Computers “hasn’t developed to expectations.” I don’t believe he would get much of an argument there……(old money doesn’t count)….

  • Boblevel

    I think he meant “Dell has not developed to expectations.” Fix the holes in your own ship Mike, instead of taking pot-shots at others..

    Now about that ‘Warren Buffet’ tax..How about giving the government 30% of your $15 billion, sure would help the economy..

  • He must have subbed out his speech writing to India, too.

  • Anonymous

    He may have a big bankroll, but shooting off his mouth like that, he is just compensating for a small PENTILE!

  • Anonymous

    Ok. I know I’m going to be crucified for this. I love android. The features are amazing. But can we all admit our OS doesn’t run as smooth as it should? I know, a lot of that are because of unpolished skins over the top of them. But I’ll just use honeycomb as an example…. No blur over the top of that. Can google please just release a polished ICS! Tell me it wasn’t rushed! Apple delayed the 4s all because IOS5 wasn’t were it needed to be. But now it’s out and running like butter. That’s what we need!!!

    • Kidheated

      I agree. I am a huge Android fan, but do sometimes find myself disappointed with the OS. I don’t remember who made the comment, but one individual had a great idea and it involves Google taking a more active role. The commentor’s idea was to make all android phones run vanilla, but have a chooser system added which lets you activate the corresponding skin at will, like a theme chooser but built in. The fragmentation of Android between so many different makers is what makes a guy like Mr. Dell able to say the things he says… that and a pompousness. iOS is so strong and polished because there is only one version and every handheld runs the same. Apple has unity and a unified idea is a strong one, regardless of whether right or wrong. Hope fully this happens with Android, but with HTC rumored to making its own OS, I highly doubt it.

      • jermaine151

        Hey guys, I think we’re all missing the main issue here. Android is like linux; open source community project that HAS to have lots of time spent on working with LOTS of device manufacturers and hardware variations. It is the base for other developers and phone manufacturers to build upon. That is the OPPOSITE of what iOS is. Does anyone truly believe that it should be as polished as a mobile OS that’s developed for only hand chosen hardware, released on a single device? Android developers have to spend at least 30% of their time on hardware compatibility issues and such. That’s what gives us so many options in choosing a device on our carrier, that suits our budgets and performs for our needs. Loyal iPhone users don’t really have these options. I think iOS is very polished (though limited, as has been said here many times) but it is just not for me. I support innovation and options as opposed to “You shall use and love what I give you, when I decide to give it to you”.

        My Droid Incredible has been great for me in the past 2 years and I’m ready for my next Android Beast! 🙂

        Just my opinion folks..

        • Anonymous

          Point taken. But I think your missing the point. We never said Android wasn’t for us. But there is a reason apple had the number one selling smartphone in the world without an upgrade for well over a year. My 85 year old grandmother just got an Iphone. Do you ever think android will touch that market? No way. Its for people like us, and therefore, is also limited. It is not what it should be. And that’s all. 

  • Anonymous

    everyone says ICS FTW!! and all that other stuff but unless you have a nexus device..when will the rest of you see ICS?..look how long it took a lot of phones to even get the OFFICIAL gingerbread update..the tbolt finally got it and now a newer version of android is already coming out..the droid X gb update was buggy as hell…i know its up to the OEM’s and the carriers for updates but Google nees to step in and get them out in a timely manner IMO…hell some phones never even saw froyo

  • Anonymous

    He’s just jealous.

  •  Maybe his expectations were too high, who knows.

  • Cgmartin33

    The only thing we are missing…and it baffles me why we don’t have it yet is gpu acceleration. iOS and even the Winmo phones utilize it and that is why they have such buttery smooth scrolling. We keep making things more powerful by throwing ram and dual core processors in devices yet they still hang up and render even when scrolling through the launcher. Yet you can take a 3 year old iphone with half the power and it just feels nice to scroll through those kindergarten looking screens full of building blocks. I despise everything iOS…the restrictions, the marketing genius that was Steve Jobs who was capable of making people think that picture messaging was a new feature two and a half years ago, the god awful UI, and now the plagerism going on with the new notification panel, etc. The only thing that makes me jealous of ianything is gpu acceleration and we better get it in ICS dammit!

    • Anonymous

      I will totally agree with you about scrolling through homescreens, the closest that even compares is launcherpro, and it even has hangups…

    • Anonymous

      No complaints on scrolling on my BIONIC sir.

      • Cgmartin33

        My Bionic felt great out of the box also…best phone i’ve ever owned so far (and I’ve had them all). I love everything about it. It makes my OC’d Droid X feel like a dinosaur. But get a webtop adapter and download a few apps, maybe throw a widget on a few screens and watch it lag every now and then. All I’m saying is there is no replacement for gpu acceleration. Even when Jrummy gives us some overclockability it won’t feel as smooth as iphone or Winmo without it. If you don’t believe me go to VZW and play with one…it will make you lose sleep at night.

        • Anonymous

          I actually have a BIONIC, an iPod touch, and I have used at least 10 of my friends iPhones. I can say BIONIC scrolls through pages a lot faster than the iPhone and iPod touch and pinch-to-zoom is about the same. I can also tell you that the fact that I can get to a web page a lot faster 4G LTE and still get good scrolling with flash on kind of gives the BIONIC an edge.

          • Anonymous

            I also haven’t noticed any lag either. I definitely got some widgets on my home screen and I still haven’t noticed any lag.

          • Cgmartin33

            Not denying the fact that the Bionic is light years ahead of the iphone…and you are absolutely right about LTE. I have turned on wifi once since I bought it on release day because I relied on it with the DX…but I simply don’t need it since LTE is much quicker. I also agree with rendering web pages with flash (something Mr Jobs F’d up for iOS). It is brutal trying to load any web page or even a youtube video on the iphone. You couldn’t pay me to use an iphone daily…I have a deep seeded hatred toward that whole locked down situation. They remove options and customization because they feel that the isheep will F something up and cause their magical device to act up and give it a bad name (Android has destroyed that theory). I have been rooting, rom’ing, and overclocking since the OG Droid. I have played with every aftermarket launcher that exists and nothing is as smooth as iphone or Winmo. DX froyo felt great with LP and turned to shit once updated to GB…ADW suddenly felt the best but still not as smooth. The stock launcher on the Bionic is the smoothest OE launcher on any Moto device to date…but still not as smooth as the gpu accelerated devices.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe the Galaxy Nexus will surprise us. 😀

          • Cgmartin33

            Rumor has it that ICS is getting it…I hope it’s true!

  • Anonymous

    Dell blows, i only expect weed smoking spokespeople from them…

  • DissatisfiedDellOwner

    He would understand very well what not “developing to expectations” is so it’s hard to argue with his experience in the matter…

  • joejoe509

    Well… I’d like to ask him exactly what expectations weren’t realized. Did he expect SkyNet? Artificial Intelligence? Apple and Android each have their own pros and cons. Let’s not get our panties in a bunch. I just question his information and the context of this quote. This guy is probably just looking for attention. He has all the money in the world and now he just wants notoriety. Let’s just ignore this attention whore.

  • Anonymous

    Dell’s Android devices haven’t developed to expectations. Oh wait, yes they have. Expectations are low for anything that says Dell.

  • Anonymous

    I just think that if all of these carriers and manufacturers just left stock vanilla Android on these phones, then the world would be a better place.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not android fault, it’s the manufacturers. Android could be farther along then it is if the manufacturers didn’t slap their skins all over it. The updates could come straight from Google like Apple does, and they would be on a timely basis. Also, we would not have to wait for the manufacturer to make the update compatible w/ whatever skin is on the phone. Has that HTC security flaw been fixed yet? If it were apple it would be fixed in two days. Not a week or more. Google needs to reign in android just a bit or I feel in the next few years the numbers might shift back to IOS. I say that strictly about buyers remorse. I find it interesting that android users ream out iphone users about a new iphone every year when there are 4-5 new android devices every month through different carriers. Moto has released 3 phones this year alone w/ the HD & possibly another one before years end. Now combine that w/ every manufacturer on every carrier and you have lots of buyers remorse. How many people bought the Bionic & now wish they had waited for this samsung “nexus”( I used quotes b/c it’s on VZW & who knows if it will be a true nexus updating from Google). I’m starting to think I’d rather maybe have that feeling once a year rather then once a month at least.
    Holy crap that was a long rant. Still love my OG though.

    • Vince Lewis

      My OG is slow…but like you said what do I upgrade to? there like 5 phones every freakin month and I can’t even use 1/3 of the apps out there…

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. If the iphone 4s were the 5 I would be more tempted to use my last new every 2 on it. But I really want to see what this nexus is about.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Dell isnt impressed with android phones? Im not impressed with dells PoC attempts at android devices

  • Anonymous

    If he was just speaking in terms of Android tablet adoption he’d be right.

  • Anonymous

    No Comment

  • Corymcnutt

    Just because they can’t do anything right but computers is no reason to take it out on Android!

  • I think he’s been hanging out with the “Dude, get yourself a Dell” pothead that used to be on their TV  commercials. He has to be to come up with this. 

  • Vince Lewis

    I kinda agree—I’ve had a droid for 3 years and it just doesn’t even come close to the *phone. Music player and integration suck, its fragmented like crazy, its ugly as hell, honestly the droid is boring. snooze. Ice cream sandwich better have some amazing development or i’m headed to cupertino.

    • Billyrouth2000

      Droid is boring? Yea because not being able to change anything on the *phone is just so fun.

      • Vince Lewis

        What do you need to change so badly?

        • Billyrouth2000

          Whatever i choose atleast i have the option, if i dont like the keyboard i can change it, if i dont like the lock screen i can change it, if i dont like the icons i can change it, and so on, the guy said android was boring, anything gets boring after awile which is why android is better, if i get bored i can change things up, if u get bored with the iphone’s childish look and ui guess what to bad, I mean lets be honest here the iphone is cheap and childish looking,

      • Vince Lewis

        Droid does a lot of things but unfortunately not well—I have a droid. Not everyone wants to trick out there phone with custom ROMs. *phone does everything pretty darn well. 

        • Billyrouth2000

          I never said anything about custom roms. Im not even rooted my point was iphone cant even change anything about the phone at all, such as lock screen, app drawer, notification bar, all of which i can do without being rooted, on iphone your stuck with the boring layout it offers wheter you get bored with it or not, and if you do get bored with it to bad wait another year for another iphone that will just look exactly the same

  • Donnydon

    BTW most responses here are not to what M.Dell stated, but comments on the company DELL. Reason is because what he said has truth to it.

  • Robert White

    Another zinger from the guy who once quipped; “If I were Apple i’d shut the company down & give the money the money back to investors.”

    Such sage advice he gives.

  • Donnydon

    I completely get it. Just because its on more phones doesnt it make it great. Remember google bought ANDROID from a developer. Google didnt create it from the ground up. IOS is smoother and runs faster. When compared to IOS its not as polished. Maybe Ice Cream will be different. Google claims its 180% faster than Gingerbread….. lets see.

  • I use to work for Dell, I can say Michael is not that smart. First you hand over your company to a stranger (Kevin Rollins) then they oust you from everything but the board. Ouch. He is has a hand in the company again but no where near what he should. Oh and did I mention their office building is only half built up there in Nashville because they didnt had to cancel the expansion then to give the land the city GAVE him back over because he didnt need it at the time and now the office building is hurting for space.

    Yeah i wouldnt listen to his advice.

  • Jonfrap

    Where did all
    these I-jerks come from. I’ve never seen so much Apple love in my life. Get off
    our site please!!!

    IOS is for Amateurs. PERIOD!!! I tried to
    like them. I went to the apple store and played. Then I recomended my girl get one
    (again, because she is an amateur) and really got to play with it. I cannot
    believe anyone would talk about that phone. The “limits” are ridiculous!!!
    She has to keep blue tooth on all day because it’s so many clicks to toggle.
    And the battery sucks. I have no idea where these people come up with “all
    day”. Hers is just like mine, if you use it the battery might get you till
    you get home after work. Let’s put it this way; the best part of a new phone is
    playing with the settings. My androids take days to see them all. I was done
    with the I-junk in about 20 minutes. so of course it’s going to be smooth.
    theres nothing to change that could possibly make it un-smooth. it’s like being
    in jail with that thing. if you’re an amateur that needs a phone for a few
    things then that is it. If you have one ounce of skill or brains then android
    all the way.

    P.S. was one of those donkeys
    bringing WM into the mix? lord help me !!!!

    • Vince Lewis

      Ever open the app store you moron—its miles ahead of android. Unless you like to filter through p*orn to find a good app. (which there are very few of)

      • Jonfrap

        Oh..we’re talking about apps now. who cares about apps donkey. What does that have to do with your phones smoothness. Good comeback, amateurish just like the people that use your phone!!!!!

        • Vince Lewis

          I have a droid dumbass

          • Jonfrap

            sure yo do !

          • Vince Lewis

            Hold old are you…2??…..Nice comback “sure YO do!” —-I’ve had a OG for 3 years. 

        • Vince Lewis

          Listen droidboy—you are and idiot to comment on smoothness—there have been about a billion comments here by other droid users saying the droid ISN’T smooth—I don’t need to prove that point. ITS FREAKING OBVIOUS. 

  • Dell seems to forget what made it so successful back then — dirt cheap PC that worked like every other PC with quality service. Name one software that in the PC era that Dell successfully made? None. When they made their Android phone, they suddenly thought they made great software and wasted their time in customizing Android. Just focus in making GREAT hardware at an affordable price.

  • Cree

    If Michael Dell has $15B why doesn’t he invest in his own operating system to compete with Android and iOS?

    Why because when failure arrives negative feelings are involved too…HTC and Samsung are laughing at the bank with his statement.Cree

  • Anonymous

    While I admittedly haven’t dug deeper to find out what else the Dell boss said on this subject, I don’t think he’s necessarily wrong.  It’s fair to say that Android hasn’t met expectations even if it IS the number one smartphone OS; just because you’re the best doesn’t mean you’ve met expectations.  I’m not saying that I agree, only that I don’t think he’s necessarily as big of an airhead as this article has made him out to be.

  • babadush

    Dells are pieces of crap. Who is he to talk?

  • Serpico

    Streak 7 … That’s all I’m Saying. You can’t hold Android accountable for that hunk of crap.

  • Anonymous

    Dell Axim FTW!!!

  • Rich

    well that’s becasue dell uses pocket pc or windows mobile… there in lies his problem… he might not be able to use android so he will bash them… Typical people tho…

  • 1D10T

    If Android had developed a gerbal that would crawl up his poop chute and tickle his prostate, he might be happy with how Android has developed so far… because Dell has so much going for it right now.

  • His issue is that it hasn’t produce what he would have wanted for his company. Smartphones are frog leaping over PC sales and he wanted a piece of the pie. The problem is that Dell’s implementation of what Android devices should be does not fit well with the Android community. Also the fact that there are so many choices makes Dell Android devices more obscured.

  • BillyT

    Thats funny…I feel the same way about their plastic-y POS laptops.  Lets make yet another identical Inspiron Michaelangelo.


  • Anonymous

    Dell doesn’t meet my expectations, they used to be great computers when they first became public, now there junk.

  • Why don’t you shut up and stick to PC’s. 

  • Davros

    I think he just has Android penis envy 😉

  • pezjono

    There is always room for expansion on any OS or piece of software for that fact, but come on, there is a better way to word that than Dell just did.

  • Anonymous

    Could care less on his views of Android. Your computers suck and your phones are the crappier than any other budget company’s worst product. Seriously, you guys don’t belong in the mobile space at all. You couldn’t make a functioning and appealing device for nothing in this world.

  • Rob

    He must be getting confused with Android activation data for the whole market vs Dell’s share. If he thinks Android as a whole is selling at the rate of his smartphones, then he would be making a less crazy sounding statement.

  • Dan

    Comes from the same man who said Apple computers would never sell, his predictions have been off for nearly a decade. 


    • babadush

      In his defense he’s somewhat right about apple. They’ve been stuck at 20% market share for as long as I can remember

      • Dan

        He mentioned this back in the 90s, today Mac sales are skyrocketing…just saying, Mr Dell has made many mistakes in the past. 

  • Anewbreedx008x

    Money can’t buy brains? I am clearly unimpressed.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmm… well now… Umm… Just stick to making laptops Mister Dell. Just stick to laptops and let Google, Apple, and Microsoft handle the smartphone realm!

  • SugaShane

    That’s because Dell’s version of “developing” is allowing you to put fancy decorations on the cover of your laptop. 

    • Techdork

      Exactly!  That perfectly describes the dell consumer “development” in the past 5+ years.  If you want an entry level laptop that you can personalize with platic covers, Dell has been your man for the past few years.  If you want speed and portability, look elsewhere.  They seem to be dedicating their time to the enterprise.  Hp and Compaq’s old stomping grounds.

  • qwety123

    i have to agree with him…bugs here bugs there phone after phone random updates for every phone….2.3 this 2.34 that 2.35 that 2.2.2 this…..

  • Anonymous

    Dell sucks hairy donkey Balls and he thinks Android hasnt developed? What a d i p $ h i t

  • I’d almost say I could agree with that. Yes Android is fantastic, but we’re still in a stage of heavy device fragmentation, that will supposedly be fixed with ICS, which is what, like 2 full years after Android really started to take off as a mobile platform (if you count the OG droid as the beginning of the break through). It’s not where it could be, but it’s still amazing.

    Not to mention it’s just overall, not as stable as iOS is, and for many, not nearly as intuitive.I think even  everyone here should be able to agree that iOS is far more polished. (iOS defintely has bugs too, I didn’t say it was perfect or ideal).

    Android could still use a lot of changes, in performance (it’s come a long way), intuitiveness (it hasn’t changed too much since the beginning I’d say), etc.

  • This, coming from the guy who makes shitty computers for schools to buy en masse.

  • Razrback501

    Android has developed quite well. Each version gets smoother and better.Dell’s smartphones are what didn’t meet expectations. He got his facts turned around backwards.

  • Zxczcass

    he should just stick to entry level home computer sales.

  • Anonymous

    Cool story bro.  Maybe you should stick to making your own company SUCK LESS -> http://gizmodo.com/5576237/dell-knowingly-sold-118-million-computers-with-a-97-failure-rate

    • babadush


  • Anonymous

    Who cares what Michael Dell thinks.  I’m an IT Professional that does a lot of PC repair jobs in my free time, and most of my reoccurring customers are Dell owners.  They really know how to make a quality product that meets the users expectations.

  • As an Austin resident in the tech field I can confirm that Dell has been a huge disappointment to the community.   Their local image is 180 degrees different than it was 10 years ago.  

    Maybe they don’t understand Android either.

  • Cuz “Dude you got a dell” was not able to capitalize on it. Dell Streak was a fail and still no tablet from Dell means they are behind the ball thus lost much of the market share. Good luck Dell

  • Dan

    Translation: Dell Streak has not done that well

  • Lethalprophet

    This coming from the guy who’s attempt at smart phones and pda’s failed utterly? not even worth commenting on…

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what Michael Dell thinks.  I’m an IT Professional, and I do a lot of PC repairs in my free time.  Most of my customers that have reoccurring problems are Dell owners.  They really do know how to make a “quality” product that meets user expectations.

  • GCurry

    Dell Streak didn’t take off.   Couldn’t be his fault.   Ergo, must be Google Android’s fault.

  • He should do his research before he speaks. Where has be been the last 2 years…living under a rock. Rich people make sick.

  • Funny coming from a company that never impressed anyone…

  • Anonymous

    Funny coming from someone that is not even in the smart phone market, if you dont know about something dont say anything

  • Dimmu

    What he meant to say was that the dell streak was a disappointment and never evolved into his expectations, though this certainly doesn’t reflect the Android platform as a whole.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. What a moron. Sorry, but the guy clearly has no clue about the world of Smartphones, or Android for that matter.

    In my book, Android has developed into more than just an OS, definitely more than anyone probably ever thought it could.

    Micheal whatshisface seriously needs to do better research.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure you’re keeping this in context?  He was referring to tablets, right?  Not smartphones…

    Surely, he’s going to pick on Android, as he’s going to use Windows 8.  I think many Android die-hards have said that the Android OS for tablets isn’t as polished as it should be.

  • At $15B of wealth, I would not be doing interviews about an OS.  I would own a football team, travel the world, and hit up a load of Hooters.

  • Anonymous

    without clarifying what the “expectations” were to begin with.. such statements really make no sense. 

    It’s like saying.. “democracy as a way of government hasn’t developed as expected”.

    what the hell is that supposed to mean?

  • Dell Pothead Kid

    Dude you’re gettin a Dell!

  • Anh

    Well, it doesn’t hurt to set high expectation. Coming from Dell, though…

  • Thatguy

    Dell is Microsoft’s bitch. They diversify some, enough to get some play from niche markets (see: Dell selling overpriced and underspec’d Ubuntu laptops) or as a stopgap while Microsoft develops their own version of a product (Their relationship with Android), but at the end of the day, Dell is trying to sell you Windows devices, all of their other devices be damned.

  • Well just let me say that Dell has reached the expectations that most people had for the company.  Let’s just say they weren’t high to begin with and they haven’t overachieved.

  • J Rob


  • Matthew Rosidivito

    He has a right to his opinion, but If that’s the case, I invite him and his net worth to help develop it.

  • When you release shitty devices with shitty skins, you’ll get shitty returns. 

    The problem with the Streak 5 was that it was 5 inches big and was released in a time when 4.3″ screens were still considered monstrous. If they were to release a Honeycomb (or ICS) 10 inch tablet now with STOCK Android (no customizations… at all) and stellar hardware at a good price, they’d be a contender.

  • Techdork

    I purchaed my first Dell in 1998, and it was a great machine.  But, in recent quest for a laptop, Dell is not part of the hunt.  Haven’t seen anything from them in more than 5 years that impresses me.  M. Dell needs to worry about his company’s performance, not Android.

    • Techdork

      oops, purchased.

  • Dell?

    Considering this is coming from the guy behind Dell, I think Android users should take this as a good sign and a compliment.

  • Purnelton

    what an idiot

  • Jason Kross

    Ummm dell how are your smart phones working out….?

  • J

    Android has evolved off of an iOS-like GUI, and never was revolutionary like iOS was vs palm or windows phones of the time. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love android, but I would have a tough time saying it is revolutionary…

    • Dominick DeVito

      iOS doesn’t have widgets or the ability to customize the home screen other than rearranging icons and creating folders. I do agree that it set the standard for the next wave of smartphone operating systems but saying Android is iOS-like is tough to accept. The Android home screen is a development platform all in itself. we just haven’t seen the development potential in 3rd party applications, but that time will tell.

    • DBK

      lol And yet iOS (i*hone) isn’t exactly revolutionary either, considering Apple took everything that made Palm good (almost everything Palm created) and redesigned them to look like they created it. If anything, nothing has really been revolutionary since Palm. It’s all been either slight incremental improvements or slight redesigns.

  • Anonymous

    He ought to know since Dell isn’t living up to expectations currently.

  • Anonymous

    “developed to expectations.”
    Question: what were his expectations to begin with?

  • Anonymous

    Define “developed.”  I suspect this comment was taken entirely out of context.  I fully admit that Android is not perfect, and I think Google really needs to hire a proper graphic designer to overhaul the stock UI and core apps, and just make the UI consistent in general.

    Still, I’d sure like to know what these high expectations are that Mr. Dell seems to have.  If he’s referring to Dell’s own Android device sales numbers, well, you certainly can’t blame the platform for your lack of sales numbers, since it is the top leader in market share.  Remove Dell’s sales numbers, and I’m sure Android would still be #1 globally.  I haven’t seen Dell pumping out the phones like overseas OEMs have, and they do not have a device available on every major carrier, which further limits their potential sales.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, well this was my last dell computer. P.O.S.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how Samsung, HTC and Motorola are all thrilled with Android.  They have made tons of money off of it.  

    Hey Dell if they can sell a buttload of phones with android and you can’t maybe you need to take a closer look at the phones you are releasing.  The problem appears to be with your designs and skins and not with Android.

  • John

    Ya, well…that’s just like your opinion, man

  • Joelseph

    …wait for it….  Waiiit for it…


    RIP Dell Tablets

  • I’d like to hear his entire comment or the discussion. I’d like to think Dell provided examples instead of making some one-off statement. It’s easy to simply isolate one sentence and make hay with it, without providing context..

  • John

    Should have much better HW acceleration by now, so on that front I agree.. UI should be smooth as butter like iOS.  

  • Jrob

    If I owned Dell, I would sell it.

  • Truthfully, I think Android sells because it’s cheap. You can get awesome phones that resemble the iPhone for half the price.

    I think that’s why Android is #1.

    • ? Some android phones are more than Iphones on contract… so people are willing to pay more. Yes they get a lot of sales because there are a bunch of different phones that have different features and price ranges. Thats what android was built for, and thats whats happening. People pay for a different experience, not just for the lower price, although that is a reason too in some cases. It doesn’t resemble the iphone as much as people make it out to be. Give an android phone to an ios user and they will ask you a million questions, because it is different. I hope ICS brings a lot of stability and improvement to Android as a whole. I think these next two versions, ICS and jellywhatever will definitely make Android more usable and capable. I mean think about it, how long have Apple and MS been making Operating systems…. a long time. Google will get there, in time.

  • Rocketjrb

    He ment to say dell on a mobile platform has not “developed to expectations.”

  • Anonymous

    Translation: “I’m butthurt because my crappy Android products didn’t sell.”

  • Anonymous

    His comment was that Android has not developed sufficiently for them to bet their tablet future on Android OVER Windows 8. I think that’s a fair comment for the owner of Dell.

  • Iceberglettuce

    Dell, you jealous bro?

  • Anonymous

    Depends on what his expectations are.

  • The only dell product or service I ever got my money’s worth on was their tech support… and boy did I use it a lot.

  • Joelseph

    What he should have said is that, unlike they’d hoped, consumers weren’t dumb enough to overlook Dell’s crap hardware just because it was running Android.  What a doofus.

  • Jake

    He hoped that Google would do all the selling and all the promotion of Android and that Dell would only have to release a device running Android and ride the wave of cash coming in. Sorry, Mike, but you still have to make a good product, market it, sell it, convince people that they need or want it. That’s what Samsung and other companies who have been successful with Android have done. Ya gotta keep husslin’.

  • shootAngelsface77

    If I were rich I’d say LOTS of stupid things. I’M RICH! You don’t like it? Let me cry in my diamond encrusted kleenex!

    • pezjono

      Ouch, don’t scrape your nose on diamond! I hear they are tough or sumthing!

  • MikeyBotz

    3 weeks until Galaxy Nexus!!!! oh and, who care’s what this guy has to say. Nobody even owns a Dell.

    • Anonymous

      I actually own two Dell 24inch widescreen LCD monitors, but that’s as far as that goes. I won’t ever buy anything else Dell related, like a computer. I’d rather just build my own computer from scratch than to buy a Dell PC.

  • Kyrumo

    Android does need to be more polished like iOS.

    • MikeyBotz

      Go back to where you came from….i*hone drone

      • I have had 3 droids. Hes right, I want android to be better I just think its funny as a solution to almost every stock phone is. “Root and unlock”. Yeah rooting and loading roms is fun.. for like a week or 2…

        I dont know i hope ICS changes how i feel about droid or i’ll probably go to windows phone or ios. 

        • Antivanity

          Kyrumo is right, after using MIUI.. Stock android seems so out dated in the polished department.

          • Anonymous

            You mean MIUI….? A custom rom that is only available for Android because of the great open features that allow something to change your whole feel & look on your OS…. That  MIUI….????? o_O

          • MIUI is pretty nice though. 

          • No, I think they mean the MIUI that is based on Cyanogen, not the Android MIUI,,,  😉

          • Billy Jenkins

            Oh. So he meant the MIUI that is based on Cyanogen and runs on Android?

        • jjt

          You can’t be serious!!!

          • I just dont see anything that makes me say YEAH ANDROID anymore. The Roms were the reason for that, but even that got boring. The widgets are bloated and battery drain (most of them are). I dont know what it is i’ve always had anything but apple products and now its like every time i pick up an iPhone its just so smooth, polished and clean. Was playing with a SGII and a iPhone with iOS5 and iOS5 is pretty badass.

            By no means do i think android is bad, i just think i might be switching ship eventually. I hope ICS changes my mind.

            I’m still stuck on how much better iOS notification system looks even after we have had it for so long. They took it and made it amazing.

            I’m no fanboy of either side of the competition. I think all 3 os (iOS, Android, and WP7) have their pro’s and con’s. I just think if i had the choice to pick a droid or iphone at the moment. I would go iPhone.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I’ve been considering the same lately. I love android, but it has become stale. I am really hoping ICS is the revolution Google is leading it as. 

          • Yeah, I’m really hoping so. I’d like to stay on android.

          • Anonymous

            Android needs some control. There is no reason that 40% or so of Androids need to be absolute junk.

          • Anonymous

            It’s quite rediculous that I need to use Juice Defender pro on my DX with the extended battery just to get a full day of life out of my phone, even though I barely use it throughout the day.  Processing needs some work.

          • Kixofmyg0t

            Something is definitely wrong with ur DX.

            Im still running 596 on mine…… Stock Blur and all(I actually like Blur) rooted and Overclocked to 1.2Ghz.

            I have all kinds of crap installed and running on mine(including ALL OF BLUR) and I STILL get 12+ of constant use and 24+ hours of moderate/light use.

            I dont have juice defender or any battery saving gimmick app(cuz they all are gimmicks and dont work) but I DO have the extended battery.

          • Thechaostheory

            Juice Defender RUINED my Droid X and it took over 5 months to get it back to a working 3g State. the constant on and off of the 3G Radio actually weakened my Battery and made my connection Stale/broke. I hate JD! my DX last for 30+ with no Charge, No Root, and no App Killer. ANDROID FTW!

          • Anonymous

            The iPhone isn’t bad by any means. But Apple likes to limit their mobile products so you will buy the next one. I love my Mac computers but the iPhone is seriously limited. It is very functional and fluid and not as buggy as 40% of the Android devices out there, but its just a desktop with icons on a small screen. Desktop widgets aren’t even enabled in iOS 5. And you have to buy all their peripherals. Not to mention the web doesn’t work to its maixmum and turn by turn directions are not that good compared to Google Navigations. The iphone is solid and fast, but simple and limited. If you get the RIGHT android phone it will be dependable, fast and kill the iphone, but if you get the wrong android, you will want to switch to apple. You gotta love fragmentation.

          • I hear you, widgets arnt a deal breaker to me because i think most of the widgets are ugly. The ones i do like are battery drains. I know what your saying about the phone. Im pretty much the nerd in the family so i get phone calls every day about why is my phone doing this and that, ive seen and used probably half of the android phones out there. Theres is probably 5 that are actually good in my mind, and each one of those have features i don’t like. (Button placement, screen size/pentile and other stuff.)


            Just kidding. It is fun to play the rage guy though.  I totally agree with you. I’m curious to see how iOs 5 is going to compare to ICS.  I figure the phones… dare I say it… will be relatively comparable to each other, so the operating system is going to make all the difference.  I was against the iPhone at first due to its lack of 4G, but seriously, what do I need it for?  I can stream netflix just fine over 3G. 

            Ultimately, my waiting for the “best phone” will have me waiting until next year to upgrade.

            Flame on!

          • Anonymous

            I was disappointed that iOS5 didn’t include desktop widgets, flash support, Google style navigation and that Iphone still has a very tiny screen. It would be a good phone IMO if it didn’t have those short comings

          • See i hate flash, i turn it off on my computer browsers. waste of bandwidth and is a horrible optimized software in my mind. I’ve never used the navigation on iPhone, however bigger screen would be pretty bad ass.

          • Anonymous

            I dislike flash too. I wish people would move to a different format when designing web pages. But the fact is a lot of people use it on their pages. So it’s nice to have a phone that at least supports it. Iphone navigation and waze aren’t bad on the iphone, its just that Google is much better. Screen size is the major problem though IMO.

          • Yeah thats a good point. However, I’ve been noticing that companies i work for, when quoting for a new website they want non flash because of optimization and compatibility.

          • Anonymous

            Yea. I was told not to use a lot of flash when I designed my companies webpage. I limited it to the bottom part of our splash screen.

          • I’m a programmer, but i make mobile app websites for companies. So i generally avoid flash because of compatibility issues.

          • Haha. Being a true nerd that i am, i like and enjoy all aspects of technology. I have no favorites even when it comes down to processors such as AMD/INTEL or video cards, each have pros and cons. I love true fanboys though, reading the comments they make on engadget/droid life and other tech blogs kill me sometimes. lol

          • Xfloggingkylex

            True, these new phones will be mostly the same, now that the iPhone 4s has 4G and dual core… You are basically buying the OS.

            Is android pretty? It can be, but it can also be very basic.  Is iOS pretty?  Yes, but it is very limiting.  The way I see it, the competition is good for both OSes, without iOS android wouldn’t be where it is right now, and without android iOS would IMO be significantly less feature filled (except gimmicks like Siri).

            The two need each other, but just like all other companies that work like that (nvidia vs ati, AMD vs Intel) you will always find fan boys who even when presented with better features will always like one brand over the other.  Personally even if iOS took off and started killing android somehow I wouldn’t be able to switch, I like flashing roms and all of that.

          • I used to like flashing roms and shit but now im just sick of it. Good points though. +1 fosho!

          • The iPhone 4S does not have 4G. 

          • I’m yet to try iOS 5, maybe it’s so groundbreaking, but iOS 4 makes me yawn. Boring, just boring like plain utility tool (albeit solid).

        • OG Droid

          I think I would rather have Zac Morris’s old phone than a windows phone. But I didnt think that they even made them anymore.

          • Have you seen or used some of the new windows phones? They are actually very well done, they just need to tune the operating system (its still new in my mind). It can easily rival the competition.

          • Fanboyidiot


          • Korntoff

            Windows Phone (7<) is actually quite amazing. I ran it on my HD2 for a while. If only there was a file explorer and an ordinary filesystem on the SD card (ext4, anyone?) it would be much more usable. I still hate bing with a passion.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, Mango has some really cool stuff on it. I expect that ICS has some of that, and that the rest will be in the Market within months, but it does.

        • Baller2377

          There’s a difference between DROIDS and Android phones. Please understand this. 

          • Yeah not much really, but i know what your trying to say. Same operating same thing to me.

            2 droids 1 android to be clear lol.

    • Ok

      I agree. If we’re talking about development=polish, then yes as a long time Android user I’d say it could be improved. I’d like to see greater consistency across applications and a more streamlined feel. But if we’re talking about development=innovation, then we’re really going to say any other operating system, including iOS 5, is more “developed”? Especially when virtually all the “new” features on iOS have been incorporated into Android for a long time?

    • Corymcnutt

      Hey, I LOVE my Bionic, but the system does need more “polish” to really be outstanding. There are things from my 2 year old BB Storm2 that Android could take a helping hand from.

      • sockid

        Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what?!

        What would you take from your BB to the BIONIC?? jw..

    • Anonymous

      Ifone is ONE phone. It can’t compare. Go polish your OS

    • palomosan

      I don’t like iOS but I like the smoothness, how it never lags.

  • Anonymous

    sorry the streak didn’t work out for you

  • Dell’s focus is business users, and I’m sure that’s where he see’s Android lacking. So does everyone else besides RIM (which, of course, has it’s own slew of problems right now).

  • Larry Mao

    Well, let’s see. Dell released a subpar Android tablet with a screen that every single reviewer said was the worst they had ever seen, at least since the Blackberry Storm, the specs were always a generation behind, Dell failed at updating their devices to the most current version of Android, and released them for only 1 or 2 carriers. Hmmm, yeah, Android was definitely the culprit here. [rolls eyes.]

  • He’s kind of right–there haven’t been any new and distinct upgrades to the Android platform for almost a good year.  The Honeycomb-inspired ICS looks okay…but it just looks like a redefined menu layout for the OS.  

    Siri ftw–I may just switch to an iPhone, however, I still love Android.  Always.

    • Mustagme

      I agree. Siri is really going to change the smartphone game. Android always seems to be one step behind in the innovation department. As far as UI, iOS wins hands down. It is the smoothest and easiest to use OS there is. And if the 4S’s camera is as good as the hype, Android really needs to step up their game. It seems Gingerbread and Honeycomb were pretty luckluster and full of bugs.

      • Techdork

        Seriosly?  From the NY times: “Some of its 200 new features play Android catch-up. For example, a tidy, attractive Notification Center appears when you swipe a finger down the screen. In one place, it lists all of your missed calls, text messages received, coming appointments and other updates — a tremendous convenience.”  and “Android phones seem to come out every Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. Apple updates iOS and the iPhone only once a year. So Apple had a lot of catching up to do, even some leapfrogging. There are some rough spots here and there; for example, every now and then the 4S’s camera app gets stuck on its startup screen. And while the battery still gets you through one full day, standby time is shorter than before (200 hours versus 300). But over all, Apple has done an excellent job.”

        And, the ONLY way Siri is going to change the smartphone game is IF people buy into and use the VR technology.  Many don’t, but that might change as the technology continues to improve.  For me and many others, a better VR experience is not a game changer on android or iphone.

        • Anonymous

          I hope its a game changer because I use the crap out of my VR. It’s so much faster to do that then click through all the menus and type.

          Its especially useful while driving. I can send quick texts with out being a danger to society.

        • Anonymous

          Not a game changer but all of these kids are going to be walking around shouting “show me the nearest starbucks” into their phones.  Ugh.

      • Another one

        Android is “behind” in the innovation department? Oh that’s right, because it didn’t include things like advanced voice actions, a swipeable notification bar, automatic cloud syncing for mail/calendar/rss/docs/pictures, GChat/iMessage, Twitter integration, and wireless updating for a long time now. iOS is a really nice package with good features and excellent implementation/quality. iOS 5 especially so. But the freaking blind fanboyism is consistently ridiculous.

      • mbanicek

        ios 5 just “caught up” to android on features. ios 5 is pretty bad. if anything apple is way behind at this point. ICS is being released in days.

        • Almost caught up. Maybe features like intents (allowing you to use any camera app from your favorite social app), contacts provider api (so you’ll not need to bake every social platform into the OS, like Apple just did with Twitter) and widgets (so you’ll not need to open ten separate apps every time you want to get a glimps of info) will come up in iOS 6 or 7….

      • Madcow06

        Siri was around before it was baked in iOS, people act like it’s brand new and apple invented it so it’s amazing. I would much rather click on my calender widget and add an appointment real quick than talk to my phone like it’s a person.

        • That’s a typical Apple marketing, they do this all the time, and sadly it works every time.
          When Apple will release LTE phone some time next year, LTE will become another technology invented by Apple.

      • I actually hate iOS UI. It may be smooth, but it’s so cumbersome to use and definitely not easy at all. Oh, and it looks so 2007.

    • Thats how i’m feeling lately too

  • Papoose34238

    i somewhat agree with dell…*insert ron’s article(s) here*

  • The only thing that hasn’t “developed to expectations” is Dell’s stock price
    over the past decade.

  • Bassmeiser

    has anyone looked at Dell’s computer quality lately? The word suck doesn’t begin to describe it.

  • Anonymous

    maybe he expected it to fail

  • Erasmussen14

    So most popular means most developed??

    Love this site and being able to stay up on the news about android, but getting pissy about something objectively negative said about the topic you write about is mad fan-boyish. 

    Dude said its not where it was expected to be.  Okay, his opinion, did he say why?  There are issues with android.  Its not perfect, no need to get all sensitive.

    • Anonymous

      Agree.  The platform can always be better, I think he’s just stating that Android should be pushing ahead even further with all the resources that are coming their way.

      Saying something isn’t where it should be isn’t always a negative comment, it’s often a way of saying hey, you’re doing great, but you could be doing amazing.

    • Jaymonster

      Except, he (Dell) is not talking about rough edges in the UI, or needed changes to the API, he is trying to explain away their abysmal showing in the SmartPhone space… why the Aero didn’t fly, and why the Streak left everybody cold. And rather than accept responsibility for building inferior products, he tries to place the blame with Android.

  • He looks like a tool.

  • Anonymous

    Dell’s computers have not developed to expectations either, and nobody really buys dell branded android devices cause of the development. 

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you’re going to Hell!

  • Meh… his opinion is insignificant.

  • Jeff

    and I thought he was smart…

  • older android phones were a disappointment, but the new beasts coming out will change his opinion

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had it with Michael Dell

  • Maybe he was misquoted? I’m pretty sure Dell’s venture into Android has not “developed to expectations”.

  • Dominick DeVito

    yeah, ’cause Dell’s done so well in the last decade.

    • Technically they’ve done amazingly well, but everyone hates them, so yeah.

      • Anonymous

        They’ve done great in enterprise; not so much in the consumer mobile world.

      • KRSwon

        I heard a rumor that to fix this, Dell won the bid to build the Nexus Prime S. It come custom buildable and has a 15 month trade-in trade-up policy… just a rumor 😛

      • EC8CH

        their stock has under performed the Nasdaq over the past 10 years 

      • Anonymous

        Since Michael Dell was talking about “developing” I won’t go into Dell’s financing just as I won’t go into Android’s market share.

        Look at this way though. Android has gone from non-existence to the amazing OS that is today in less than 10 years.
        Dell has gone from making crappy overpriced plastic sh*t boxes to….making more crappy overpriced sh*t boxes.

    • Anonymous

      He has a point, Android still runs in a virtual machine. We need Android to actually run on the hardware, not a VM. 

      • Anonymous

        No, Android runs on the hardware. Some apps run in a VM; this is to make them easier to write, because they don’t have to be hardware-specific. Anything that requires high performance, such as 3D games, is written in C++ and runs natively. http://developer.android.com/

  • Anonymous


  • i think he’s butthurt that he didnt sell as many as he was hoping, try lowering ur prices and more ppl will buy your shit

  • Trolololololololololololol, Michael Dell.

    • OG Droid

      Dude just looks like a turd in that picture.

    • TomHolmes

      Michael Dell’s business acumen outside of desktop computers and laptops has not developed to expectations. Or at all. 

      Now if he said that Android’s penetration into the tablet market hasn’t developed to expectations, I think that would be about right. It hasn’t. And it’s because companies like Dell think they can offer a product that is on par or less than the iPad at a similar price and steal away market share. Those who have offered better functionality at a lower price have begun to discover the market that Apple left behind. Amazon will demonstrate for us next month.