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QuickOffice 5.0 Update Coming in November: UI Tweaks, Document Sharing, and More Cloud Options

We sat down with the folks at QuickOffice yesterday at CTIA to preview the newest version of the tablet and smartphone app dubbed version 5.0. It’s a pretty massive upgrade that introduces a variety of features for the business travel in all of us.

Along with some UI tweaks that add to the polish, QuickOffice is including a new sharing feature. That’s right, you will be able to share your work with colleagues on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. They also tossed in some additional cloud services to help round out their portfolio – most notably are Evernote and Catch.

They told us to expect the update in mid-November at the same prices you are seeing right now.  More pictures after the break.  

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  • EC8CH

    the patina on your OGD is lovely 😛 

  • i really hope that we will finally see a decent office suite. Instead of twitter and linked-in integration the developers should focus more on actual functionality such as proper font rendering, formatting and embedded objects support, slide transitions, etc.  So far no office suite comes even close to being a substitute for a desktop office suite. http://goo.gl/DgLqY

  • Come on HP touchpad update.

  • this doesn’t really look any different in the ui department, at least the tablet version doesn’t

  • yes i am in fact mad…. bro

    • Anonymous

      is that a fact, bro?

      • Neoh74

        comments in excel is #1 update needed, next is now icloud support….

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    what no nexus updates today?  You got something, come on buddy guy