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DROIDX2 Android 2.3.4 Update Rolling Out Now

The Android 2.3.4 update for the DROIDX2 is finally available to all. It has been out to soak test members for a week now, so the timing seems about right. You can grab it now by heading into Settings>About phone>System updates. Look at this slight bump in version as a stability enhancer. Nothing ground breaking to point out.

The list of bugs that are fixed can be found here.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Anonymous

    The updates fix all the bugs :).

  • Jared

    Things “feel” better for me but I now have more signal issues and less battery life.  I like where I was before.  CRT animation is haught though.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Received it last night. I haven’t noticed any big changes. The Task Manager icon looks different. Scrolling on certain apps and web browser seems a lot faster. Typing on the multi-touch keyboard feels more accurate (most notable improvement). I now get that cool little CRT blink when turning off. I’ve never had any problems at all with locking up, freezing, or any random reboots so I can’t really speak on that. Oh and the audio playback doesn’t stutter or hiccup anymore (another very noticeable improvement). So there you have it. I’m a happy camper!  🙂

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that my battery last longer. The crt animations was integrated as well.

      • Alexander Garcia

        I haven’t had the opportunity to do a batt test yet. I love how they squashed all the bugs out of the media engine. And yes, the CRT blink adds a nice touch to it.

        • Anonymous

          What is the functionality of the rct? Moto is doing a good job pushing the updates for us.

  • Anthony

    I was in the soak test for this update and it’s pretty bad. It honestly made my phone worse, and now they’ve introduced even more problems like the phone not reporting the correct battery life on a restart.

    So yeah, Motorola really messed this update up.

  • Billyrouth2000

    It definitely runs better, no more screen redraws, and hasent rebooted on me in 5 days

  • Purpleglitter39

    Still haven’t received the update to my incredible when Droid life posted it was available a month ago…love my phone hadn’t really planned on getting rid of it but I definitely will b upgrading if this update doesn’t get here shame too cause I really do like it 🙁

  • digsoreos

    No excitement about this?

  • Tzoller

    Whatever happened to the Gingerbread roll out to the HTC Incredible that started a few months ago.  I haven’t seen it here in NC.

    • Anonymous

      WTF happened to HTC…this time last year HTC was the king

  • Anonymous

    What does this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus?

  • kretz

    It’s a good bug fix update but even after the update the DX2 still has issues…

  • Sweet what a day, got my XOOM back today and now an update for my X2.  Awesome, gonna have to turn alogcat on so i can get the address for the update.  Then pull it manually since I am sure it will break root temporarily and i might have to SBF a few times while i tweak it.

  • REALLY hope this means that the update for the D2G is rolling out soon.

    • Anonymous

      🙂  Weird how things get done… huh.I can’t imagine it would be much different than the D2 which rolled out a while ago. Maybe they forgot…

  • Flip74k

    Imma wait a few days to see if we can get a pre rooted version. Don’t wanna loose root.

  • Not sure I’ll ever run stock again if I can help it, but not happy with CM4DX atm. 🙁 need to look at some other roms. Hope the DX2 users keep getting plenty of Love. Just a waiting game now for the Galaxy Nexus

    • Dave

      What is your problem with CM7 if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve had a few issues with some of the nighties but they always seem to disappear in the following couple of builds. Short of not being able to record video in 720p with my DX :(, I’ve been satisfied with CM7