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Dear Motorola: “Late 2011” Is Approaching Fast, We Should Make the DROID RAZR Your First Unlocked Phone

As we move later and later into 2011, we arrive closer and closer to Motorola’s self-imposed timeline for bootloader unlocking. They have said on numerous occasions now that in “late 2011” they would start to unlock phones “where operator and channel partners will allow it.” I’d say it’s time for us all to revisit this situation again, especially with the DROID RAZR only days from being unveiled.  

Can you imagine a better time than now for Moto to decide to unlock their first bootloader? With the RAZR having to compete directly with the Galaxy Nexus…scratch that – can it compete with the G-Nex? We ran a poll just last week asking if readers were going to make Google’s new phone their next and the response was an emphatic, “YES.” Out of almost 10,000 votes, more than half said that they had planned to get it with another 3,000 leaning towards pulling the trigger. Less than 1% actually said no. And you know why the G-Nex is going to be huge? Because it’s unlocked, runs Ice Cream Sandwich and is on Verizon.

The RAZR currently only matches one of those 3 selling points: the Verizon part. Now I would put money on the idea that if they chose to unlock this phone, that it would have a chance to be as big or bigger than any of their previous phones. I’m sure they will toss a huge marketing campaign behind it since they are bringing back the RAZR name, but the ever growing developer community – who helped bring them back from the dead by supporting the original DROID for years – is going to continue to have a hard time looking anywhere near it. You unlock that bootloader though, and you have a completely different situation on your hands.

I see at times, people trying to discredit the amount of influence that developers of ROMs, themes and other root-only smartphone works have on things like sales numbers. Why though? Look at the original DROID, the EVO, the Incredible and now Thunderbolt. These were all nice phones to begin with, but they were made even more special by the support they received from a talented group of enthusiasts. If there is a way to create long-lasting buzz, you give the Android world a phone that is easily unlocked and we will flock to it. While there may be little way to track that kind of importance, I can tell you first hand that my inbox and our comments certainly tell quite the story.

So Moto, here is the community asking that you give back. It’s time to revisit your bootloader policy starting with the DROID RAZR.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, with the stockholders voting on the Google merger soon, this’ll happen within the next couple of phones.

  • Anonymous

    here, here!

  • Guest

    Why don’t you write your letter to Google?  Derp.

  • Derkk

     “where operator and channel partners will allow it.”  This is the big key here. Bootloaders weren’t locked until Verizon came around. I would be shocked if Verizon gets a motorola unlocked bootloader ever again.  The droid was the only one that I know of that got it. I have since moved on from Big Red and enjoying unlocked bootloader <3.

  • Me

    Dear verizon I don’t need an unlocked bootloader what I needed verizon stop puttin s*** where on my phone

  • Me

    99 percent of smartphone owners could care less about locked bootloaders

  • Me

    Ha ha people here think their in the majority when in reality they are minorities and have no effect on sales

  • Anonymous

    … moto = false promising = poor sales of somewhat cool phones (atrix)

  • “where operator and channel partners will allow it.”VZW is never one of those partners. I still wonder how the GN’s bootloader is going to play out.

  • ok so according to statements moto has made in the past, wouldn’t they unblock earlier devices first? like x2, bionic, etc?

  • Anonymous

    Motorola is going to blow this opportunity to bring to market THE Android phone that everyone can love. Weather you liked the phone or not everybody either had a Razr, or knew someone who did. This could be the phone that resurrects Motorola again if marketed correctly. 3 simple things slim design, latest software, every carrier, not just Verizon. It wouldn’t hurt to be unlocked and pure on top of that. I’m sure this Won’t happen so the razr will be another smartphone amung many that will be enjoyed by few while Samsung and Apple continue to sell millions of their GS11’s and IPhones’s.