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Amazon Announces Penny-Pincher Sale – All Verizon Phones for a Penny, Including the Bionic and Rhyme

Every Verizon phone that Amazon offers is available now through 10/17 for a penny if you are adding a new line of service. That could mean you toss on a new line to an existing family plan or sign up for new service altogether. Oh, and when we say every phone, we mean just that – the Bionic, Rhyme, DROID3, Charge, Thunderbolt….all of them for just a penny. Not a bad deal, right?


  • Ulnek75

    hmmm the 17th.  maybe that’s an indication that something is coming on the 18th…

  • hatethanet

    Has there ever been a “flagship” phone that has been rendered obsolete (due to the RAZR’s arrival) this quickly?

  • packrat013

    wahahaha Submit TPS report. Office space for the win

  • insanely

    If you plan on buying one of these from amazon wireless…make sure you understand you can not switch it to another line and then make the new line a $9.99 line…there is a stipulation in their contract that says if you change the line on the phone to a diff line before 181 days (think thats the # of days) you basically are charged with a $250 early termination fee.   I just spoke with amazonwireless on the phone about this to confirm it

  • Anonymous

    Great .. now I can get that Pantech ive been wanting for just 1 penny

    • Anonymous

      you can get any verizon phone you want for a penny and your gonna pick a pantech?

  • Anonymous

    whats the point of buying a phone on release day when they always end up selling it for much cheaper and in this case only a 0.01 a couple weeks to a month later? is it really worth $300 to brag you got a phone on release?

  • Anonymous

    You know, I do use my Bionic to submit my TPS reports.  And all for $299.99 plus tax for #1 and $0.01 for #2

  • Ryan

    Okay question for you guys?????????????

    couldnt you technically add a new line to your service, and get a phone for 1 penny. Then after you recieve your phone just take the phone off that line so that you are no longer required to have a data plan. I know when my gf added a line one time she used the phone that she had purchased on the new line on her main line and then she had verizon activate a dummy phone number on the new line which didnt require her to have a data plan (both phones were smart phones). So in this case you would only be required to pay $9.99 extra a month. Granted Which over the term of the 2 year contract is $240. But you have essentially either given yourself another upgrade or preserved the one you already have on your main line. When she did this though it was at a verizon store.

    Do yoy guys think this will still hold legitimate even when purchasing from amazon?

    • Anonymous

      Just call me Lil Flip because I’m gonna turn that penny phone into real cash. 

  • Rsswga

    junk..i have had 5 android phones and now have crossed the line to iphone…wow

  • Scott

    To bad loyal customers get screwed.  Promos like this always hit new customers. 

  • Jp74dyz

    Can you add a line so get it for a penny and then just canx a line that is up for renewal?

    • Billy Gardiner

      You should be able to do that without issue. However, you may lose the phone number that was on the cancelled line and have to get a new number on the new line.  Also, if the cancelled line has unlimited data, you will lose unlimited data on the new line (it is tiered).

  • eddieonofre

    seems that someone wnat to get rid of old phones in order to start sellin the new nexus prime

  • Bionic is not free when you add it to ur cart…219.99

  • Nicholas Isola

    I can’t believe I just upgraded to the droid 3 for $199 through verizon…

    • Anonymous

      This only applies to new customers.

  • Sjobs

    you could get hit with an additional $250 ETF from amazon plus VZ if you bail early.  That’s the price of “free”

  • Anonymous

    I am SO glad I paid $249 for my TBolt six months ago and now it is only worth a penny.  *geeez!*

    • Anonymous

      Listen, it could be worse. The people who just spent 300 on their Bionic just like 2 weeks ago should really feel screwed. I love my thunderbolt, the best 200 i’ve spent. Glad i didnt listen to everyone 6-7 months ago and wait for the Bionic. Would of been a Long wait. and Im now ready for the next Good phone to come out within the next couple of months.

      • Anonymous

        I payed $200 for my Bionic and love it.  This penny deal is only for new customers who have to sign up for a tiered data plan, if you try to upgrade your line it’s still over $200.

  • Scott Amaral

    Are you able to order more than 1 phone per line?

  • Anonymous

    i want iPhone 4s!.. i want IPHONE 4S!! … I WANT IPONE 4S!!!

    P.S. i so don’t want a iPone 4s! and whenever I get a chance to say it, FAPPLE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjEKCwqe0f4

  • CaptainHowdy13

    None of them has wowed me in a while, I have motoblur already on my D2 and I wouldnt upgrade to that in my life. I will take an HTC (but not the buggy tbolt) or wait for the a nexus. So I’ll take Vigor, or Nexus

  • Bionic Hater

    They couldn’t pay me to buy the bionic with a 2year contract.

    • Sk102704

      Your loss, it is a great device.

  • Tonguefu562

    bionic and revolution are not 0.01

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the sale stops on the 17th, the day before the Galaxy Nexus is rumored to be announced.

  • hatethanet

    Damn, People who paid $299 for the Bionic a couple months ago must be pissed.

    • Jmj3783

      Not really, The Upgrade cost is still 249$, its only a Penny if your a new customer.  I am excited about the new phones, even though I got the Bionic at Costco w the bundle.  But I’m not digging ICS and the only thing better about the Razr/Nexus will probably be the display. I have tried everything to get the Bionic to Lag and it just wont happen, so its good enough for me.

    • Anonymous

      you meant weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Why tide yourself up for a penny when the Galaxy Nexus is around the corner?

  • Penny pincher my @ss. Unless you are a new customer all phones are @ least $119.00 and above. Not that that is not cheap, but the fact that as a current customer, I can’t get a better deal than a new customer tells me that these deals are all sh!tty. Pardon my french.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone pay attention to the date? Oct 17th??  the 18th is “possible” announcement of nexus… coincidence??  hardly….

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the 18th is the “definite” announcement of Motorola’s Spyder/RAZR

      • Anonymous

        And also the possible nexus prime…who wants a razr?!?

  • Jonyauger

    You can add a line and only pay the $10 more for it. put ur old phone on that line move the purchased one to primary and only pay for one internet fee and not loose unlimited data. I have seen devs post exactly how to do it and my buddy went to verizon to confirm it and it is true, but why waste your time with that now. Two months all these phone are shelved anyways.

    • James Adam

      How do you pay for only one data plan? If you have two smartphones on your plan don’t you have to pay for two data plans?

      • you put a OLD phone, one that does not require a data plan. But still $10 a month for 2 year contract is $240. so either way you look at it i guess.

        • James Adam

          wow thanks. I think I might do this. I don’t have enough to buy the G-Nex when it comes out since my upgrade isn’t up from my DX and I really do like the Bionic. 

  • Rich

    Remember all:

    New lines and contracts equal tiered data at a higher cost… I highly recommend not doing that because once you lose your old line, you no longer have unlimited…

  • Vince Lewis

    Junk Junk Junk…. I heard the new Samsung 4s is gonna be a beast…

  • Kevoskee

    saving all my pennies for the nexus!

  • I hate these deals for new lines or primary upgrade lines only. I don’t have any numbers but most of my friends have family plans.

  • Anonymous

    Trying to unload some phones while they can!

    • Anonymous

      I really hope this is true. 

  • Mike A.

    If you add a line of service, do you lose the unlimited data plan on both lines?  Is it tiered data on the new line?

  • Can anyone help me on policy? One of the accounts on my family plan is done with contract. Can I cancel that line and sign up for a new one to get this deal?

    • Anonymous

      You’d probably have to have a new number.

    • Anonymous

      Plus the new line might have tiered data

  • Kellen, I think you need to make to more obvious that this for new customers only.

  • Jeffanti

    I am assuming when you add a second or third line as an existing customer you will lose your unlimited data plan?  

  • bmac420

    rhyme is 99 dollars

  • jbonics

    HHave you seen the display on the bionic I would hate to get stuck with any of these phones for 2 more years. Comic book quality I’m not joking. How did they screw that up oh yeah it’s a 2010, thats rite.

    • Anonymous

      shut up

  • bmac420

    bionic is not 1 penny, in nj its 219.99

    • its $0.01 in Arizona…sucks though you have to start up a new line/service.  Dont feeling like paying $45 a month just so that I can have 3 phones on my plan.  $45 over 24 months is over $800, I will just save up the money and buy it out right, or get the DROID RAZR/GALAXY NEXUS with my upgrade

      • Anonymous

        $45 over 24 is $1080 … and you can suspend one of your lines, put a dummy phone on it and pay $10 a month for that unused line.  All the while it’s sitting there waiting to be used for your next update.  You can then switch from that new 3rd line back to your 1st line that’s ready for upgrade.  Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Only applies to new customers…

  • Edmund75

    If only the Nexus was out right now!

  • Anonymous

    Well thats great and all but when I chose a Droid 3, stated I already have Verizon and was upgrading they want to charge me $150 :/ This only applies to new customers?

  • Don’t buy any of these, they’re all junk! The Nexus will be here shortly. Verizon hasn’t sold a decent phone since the OG Droid (unless you rooted and ROM’d it).

    • andrew

      So damn true it’s pathetic

    • Trololololo


    • HDDRoid

      Wonder if the Samsung Stratosphere will be .01 tomorrow???

    • Madcow06

      The DX is a solid phone.

      • Anonymous

        Droid 2 as well. The droid 1 its not the best moto droid. The dx and the bionic are the best one.

    • Anonymous

      For pennies a day you can feed 3 of my children with clean water and a decent meal

    • Anonymous

      There’s spouses and kids this kind of sale is good for.  😛

    • disappointment

  • poolgod

    umm…..”now through 8/17″….is this not October?

    • Anonymous

      Yeaaaaaahhhh…fixed! 😛

    • Yes, it is october now.

    • Anonymous

      Was he thinking about the date when the Bionic already hit a penny in the minds of DL readers waiting for a Nexus/Vigor/Razr?

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Just ordered a Blackberry Storm 2!!

    • js

      You’re in for a treat, my friend!

    • I just sold my Storm 2 for $0.39 on EBay

      • EC8CH

        Man you hosed that guy!

        • Mctypething

          he hosed him bro?

          • StepUpYourGame

            Should have replied:
            u hosed bro?

          • TurbineTech

            I think Mctypething is allowed to be off his game every once in awhile? His laugh to dud ratio is still pretty high… 

  • tbaybe

    this sounds way too good to be true 

    • Fdc_guy

      It’s not, its just that you have to add another line to your account and that adds up to 10 dollars a month X 24 months basically pays for the phone through the new lines monthly charges…

      • In fact it’s 40 x 24 dollars. Don’t forget mandatory data plan.

        • Anonymous

          And, as you’d be adding a new line, you’d be subject to the tiered data pricing. This isn’t the fabulous deal it initially seems to be.

          • Billy Gardiner

            It is actually a great deal if you were going to be adding a new line (let’s say for a child) anyway and now can get a great phone out of the deal.  Also, if you are on a Family plan and add a line (for 9.99/month) then move the new phone (let’s say it’s the Bionic) to your primary line (with unlimited data already) and move a “Feature Phone” to the newly created line, you will pay only 9.99*24 for the Bionic which is 239.76 + tax, saving you 10 dollars on an in-store upgrade price and 360 dollars on a full price Bionic.  This is a great deal.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because you need to also sign up as a new Verizon customer.  They run these deals to try and get people to switch from their unlimited data packages to the new tiered data packages.  If you’re an existing customer, they will offer you little incentive to stay with your existing contract.

  • Anonymous

    if only the  nexus prime was already out and I was able to get it for a penny.

    • This sale end on 17th. Could it be that nexus prime comes on sale (or at least being officially announced) next day?

      • Anonymous

        Here’s to Penny Prime Preorders on Amazon.

  • Anonymous