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Video: Qualcomm Hatches “The Bug Circus Generator”


Few words come to mind after watching this video. Qualcomm has decided to show the true power of the Snapdragon processors and it just so happens to involve shooting beetles out of cannons, and mantis powered bicycles?

I guess if you’re in need of a really awesome phone charger, here’s your inspiration. Enjoy.

Cheers K! 

  • i hope to use it. Maybe my droidx have never the battery low

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WTF just happened?

  • Kevlew70

    Does anyone consider the OG Droid to be the first nexus type phone on verzion? I know it was’nt branded nexus but it was in the sam spirit because it launched 2.0.

    • Sp4rxx


  • Ray

    Someone call PETA

  • PETA will be on this one for shooting a bug out of a cannon. 

  • Anonymous



  • Looks like Motorola’s R and D lab for its phones.

  • Anonymous

    I needed that laugh!

  • DroidX_Owner

    Poor beetle.

    • Homo

      • EC8CH

        how can you judge the sexual orientation of a beetle based solely on it’s socioeconomic status?

        • It is less expensive to get a tetanus shot once every ten years for the rusty glory hole wounds than to take females out to dinner.

          • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      u sympathetic bro?

  • derek connolly

    This is why the Galaxy Nexus was delayed. They wanted to make sure they could include this in the launch presentation

  • Too

  • Bryan Williams


  • Dumb, that’s all I can say about it

  • LionStone

    That was friggn rad! 😀

  • Scott Willenborg

    The car charger version has to a BITCH to set-up in your car…

  • Anonymous

    This should not have happened.

  • Anonymous


    • Iceberglettuce

      you disgusted bro?

  • John

    gotta admit… at first i was like wtfh. then i was like oh that’s pretty cool

  • EC8CH

    Seems like they’re still working the bugs out of it.

    • Scott Willenborg

      Oh I see what you did there…

      • Iceberglettuce

        you observant bro?

    • Anonymous

      Damn it. You beat me to it. +1

      • Hamholla

        you jealous bro?

        • Mctypething


          • EC8CH

            you think that’s funny bro?

          • Mctypething

            I’m glad I started a movement.

          • EC8CH

            u r kinda like *pple…

            u take a lot of pride in things you didn’t think of yourself, but simply repeat ad nauseam

          • Mctypething

            u like metaphors bro?

          • Mctypething2_Electric_Boogaloo

            My doppelganger actually made me lol. Bravo! 

          • EC8CH

            that one was actually pretty good 🙂

          • Anonymous

            u mad bro?

          • Iceberglettuce

            you cocky bro?

        • Anonymous

          Aren’t you supposed to say ‘you mad bro’…


  • Mctypething


    • Anonymous

      u confused bro?

  • What.
    Did I just watch?

  • ReverendYo

    Actually have to say, I kind of loved it…

    What am I turning into, buying into marketing like this…*sigh