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Fall CTIA Week is Go, Even Without the Big Ice Cream Sandwich Unveiling

Even though the Samsung/Google event has been postponed to a later date, we are still here at this year’s fall CTIA show to find out what is in store for the rest of the mobile year. The first keynote starts in about an hour and half, followed by a whole batch of meetings with some of your favorite app companies. Still no word on if Verizon plans to unveil any of their latest and greatest handsets, but if they do, we will be on it.

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    wow, verizon didn’t release any phone…pretty disheartening…was watching endgadgets live feed…

  • Anonymous

    What a crappy building to hold an event like this in. I may be mistaken, but event that banner is pretty shady…

  • Anonymous

    Do they know when the Nexus announcement will be or has it not been announced after the postponement?

  • Anonymous

    Today is such a sad day. I literally had the ICS announcement marked on my calender. shittt

  • You mean the tech world keeps on chugging along even without Jobs?

  • Vince Lewis

    yeah its probably good to wait until *phone sells 50m phones…just let this whole *phone stuff die down a little… then release a good phone

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know the real reason the Google/Samsung event was postponed.  It had nothing to do with Steve Jobs in my opinion. In business you don’t postpone major announcements which affect the bottom line and share holder value because of people passing away. What is the real reason and what does it mean?

    • Of course it wasn’t because of Jobs’ death. The event is still going on, Apple still sold the iPhone 4s. The story out now is that ICS violates lots and lots of patents so they pushed the release back indefinitely while they strip all the offending parts out. Is is true? Who knows but it makes much more sense than they postponed because of someone’s death. 

      • Anonymous

        It would make more sense… but….

        They would have been aware of the offenses long before a few days ahead of release. So they would not have waited till they were about to roll out before realizing the error of their ways.

        I don’t think this is the reason…. any other theories? 

        • LionStone

          Exactly. “Bold claims” is all they are but I agree, right after his death they opted out, so I dont feel its due to patent crap.

        • I’ll go with a residual WiFi issue that is still not completely corrected.  Maybe they are buying themselves a little extra time to make sure the “show models” at the announcement work correctly.

        • yeah that is a hole in the theory. why wait till the week before you release to decide to pull it? the only answer to that would be perhaps they are aware of some legal decision or have a sense of how their case is not going very well. all of the Android manufactures have very thin profit margins on their phones and Samsung already made a deal to pay Microsoft money for each phone sold and maybe they decided they didn’t want to pay Apple also. its all speculation at this point but the Jobs death thing is completely ridiculous. 

    • KRSwon

      I say its because of the HD/RAZR/Spyder release, Googarola didn’t want to release the phone after an ICS announcement , so they politely asked Sammy to hold off till the following week.

      And it will look better when the Galaxy/Nexus/DROID/Prime is announced and Samsung says it will ship out in a week vs three, from a delayed announcement. I’d personally rather hear understated rumors and be blown out of the water, than what happened with *pple.
      – maybe they added a few tweaks, who’d complain? Oh, trolls

  • Hahah the Prime and ICS have been pushed back indefinitely because they violated lots of patents. Hahaha sorry Fandroids!

    • Fail

      • No this is actually true. 

        • I guess we’ll see.  But for now I think I’ll believe the people that actually research this stuff rather than you…just for now.

    • Mctypething

      u laughing bro?

      • I will say your ability to change your original “u mad bro?” into various other forms using the same structure is quite comical. “u curious bro?” is my favorite but this one is good too. keep up the good work!

        • Mctypething

          I will say your ability to have the time and inclination to troll Android forums when your an iOs guy is quite disturbing. Get a life dipsh*t.

          • I go to the University of Virginia for FREE so i have plenty of time on my hands. The inclination however is because of a character defect. Something about making you guys cry and complain is very joyful for me. I know its a mental disorder but i still enjoy it. Thanks for feeding the trolls. We love it!!!!!!!!

          • Vince Lewis

            I’ve had a droid for 3 years now waiting for something good to happen. Fail. Its *phone time. Peace out.

          • Pathetic.

          • Anonymous

            I truly hope you are the exception, but I’ve found that if someone gets something for free they don’t appreciate it or make the best use of it. 

            Less time trolling and more time with your studies may serve you better in your future.

          • chuck-fu

            please leave your school affiliation out of it when you are trolling.  Some of us value our degree from there and don’t need you smearing it with crap.

          • Go Cavs!!! Can we put our differences aside next Saturday when we stomp Georgia Tech? If so i will make homecoming weekend a troll free holiday.

          • Mctypething

            And you choose to spend that time trolling forums related to a product you dislike. And we wonder why this country is going down the sh*thole. Even the people going to college are morons.

          • literofcola

            Jokes on you, who would be proud to go to the University of Virginia :/

    • God, you really are a worthless fanboy who spends his time trolling Android websites.  I pity you and your sad life. Kill yourself.

      • I pity your hairline. Zing!

        • I pity your frail little arms…and I obviously pity the fact that you have nothing better to do than troll on this site. You owe your grandparents an apology.

          • Luckily for me the hot college babes here in Charlottesville don’t feel the same way. Remember when you use to send me messages on twitter. Those were the good ole days!!

          • literofcola

            You mean the same “hot” college babes that pay you no attention?  Gotcha!

    • EC8CH

      The intelligence of your trolling has taken a sharp decline recently…

      frankly I’m worried about you.

    • Sorry, but patents wars rarely stop a product from launching.  Better to launch a great product and make money while fighting the patents wars than to make no money at all.

    • EC8CH

      Holy $h!t…

      You found it on the internet, that must be true!

    • Anonymous

      Why do we have a resident iFan lurker?

  • Dan

    yeah honestly the vigor really has fallen off the face of the planet. Look for it at verizons keynote

  • 1st one to be the 11th comment.  I am also still hoping against all hope that the Nexus will be outed officially…

  • Koob33

    Lets hear something good from moto today! ~crosses fingers for unlocked bootloaders~

    • John

      heh, you better be doing a bit more than crossing your fingers

    • Anonymous

      I look forward to the day when I see that as the title of a topic. 


      That will be a good day and a day I consider going back to Motorola!

  • Anonymous

    no nexus ? don’t care 

  • Anonymous


  • LionStone

    Its a good thing they postponed, because its a full moon and they say you shouldn’t make big deals on a full moon…dont wanna jinx it now 😉

    • Anonymous

      Great… thanks alot. Just mentioning the possible Jinx has now Jinxed everything. I was looking forward to this happening, thanks alot bub.  🙂

      • LionStone



    hopefully the vigor, razr, maybe…just maybe the nexus…

    • HDDRoid

      Well, Nexus is delayed and Moto Spyder (RAZR) has been confirmed for 10/18- our only hope is the HTC Vigor, which has fallen off the radar…

      • Anonymous

        The Vigor must not be too far off since they have already dropped the Thunderbolt pricing.  I would love to see this phone. I would actually consider it but if the Nexus comes out I would have to go that way.  But who knows… I’d like to see them both.

        I am also a big fan of Das Bamf roms.  I would like to know what direction they will be going as new phones come out.  

  • Anonymous