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Rumor: Samsung Prime Launching at Verizon October 27?

One of our readers tossed over this list that is apparently making its way through Verizon inboxes this morning. It looks similar to the list we saw come out of Best Buy a week or so back, only this time it lists a date for the “Samsung Prime.”

How does 10/27 sound for the first Ice Cream Sandwich device? As you can see from the list though, it does mention that these dates are subject to change. We are also wondering why the XOOM LTE is listed for 10/6 when Big Red already announced that it would be here 10/13?

Device Launch Information

Please note Launch Dates Are subject to change:

Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Tablet – 10/6
Pantech Hotshot – 10/6
Samsung Stratosphere 4G- 10/13
Pantech 4G Global Modem- 10/20
Samsung Prime (Replacement for Charge) 10/27

Definitely some questions in there that need to be answered (like where is the Vigor?), but being Prime news, we had to toss it out there.

Oh, and we should point out that VZW has gone about as tight lipped as we have ever seen them on this phone, keeping any real word on it to upper execs.

Next Tuesday. Hypebeast.

Cheers ___!

  • Jason

    Would be awesome news if it was legit! I’m going to wait till Tuesday to get my hopes up. I really need to replace the OG and if this phone came out this month, with 4G and on Verizon, my upgrade wich has beeen so patiently waiting for 3 months will be used on this phone! Fingers crossed!

  • compchick813

    Where is the Vigor on this list??

    • Cree

      Who cares when you have the Prime. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    i just installed PeterAlfonso’s latest nightly build (10-2-11) of gingerbread on my OGD and now it has a new lease on life. 

  • Could this “Samsung Prime” be just an upgrade to the Charge? Oct 27 seems a little early for the phone. Unless they plan to release the completed OS and the phone at the same time.Plus I’m not really digging the “Prime” name anymore, and would really like to see it called the “Galaxy Nexus”. Well I guess we will have to wait till Tuesday to find out for real.

  • Ah hell, the Stratosphere has been delayed another week? Verizon, why are you messing with me?!

  • andy

    P3 already posted the system apps for the device coming to Verizon.. no Touchwiz.. no Bloat.. 

  • Lpmeteoraremix

    I love how many people are still sitting on their OG, just waiting for a real replacement phone. If VZW doesnt get this phone, I swear to god and everything thats holy….

  • Anonymous

    What I dont get is that for a WHILE, it’s been rumored that Verizon would be getting the first ICS device… so everything just seems a bit fishy with all of these rumors.

  • Anonymous

    If this is to replace the Charge, than this is going to be a DROID branded device (and probably a SGS2 rehash), sadly, not NEXUS… but I am hoping it is just a rumor!

    • LionStone

      My sources say its gonna be the real deal, no rehash. Even when I picked the local manager at VZW if we’re gonna get the Nexus, he said “no”. Which to me, confirms that we will. Because of course hes not gonna let the cat out of the bag.

  • Hightop

    If verizon doesn’t get a pure google nexus but instead rolls out a galaxy something or other without ICS and a skinned OS, that’s when I walk away from big red. I have been on VZW for almost 10 years and am grandfathered into unlimited data but I am so tired of red never getting the handsets that matter I will jump onto sprints unlimited and wait for their LTE rollout. Besides their current “4G” is still faster than anyones 3G. Make a real Nexus happen Verizon or I’m out!

    • Anonymous

      It will have ics. Touchwiz possibly but guess we will find out tues. Sprints 4g I would hope is fated than others 3g then again if you are in one of the 5 cities that has Wimax.

      • Anonymous

        #1 I seriously don’t think Google will allow touchwiz to be placed over their brand new OS.
        #2 Verizon very well may load all of their bloat onto this phone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a nexus device.

        • Anonymous

          But if it isn’t a true nexus like some rumors are saying then it could have touchwiz. I honestly don’t care if they can keep up with updates. Guess next week we will find out.

    • Anonymous

      If the only issue was touchwiz we can get rid of that with roms.

      • Especially if the bootloader is not locked

    • shouldn’t have TouchWiz if it’s a Nexus branded device.  All Nexus phones are stock.

      • Anonymous

        I am still slightly afraid that VZW will get a Galaxy Prime and everyone else will get the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus.  Verizon has a tendency to like bloatware just a little too much.

        • EC8CH

          Only way for VZW to screw the pooch on this one is to not release a Nexus device.

  • Anonymous

    please t-mobile as well.  But since the nexus phones have always been on t-mobile, I probably don’t need to worry

  • HeliosAI

    “Replacement for Droid Charge” has me worried a little but hell, I’d take Droid Prime too but I think this will be a Nexus. I’m honestly, not over the Droid yet. I love hearing people using the DDDRROOIIDD text still (granted it tends to be girls that don’t know any better but still haha).

  • Cooksta3276

    Replacement for Charge. LoL.

  • pezjono

    I’m trying not to get my hopes up so:

    (A) If the phone isn’t released on Verizon I will not go postal.
    (B) If the phone sucks I will be content with my OG until something worthy comes out.
    (C) If the phone is awesome, it will rock my world.


    • What’s going to happen is all the other carriers will get the pure Nexus, Verizon will get the Droid version with bloatware and touchwiz.  And that sexy phone we’ve been seeing in the teaser video is the pure Nexus.  The Droid version is uglier, fatter, and with no curved screen.  I hope I’m wrong, but Verizon has never done anything to make me believe they will do something awesome.

      • Some Random Dude

        Party pooper!

      • Anonymous

        if this is the case, I think I will leave Verizon. Will have to research a bunch and see where I should go, but I’m not going to sign up for another 2 year contract unless it’s for a Nexus at this point.

      • Tyler

        I know, I am thinking the same thing you are. All we may be left with is a crippled Nexus Prime and no GS2….

  • BULL3T

    my last new every two is next month I WILL HAVE THE NEXUS and my og will go back in its box untill its needed again. its been the best phone ive ever had and still going strong, the only part im having problems with is the battery after two years i think its about tapped out.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, please no more product announcements and then an 8 month wait for the product.

  • Anonymous

    My upgrade is Oct. 27th so it works out perfect. Still holding on to my OG droid.

  • EC8CH

    Whatever comes to Verizon it had better have NEXUS in it’s name.

  • Ravnos CC

    Does the fact that the word Nexus is not mentioned in the Samsung Prime title mean that it will be loaded down with Verizon bloatware?  I know this has been asked before, but it doesn’t bode well in my book…

  • Anonymous

    Excellent.  I own SamsungPrime.com …should bring in some hits 😛

    • Baby_jy2g

      Smart… lol

  • Anonymous

    All this name confusion gives me a sinking feeling I may be really disappointed with Verizon soon.

  • Booboolala2000

    Concerned that I don’t see Nexus but only “replacement for Charge”. Will wait and see. Selling my Charge and everything on ebay anyway. Will see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    The anticipation surrounding this device for me (since I am dying to replace my og droid and want this phone nowwwww) is ridiculous. Kellex. Please. Tell us all you know!

  • Sdny8

    Thats the one thing I hope Google takes from yesterday. Launch phone … release phone. In a matter of a few weeks. Not months or more.

  • Yeah I totally believe these RUMORED dates. Just like it said the Bionic was coming out early August and the Vigor was coming out tomorrow…

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

    • Guest345

      Of course Forte isn’t, he’s got his beloved Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      it never said the vigor was coming out tomorrow. The 13/20 was rumored for the vigor. Not to mention the bionic had and still has a ton of issues which is why it didnt come out when it was supposed to.

  • viewthis66

    Samsung Prime = Touchwiz
    Nexus Prime = ICS

    which is it?

    • Matthew Galyon

      Perhaps the tight-lipped execs are under some funky NDA agreement with Google (i.e. they’re not allowed, even internally, to throw the Nexus title on it until Google announces it)

      • EC8CH

        That’s my hope.  If this was just another Droid then why has it been kept buttoned up so tight.  The lack of leaks has me hoping it’s something new to Verizon… like a Nexus device.

    • Anonymous

      Yep!  Samsung Prime will not be a Droid and it will be Touchwiz Charge 2.  Galaxy Nexus (aka Nexus Prime) will be ICS and not on Verizon.

      • viewthis66

        so will they be the same phone “physically” speaking with different OSs?

        • Anonymous

          I am thinking they will look different too.  The one that is being shown off will be the Nexus and the one going to Verizon will be on the form factor of the GSII with the more “enhanced” specs like Sprint did.  It will just not have the GSII naming.  I think this is a move by Verizon to keep Apple appeased since the GSII is under the patent fires right now.  Just a side step that Verizon knows how to do well.

          • viewthis66

            interesting…. thanks!

          • Anonymous

            Just a theory.  Would be nice if it went the other way but think it is a pipe-dream….

  • i think im sick of buying phones. has the charge even been out for 6 months?

  • This will make an excellent wedding present 🙂

  • Mr_Snrub

    The date will get pushed back to late November when Apple complains and Verizon promptly hands over another testicle.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why Verizon sided with Apple in their lawsuit with Samsung.  Oh wait…

    • Anonymous

      idk verizon did stand up against apple saying they dont like what apple is doing.

  • Drhurley26

    Really worried this isn’t going to be 4G LTE…
    *IF THIS LIST is accurate, then why do some devices indicate 4G and others to do not
    *That thin picture from earlier really has me sweating too…

    • Anonymous

      because modems and tablets are different. The stratosphere doesnt list lte and it clearly has lte. Not to mention if the prime is replacing the charge why would it not be lte? Especially since verizon is pushing their lte network hard.

      • Drhurley26

        Samsung Stratosphere 4G- 10/13
        it at least includes 4G in the title. I’ll give that these could just be the “official” names. Although Samsung Prime is a new one, right?

      • impact

        If it is a replacement for the Charge then I would think it would be 4G..

        • Anonymous

          That’s what I was thinking. You aren’t going to replace something with something outdated. And going away from the 3g since they keep expanding their LTE network

  • Some Random Dude

    *shrieks in excitement*

    • Anonymous

      *punches you in the face for acting like a little girl*

      • Some Random Dude

        *cries and runs away*

        • EC8CH

          *points and laughs”

  • Anonymous

    well maybe considering the confirmed date of 10/13 for the 4g xoom is a week different from the memo date. maybe we can assume all these devices were pushed back a week. it does say dates subject to change. this could be an old memo maybe and they havent gotten the new one out to employees yet. just my two cents

    • Anonymous

      the hotshot was already announced as coming out tomorrow so that date seems to be holding true.

      • Anonymous

        oh ok. lol well maybe just the tablet was pushed. you know how they like screwing with xoom owners and potential buyers lol

        • Anonymous

          it is a moto so you can expect that to be delayed lol just like the bionic.

  • Dave

    Wait, I thought the Vigor was supposed to come out this month or was that November?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting to see the vigor not listed. I hope this is true that would be great and not have to wait to long.

  • SomeRandomGuy

    I am still 90% sure I’m going to get the HTC Vigor since my upgrade was on Oct. the third my Original Droid Met a miserable death when I was pushed on the pool by my little sister and now im stuck with an old ass blackberry that sucks BUT hey If the Nexus Prime is MUCH better than the HTC vigor and I mean MUCH much better then I’ll go for nexus Prime and it has a kickass name “Oh u got a droid 2? I got a nexus prime hoe…” yea…

  • Noble Four

    Vigor news is slow, and has been overshadowed the past few days. But if it is coming out in a few weeks, shouldn’t the leaks be pouring in? We have one photo shoot. Leaked documents haven’t had it listed. No videos… Confused face?

  • Anonymous

    that replacement for the Charge is what worries me. I hope this isn’t another touchwiz crap phone…

  • OH. EM. GEE. If only this turns out to be true, Christmas is in October this year.

  • Chris G

    Awesome.  Maybe this si the date VZ stores will take delivery?

  • Jtz

    This phone better be worth the wait my OG is gonna die soon 🙁

    • Chris G

      Same here.  My Father in law’s died last week and he got an X2.  I feel so bad for him now….

      • Some Random Dude

        at first glance i thought it said.. my father in law died and i got his X2… 

        • Chris G

          No.  I’m good with the inlaws.  Still made me laugh when i read the post…

          • Some Random Dude

            haha.  either way,  i feel bad for him too.

      • I read this completely wrong the first time through.  Thought it said, “my father in law died last week and he got an X2.”  I thought, what a horrible present to give a dead guy?

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad I’m not the only one who did that… anyway I agree, OG on its last legs… need power…

      • Anonymous

         He has 15 days to return it. Tell him to get something cheap off ebay till the Prime comes out, if he’d even care that is I guess.

      • Ahmadcpa

        Your father in law isn’t Steve Jobs, is it?

    • Yeah.  Mine is on its last leg.  I cant change the ROM anymore…having to remove as much as I can from it.  Its just about barebones as it is.  Waiting it out for the Nexus and passing on the Bionic. 

    • Anonymous

      I was lucky enough to get an intermediary upgrade after having my OG for a year, I went to the Incredible.

  • Sooner the better! My personal feeling (don’t ask me why) is the first week of November.. but that’s one week earlier and I’m okay with that!!)

    My droid OG has two missing keys and the charge port is all but broken…

    Hurry up and take my money Verizon!!!

    • pezjono

      Shut up and take my money Verizon!

  • First!

    • Cookies!

      • mmmmmmm……cooooookies.  And ice cream sandwiches……..mmmmmmmmmm.