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Rumor: Verizon is Working on a “DROID Loyalty” Program

We just caught wind of a new initiative that Verizon is spearheading that they are internally referring to as the “DROID Loyalty Program.”  While details are scarce, we understand that it has to do with the retention of current Android customers.  That could mean a variety of things, but one would assume that with the onslaught of top-tier Android devices on the way, that Verizon will be looking to keep customers happy so that they will continue to upgrade and also not get discouraged when a newer and better equipped phone comes out just weeks after the one just purchased.

It has become more and more difficult for Android and tech enthusiasts to decide on a phone, knowing that something better is always around the corner.  Hopefully Verizon has cooked up a way to help curb buyer’s remorse in the near future, especially knowing that devices like the HTC Vigor, Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, and DROID4 are all lined up.  Maybe something similar to Best Buy’s Buy Back program?

Hoping to know more in the near future as this is just in the “pilot” stage at this point.

Thoughts on a way to continue to upgrade or trade-in current phones more regularly?

  • I think that would be a good incentive. If we show loyalty, be good to us.

  • Alicia Brewster

    I’m already involved in a Droid Loyalty Program, also known as the Selling-the-old-one-on-eBay Program. 😛

  • Anonymous

    I will trade in my Thunderbolt and cash for a Nexus in a heartbeat, assuming stock, ICS, dual-core, LTE, and kickstand (reasonable assumptions in my mind). That said, I do love my Thunderbolt 🙂

  • Frybabyfry

    I think there is more fear of the iphone and other networks with lower monthly rates and fully unlimited service!

  • RW-1

    That’s because a majority of D1 customers have not yet opted to upgrade … There still hasn’t been a phone tempting enough and at the right pricepoint to move, and now they are realizing that.

  • Long Wait

    If you always wait for the next best thing, you’re in for a long wait.

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  • Jared Duquette

    Bring back one year contracts.

    I’m using my OG droid still and will most liekly keep using it until it falls apart or literally can’t update anything due to the phone being too slow.  At that point I’ll get the best out there and then eh….

  • Dude McGee


    We’re putting cover letters on all our TPS reports that are going out from now on. 

    Did you get the memo? I’ll have another one sent to you, just in case. 


  • LinuxLover

    Apple doesn’t need a loyalty program…

  • Best Buys Buy Back is total crap. It does not benefit the buyer and only gives them refurbish-able phones/electronics at a super low price. 

    • akhi216

      Then how is it crap???

      • it gives Best Buy a phone at a very low price, not giving the consumer/buyer any credit.
        So example
        Phone costs $300 to buy, you give it back within 6 months, Best buy gives you $50. Not a good trade. THen Best Buy sells a refurbished phone for $200. Oh and the longer you wait, say you go 9 months that $50 now just became $30. (example i dont remember the exact percentage but its not good).

  • BroRob

    Happyness = root!! I’d be happy if they just quit c**k blocking unlocked boot loaders.

  • Vincentquest

    If verizon allowed upgrading their phone once a year, I’m sure they will retain android users because the platform grows so fast that by the time you are able to upgrade you are very sick and tired of your slow and very obsolete phone. 

  • LionStone

    I think maybe they heard me back when the Bionic launched. I said those who bought the first Droid should get a fat discount when they bought the new one. That’s loyalty. But really they should bring back the loyalty program for all long time customers.

  • Anonymous

    a rumor, not much details here… keep us posted ;o)

  • ChocoTaco369

    I’ve had my Droid X since the day it came out in July 2010.  I love my phone, but I’m getting antsy.  Nexus Prime, DROID RAZR…ahhh…what’s a guy to do?  So much good stuff coming out for an early Christmas present to myself!

  • Booboolala2000

    If it says prime, it’ll be mine. Love my d3, charge a bit less. My X, awesome but none as good as the d1. Hope ps3 is right with his poems.

  • Eric Kwan

    I bet the “loyalty program” involves us being able to keep our current contract terms while everyone else gets hosed.

  • OGDroid

    Unlock the damn bootloaders, nuff said!

  • typo

    I just wish Verizon and the Manufacturers would stop screwing around and release a worthy OG replacement, NOW! My OG is on life support….

  • Just bring back the one year contract VZW as if you guys aren’t making enough money.Why don’t you post your quarterly profits for us to see. You just keep on squeezing the consumer for more, you would make us more happy & loyal with a one year contract. 

    • hkklife

      Apple made ’em get rid of the 1yr contract to get the iPhone.  Same thing happending now with Sprint. 

      No, what REALLY needs to be done is someone–BB, Amazon, Costco, Wal-Mart, Newegg, anyone–is get cozy with the handset manufacturers and start blowing cutting-edge phones out at “competitive” full retail prices.  And not just GSM but CDMA and/or LTE too.  I imagine VZW would play games with refusing to actives certain ESNs but there’s no real reason it couldn’t be done. 

      Imagine walking into Costco and buying a Bionic-type handset for $299 with no strings attached.  You use it for six months, sell it for $200, then buy the latest and greatest.  If it can be done for PCs and tablets (and every other type of CE device) then it should be done for phones.  This retarded subsidy + contract + locked phone thing has gotta go!

    • Anonymous

      They do post their profits for everyone to see.  They’re a publicly traded corporation.

  • Balls

    ok verizon, youve peaked my interest

    • akhi216


  • I have had all 3 gens of Droids now. I’m a Droider for life or at least until Motorola decides to make a superphone outside the Droid line

  • ah okay. well i personally dont think you have any business owning a phone that costs $500 and pay a monthly bill of prob close $100 if that makes you broke

  • Verizon gives you a card that they stamp each time you buy a Droid
    phone. After the 10th one you get a FREE footlong sub of your choice

    • Anonymous

      Bahahaha.  Reminds me of a comment recently by the african dude…

      tasted like machine

  • Djstar2k2

    simple for me relese an og Droid with now tech!  and ill renew my moms contract too with the fem droid she is comfortable with sense ui and ill stay around another 2 more years

    • Bionic

      its called the Droid 4

  • ohhh

  • Jamie

    Best Buy’s BuyBack is the shit.  Bionic for just over $300, on the day of release, I’ll take that 🙂