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Rumor: Verizon is Working on a “DROID Loyalty” Program

We just caught wind of a new initiative that Verizon is spearheading that they are internally referring to as the “DROID Loyalty Program.”  While details are scarce, we understand that it has to do with the retention of current Android customers.  That could mean a variety of things, but one would assume that with the onslaught of top-tier Android devices on the way, that Verizon will be looking to keep customers happy so that they will continue to upgrade and also not get discouraged when a newer and better equipped phone comes out just weeks after the one just purchased.

It has become more and more difficult for Android and tech enthusiasts to decide on a phone, knowing that something better is always around the corner.  Hopefully Verizon has cooked up a way to help curb buyer’s remorse in the near future, especially knowing that devices like the HTC Vigor, Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, and DROID4 are all lined up.  Maybe something similar to Best Buy’s Buy Back program?

Hoping to know more in the near future as this is just in the “pilot” stage at this point.

Thoughts on a way to continue to upgrade or trade-in current phones more regularly?

  • I think that would be a good incentive. If we show loyalty, be good to us.

  • Alicia Brewster

    I’m already involved in a Droid Loyalty Program, also known as the Selling-the-old-one-on-eBay Program. 😛

  • Anonymous

    I will trade in my Thunderbolt and cash for a Nexus in a heartbeat, assuming stock, ICS, dual-core, LTE, and kickstand (reasonable assumptions in my mind). That said, I do love my Thunderbolt 🙂

  • Frybabyfry

    I think there is more fear of the iphone and other networks with lower monthly rates and fully unlimited service!

  • RW-1

    That’s because a majority of D1 customers have not yet opted to upgrade … There still hasn’t been a phone tempting enough and at the right pricepoint to move, and now they are realizing that.

  • Long Wait

    If you always wait for the next best thing, you’re in for a long wait.

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  • Jared Duquette

    Bring back one year contracts.

    I’m using my OG droid still and will most liekly keep using it until it falls apart or literally can’t update anything due to the phone being too slow.  At that point I’ll get the best out there and then eh….

  • Dude McGee


    We’re putting cover letters on all our TPS reports that are going out from now on. 

    Did you get the memo? I’ll have another one sent to you, just in case. 


  • LinuxLover

    Apple doesn’t need a loyalty program…

  • Best Buys Buy Back is total crap. It does not benefit the buyer and only gives them refurbish-able phones/electronics at a super low price. 

    • akhi216

      Then how is it crap???

      • it gives Best Buy a phone at a very low price, not giving the consumer/buyer any credit.
        So example
        Phone costs $300 to buy, you give it back within 6 months, Best buy gives you $50. Not a good trade. THen Best Buy sells a refurbished phone for $200. Oh and the longer you wait, say you go 9 months that $50 now just became $30. (example i dont remember the exact percentage but its not good).

  • BroRob

    Happyness = root!! I’d be happy if they just quit c**k blocking unlocked boot loaders.

  • Vincentquest

    If verizon allowed upgrading their phone once a year, I’m sure they will retain android users because the platform grows so fast that by the time you are able to upgrade you are very sick and tired of your slow and very obsolete phone. 

  • LionStone

    I think maybe they heard me back when the Bionic launched. I said those who bought the first Droid should get a fat discount when they bought the new one. That’s loyalty. But really they should bring back the loyalty program for all long time customers.

  • Anonymous

    a rumor, not much details here… keep us posted ;o)

  • ChocoTaco369

    I’ve had my Droid X since the day it came out in July 2010.  I love my phone, but I’m getting antsy.  Nexus Prime, DROID RAZR…ahhh…what’s a guy to do?  So much good stuff coming out for an early Christmas present to myself!

  • Booboolala2000

    If it says prime, it’ll be mine. Love my d3, charge a bit less. My X, awesome but none as good as the d1. Hope ps3 is right with his poems.

  • Eric Kwan

    I bet the “loyalty program” involves us being able to keep our current contract terms while everyone else gets hosed.

  • OGDroid

    Unlock the damn bootloaders, nuff said!

  • typo

    I just wish Verizon and the Manufacturers would stop screwing around and release a worthy OG replacement, NOW! My OG is on life support….

  • Just bring back the one year contract VZW as if you guys aren’t making enough money.Why don’t you post your quarterly profits for us to see. You just keep on squeezing the consumer for more, you would make us more happy & loyal with a one year contract. 

    • hkklife

      Apple made ’em get rid of the 1yr contract to get the iPhone.  Same thing happending now with Sprint. 

      No, what REALLY needs to be done is someone–BB, Amazon, Costco, Wal-Mart, Newegg, anyone–is get cozy with the handset manufacturers and start blowing cutting-edge phones out at “competitive” full retail prices.  And not just GSM but CDMA and/or LTE too.  I imagine VZW would play games with refusing to actives certain ESNs but there’s no real reason it couldn’t be done. 

      Imagine walking into Costco and buying a Bionic-type handset for $299 with no strings attached.  You use it for six months, sell it for $200, then buy the latest and greatest.  If it can be done for PCs and tablets (and every other type of CE device) then it should be done for phones.  This retarded subsidy + contract + locked phone thing has gotta go!

    • Anonymous

      They do post their profits for everyone to see.  They’re a publicly traded corporation.

  • Balls

    ok verizon, youve peaked my interest

    • akhi216


  • I have had all 3 gens of Droids now. I’m a Droider for life or at least until Motorola decides to make a superphone outside the Droid line

  • ah okay. well i personally dont think you have any business owning a phone that costs $500 and pay a monthly bill of prob close $100 if that makes you broke

  • Verizon gives you a card that they stamp each time you buy a Droid
    phone. After the 10th one you get a FREE footlong sub of your choice

    • Anonymous

      Bahahaha.  Reminds me of a comment recently by the african dude…

      tasted like machine

  • Djstar2k2

    simple for me relese an og Droid with now tech!  and ill renew my moms contract too with the fem droid she is comfortable with sense ui and ill stay around another 2 more years

    • Bionic

      its called the Droid 4

  • ohhh

  • Jamie

    Best Buy’s BuyBack is the shit.  Bionic for just over $300, on the day of release, I’ll take that 🙂

  • gch

    How about making good on promised features in a timely fashion?  That’d be a good start.  Not to mention faster software updates.

  • Jswenson3

    I ll gladly pay $5 more a month for free annual upgrades like us cellular does today. Or some sort of decent back program

  • Anonymous

    Bring back one year contract verizon. We can’t keep up with technology. You f us up once you took that way from us

    • Anonymous

      Agree one year contracts should be brought back. Charge an extra like 80 bucks and there you go.

      • Anonymous

        That way we can upgrade every year. Im down with that

  • sr74

    I got a call from Verizon Telesales today early upgrading from my current Eris to a Bionic for $149.99

  • Bionic

    would be awesome if they guaranteed a minimum $100 trade in for top tier android phones when your upgrade is due.  For example.  I paid $300 for my Bionic.  When its time for my upgrade I give them back my Bionic for $100 and use it twards the purchase of my “Droid Bionic Fallus” or whatever the top tier phone is at the time.  

    I think that would be a great way to retain customers.  Also, continued unlimited data for current customers who already have unlimited.  

    • That’s no good. You can prob. get more than that on ebay or craigs list. How about half off the new phone.

      • Bionic

        I beg to differ. I sold my Droid 1 on ebay which was in great condition. I packaged the car dock and desktop dock with it and I was only able to get $76 for it. I would rather take $100 twards a new phone and not have to bother with eBay. Just get my $100 up front no questions asked.

        • Bionic

          BTW i was lucky to get $76 cuz i saw them selling for as low as 40

  • Anonymous

    I could see it as an additional $10 upgrade discount for every 2 months you’re on contract with an Android phone. With a cap of $70 or something along those lines.

  • Maybe they realized that all the early-adopters of the OG Droid are about to run out of their 2 year contracts and are still waiting for the right phone.

    Unfortunately, that loyalty program is probably just a discount on the price of a new Droid when coupled with the same 2 year contract. It was never the price – we want unlocked bootloaders, unlimited data, and no more lame fees!

  • How about they reinstate the 1 yr contract so we can upgrade sooner. Prats!

    • Anonymous

      I only did one year contracts. It was great, I bought a new phone every ten months. I’ve been out of contract a few months already and won’t buy a new phone because two years is too long. 

  • Anonymous

    This could be interesting, but is not coming when it’s needed. My wife is ready to throw her Eris out the window and would like to upgrade to an Incredible 2 because she doesn’t know if she can wait another month until the Vigor comes out–it’s been 2 years too long already! It would sure be nice if she could grab the Inc2 for a month and then switch without hassles or extraordinary expenses.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    The txt message I got back in july that said I could upgrade early was a “Loyalty department” offer according to the Verizon rep I spoke to….

    Still havn’t used it yet to get my Bionic….stupid bills keep coming up.

  • seriously guys get with the program…. if you are a phone nut then the amex premium return protection is the way to go…

    That perfect item no longer perfect? With Premium Return Protection, you’re covered. We’ll take eligible items back when others won’t.So if you’re having second thoughts about the digital camera or designer dress you purchased, don’t worry. Your favorite items can be covered – clothing, electronics, jewelry, accessories and much more.You have up to 180 days to request a refund.Receive up to $600 per item, and free shipping on returns.You don’t have to be an American Express Cardmember to take advantage of Premium Return Protection.Pay just $49.99 for annual coverage. Sign up now and receive world-class retail protection benefits.Then relax when you go shopping.See Product Terms and Conditions for details.

    • Anonymous

      How did I not know about this!?

      If you DO have AMEX do you have to pay?

      • just buy full retail, never worry about extending your contract and have the newest phone all the time.. 

        • Anonymous

          And no money.

          • wait i dont understand how you would have no money? you make no sense.

          • He means after you pay full retail he will be broke.

        • Anonymous

          Have you done this yet? How strict on the “Like New Condition” are they? If this works out I’ll love you forever.

          • i have done it twice already. they are not that strict, and def less strict than verizon when it comes to them inspecting your phone when you are trying to get a warranty replacement. 

        • Bionic

          thats a lot of money

  • Anonymous

    New upgrade every year… One year contract$ .

  • TheAndroid1

    I would be beyond happy if they let me get a new phone every year.
    New Nexus every year sounds awesome.

    • Anonymous

      I do agree with you. Verizon was stupid once they took that feature

  • Anonymous

    Crap! Now not only do I have to wait for the NEXUS, but now I gotta wait for this program to kick in!

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if they did something.  The price of these phones keep going up and up.  

  • I can’t stand iOS so unless they mess up Android worse then that, I’m not going anywhere

    • You would jump ship if they had LED notification and widgets, you know it.

  • Billy Jenkins

    I just read most of the post but got confused in the middle. I saw that it said “one would assume that with the onslaught of top-tier Android devices on the way, that Verizon will be looking to keep customers happy”. That doesn’t make sense. What does it mean? I wasn’t aware that Verizon knew how to make their customers happy without robbing them first.

  • I’d be happy even if it was something like if you upgrade to an Android from and Android you get an extra $50 off. Although highly unlikely, it would be sweet!

  • Verizon is smart. They realize that Apple owns the smartphone world and has enough money on hand to purchase a major telecom. Once that happens is nighty night for Verizon. 

    • EC8CH

      “Apple owns the smartphone world”

      Just because you have the best selling phone doesn’t mean you own the smartphone world… silly Troll.

      • i would consider the fact that for every $10 of profits made on all smartphones Apple makes $6.6 pretty much owning the smarphone world. Android sells more units but even with all the OEMs combined they don’t make shit compared to Apple. You remember Apple right? The world’s most valuable corporation. Verizon does not want even more of their costumers going to Apple because that strengthens the hand of Apple in any negotiations. In addition if Apple gains more costumers eventually it becomes cost efficient for them to own their own network and when that day comes Verizon loses a huge chuck of their customer base. When you get older and realize how the real world works you will understand.

        • EC8CH

          Son, you don’t just drink the koolaide you bath in the shit.
          If that’s your business plan for apple then you know as much about business as you do patent law.
          I hope you’re majoring in janitorial studies.

          • Whether Apple decides to actually do that or not is irrelevant. The threat that they would is all that is needed in negotiations. 

          • EC8CH

            I’d call that bluff in a heartbeat.

            You are so blinded by your fanboy love of *pple that you simply can’t think strategically.

            First of all the Market Cap of the major US telecoms (Verizon & AT&T) far exceeds the coffers of even the likes of your beloved *pple.  We are talking over 100 billion dollars here.

            Second of all *pple has not had any difficulty in getting their devices on whatever carrier they choose, but your plan is for them to threaten their partners who own the airspace on which their products rely on to function.  A move that would dramatically decrease the customer base for their products.

            If anything *pple should be looking at purchasing content creation and distribution, but even then they have proven to be the best at partnering with existing companies by negotiating the most favorable deals for content distribution on their devices.  This is an area Google has failed at time and again.

            Another option for *pple would be to expand their component manufacturing capabilities, especially considering the strain that their lawsuits is putting on their relationships with current suppliers (Samsung).

            In any case there are much better uses for all of *pples cash than your hair brain suggestion that they should set up shop in the wireless Telecom industry, piss their partners off, and limit the market for their very profitable products.

          • You know Apple has just under $100 billion in cash right?? Not credit line but cash on hand. Verizon’s market cap is $104b. You should really learn how corporate take overs work. Nobody pays cash, they are always purchased using stock of the parent company. Apple has the money to do a cash deal. Now i am not suggesting that they actually get into the headache which is owning a telecom but their ability to do so greatly increases they leverage in any negotiations. The telecoms are not their partners they are their bitch. They are paid full price for each device and telecoms carry their devices simply for the monthly access fees. 

          • EC8CH

            “They realize that Apple owns the smartphone world and has enough money on hand to purchase a major telecom. ”

            “you should really learn how corporate take overs work. Nobody pays cash”

            “Apple has the money to do a cash deal.”

            You are both inconsistent and wrong at the same time… bravo


            Not only that, but now you’re saying they shouldn’t do what you pop off about and just threaten everyone they do business with about it, even though it is a ridiculous assertion that would quite obviously jeopardize their ability to market their products as broadly as they currently do.

            It’s a good thing the people running *pple are smarter than their fanboys.

          • If you think the premises “they have enough cash to do a cash only deal” and the fact that most corporate takeovers are not done with cash are inconsistent then i have nothing further to say to you. In addition because Google made a cash purchase is no way indicative of how most deals are completed. You clearly don’t understand logic or the principle of inconsistent premisses. Sorry but law school is simply out of the question for you. By the way thank you for demonstrating your lack of basic understanding, I will now add you to my list of those of inferior intelligence whom i ignore.

          • EC8CH

            Nice how you quote your first statement and paraphrase the second.

            Let me quote it again for you:

            “NOBODY PAYS CASH, they are ALWAYS purchased using stock of the parent company.”

            My grasp of logic is fine, it’s you reading comprehension that requires work.

            It’s understandable though.  You spouted off about things you don’t understand and now you’re running around in circles trying to explain your asinine ideas.

          • EC8CH

            I’m also never failed to be amused when I’m told how the real world works by some frat boy college kid.  You let me know how the real world works when you’re not living off your student loans.

          • By the way i am very aware how the real world works, i worked for 13 years before going to college. I have no student loans. I am not a member of any organization, definitely not a fraternity. Its cute though that you are so interested in my life. I am flattered but i like girls, hot 18 and 19 year old ones. 

          • EC8CH

            Wow, you feel the need to overtly profess your sexual preference online…

            Me thinks thou doth protest too much???

    • Anonymous

      Are you still crying?

    • [email protected]

      They most certainly don’t own the smartphone world.  Just the “tool” category of smartphone connoisseurs

  • 1) Buy phone full retail.
    2) Sell when the next phone you want comes out.
    3) Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • Anonymous

      You can do that now.. Craigslist and ebay

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good to me. Will be interesting to see how they do this.

  • Doug

    Not sure how Verizon thinks they can make droid any better. Besides better discounts and helping to release them asap, I’d rather them not put their fingers where they shouldn’t.

  • i would pay an extra $30/mth to rent a phone…

    kinda like bag, borrow, or steal.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, interesting.

  • My guess is that for those that stick with droid branded phones you get the 30 day no strings back along with a bit earlier upgrade date and maybe some buy back with discounted abandoned droids up for offer to trade upto when you are mostly locked up.  

    Definitely with everyone else though that the best loyalty program would just be to make all Droid branded phones essentially nexus like with minimal bloat and no custom UI and unlocked bootloaders.  

  • Rob Meyer

    I would be all over that to get the newest tech without killing my wallet.

  • I’ll tell the best buy back program…..craigslist.

    Nuff Said.  

  • How would this apply to, say, a Nexus phone on Verizon?

  • Loyalty program for BLOATWARE? no thanks VZW

  • Anonymous

    The loyalty program seems like it will be designed to get people that are currently using unlimited data to resign new contracts with crappy limited data plans. Sorry but from this point out, I plan on paying full cost for my phones cause 10GB of data a month would cost far more in the long run.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon said multiple times you can sign a new contract and keep unlimited data.

      • Anonymous

        For now. I’m also wondering whats giing to happen to all the people on the $10 and $20 unlimted data promotions that last a year and say “after that year your data plan will be subject to the data rate at that time.

  • Bigmammoth50

    Also just got n email from Verizon saying if I upgrade to theBionic I will get two free months of service.

    • Mattywalnuts

      just received a text from VZ saying I would receive a $30 discount if I upgrade to the Bionic.

      • I just sent VZ a text saying I wouldn’t get the Bionic if it were free.

        • Daniel

          Yeah u would

  • EC8CH

    I don’t get it.  Why does VERIZON care about DROID loyalty so long as customer’s switching to the i*hone, Windows, BB or whatever stay on their network?

    All Verizon needs to do to keep our loyalty is make sure they are coming out with phones on par with AT&T, Sprint, etc…  something they have been failing at for the last year

    Releasing a stock Android pure Google Nexus phone in November would be a good way of making up for this past year of disappointments.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe trying to get everyone on LTE phones and off 3g phones? Their LTE network is what they hype up maybe that’s why they are going against apple and their lawsuits since the new iPhone most likely won’t have LTE.

      • EC8CH

        Maybe… but I don’t see how Verizon has a financial interest in keeping customers on Android.  It would be interesting to see how much money they make on Android customers vs old OS’s.  Maybe all the Droid VZW bloatware does pay off for them?

        • Anonymous

          Probably more than on iphones.

        • akhi216

          Are you kidding! Android has over 40% of smartphone market share and all VZW cares about is selling smartphones.

    • Aaaaaaaa

      Doesn’t Verizon pay Lucas for the use of “Droid”

    • Anonymous

      It was not a disappointment you fool

    • literofcola

      I agree, no Galaxy S2, then the less than spectacular Bionic….I’m ready for a superphone to upgrade my OG Droid

  • Anonymous

    @Verizon:twitter Unlocking the phones is all you have to do =). #Droid #YouTakeCareOfMeAndIllTakeCareOfYou

  • Anonymous

    This better be good for more than just DROID branded phones since alot of the newer upcoming ones aren’t DROID branded, it would make sense to include all Android phones rather than just DROID branded ones, especially since the populace think there LG Ally is a DROID lol

    • Guest

      or else what?

  • the terror wrist

    Any chance of that new Nexus being a Droid!..lol

  • Nvious1

    Seems like a decent plan to keep the general non-techie droid user from jump to the latest i*hone

  • I just received a text message from Verizon today telling me I was eligible to save an extra $30 on top of whatever other discounts might apply if I were to upgrade to the Droid Bionic.

  • Insiteful Guest

    Kelex I think you could probably put out news that meagan fox had nude pics on her phone and anyone on a droid can see them, and no one will care unless you put galaxy nexus or nexus prime in the title somewhere…

    • Anonymous

      and then? and then?

      • Insiteful Guest

        sorry, i held the button too long on my og keyboard

  • Thefever75

    Maybe they could do something like Gamestop does with used games and consoles?

  • Jason Purp

    I’ve gotten every singly Droid that Verizon has/ever had to offer. Give me the f***ing Galaxy Nexus for free off-contract and you’ll have my loyalty.

    • TheAndroid1

      I’m just hoping it’s not 300.

      • A name

        it won’t be… it’ll be more… [s]

    • Anonymous

      Free off contract? No phone is free without a contract

      • Jason Purp

        No sh*t. Obviously I was joking.

  • Manny

    DROID Loyalty program:

    If a manufacturer takes too long to address known problems with their Android phones, allow customers to choose a similarly prized phone from another manufacturer at the original manufacturer’s expense.

    Force manufacturers to give Droid owners the choice to choose between OEM skins and stock Android on their devices upon activation.

    And finally, give discounts with buy back program towards the upgrade of your old Droid.

  • ArmyGunner

    I was just thinking about how after I trade my OG in for the Nexus I’ll be terrified to check DroidLife because they’ll have just gotten the scoop on the Droid: Flux Capacitor or some ridiculous new hotness!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but you can sit there being smug at how you’re running ICS while the new hotness will still be launching with Gingerbread, just like 90% of carriers’ “flagship” phones did during the first 6 months of 2011.  It’s not until the Nexus 4 comes out that you need to be concerned.

    • Anonymous

      When you buy galaxy nexus droid razor will be better lol

      • BrownChi

        And how will Droid RAZR be better?  

        • Anonymous

          Better radio, build quality, sound quality. It won’t have pentile

          • Anonymous

            It also won’t get updates straight from Google. Not to mention will most likely be locked down and loaded with bloat.

          • Anonymous

            It will get updates quick, who cares about bootloader. Sound Quality, radio quality and build quality are more important

          • EC8CH

            no doubt the razr looks like a nice phone, but there’s just something about Nexus.

          • Anonymous


          • EC8CH

            Android the way it’s supposed to be?

    • Anonymous

      I’m waiting for the DROID Galaxy Nexus Prime Incredible X5S

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll let you upgrade at a discount eery year from one DROID phone to another? Similar to what AT&T usually does for iPhone users.

    • Anonymous

      I’m really hoping it’s this, I’m not due for an upgrade until January 2013 on my Thunderbolt. O_O

      Needless to say, I was pretty upset when they took away one year contracts.

      • Crazzbaby4114

        I got the tbolt on release day and got a 1 yr contract!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I was hesitant to get one, but once CM7 was running on it I was all in.

  • lower prices, shorter contracts, less crapware, unlocked bootloaders, and BRING BACK UNLIMITED DATA PLANS!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I see you’re a business major.  😛

      • Anonymous

        Businesses don’t have to make money to be successful.

        • Anonymous

          “Businesses don’t have to make bucket loads of money to be successful.”

          Fixed it for you.

        • Anonymous

          “Businesses don’t have to make bucket loads of money to be successful.”

          Fixed it for you.

  • I have no buyers remorse for my Bionic, I love the thing. But honestly, if an android 4.0 device came out and I had the option to switch to it…

  • Guest

    They should probably try to get this going before next week, when the new iPhone will be announced and people switch.

  • Kaufkin

    take away new every 2, take away Unlimited (I Know, I know, still have it for now) and fill the phones with Bloatware, and Lock every bootloader you can get your hands at…  and you think a trinket will get loyalty? Better be a @#$@#@ impressive program.

    • LionStone

      Anyone remember the loyalty program they used to have? We’d get fat discounts on merchandise and they scrapped that program too. That’s the one they need to bring back however this is still a step in the right direction.

  • Daniel Cabrera


    • Kaufkin

      erm… 3rd maybe?

  • Anonymous

    ummm. YES. this is what we all need. save a few bucks AND stay upgraded? I luv it 

  • ML

    Bring back one year contracts!

    • EC8CH

      Are you suggesting “unstreamlining” Verizon’s contract offerings?
      That will only lead to increased customer “confusion”.
      This reply is filled with “sarcasm”.

      • This comment is full of win!

      • How dare you dirty talk to corporate marketing and PR departments all over the world….

        • Adam Elghor


    • palomosan

      Or allow me to get the back the $170 I paid for the half baked TBolt towards a new phone.

      • Anonymous

        The $170 is nothing compared to the suckers who are stuck with a hissing Bionic

        • HEY! That hissing is an exclusive feature to keep the Jackelopes, Banshees, and Sasquai (Sasquatch Plural, epic fake english ftw!) away.  Get on board or get eaten!

        • Tony Allen

          What hissing? I haven’t noticed a problem with my Bionic.. not a clue what you’re even talking about.

        • Anonymous

          No hissing on my Bionic.


          • BlackMetal

            I’d pass on the Bionic even if it was offered free, I’ve had the OG Droid and now the X. You’re just sad you couldn’t wait another 2 months for the best android device to ever come out, haha, just saying. I love Motorola devices but there’s no way I could ever waste an upgrade on the bionic knowing that the nexus whatever is headed our way the first of november.

          • Gamer 28

            He can probably afford to get them both, no need to be bitter 😛

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sad nor do I regret getting the Bionic.

          • Anthony Etter

            It is true that I couldn’t wait, because my OG Droid actually stopped working in August. I cant go two or three months without a phone. I was going to get the Charge, then I had herd that the Bionic was coming out; so i waited. To tell you the truth, I have no complaints. No hissing, I cant tell that it is a pentile matrix display (unless it is 3 or 4 inches from my face. I have not had any 4g drops. It doesn’t over heat. Battery life gets me through the entire day with fairly high usage (ever 10 minutes or so I play words with friends/chess with friends, text, look stuff up in the browser, make a few calls, facebook, imdb, listen to music, watch netflix). When people talk poorly about Motorola for their pentile displays, then they will start talking  badly HTC since they are going to be using it on their HD phones (fine by me since I never have liked HTC anyways).

          • Anonymous

            Some of us have no interest in phones made by HTC or Samsung.  I hate Moto, but until Sammy or HTC can do better, I’ll be sticking with them.

    • DroidGuru

      The program should be that it you are still under contract, you can trade your current Droid in (looking at all you Bionic owners) and have the ability to buy a brand new Droid at the current promotional price. As we all know, Verizon does a good deal of business selling their refurbished devices and this is how they make money, while keeping the Droid legion happy.
      An upgrade of contract should not be necessary and we would still be able to get a new phone every two years, w/o trading in our current phone.
      This is coming from an OG Droid owner who was outside Verizon on day 1, almost two years ago now. I have also not taken the plunge on a new device, because no phone released yet is worth keeping for 2 years. Hey Verizon- I am looking at you now, make it happen.

    • Roger Greene

      I received an email from verizon 2 days ago saying “Congrats, you have been awarded an early upgrade for line xxxx” I have only had my Droid X for 1 year.

    • JB

      At the rate they’re bringing out new phones, if they went back to 1 year contracts and dropped the prices down to a reasonable profit margin may work better. I mean when a cell phone cost more than an i7 laptop something has to give.