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Cut the Rope Receives Update, Includes ‘Toy Box’ With 25 New Levels

All you rope cutters can head to the Android Market and download the updated version of the classic game Cut the Rope. Inside the update is a completely new box called “Toy Box” which holds 25 all new levels. Along with the update are a few bug fixes and performance tweaks.

For a game that already works extremely well, it’s good to know they’re going to continue updates and giving us more boxes. Still loving some Om nom nom?

Market Link

Cheers ___!

  • duke69111

    Cut the rope experiments is currently free for a limited time on the iphone and ipad. However no free version for us android users.

  • Dritnul

    Update is now available on the amazon market.

  • Anonymous

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  • Sporttster

    I DL’d is from Amazon free the other day and tried to play it. It kept saying ‘cannot connect to the Amazon App site’ and would close to the desktop. Did this repeatedly. It would never open to the point I could play the thing. Uninstalled,reinstalled,same thing….bye bye..uninstalled for good. Why the thing kept trying to connect to the Amazon app store I’ll never know…..

  • Jurquhart4

    ITS ONLY $1 !!! … .i had problems with the amazon version and just uninstalled it and bought it from android

  • Anonymous

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  • No update thrpugh the Amazon Market yet. How Rude 😉 well.. I guess I’ll just wait then. 

  • Zebra

    1. Offer app for free on Amazon and get everyone hooked
    2. Only update the android market version going forward
    3. Everybody buys the app on the android market to get the updates
    4. Profit

    • i got my version from some 3rd party app store that when it was first released, i dont even remember where it was lol (it was posted on here). So i dont get any updates, but it was free so cant really complain.

  • $kew

    OK, this is a bit of a wine which I don’t usually like to do, but here goes.  I just started playing it yesterday and was really liking it until I got to the level with the timed stars that disappear after a little bit.  This is one area where Angry Birds (an obvious casual physics game comparison) gets it right.  I will usually play casual games like this while watching something on tv at the same time.  I may go several minutes in between launching a bird or a cutting a rope.  These disappearing stars force you to pay a lot more attention to them than a casual game should.  I wish they had never put any timed elements in this game, I think it would have been a much better game that way.

  • Cdguylhs

    Beat all of the new 25 levels today with three stars in each.  Not too hard.  I was expecting more.  Still a fun game though.

  • This was the free app on amazon yesterday…is that the updated version? I havent installed it yet.

  • Josepharusch

    i got the game for free when it was first released on android. didnt get it from either market place or amazon. how can i get update?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t…

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure the update just nuked my progress. Other than that it’s great to finally get some new levels.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if you can use your getjar save now with this update? they said they were working on that…

  • Ian

    I see, thanks both for the answers. That sucks but, can’t really complain too much when its a great game and I got it for free, lol. Guess just have to hope it gets to the app store quick!

  • Anonymous

    He makes you feel SO bad for missing…poor guy

  • I’m assuming it’ll be another score before the Amazon app store get this update….

    • Ian

      I’m a relative newb to android but got cut the rope free from app store the other day, love it.. so obvious question is: is the amazon app store generally way behind the market in getting updates on games and stuff like this?

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Yes, it generally lags behind quite a bit.

      • Sometimes first. Sometimes last. It all depends. Both are good places to get apps though. Each has their advantages. 

  • Mack

    Best time waster ever in my opinion.