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Asus Transformer Receiving Android 3.2.1 Update Now

A couple of readers turned on their Asus Transformers this morning and found a little surprise that needed their approval.  An update to Android 3.2.1 was/is available, bringing the most popular Honeycomb tablet on the planet up to the most current version.  Since we had yet to see a changelog after the XOOM WiFi received a similar update, we cruised over to Asus’ Facebook page and sure enough, they had posted the details:

Google Update: Android 3.2.1

  • Security enhancement

New Feature:

  • Supernote


  • Added Farsi IME support
  • Czech IME improvement : support Qwerty & Qwertz
  • JP SKU fixed translation bug and Polaris office font
  • Added more language translation into ASUS App

APP Updates:

  • CN SKU 3rd party app bug fix
  • Polaris office & ASUS WebStorage update


  • Browser with Adobe Flash improvement; ex: YouTube
  • Browser force-close improvement
  • Improve Wi-Fi stability
  • Improve Chinese handwriting prediction : recognize character from each stroke

Go grab it now!

Cheers David!

  • Hockeenutt34

    do not update… bug in file system giving people including me “not enough memory to process this document (document size is 93 mb)

  • Anonymous

    Love this tab! 

  • Raven

    I love my ASUS Transformer, but I hate vague Change Logs.  So, does “Security enhancement” mean it is actually an enhancement that I want, or just a fix that makes it harder to “root”?

  • Anonymous

    Picking my up in few days can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    I love how Asus is so on top of their updates.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Thank god they improved the Chinese hand writing recognition… I was struggling like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee trying to read my Chinese hand writing at the grocery store…

  • Tferrell7368

    Havent got it on mine yet. I notice the “back, home, ect.” Buttons on the bottom changed from what Asus normally has. Is this part of the update or just an old stock photo?

    • PSU_DI

      its an old stock photo, I can confirm the update didn’t change them on my TF

      • Tferrell7368

        thanks, got mine too now

  • jbonics

    DDownloading now. I usually use my phone over my TF. Love the TF but it’s nothingto jump up and down over.

  • Bryan Williams

    How does this in any way relate to Verizon or the Droid line of phones?  Doesn’t this belong over on an.droid life?

    You even state in your updates from the site that this site is for VZW and Droid news.

    • Steve Hawk

      Does it matter? Are you upset that this was posted on DL?

  • Anonymous

    NO offense to Droid-life, or it’s writers, but for a tablet that you say is the most popular honeycomb tablet out there, you are lacking a lot of information on it. Not even Android-Life has very much information. I would love to see more information on this amazing tablet (that I just bought 2 of, one for me and one for my mom).

    And if not just the Transformer, maybe some posts on good Tablet apps and widgets (something I have to say are hard to find).

  • Cephas003

    Patiently waiting for 3.2 to come out for my HTC Flyer. I’m a bit more patient as my Thunderbolt is finally downloading Gingerbread OTA as I type this!

  • Murphy

    So what are the differences between a DL post and an AL post? I really don’t care in the grand scheme of things, just wondering…. clearly it’s not just Verizon and/or the Droid brand anymore….. I subscribe to DL only, should I subscribe to both?

    • yes b/c both sites are equally informative, well written, and awesome!

  • Anonymous

    those would be some great fixes for my 3g xoom which was supposed to get all support first including my 4g which is looking like its not coming. i understand that i took a risk buying an “unfinished” product but when a major corporation says that they will finish it in comming weeks i would tend to believe them, but it seems the only thing you did was cash my check and not do any thing about it. so i have a promise for you moto i will NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN! pretty simple you lie i go some were else to buy.

    • Anonymous

      That’s cool and all but can you keep Moto bitching on the Moto related posts? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      lol I’m sure motorola is reading this… but I do agree

  • I wish I had bought this instead of the Wifi Xoom when it came out… Im in grad school and I have my clunky xoom with its giant clunky keyboard on the tiny desk, and my buddy got this with the keyboard dock for a couple hundred bucks less and it just looks like its a better machine… I really love the keyboard clamshell to… Damn me and my trying to jump into the next new thing….

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      I feel your pain. I bought the Xoom off contract and mine suffered from battery failure twice before Motorola sent me a different device. Over $800 for an “ok” device and a lot of empty promises. The only thing about that Xoom that’s better than the Transformer is the build quality. I said screw it and bought the Transformer and the Dock while Motorola was trying to get their @#$% together with my dead Xoom. I liked the Transformer so much more that I bought a second one for my gf. (When I offered her the Xoom she make a sickening facial expression and said no thanks)

  • one of the best purchases i made this year.. love the fact that ASUS is on top of things. Hope to even see ICS on this thing!