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DROIDX Keyboard Fixer Version 4.5.605 is Pushing Out Now

The keyboard fixing update for the DROIDX (build 4.5.605) is rolling out to devices this very minute.  If you have not yet been prompted to download this 113MB file, then head into Settings>About phone>System updates to pull it.  Yay, fixed keyboard!

Cheers Maher and everyone else!

  • Guest-Bkirkpatrick

    I installed the 4.5.605 update and now my phone dies in half a day where I used to get a full day out of it.  I spoke on the phone for about 45 minutes and my phone says that it is 54% of my usage and now my battery is at 20% left.  The other culprits: Phone Idle – 16% and Phone Standby – 13%.  I don’t know why it is using so much battery for basic functions but the update did not do anything for me.

  • Got the update.  Droix X phone is dead to charging with green light stuck on.

    Battery/SD card removal did nothing and I believe this means I need a wall charger.  I even tried USB connection Charge only to no avail.

  • i cant even turn my phone on or open any apps once i downloaded this.  screwed up my phone entirely

  • Vipurr620

    I just sbf my X to stock .602 and then updated to .605
    The one click root for GB still works. I did a data restore from my clockworkmod backup. I think the update has made a huge improvement!!!

  • Djredrum66

    can it be rooted again?

  • Semperfarr

    It was only an 8MB download for our phones…no issues so far and I can’t really tell the difference.  Maybe if you didn’t get the “fix” upgrade a few weeks ago then you get the full 113MB file instead of just the 8MB patch.

  • Anonymous

    Mine was 8mb too

  • This OTA update for me was only an 8mb update.

  • Mettech_2001

    605 now loaded… I can now run faster and jump higher..

  • kph3

    YES….Mine was 8MB as well.

  • Ronald Lockwich

    My update option was for a 8MB file….So IDK what is going on with mine….

    • Jlee2070

      Same Same, 8MB…

  • Markm7

    I keep getting “install error” Where can i fine the file once I download it? So I can do a manual update. I am rooted

  • Anonymous


  • Miiguelp8

    To get the update u must first turn off ur phone then check for the update for sure ill be there I just finished updating my DROID!!

  • Anonymous


  • PurpleViper

    I just confirmed  MotorolaOneClickRoot_psouza4  does work. I’m back rooted, took about 3 minutes.

  • Anonymous
  • PurpleViper

    I know this update removes the root access, so does anyone know if the one click root will work again, or do we have to wait for that to be updated?

    • Kixofmyg0t

      From what I hear one click root still works just fine.

      But I kinda expect it too since one click works on the D2G’s .607 update and this is “older” at .605

  • PurpleViper

    I know this update removes the root access, so does anyone know if the one click root will work again, or do we have to wait for that to be updated?

  • Jimingo69

    No update in MD

  • tinyurl.com/4skyaqr

  • tinyurl.com/4skyaqr

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Still nothing there yet

  • nothin

  • Jhoward56633

    mine still says “your device is up to date”………….hopefully I’ll get it by the end of the day or tomorrow. The only issue I have with my keyboard is that when I hold down the . (period) button and get the option to put in symbols, it is out of alignment, I drag my finger across the bottom of the phone (off the screen) just to find the symbol I want…does anyone else have this problem or is it suppose to be like in order for you to see what key your trying to use?

  • Wadded3123

    Mine has been saying that it is downloading and that it will let me know when it’s done for hours…  Is there a way to make it start over or should I just wait?

  • slappynutz

    where is the root one at.

  • MaryTolla

    This is the issue I’ve been waiting for motorola to resolve for months! I mean, I can live with the random reboots, the general lag, the poor battery life, and all the other bugs that make the phone virtually unusable, but the keyboard, that was my main problem. Thank you Motorola.

    • JoeInMO

      It takes like 30 seconds to replace the keyboard.  If it bothered you why didn’t you change it?

      • MaryTolla

        Um…methinks you missed the sarcasm in that comment. 😉

  • no update still why did yall post this if it isnt true?

  • Pj

    As any errors noticed if this breaks root?

    • Yes, it does.

    • PJ

      Sorry. Meant to ask if anyone has noticed if this update breaks root?

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  • joe1138

    Didn’t fix a [email protected] thing on the keyboard and took away my root AGAIN!!!  *!#%ING VERIZON/MOTOROLA!!!! I guess I’m going to have to SBF back to a version that I can root.

    • Yeah, that one step root is real hard to do again. Takes all of 2 minutes.

    • Dman27

      Good thing you have me the heads up not to do it, because the only bug I get in my keyboard is on facebook haha

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe that people actually use the stock keyboard anymore.

    • Well you are wrong. I would bet 90% of X users use the stock keyboard. Most never mod, root, or even know what a launcher is.

  • Legobricke

    Wonder when Verizon will pushout the FIX THE HTC INCREDIBLE WHICH WE BROKE WITH THE GB UPDATE fix……

  • Confused

    Yeah, yeah, but where is the Droid X update we were promised? Oh, wait….

    [checks phone: Settings > About Phone > System Updates = Your Device is up to date]

    Goes back to PC and Droid-Life:

    Damn you!

  • Guest

    There has to be more fixes than just that. Maybe they don’t want to acknowledge all of the bugs that it still has. I sure hope it gets fixed soon. May be heading away from Droid with all these bugs. It wasn’t that bad in the beginning. Seems like the recently released phones are just as bad with bugs.

  • i wish they would fix other things too! like lock ups and random restarts for starters

  • Abc

    This update is rolled out to select users by tomorrow it will rolled out to all

  • shut up im single and in college just my keyboard faild on me i cant use it so i had to download gingerbread keyboard so i hope this update fixes that. & i hope this is true… doesnt seem like it is right now FLASE information

    • DroidzFX

      Stay in college for awhile buddy….you have much to learn.

  • havent gotten it says phone is up to date!? when will i recive it? 

  • Firelight

    What about the X2 that is having the same issue? My wife is frikkin’ PO’d about it.

    • Relax tell your wife to go do her job. Get in the kitchen and make you a Samiche! LOL!

      • Anonymous

        then tell her to blow u

        • tjmonkey15

          You guys are horrible.

          • Anonymous

            why thank you

          • Kakashiisagod

            Reading comments never gets old

        • But first tell her to blow me, oh wait, she already did.

  • My Droid X says this article is lying. “System is up to date”

  • Ray

    113MB for a keyboard fix seems a little fishy to me. 

    • Anonymous

      Gets bigger every month… But still better than the 700mb update my iPad needed for a security update. And NOT OTA as well.

  • Bobb

    What about the Camera settings issue and the lockup and reboots when playing music?

  • Spickle

    when the GB update first hit the DX instead i did the pre rooted GB version (4.5.573) and ever since then i don’t get any updates that roll out. just always says my device is up to date…

    • Anonymous

      yeah I have .595 and I never  receive updates… I like to stay up to date but I’ve been lazy lately. can anyone point me in the right direction to get gingerbread AND root??

  • Lukegarden10

    Still says I’m up to date

  • Zachary F

    Thought the file size depends on what version your currently on if you are up to date I doubt it’s 113MB.

  • Never had any keyboard problems here….that’s the least of my worries

  • Scott Willenborg

    I hope it fixes mine, I text my wife “I will be home late, I have to work” but it sent “you ruined my life with your constant nagging”.

    I am printing this “Update for the keyboard fixer” post for her to read right now…

  • Anonymous

    Massive file for a small fix = All your roots are belong to us

    • It’s true. I installed it and I’ll be waiting a while for a root fix now… No z4, no superoneclick, no motorolaOneClick…

  • Buckgrad

    Okay, I’ve hit the “later” button twice now. Don’t want it as I am rooted and using SwiftKey X. How do I stop this without having to hit “later” forever??

    • Anonymous

      titanium back up pro – click backup/restore, scroll down and find the updater, click and select Freeze! 🙂

      • Buckgrad


      • Festoon666

        Thanks! I I checked my TBP and it was already frozen. I was wondering what would happen. I am running CM7 and. 602. Good to know you can still one click root if you take the update.

  • Anonymous

    will we get a fix for the droid 2 and global random reboot issue that came with the gingerbread update?

  • John

    meh. 113MB to fix a kb bug & patch the only possible way to root GB(most likely), no thx

  • Anonymous

    Hope it’s not more buggy than ever as you mentioned was rumored. I’ll lose root? No thanks, I’ll see if its worth it then maybe update and re-root.

    • Kotolski

      What if you are rooted and apply this update?

      • Anonymous

        If you are on the stock kernel and rooted and apply the update, should all be good except you lose root. Dunno if the same rooting method will work on the new update, hope so. If not, gotta wait for another method.

        • Sparkle Farmer

          The 1-click root works fine even after this update.

          • Anonymous

            Positive? Good to know

  • Silentmajority

    Still says my phone is up to date

    • Same here

      • Isanyoneup

        Mine isn’t pulling the update either.

        • Same here,

        • LottaFabina

          Maybe if you gave her a couple of Benjamins that would change.

    • Hasselhoff

      I didn’t have to pull, it was pushed to me. Must be doing it in stages.

  • Matthew Harmon

    What if I’m using Swiftkey?  Do I still need the update?  What about rooted users, any word?

  • Jordan

    HUGE file for a keyboard fix eh?

    • Hasselhoff

      and fixes issues with docking (the hard keys would stay lit all night)

    • Anonymous

      It’s a whole system file.. not just a patch fix.

  • Anonymous

    whats even wrong with the keyboard?

    • tjmonkey15

      I would like to know this too.  I use Thumb Keyboard, not the stock one, so maybe that’s why I’m in the dark.

      • Dan

        I use Handcent and encounter the bug on a daily occasion. When you are typing your keyboard and screen lock up and the keyboard begins typing gibberish. I would have to hit the lock switch to turn the screen off to stop the typing. 

        • xyzlene

          i use handcent as well in conjunction with the gingerbread keyboard.. not too many problems… the only issue with all android phones is the lack of keeping pace with typing… acceleration please… this is where the iphone wins. other than that android 4 life!

    • Keith Sumner

      My wife’s DX would crash, freeze, and many other odd problems would occur when the on screen keyboard should have popped up.