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DROIDX Keyboard Fixer Version 4.5.605 is Pushing Out Now

The keyboard fixing update for the DROIDX (build 4.5.605) is rolling out to devices this very minute.  If you have not yet been prompted to download this 113MB file, then head into Settings>About phone>System updates to pull it.  Yay, fixed keyboard!

Cheers Maher and everyone else!

  • Guest-Bkirkpatrick

    I installed the 4.5.605 update and now my phone dies in half a day where I used to get a full day out of it.  I spoke on the phone for about 45 minutes and my phone says that it is 54% of my usage and now my battery is at 20% left.  The other culprits: Phone Idle – 16% and Phone Standby – 13%.  I don’t know why it is using so much battery for basic functions but the update did not do anything for me.

  • Got the update.  Droix X phone is dead to charging with green light stuck on.

    Battery/SD card removal did nothing and I believe this means I need a wall charger.  I even tried USB connection Charge only to no avail.

  • i cant even turn my phone on or open any apps once i downloaded this.  screwed up my phone entirely

  • Vipurr620

    I just sbf my X to stock .602 and then updated to .605
    The one click root for GB still works. I did a data restore from my clockworkmod backup. I think the update has made a huge improvement!!!

  • Djredrum66

    can it be rooted again?

  • Semperfarr

    It was only an 8MB download for our phones…no issues so far and I can’t really tell the difference.  Maybe if you didn’t get the “fix” upgrade a few weeks ago then you get the full 113MB file instead of just the 8MB patch.

  • Anonymous

    Mine was 8mb too

  • This OTA update for me was only an 8mb update.

  • Mettech_2001

    605 now loaded… I can now run faster and jump higher..