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Inline Images Will Finally Appear Correctly in the Stock Android Email App with Ice Cream Sandwich

A Googler stopped by Issue 1180 on the Android support forums this morning to let everyone know that inline images in the stock Email app will finally display correctly with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. As one of the oldest and longest running issues (dating back to 2008), you can almost hear the champagne popping across the globe from Exchange users.  For those not familiar, an “inline” image is one that is essentially embedded into an email.  From the beginning, through the stock Android “Email” app (not Gmail or an OEM email app), these images have been greyed out or show blue question marks, frustrating many of you.  Seems like a small fix, yet is so big.

I’d give the Android team a +1 for finally fixing this bug, but it did take them 3 years to complete.

Via:  Google

Cheers Devon!

  • You know you could use TouchDown, that fixed the problem for me. 

  • Anonymous


  • Finally. This honestly bothers me so much.

  • How about a search function in the email app? I have been waiting for that since I bought my Droid almost two years ago.

  • Kwalker23

    I use the native email app on my Bionic, which is much better than the standard email app in stock android. I love the fact that I can pinch to zoom in and out on my emails, instead of constant scrolling.

  • search?!?!?  how about search in the native email app.  id like to be able to search my work emails.  search works fine in gmail.

    • I think that this is a far bigger problem than inline images. It’s one of the reasons I’m using a Sense-based ROM (HTC’s email app is AMAZING compared to Google’s) instead of CM right now.

  • John


  • Logos

     I’m more intetested in this issue: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=17675

     Way too many apps have access to my phone number and device ID.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    The timing of this fix makes the wait for my Xoom 3G upgrade seem like nothing. 

  • Eddie

     people use that app? the only time I’ve opened it was on accident, and I promptly froze it in titanium backup. 

    • Some of us have jobs or go to school and need corporate email.  

  • The stock email app is still poor. K9 Mail or GTFO

  • Blood

    Can we please get a zoom in feature for Gmail? 

    • Anonymous

      Yes please. Sad to say, but I can only get that from my *pad at the moment… wtf

    • That’s always been one of my biggest complaints.  Google can’t make mobile gmail look good on a their own operating system.  Gmail works great on my iphone.

  • Mr.joe



  • Anonymous

    i want them to fix the image saving problem android has now. 

    • Anonymous

      How about the “any-saving” problem…I hate having to open an email and hit “preview” for the attachment just to look at it again. Why can’t I save attachments?!!

  • Rob Becker

    Now if only I could zoom in/out and pan like in the browser for larger HTML & image based emails

  • WDF

    So whats a inline image?…

    • the opposite of an outline image.