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New Launcher Attempts to Give Us a Taste of Ice Cream Sandwich Early


For everyone who just can’t seem to wait, the developer that brought you the Honeycomb launcher for your non-tablet devices, has also chosen to deliver the Ice Cream Sandwich launcher. Now technically, no one in the community knows exactly how ICS will look, but there was some leaked images shared via the interwebz a while ago that gave everyone a “taste” of what ‘Tha Sandwich’ might look like.

The launcher itself has a definite Honeycomb feel to it, but you will notice the icon that shows multiple apps (which everyone was buzzing over) in the dock area. There is a “running apps” feature, but this is complete hogwash seeing as how I have never opened the stock email app on this device, so there is no way it is actually running. They seem to just be apps pinned there by the developer. Looks neat though.

If you’re into trying the newest of the new, then give the launcher a go – don’t expect ADW/LPP type results though. The app has a ways to go to become our daily home app.

Download: ICSHome.apk

Via: XDA

  • Barlog

    Could some pass the link to the Honeycomb launcher mentioned in the post? Thanks

  • George Moundroukas

    How do u download im having wee bit of a problem

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/ThornfullessRose Devin Jones

    Why four icons at the bottom now? Tryna be like the iOS launcher? xD

  • Anonymous


  • Bionic

    Its cool.  But im sticking with Go Launcher.  In my opinion its the best.  Launcher pro has basically been abandoned at this point.  I dont want to pay for a launcher so Go Launcher is best for me.  

  • Anonymous

    FWIW, even if you (as the user) have never opened an app, it can still be running.  Look at a lot of the VZW bloat for evidence.  Granted, the stock e-mail app may not fall into that “launch automatically” category, but its worth the clarification nonetheless.

  • Anonymous


  • Bill Jenkins

    I really like the icon all the way to the left of the dock. I might actually give this launncher a try if there was a way to change the icons in the bottom dock. I’d probably switch the browser with the texting app or contacts app

    • Bionic

      You can change those in Go Launcher, I love that.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m still calling shenanigans on the leaked pics. It looks like a build.prop edit + CyanBread and ADW/LP. Besides, the kernel says Gingerbread (2.3.5) is, Ubuntu 11.04 (4 months old at the time of this leak) is on 2.6.38-11. ICS will probably either 2.6.38+ or 3.0. 

    • http://twitter.com/shells_guy Spencer

      I have to agree with you on that on. So fake to where they had to block out the status bar. SHENANIGANS fo sho!!

  • Anonymous

    could i get that wallpaper kellex? i really like it 😀

  • bored

    Is it just me or what ? Why do all launchers pretty much look the same ? Just a few color changes and wallpaper changes and bang NEW LAUNCHER. Come on developers   STEP IT UP !  TAKE US TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF LAUNCHERS ! DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT !   ok  I feel better……………….

    • Bill Jenkins

      you probably never used SPB Shell 3d. Yes I know its a bit expensive but it is the only launcher that  almost completely changed how android runs without even rooting it. SP Shell 3d is nothing like any launcher out there. Its much faster and better if you have a fast phone that can handle the graphics

      • Droidrican

        Indeed I have the SPB Shell it freakin revolutionized my phone. The best there is and damm worth it. I just hate when it restarts.

        • Bill Jenkins

          I agree. SPB Shell has the least amount of customization but it is deff the best launcher I have ever used. And the restarting is probably because of something else because it never restarts for me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/borgey401 Andrew Borges

      Well why don’t you start deving then? 

  • Djstar2k2

    lol i just watch a vid on this but i know my og wont handle this well esp since im running ap gingerbread rom

  • TehHuff

    by the way, the link is dead.  have to go to Source (XDA) to get it…

  • Jason Purp

    I was actually just looking to make LP look like the leaked ICS launcher.
    But I’m not even gonna try this thing since it probably is laggy as all hell.

    • Anonymous

      It runs smooth on my rooted Bionic.  Good thing ICS won’t look like this though.  It leaves much to be desired in the design department.  But good on them trying to give us a taste.  

  • Michael Rosenfield

    Nothing like the real thing.

  • http://www.koveleski.com koveleski

    Nice catch tim-o .. but I’ll wait for the real thing.