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Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: PrinterShare Mobile Print

Normally $12.95, PrinterShare Mobile Print is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day. With this app you can print pictures, print mail from GMail, and print documents from your SD Card all wirelessly. But that just scratches the surface.

  • Nearby direct printing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without PC
  • Nearby printing to PC or Mac shared printers
  • Remote printing (you need to have PC or Mac with PrinterShare desktop application installed on your computer)

We recommend going to pick this app up and letting us know what you think. It’s a rarity these days to see such a high marking app available for free from Amazon.

Amazon Link

Cheers NewDroidOrder and Steve!

  • have this app, go it today, its amazing, it even lets u select how u want it printed like draft normal or quality. i can’t say enough good things and i haven’t even scratched the surface of this app

    and for those who dont like to have amazon installed on thier phone, u dont have to install the app when u get it, just hit cancel. and it stores it, i have like 80 apps that can be installed that were free paid apps.

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  • Jakepenumbra

    What sucks about this is that you cannot connect to your locally networked printer unless you have. Windows or iPhone:

    ” After you installed PrinterShare on PC and shared a printer, your phone should find that printer right away. Note: currently this will only work with Windows client 2.3 and higher, and iPhone client 2.1 and higher. If you have other type of devices, you can still use the same setup for Remote printing.”

    What this means is that you can either connect directly to a WiFi printer (if you have one) or you can Remote Print, which sends it to their server first and then to the PC to print.

    This is crap for this reason: printing this way uses “pages,” and you only get 20 for free. Then you need to buy more at $5/100pgs.

    So yeah, awesome app, great potential, super psyched I didn’t have to pay 13 bucks for it, but until local network printing is available, 20pgs just ain’t gonna cut it.

    • JD11669

      Yuu didnt read it then….It says this is the UNLOCKED PREMIUM version and even though the program says you have to buy more, the description clearly states that a premium key is available that allows you to never have to buy more. This is the PREMIUM UNLOCKED version.

  • Anonymous


  • babadush

    Worked out of the box on cm7 thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    why aint this on all android phone again apple beat us!

  • Dealy663

    I downloaded this app and it says I need to pay for the premium version before I can print anything. What is the point of highlighting this as a free app?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you downloaded the normally-free version instead of the normally-$13 version?  There is a free version that apparently only allows you to print a test page to see if its compatible.

  • oliver

    Will not load printer drivers on my Bionic. Hope they fix this loved the free version on my OG.

  • Nice, Im loving it. 

  • Justin

    aka motoprint already pre-installed on our bionics

    • Anonymous

      And DROID 3’s, but this app has many many more features

      • This was going to be my question…thanks!

      • Justin

        Well, motoprint wouldn’t “find” my printer, so maybe this will

  • Anonymous

    I have downloaded a lot of free apps from Amazon but I never use them. Everytime I need to free up some space on my OG, Amazon is one of the first apps to go. I normally cant stand to have it installed. Then I see something like this and have to go through the trouble of installing it to download the free app. Most of the free apps I have gotten I dont even use. I am just holding them hostage until I get a better phone that can use them more effeciently… Im mostly talking big games and junk, but still.

    • Anonymous

      apparently I’m an idiot. you can just go to the amazon website and “purchase” the free app without having to install the Amazon app back to your phone. Just cant download/use it until you do. This works for me until I get a better phone. I love my Droid 1 but some things feel a bit cumbersome to do on it.

      • Anonymous

        This is what I do to at least get the free app

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I do with it, I have almost 4 pages of Free Amazon apps waiting to be downloaded. But have to wait for a better phone or tablet to use them all. But I still have Amazon on my OG Droid and transfer everything I can to my SD card.

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t you stand to have it installed?  Why is the Amazon Appstore so offensive to you yet worth going through the self-imposed trouble of reinstalling all the time?

      • Anonymous

        It’s offensive in that Amazon requires you to have a seperate app installed merely to be able to RUN other apps. On an ancient phone that needs all the free space it can get, this is unacceptable. Keep in mind, I understand that I am the one suffering from my actions… I get that. I wont install Amazon on my phone so I dont get to use these free apps. but I also dont really want to use them until I get a new phone.

        • Anonymous

          As a former OG user I definitely understand where you’re coming from.  Besides being a fan of the Amazon Appstore, though, what I really appreciate is what it represents.  The inherent openness of Android and the ability to install apps from any number of sources.

          Regarding having to have the Appstore installed to run pruchased apps, is it necessary to have Android Market installed to run apps purchased from that store?   Obviously not really an issue since you can’t uninstall without rooting, but does anyone know?

          • Anonymous

            It’s a good question, but I also dont feel that it’s as big of a deal. I view the Android Market as an integral part of the OS… I dont feel that way about the Amazon app store…

        • Bill Jenkins

          Maybe Amazon should just do you a big favor and remove the Amazon app store? So then there won’t be another app store that you say is taking up too much room. But by doing so that will also remove the free app of the day promotion. Unless maybe Amazon gets permission from Google to make one of the apps in the google market free for a day. But we all know that will never happen. So what would you like Amazon to do that would still allow them to offer a free app every day?

        • Anonymous

          If I remember correctly, the requirement to have the Amazon appstore installed is for DRM purposes. My understanding is that having this layer of DRM is supposed to help entice developers to use Amazon to host their apps, as opposed to the looser Android Market where pirating is supposedly easier?? Still a pain, but one I’m willing to live with for the occasional worthwhile free app of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Cool features besides printing docs, etc is the ability to print e-mails, call logs, texts, and even your calendar agenda right from the app.  All formatted very nicely.  The app immediately picked up my HP LaserJet connected to my Airport Extreme base station.  There’s a desktop app for your Mac or PC if you don’t have a wireless printer.  Great!

  • Big Chris

    I think i’ve only missed out on two apps ever since they started. Free stuff FTW!

  • nessa

    anyone have a link so we dont have to create an account?

    • nessa

      woops, a link to the .apk so we dont have to make an account*

      • David

        huh? the developer is giving this away for free through Amazon. That means you have to download it from Amazon, and you must have the Amazon Appstore installed on your phone. If you un-install the Appstore app, you can’t use this free app. 

        • Anonymous

          I get it. But that’s precisely what I will do. I just dont see myself using this app on my Droid 1. so I will get it, so that it exists in my Amazon purchases, so that I can re-download it for a future phone. I hate that you have to have Amazon installed in order to use the apps, so I just dont use them, because I dont want to have Amazon installed.

        • nessa

          i just didnt want the bloatware of amazon app store on the phone and just have the app. it says on my computer to sign up for the app stroe to d/l it.

  • Anonymous

    Coincidentally, Amazon also gave me a free brand new wireless printer yesterday. Score! Thanks twice, Amazon!

    • Anonymous

      How did that happen?

      • Anonymous

        I’m in Amazon Vine.

  • Anonymous

    I think Amazon has a good thing going on over there. Honestly the last app I purchased was from Amazon and it was because I felt I owed them something for all the free stuff they have given me. 

  • Anonymous

    Ah, was just about to send this in 🙂

  • Guest_InsertRandomNumber

    Damn, I thought I was special because I had MotoPrint for free