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Video: Logitech Revue Receives Second Honeycomb Leak, Market Receives Apps Made For TV

If the video of Honeycomb running on a GoogleTV unit  at CEDIA wasn’t exciting enough to get you to run out and buy one (like I did), then this news should up your thoughts of getting one on the cheap. The Logitech Revue has received a second leak of Honeycomb, and this one is getting much closer to actual release.  


As you can see through that walkthrough from our friends over at ChannelAndroid, this update is looking mighty sexy and is a sign that this update shouldn’t be too far around the corner (Logitech says by the end of September).  There are some bugs here and there but nothing that Google can’t knock out if they really want to push this update out. This is just a second leak and it’s already looking fairly polished.

Instructions for installing this can be found here, but you need to be on the first Honeycomb leak before upgrading to this or you will brick your device. So flash carefully.

The other piece of news that is promising for GTV is the fact that apps optimized for TV have been sneaking into the Market unnoticed. A quick search for GTV returns close to 30 something applications that seem to have been optimized for the TV. This is partly because Google pushed the GTV SDK out to developers a while ago, and it looks as if people have been busy.

After all of this info, who wants a GTV? I’ve been using my Revue for about a week and a half now and love it even without Honeycomb. Anyone going to go see if your local Best Buy has one?

Via: Phandroid, ChannelAndroid

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any updates on the official release date?  I have not been able to find out anything on the net.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if the media player can finally decode DTS? Or switch subtitles and audio tracks?  Without that Google TV is worthless and ill stick to my boxee box.

  • jacob sirlin

    All I’ve heard is info about the Revue getting the leaks and the update, haven’t heard much on the Sony Internet TV(which I bought) getting Honeycomb.  Has anyone heard anything about that?

  • anyone use a slingbox and Google TV? I’m looking in to setting up a slingbox at different location and using a Logitech revue at my house to access it.

  • Anonymous

    Logitech Revue may be more than just a browser after all~! 🙂

    *SIDEBAR*  I’ve done this once before based on having my 2 y/o do it accidentally, but anyone figure out to make TV primary and Google Chrome secondary in Picture in Picture?  I did it once after my kid did it but I can’t remember how I did it… I had google.com in the small PIP screen, I can’t find no info on anyone else doing this…

    • Simmeltron

      Don’t have my device handy but if I recall correctly, you just mouse over the PiP window and there will be options that come up. Most likely you will see the option there. 😉

  • Anonymous

    hope Logitech sends an OTA update. 

  • Anonymous

    The most exciting thing to me is the keyboard, which cost $100 by itself (with the usb receiver). I am really tempted to buy this and use it over my current HT PC (it’s old and slow). Unfortunately so was this when I first used it.

  • I have one already and I love it, but the media player ticks me off.  I have a MythTV server running on my network and I have been ripping/encoding DVDs for months now to a RAID 1 NAS setup so I can access all my video from anywhere, even remote.  This thing is supposed to support UPnP/DLNA and it sees the server and some home video I have shot, but it can’t see any of my encoded stuff regardless of whether it is MP4, MKV, or any other format — despite the fact that it claims to support this.

    So I can’t wait for this update.

  • Guest

    Currently going for $89 w free shipping:


  • pezjono

    As someone who does not pay for any premium cable or satellite, it is hard to justify the purchase when I can do almost everything through my consoles (Hacked Wii running WiiMC and Xbox 360) with the exception of a Google Chrome browser.

    There is no way to hook this thing up to an Over-the-Air signal, right? I know it only has HDMI in and out, so I don’t think the $99 is justified in my case…

    • Josh Flowers

      agreed; i get YouTube on my PS3 and it has a basic web browser. until more stations get on board with full episodes able to be streamed–i’ll stick with my 360/PS3 for netflix/youtube/web functionality

  • Anonymous

    I actually DID go out and buy one after I saw your post from a few days. Sadly, I’m leaving for the weekend and have yet to even plug it in yet, and now I’m even more excited I got it. Shit yea.

  • Anonymous

    For $99 it was well worth it! Set mine up last Friday. Been playing with it ever since. Not perfect but good for that price. The pending Honeycomb update is icing on the cake!

  • Fleury

    Got mine yesterday in anticipation of the honeycomb update. As someone who has rooted every android device I’ve owned I just dont see the benefit in doing anything to this YET…What are the real benefits of tinkering with it?

    • Bill Jenkins

      same reason Im not hacking it. Im glad netflix works in this leak but there still aren’t enough apps available to risk bricking the device

  • Bill Jenkins

    Does anyone know yet if it will be possible to update to the offical version of honeycomb when its released if I install this leaked version?

    • It’s definitely not guaranteed that they will release a patch to go from the leaked version to the official version.  It’s definitely Install at your own risk. 

  • Bill Jenkins

    Does netflix work with this leak? that is the only reason why I didnt install the first honeycomb leak a few weeks ago.

    • Yes, Netflix is confirmed for working on this leak.

      • Bill Jenkins

        ty. I actually posted that comment before finishing the video. I should’ve waited since they mentioned it in the middle of the video. 

  • Anonymous

    My roommate got this for free after last year’s Adobe MAX conference. Honestly, we went pretty much all this time without using it…until I recently realized that I can use the Chrome browser in it to stream great-quality video from HBO GO. Now I use it all the time 😉

  • Pdiddy187

    Got one for free last year at Adobe Max. They are nice. Keyboard is built a bit cheap.

  •  The Sony version better get Honeycomb, Just saying!

  • Anonymous

    Mine is set to be delivered today.  Can’t wait for the update. For $99 I believe it will deliver.

  • I picked one up a few weeks ago off amazon and was pretty underwhelmed with what they released initially. As much as I wanted it when it first came out (couldn’t justify the $300), when I got it I realized very quickly it badly needed an update, and desperately needed market access (and devs to write for it).

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ill be more interested in the 2nd gen hardware specs. i wanted one of these when they first came out, glad i held back