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Tip: Saving Power With the PenTile Display on Your DROID Bionic, DROID3 or DROIDX2

Ahh yes, PenTile RGBW displays again – boy do we love talking about these.  Instead of voicing our strong opinions on the use of these screens though, we wanted to try and stay positive this afternoon and pass along a tip that may help those of you with PenTile devices (Bionic, DROID3, DROIDX2).  Over at the PenTileBlog, a recent post discussed the best way to save/extend battery life based upon the type of wallpaper that you use.  As experts on the subject, they recommend that you choose wallpapers that use less highly saturated colors, meaning backgrounds withs lots of blacks or a mix of black and white are best:

In other words the worst case power consumption for a PenTile display is when you are displaying more than a minimal amount of highly saturated colors, regardless of whether it is red, green, blue or a combination of these colors.  This is true even if the image is largely dark.  The best power consumption, other than a totally black screen, would be to use unsaturated colors or simply black and white.  The worst case power consumption for OLED  is the best case power consumption for a PenTile RGBW display.

As an example, if you pop open the wallpaper app for your Bionic, you should try to skip almost all of them aside from the white and grey paper at the very end (pictured above).  And if you need some other options, feel free to check out the Oreo Slice wallpaper pack that we featured a few months back.

Via:  PenTileBlog

  • Magicneal101

    The screens pixelation on the bionic is about ti make me return it…had a droidx and was a beautiful screen. Couldmt see a pixel unless you were looking for them. The bionic with higher resolution on the same size screen has pixels popping out everywhere at me grrr. Especially if you move the ohone while looking at a picture. Holding it very still is ok. But expected better considering how nice my dx was:(

  • Joey301

    yuk, i would rather carry my extra battery

  • Anonymous


  • I suppose if I just sat there staring at my desktop all day long, instead of surfing the internet or using apps, then worrying about the saturation of my background would make sense.  

  • Anonymous


  • Tysrsx1

    I bought it on release day and took it back today.  I had been holding out for the Galaxy S2 and when I learned it wasnt coming to Verizon I settled for Bionic.  The screen quality alone is the sole reason for me returning the phone….the performance was definitely impressive!  I just didnt want to have to stare at a display for 2 years that I will NEVER be satisfied with.

    Here’s to hoping Nexus Prime, HTC Vigor, or whatever the next best thing is will be worth my 3-400$.  Back to the OG Droid I happily go. There is no 4g in my immediate area, but i did get to try LTE out and it was definitely an improvement.  This also made it a bit easier to give it back.

  • Anonymous

    They need to fix the LTE on verizon we can put the wallpaper that we like without any problems.

  • Anonymous

    Not knocking the phone, but people claiming that the display.isn’t that bad is like the best buy guy trying to sell me a 720p TV. Should I really have.to “adjust” or “get used to” what is now considered the flagship device?

    • Anonymous

      For me, pixel density and resolution trumps anything else. Going from the FWVGA LCD on the X to WVGA on the S. AMOLED Nexus S and S.LCD Thunderbolt, I’ve always missed the extra 54 vertical pixels. The improvements in color and daylight usage was nice but I just felt terribly claustrophobic, especially since even my Droid 1 had a FWVGA screen. So no, pentile’s not ideal, but until they confirm the 720p HD (1280×720) on the vigor or the prime, this qHD is the best there is on Android.

  • This is why pentile screens do not belong on smartphones. That’s going BACKWARDS in hardware technology. {{-_-}}

  • I love my dx2 it serves its master well . I was able to sell my first dx for 150 and must say The dx2 is deferentially a better phone . I live in the boondocks so 4g is at least a year away for me .

  • Kniceky James

    Posting this from my new bionic, I love it been pretty into the tech industry and I have been following Druid-Life for a year now with the intention of getting my first smartphone. I have looked at everything that has come out since then and this is by far the leader of the pack. I love my bionic I have no issues with the screen and I am at 10-11 hours up time right now with normal use and I still have 26 percent battery life yet (not in lte area so lte is off). That’s not too bad no matter what your background is

    • PowerTools

      “Druid-Life”  That’s a funny typo. XD

  • Anonymous

    I have no issues with the D3 pentile display.  Being that it is barely on the radar for items consuming power, I give Moto kudos for using it.  

  • Evolintention

    Wouldn’t the background image only matter if you are staring at your background for hours at a time? When I’m on my phone I’m only on the homescreens for a matter of seconds at a time…

  • Bionic

    Pentile already saves a ton on battery.  I keep my bionic on 100% brightness and it only uses 10% of my battery consumption after 10hours of use.  

    • Bionic

      correction 5%

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt this will affect battery life to any noticeable degree.

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  • Anonymous

    More disqus failure.

  • fartbubbler

    I love my Pentile.  You wanna see my Pentile?  It’s awesome.

  • DBK

    I have a question:

    How many of the people here hating (and wrongly so BTW) on the battery life are actually giving it a few days to calibrate (full discharging and then fully charging) before actually determining whether the battery life is good or not? I would bet any amount of money that next to none of you are.

    If you aren’t willing to give this phone a chance (and use it to its fullest), then why bother getting it in the first place? Smh.

    On topic: I have had amazing battery life on this thing. Better than any of the other Droids I have owned (except the D3, the Bionic is only a little better than it).

    Quick tips:
    – Leave the 4G off when not in use or when not in a 4G area
    – Adjust battery settings accordingly
    – Use wifi at home (if you can)
    – Minimize the haptic feedback

    • Bionic

      I totally agree with you.  People started bitching about the battery on day one.  You gotta give it a good 5 full charges before you know.  

      My personal opinion after 6 days is that for a 4G phone, the battery is phenomenal.  which is what was rumored all along.  For example, with moderate use today im at 70% after 11hours.  I think thats damn good.  

      • DBK


        I get 10 – 12 on light – moderate use and 9 – 10 on moderate to heavy use. I have gotten around 9 on heavy use. I got it on Thursday, and it was doing 5 – 6 hours then, regardless of usage. I say that that is a pretty damn good improvement and some pretty damn good battery life overall.

        • Bionic

          Mine is rooted. I froze a ton of bloat apps and i know for sure its helping with battery. All that blur crap and verizon apps were always running and using battery, no longer.

          • DBK

            Really? Huh. I’m getting those kind of numbers and mine is stock. Haven’t rooted it……yet (haven’t really needed to, but I am sure I eventually will).

          • Bionic

            you said you got 10-12 on light. Im at 70% right now after 12 hours with moderate to almost heavy use. My numbers are actually better. And battery aside, rooting also helps keep RAM free. “news” and “weather” no longer use RAM on my phone. Among other things. Im running goLauncher with a lot of widgets but never see my RAM go below 420MB. Before I rooted and running the same apps and widgets it would get down twards 300.

          • DBK

            It has 1GB of DDR2 RAM. Keeping it free shouldn’t even be an issue. How in the holy hell did you pull that off? You must have a crap ton of apps/games/widgets on there. Dayum.

            As long as it lasts 10 hours or more regardless of what I do, that’s all that matters. That is pretty much a full day for me.

          • Bionic

            Yes but if u look under “running services” it shows only 700mb for the user. I think 300mb is dedicated to the OS itself and is not shown under task manager and all that. So keeping 400 out of 700 usable free is good. Sometimes if i turn my phone off and on it goes up to 500mb free.

          • DBK

            True enough. But it is DDR2 RAM, so it doesn’t really matter how much memory is used. The phone will still be quick regardless.

            FYI, I have 500mb free (give or take), and I thought I had a crap load of stuff on mine. I can’t imagine how you could get it down to 300.  🙂

          • Bionic

            Yeah sometimes i wonder how accurate that meter is? I know golauncher uses like 30mb but ehat else is there really? I have the wifi and other toggle widgets and the weather channel widget. I dont understand what would be using 500mb of Ram. I think that.meter is wrong. LOL

          • DBK

            Yeah I wonder the same thing. I doubt it’s completely accurate. Still, like I said before, it doesn’t really matter since DDR2 RAM is the shiz.  🙂

          • Bionic

            Im gonna stop looking at RAM cuz it makes no sense. Unless i start seeing lag im not worried.

          • DBK

            Hallelujah! A rooter has stopped worrying about RAM! Let the Revolution BEGIN!!!   🙂

            lol Ditto.

          • Anonymous

            The ram is shared with the GPU, about 25% of it.  25% of 1 GB is 250 MB which leaves ~730 MB available for the system and apps.  All android phones with dedicated GPUs do this.

  • George Davis

    I’ve been using one of the stock red backgrounds since I got my Bionic on launch day, and when I check battery usage stats, Display is almost always below 10%.  So while I have no doubt there’s some truth to this theory, I don’t see it making a big overall impact on my battery life since the display as a whole is only 10% of battery life.  I’m getting 8-10 hours on the standard battery using 4G and WiFi with moderate usage.  It seems like the people having battery issues are having to switch between 4G and 3G a lot, so it appears to be location dependent.  4G coverage in ATL is great so far.

  • Groid

    I am extremely happy with the Bionic.  My battery life improves with each charge.  I have gone 24 hours since my last charge.  I use light/moderate and have set to cdma only for the most part.  When I need internet speed, I just turn on the 4g.  At home I’m on wifi, so I can turn off data completely since I get a weak signal here.  I am not at all disappointed in the screen.  In fact, I think it is terrific.  I have to look hard for graininess to see it.  Everyone I show the phone to says how bright and clear the screen is.

  • Srgolub

    Huge selection of black/dark wallpapers can be found here – http://wallpaperswide.com/black-desktop-wallpaper

  • LateToTheParty


  • Anonymous

    In other words, don’t use your screen to display colors unless you want to suck your battery dry. Good choice of screen technology….

  • Ravnos CC

    So wait, one of the benefits of PenTile is that colors use up more battery power?  … awesome. 😛

  • Philw1956

    Go into the Battery and Data Manager settings and chose a battery mode to fit your needs.

  • Anonymous

    How much time do you have to spend on your home screen to make this worthwhile?  My homescreen is probably visible less than anything else on my phone as once I’m on it, I’m immediately using it or the notification tray to launch into some other app.  Further, I guess you’d have to get rid of (or at least desaturate) all of the icons on your home screen (you know, the ones that are _covering_ the wallpaper)?

  • Droids

    So the i*hone has a very high resolution quality screen, yet the phone doesn’t have any (major) battery issues. I think Moto chose the pentile screen because it costs a whole lot less, not to save the battery. Still, I will pick up the Bionic as soon as one of the local Costco stores get some more in stock. I think the advantages of this phone far outweigh the screen issues. I played with one in a Version store and feel that I could live with the screen, especially when it will be far easier to use outside than my OG Droid.

  • Kb5yrz+net

    So this spiffy new almost-HD display works best when emulating a Palm Pilot?  Really?  Who specced/approved this thing?

  • Rp780

    Anything is better than the 3-4 hrs i currently get on my OG Droid 

    • dquicknc

      Agreed! I’m getting two to three times the battery life with the Bionic than my OG Droid. I’m using a high def 3D wallpaper of mostly black, white and blue colors. What counts most… I’m very satisfied, even more so than when I purchased the granddaddy back in ’09!

  • MikeyBotz

    I was playing with the Bionic at VZW and I have to say, I held a Thunderbolt next to it and I couldnt tell the difference between the display of color. The greens looked identical. However, the pixelation is awful

  • if i had cm7 on my d3 i could turn the screen green and save 200% battery life

  • I actually prefer Pentile now after getting used to it.  Much easier to read in bright places, even sunlight.  With my OG if I was at the beach or something I would literally have to cup my hands over the screen to see anything.  D3 is much much improved.  The pixelization thing is only apparent if you’re looking for it.  Colors are great.  The ONLY drawback is the modest pixelization, which isn’t really that bad.  Everything else is a net gain.  

  • Anonymous

    i dont see how this will save battery when as soon as you turn your device on your on the web or text messege menu, apps, etc.. your better off with the extened battery, if you dont have 4g then leave on  CDMA only, and have the brightness at 50%.. i have done this for 6 days now off and on, on a 12 hour shift and when i get home i STILL have 50-60% still.. and thats 6am to 6pm and using it heavily during my breaks with web, apps, phone calls, gmail, text etc.. actually by 8 pm (14 hours since charging) im still at 50%. Sucks though since my otter box doesnt fit with the extended door which by the way doesnt make the phone look as bad.

  • I get about 10-12hrs, however, thats with VERY light use and Im not in LTE coverage yet so I only keep the CDMA radio on…am I crazy to think that phone idle and stand by take up an unusual amount of juice? My screen only uses 9-11% Im used to the “Penile” 😉 screen now and just dual core and 3G alone the phone is fast cant wait to see how it moves on LTE (hopefully later this month or early next) but the battery is bothersome. I did snatch up an Ext Battery. hopefully this can be corrected with an OTA patch?

    • Also had some (2 that Ive noticed) random reboots and a speaker volume issues not with head phones but the speaker itself. Volume cranked up on unit but low volume coming from speaker. Anyone else have this?

  • I have a Bionic and i LOVE it . Love is blind cause all i can say is … what ugly screen? what bad battery life? all i see is a BEAST of a phone.

    • Moodkiller

      wait till you get over the honeymoon period.

      • DBK

        I agree with Prince. I also have one and it is a beast. I’ve gotten 12 hours of light use and 9-10 of heavy use (regular battery). The screen is much better than the other Droids I’ve owned (OG, D2, Inc, and even the D3 – but only slightly).

        Can’t wait till the ROMs start coming!

      • I think the honeymoon stage for me will end once i get my next upgrade lol

    • Dkon80

      Yah wait till your buddy shows you his GSII and your jaw will drop.

      • DBK

        …at how underwhelming it will be.

        – Only one of the three will be 4g
        – The processor will be less advanced (the increased clock speed means nothing)
        – The RAM will be less advanced
        – The form factor will be inferior

        The only thing it has over the Bionic is stock Android, and that may not even happen (a possibility, not a probability).

        The Vigor, Prime, and Droid HD are the only phones that will be able to adequately compete with the Bionic.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah no, not really.  The AMOLED screen is the only thing I can say is better about the GS2.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m just getting used to it, but it seems like my screen has gotten better… Almost like there’s a break-in period. Regardless, I’m loving my Bionic more that I thought I would.

    • Sk102704

      I feel exactly the same on my Bionic!  I feel my screen has gotten better and I absolutley love my Bionic!

  • Thought I would share my screen. Battery is ok, but since the device is new I am looking at it way more than I was my OG.


  • That little oreo slice wallpaper app is actually pretty slick…

  • Dan

    The takeaway from this post is that there actually is a PenTile Blog. There seems to be some good information there.

    Something has to explain the Bionic’s awesome battery life, and if it’s PenTile, well, bring on the PenTile.

  • how much is this really going to save?

    • Less than driving with a tailgate down saves in gas.

      • Unexpected62

        that actually uses more gas… mythbusters 🙂

  • Yeah also just use 1 core, do not sync anything and use no widgets. Battery life becomes acceptable…. wait why did I buy this PoS?

    • I am sure this doesn’t even save enough battery to sneeze at if any at all. I mean, a True LED TV uses less power on blacks, that’s just logic. I need to see numbers, because Kellex just posted a theory. S the bionics D for months and now on the hater band wagon..I really don’t get blog sites these days.

    • Using a single core would make battery life worse. There’s overhead to a processor trying to switch between several different Threads, which is essentially what happens when you are multi tasking. If you have two processors (dual core), threads can be split between the processors so that each core doesn’t have to change track as often.

      Multitasking on a processor is like your brain trying to multitask. All you’re really doing is rapidly switching between tasks.

  • Jason Purp

    Can’t wait for the Prime!

  • Anonymous

    This is great technology.  Pretty soon they’ll have a “subdued” option on all moto devices that make everything look dull and bland.  Samsung could have a field day with this.

    • This troll didn’t even make sense. Samsung battery life is marginally better, but put a better screen and a faster processor? All they can do is stock a larger mAH battery.Which means it will take longer to charge..but it won’t really be getting better battery life, it will just have a better battery. If you want the BEST screen AND best battery, better get an iPhone.

      The Bionic is a great device.

      • Jnmigr

        Iphone is not 4g, If my bionic was only 3g this battery would last me for ever.

        • LionStone

          Yep, exactly…when I put my TB in cdma only, I can get great battery life if i need to. The most I got was just over 19 hrs, with the 1400 mAh stock battery. Currently still stock.

          I happen to also run a dark background but not to try and save battery life…I do it because I dont like bright lights. So I keep my screen brightness down…unless its on the cardock during the day.

      • Anonymous

        The iPhone’s screen isn’t even that good, the Droid’s screen is better.  Sure it doesn’t have as high a ppi but it’s high enough for the human eye and actually has better color and contrast reproduction than the “retina” display.

    • noway?

      Samsung? Is that an iphone?

  • Andrew G.

    It’s a good phone. It really is. As fast as advertised with the LTE and the dual core… that being said, I can’t handle the battery life being so low. I’m planning on returning it, going back to my OG droid and waiting for the Prime which will hopefully have better battery life (Samsung, don’t fail me now!)

    • Andrew G.

      The bionic that is.

      • Why do people think a LARGER screen with the SAME radio is going to IMPROVE battery life…that logic is beyond me.

        • Andrew G.

          Well, look at the Charge. Same screen size as the Bionic, better battery life. Maybe the tech Samsung is using is just better. At the very least, I have more options in 2 months than I do right now. Tech in 2 months will be better than tech right now.

          • Incorrect. The charge gets at best 7 hours on LTE. I had one of those too. Now with some rooting love you can squeeze more…but I get 10-12 hours out of my Bionic and it isn’t rooted. At first the life sucked, but it is constantly getting better. The only thing it blows on? Is wifi. But there is an easy fix for that as well.

            And battery tech never improves. Show me where batteries have gotten better in the past 5 years. They are the exact same.

          • And to add to my point Charge – 1600 mah , Bionic 1760…the only way it gets better is if the battery gets bigger.

          • Andrew G.

            How long until you were getting the 10-12 hours? I’m not hating on the phone. I really want to love it, but the first two days I didn’t even get 6 hours from it. It got a bit better today reaching 7 hours, but that was after much less use than the first 2 days. 

          • Andrew G.

            How long until you were getting 10-12 hours of battery life? I’m not hating on the phone, I really want to love it. But the first 2 days I didn’t even get 6 hours. Today was a bit better getting about 7, but I used it quite a bit less than those first 2 days.

          • Took about 3 days I would guess, I ran the battery to dead each time. And now I am getting 10-12 hours right around when it screams at me to charge. I think a lot of people may bork their battery profiling by charging when the meter looks low. If it has juice, it still has battery life!

          • On day 1 I got 4 hours out of the 40% charge. Then I got 6 out of my first full charge. To shed some light on where I started.

          • Incorrect. The charge gets at best 7 hours on LTE. I had one of those too. Now with some rooting love you can squeeze more…but I get 10-12 hours out of my Bionic and it isn’t rooted. At first the life sucked, but it is constantly getting better. The only thing it blows on? Is wifi. But there is an easy fix for that as well.

            And battery tech never improves. Show me where batteries have gotten better in the past 5 years. They are the exact same.

          • Anonymous

            I have Charge and now the Bioninc….The Charge with a ton of tweaking got me maybe 12hrs….the bionic is nipping @ it’s heels now with just around 10hrs. The sluggishness of the Charge drove me straight to the Bionic! 

          • Anonymous

            I have Charge and now the Bioninc….The Charge with a ton of tweaking got me maybe 12hrs….the bionic is nipping @ it’s heels now with just around 10hrs. The sluggishness of the Charge drove me straight to the Bionic! 

        • I think the majority of the time the screen looks good. Its when i’m on the internet or playing a game and I can see the pixels, or the “android green” and green in the market all look off because of the display. Aside from that I love the phone. I’m waiting and hoping HTC announces the Vigor on the 20th so that I can get a decent look at that while still inside my 14 day at Verizon. I’ll be happy if I keep this, but where everything is so much more visually focused now, why settle for a half assed attempt at the display and not opt for something with the same(possibly better) specs and a WAY better screen

          • Anonymous

            The Vigor won’t have better specs, except for the HD screen (which I would argue holds little to no actual advantage over qHD or even WVGA 854×480 at these small screen sizes (when compared to standard RGB LCDs that is)).  I suppose any non-pentile LCD would be an improvement in image quality but not necessarily in color or contrast.

  • Andrew G.

    It’s a good phone. It really is. As fast as advertised with the LTE and the dual core… that being said, I can’t handle the battery life being so low. I’m planning on returning it, going back to my OG droid and waiting for the Prime which will hopefully have better battery life (Samsung, don’t fail me now!)

  • meth feld

    thanks for the tip

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy your device! Just dont pick a wallpaper you want if you want a decent battery life.

    • Nice over exaggeration. No idea why this topic was even posted. Just feeding the trolls I guess.

  • I wonder who ACTUALLY has a bionic and ACTUALLY has problems with the display? I noticed what is being griped about and just don’t get the large complaint. I think the phone is amazing and battery life is only getting better.

    • You know how much I miss my Thunderbolt? None at all…

      • Anonymous

        ah, to have unlimited money

        • Anonymous

          The upgrade from a Thunderbolt to a Bionic cost me a whopping $40.  The Bionic cost me $300 and I was able to sell my Thunderbolt, beat up as it was, for $260.

          Ah to know what E-Bay is.

          • Anonymous

            I couldn’t sell my Tbolt.  I had to give it to the Mrs. to replace her aging Droid Inc.  But yeah, people will pay any amount as long as they think it’s worth it to *them*.  Good on you for a $260 return.

      • Anonymous

        When I switched from the Droid X to the Tbolt I was amazed at how vibrant the colors were on the Tbolt. I thought I would have a hard time switching back to Motorola after that but the Bionic blows my Tbolt away in every other category. 

    • Anonymous

      I second that…no issues with battery life, or my display, but here’s the wallpaper I’m currently using

    • I definitely love this phone. I defended it so much even before it came out, but I’ll admit the screen did bother me at first. Now I don’t notice it at all because everything on my phone loads so fast that I don’t even have time to notice it.

    • Yiannis

      I have issues with my Pentile display and I have had the Bionic since Friday. And I’m not talking about the nuisance of the pattern, but about the color depth in dark areas that results in posterized images that display perfectly on my calibrated IPS LCD or on my OG Droid for that matter. It shows up in about 10% of photos and it is horrendous. 

      Otoh the screen is very responsive, the Gorilla glass is very welcome and it is good in the sun.

      Battery life IS a problem.

      The issues with FC apps are minor.

      But the phone’s and the network’s speed result in an unparalleled browsing experience. The free NFL four-week trial app, the US open app that streamed live matches app, are instant examples of the power of LTE. 

      That’s not to say that it’s anywhere near perfection.

      I’m glad with the overall purchase.

    • Yeah I have a Droid 3 pentile and I LOVE it. 

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          It’s also less pronounced on the Droid 3 because it’s a smaller screen.

          • ChuckG73

            Explain why I did not see it on my Droid X2…That really confused because they are the same size screen.

          • Anonymous

            Did not see what on your X2?  The Bionic and X2 have the same size screen, the Droid 3’s is smaller.  Same resolution on a smaller screen means smaller pixels and better image clarity.

      • Anonymous

        developer wants a perfect device lol you will see a lot of people ditching the nexus when it comes out. Pentile is not badddddd. It only used to bother me when i was reading this site because of the black letters and white background

    • Anonymous

      I question whether  there is enough battery savings through the use of black/white wallpapers to justify this. I mean if it gets me an extra 5 minutes then who cares, an extra hour or two though and I would be interested.

      Anybody want to run some tests to see how much battery this really saves?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I don’t understand why everyone hates on the display so much. My brother has a D3 and i think it looks good.

      • Anonymous

        Kellex wants a perfect device lol

      • Anonymous

        The screen bothers me enough that I’m going to wait for something better.  To each their own…

    • Anonymous

      the people that are complaining are mainly the ones who want to justify not upgrading their devices.. I have a DX my roomate has a DX2 and I much prefer the DX2 screen

    • Anonymous

      the people that are complaining are mainly the ones who want to justify not upgrading their devices.. I have a DX my roomate has a DX2 and I much prefer the DX2 screen

    • Anonymous

      The screen isn’t very good.  There is noticeable pattern effects as a result of the pentile array, small text looks like a blur and color blending is pretty poor.  There are much less sub-pixels on a pentile screen, that is going to hurt image quality any way you look at it.  However, I do think the situation is being exacerbated by hyperbole on this site.  If you stop thinking about it and actually use the phone for what it was intended instead of staring at the screen a few inches from your face it’s not very noticeable and the phone itself is otherwise very fast and impressive.  Whining about it cartainly isn’t going to change anything.

      • Anonymous

        This is exactly right.  I can tell things don’t look quite like they did on my t-bolt. I can see little squares of pixles when watching youtube videos on my phone, But it is so minute and minor it isnt hard to gloss over that.  What is hard to ignore is getting 25 hours of normal use off 1 charge on a 4G LTE dual core phone when my old t-bolt couldn’t hold a charge for 6 hours in standby mode without dieing.

    • I purchased the Bionic simply to try and then return, hoping to hold out for the Prime, and found out I am NOT returning it.  Yes the camera is the the best when indoors, but none are.  The display is clear and crisp and looks AMAZING outdoors.  I have never had a screen look so great outdoors in direct sunlight before.  

      • Billy Thompson

        This^  The screen definitely has some issues, but the quality outdoors is amazing.  The Thunderbolt and any amoled for that matter is just about worthless outside.

    • fartbubbler

      I’m finishing up calibrating my battery on my Bionic.  TRYING to run my battery out with heavy, heavy use the last few hours: Pandora, Netflix, etc.  
      14+ hours, 4.25 hours of screen/display on.  

      rock on, Bionic.  rock on.

      • Anonymous

        Congrats i am getting around 18 hours of battery life just using the internet and pandora. I have to point out that i put the brightness of my display all the way down 🙂 People complain about battery. It just depend on the person how they have their bionic set up.

        • Malumalo

          Mine last 6 hrs the most… wht should i change?

          • Anonymous

            The brightness and screen time out i have it 15 seconds

    • ChuckG73

      I had the Bionic and I had a problem with the screens pixelation.  It always drew my eyes towards the pixels and away from what I was looking at.  I would not say it is a problem with phone, but an issue of it being impossible to please everyone.  I now had a Droid 3 and am very happy with the decision I have made.  I will wait and hopefully the Droid HD or Nexus will fit my 4G fix.

  • I don’t think the screen is the issue with battery draw. It’s the darn LTE radio.

    • But even so, 10ish hours on LTE is a step in the right direction. I am all stock and that’s where I am at now. I use my phone a bit more than the average bear.

  • Anonymous

    If you need to work that hard to squeeze the battery I have to say that’s rough.  Looking forward to gen 2 of LTE radios.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Interesting, I wonder how much power this saves…..but every bit counts I guess.

  • But the red ones just looks so damn good!