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Verizon Catalog Says the Thunderbolt Already Has Gingerbread, If Only That Were True

HTC already told us that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) will be here for the Thunderbolt some time in September, but it looks now like Verizon is in agreement.  According to the new Fall Guide that is available in stores (or will be soon), you can see that they are listing the device as already running 2.3 instead of the 2.2 that Tbolt owners have grown accustomed to.  We still haven’t been given a specific date or anything, but with just 3 weeks left in September, I’d say it should be here any day.

Cheers ___ and Joseph!

  • GotThunder

    I rooted and am very happy with Gingerbread.
    Here’s the problem.  I didn’t want to root because I knew I would spend way too much time on the options after the fact.  I had 20 ROMs to pick from.  I tested 5 or 6 before I settled on one.  I still have minor bugs but nothing close to the junk that Verizon supports today with Froyo.  Even if there are a couple of bugs left on Gingerbread, Verizon should just release it and let users decide by reading a known issues list.

  • I swear I am going postal without Gingerbread for my Tbolt.  If it doesn’t come out by the end of the month,  I will chuck my phone.  Really, we can put a man on the moon and make computers fit in our pockets (that I guess we can talk on also) but I can’t get Gingerbread.  Hurry it up already

  • Tjcard03

    you think they’d just skip past gb for the tb and just give us ice cream sandwich…..ugh. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a win/lose situation. 4G LTE is kicking in but Gingerbread is taking forever to be pushed out.

  • Rain_king46

    Good thing all those manufacturers committed to getting updates to the phones in a timely manner… :/

  • Anonymous

    Mine has Gingerbread in the form of CM 7.1 RC1.7 🙂

  • Dik

    I already have GB so eat it.

  • Anonymous

    **holding my breath………..NOT

  • Ken

    My tbolt keeps telling me that service unavailible, is a drop of GB finally going to happen?

  • mine does.  2.3.5 actually… Thank you CM 7.1 😀

  • Kierra

    People should really stop saying “just root”. You shouldnt HAVE to root to get the updated version in a timely manner.

    • Carmen Diva

      Lol exactly.

    • Romma1

      If I hadn’t had folks encouraging me to root (albeit rather strongly) I would never have rooted, and neither would many others. If you wait around for OEM’s and Carrier’s to update your device, then you get what you get when you get it.

      I am glad I kept seeing posts about “just root”, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. This is a place where people come to discuss the realization of their devices as well as other things. To each their own.. Maybe just ignore the “just root” posts, but keep in mind that people are trying to offer solutions to your dilemma. 

      My reply to you is well intended Kierra

    • Anonymous

      It’s sad that you have to root in order to get the newest software 

    • Anonymous

      Those of us that have rooted phones enjoy many benefits only one of which is early software upgrades. It is perfectly fine if many don’t wan’t to enjoy all the benefits and enjoyment rooting brings. But don’t get upset with those that offer this simple solution to those that come on here and gripe about updates. Seriously… if you don’t want to take a couple minutes to root… fine.. but don’t complain every other day about not having Gingerbread. It’s been out for months for those that really want it. 

      And the Thunderbolt is getting updates in a timely manner. Many Motorola phones just got Gingerbread after being out over a year. We are going to get the official Gingerbread ota very soon. 

      If people didn’t sit on these boards reading about software they wouldn’t know the difference. If you ask most anyone what software version their phone runs on they have no clue. One step up from having no clue is knowing about Gingerbread from reading the forums… and all that is left is one more step up…….”rooting”!

      • I know the difference.  My phone still shuts off unexpectidly and toggles between lte,evdo,and rev a.  So don’t tell us we won’t know a difference.

        • Anonymous

          ?  LOL…… You didn’t understand what I wrote apparently. 

    • Nick Avicolli

      your right but…. if you want to have it just root it lol not our faults its the htc developers

  • Anonymous

    My Thunderbolt does.

  • Dshudson

    I woke up this morning taking my Bionic off the charger. 100% 5:30am. Didn’t touch the phone until I got on the train where I used Kindle app and played music to cut out background noise on the train 50min of use. I am at work and at my desk now 9:24. 29% Screen brightness is almost all the way down and I have app killer running on crazy killing apps. Besides the dreadful useless camera, the battery is a joke. However, I did get an extra, but should I have too for this type of use. NO.. miss my tbolt and it’s kickstand. 🙁

    • Doriroid

      It’s your app killer! Do a search and you will find that android does not need an app killer, except for the occassional stray that you have to stop. Let android do it’s thing, it will manage apps and memory as it needs to.

    • Carmen Diva

      I use task killer and no bad effects Here.

      • Warlike1919

        Watchdog , is much better

    • Anonymous

      For gods sake people. Stop using task killers!!! They should be called battery killers because a few minutes later that app your task killer ended will just load it’self again and use even more battery than if you just allowed it to stay in memory.

      I’m rooted and de-bloated and get between 12-18 hours from my Bionic on a standard battery. Bloat removal certainly helped bump that number up.

  • Eurasianman

    Just root your phone if you want Gingerbread. Although, I’ve seen an HTC phone with Android 2.3, I’m not impressed. But an HTC with Android 2.3 and a newer version of Sense, well, that’s a bit of a different story.

  • miketb34

    Ive been running Skyraider Zues with 2.3, sense 3.0 for quite a while(thanks to TEAM BAMF)

  • Mikeymcclammy

    um…. im running 2.3.4 and sense 3.0 on my tbolt now.  am i a sinner?

  • Franzie3

    well according to the dev community….yes it does and they don’t say sense 2.1 because it has 3.0 =)

  • Rich

    no it won’t… just like the usual htc fail and vzw fail… There like the govt nothing but a bunch of broken promises…

  • Wishful thinking?

  • Anonymous

    Droid Bionic…Coming Soon! lol and they haven’t released this yet?

  • Q

    Months ago I said the Bionic would be out before the TB got Gingerbread.. I wouldnt be suprised of the Vigor or whatever is out before the TB gets Gingerbread.

  • Jonny13415

    i have gingerbread on my tbolt…

    • Anonymous

      Me too and I’m not rooted.

    • Baroqueman48

      Did you get the OTA? Mine still is not available.

  • I wish my Thunderbolt had gingerbread already… on a side note LTE is now in Champaign

    • Anthony Williams

      Hey, Champaign! I’m here too…

  • Bill Jenkins

    Honeycomb for Google tv should be released in September also. Times running out for both.

  • Sad sigh…

  • Anonymous

    Vzw also says they have the largest 4g network, if only that were true. (flip the switch in ABQ, come on!)

    • No. They say they have the largest 4G LTE network. Which is true.

    • Andross182

      over the weekend I noticed my Thunderbolt get 4g for about 20 minutes on Saturday (over by the hospital on Gibson) and again for about 15 minutes on Sunday up on Juan Tabo and Constitution!  I think they were testing the network here, or they flipped too many switches when they turned on Las Cruces….

  • Anonymous

    Upcoming catalogue, but no Vigor or Prime… Uh, I mean TBolt 2 or Charge Prime or whatever the hell…. Major sad face.

    • Anonymous

      It also says Droid bionic is coming soon so that shows this is a little old.

  • Anonymous

    YOU LIE!

  • Boscoux1