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Friday Poll: Preferred smartphone lock switch location?

In the mini-review of the DROID Bionic that I wrote up this morning, a fun conversation was started over one of the subjects that was briefly touched on.  I brought up the fact that the top left lock switch drives me nuts, but quickly found out that many of you actually prefer it.  Some of us are one-handed thumb smartphone users, while others may hold their device in another hand while using a finger from their other as a pointer.  So for right-handed users that actually end up holding their device more in their left, may tend to like left-sided lock switches.  Me on the other hand, holds all phones in my right hand and prefer right or on-the-side lock switches (thanks Samsung!).

So today’s poll is really more silly than anything, but wanted to know which side do you prefer a lock switch to be on.  Left top, right top, or on the side?

Prefer left, right, or side lock switches?

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  • Anonymous

    I like my unlock switch like my women, on top. Right, left, me don’t care. I’m flexible.

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  • LODE

    Honeycomb style lock in the middle of the screen for me using Ripple lock.

  • Brandon Lewis

    also being right handed top left makes is particularly easy for my thumb (when i push my phone into my right pocket) easy to push and my index finger when i lock my phone before i put it in my pocket

  • Brandon Lewis

    there is a left, right and side option WHAT IS SIDE? in comparison to left and right ?

  • djembeman

    I’m a righty and i find myself holding my phone with my left hand most of the time. I also find the power button must easier to hit with my left pointer finger. To me for people that hold their phone with their right hand, the upper left would be the best location. If I’m hold my phone with my right hand I have to do an extreme hand shift to hit the button with my right thumb. But I’m gonna say it doesn’t matter because when i use my power button I’m grabbing it to pit in my holster or hit it before bed to dim the screen.

  • mikeym0p

    I prefer the left, or the side, but moto also has the middle top option which is a nice compromise for lefties and righties.

  • ping

    I went from a custom ROM (Thunderbolt Gingervitis) where the volume rocker unlocked as well back to stock and I find myself trying to use the volume rocker all the time.  I’m a righty, but for some reason I like to hold my phone in my left had.

  • Armando Sanabria


  • IDroid

    Omg…has it come to this???? Who the F cares? Use a little effort and lock the damn thing. What are we going to poll next? How pretty the bionic looks if its bedazzled or perhaps with pretty pink pony stickers??

  • i actually have man sized hands so it is not a problem at all for me to hit it on the top left. Actually that is where my finger naturally sits anyways. 

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous


  • Cscord

    Home button like Droid X

  • no top vote option? lol (edit: fail)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I like the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone. im used to putting my phone in my pocket upside down so when I have headphones plugged in I don’t have to put it in my pocket differently.

  • joejoe509

    I like the side locker on my old enV touch, but I’m getting used to the top right locker of my iPod Touch. Didn’t Samsung devote a ton of money on the Galaxy S II to make sure it perfectly fit in people’s hands? I’d probably trust their decision.

    In the end, I guess it’s what you’re used to and therefore doesn’t really matter.

  • Michael Lewis

    I also love the middle so much. The reason is because then I don’t bump it by accident no mater how I hold it. I hate it on the side because then it’s just weird.

  • Anonymous

    I always wished the camera button on the DX would unlock the phone. It’s a natural position to have it on the bottom right side where my thumb is naturally sitting (sorry lefties). 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know where the volume control for the start up droid eye sound is? Mine is really low.

  • I didn’t realize how much I used the home button on the DX to wake it up, until I got the Bionic and it doesn’t work.  Understandably so though, with capacitive buttons.


    It depends on the phone. My OG Droid screen is small enough to use my thumb, so I like the right side. Any screen 4.3 n up I would probably hold in my left hand and use my pointer..

  • I usually shout “UNLOCK damn it” and my DX obeys.

  • Anonymous

    The left side it is the best position. Moto made this one right in almost every aspect 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I voted right, since I’m right handed but it really doesn’t matter to me. I first had the OG Droid which had it on the right, then I got the Dinc  which has it on the left and I just use my index finger instead of my thumb to unlock it. 

  • Jordan

    im going with left just to troll but really who gives a crap.

  • Anonymous

    I like samsung’s setup, on the right side towards the top, right where the thumb is in your right hand or right where your index finger is in your left.

  • Allstar0419

    og droid top right yeah buddy

    • Papoose34328

      exactly! plus i like the arrangement of the buttons at the bottom. its going to be hard getting used to the new arrangement of icons when the time comes to get a new phone.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a lefty, but I’ve just gotten really used to using my index finger to hit the rightward lock button on my OG Droid.

  • Anonymous

    I’m right-handed and I hold my phone in my right hand. My DInc has conditioned me to prefer the top left for the lock switch. I use my index finger to hit it.

  • neverknow

    Its all about what you get used to doing.  I actually had to think about how I turn the screen on and off!  I’m left handed and hold the phone in the right hand.  I almost always turn the phone on and off with my left index finger.   Technically if it was right handed, I could turn it off with left from behind, but just don’t see that happening.  I’m guessing that was what they were going for with the moved of the power button.

  • Jeff

    I don’t understand, if you are holding it in your right hand, wouldn’t it be easier to hit the button with your right index finger.  I know my right index finger sits less than half an inch from it and its easier to just quickly tap it on or off as I pull it out or drop it in my pocket.  If it was on the right it would require me to reach or contort my hand to hit it.

  • Anonymous

    If I hold the phone with my right hand I unlock my OG Droid with my thumb. If I’m using my left hand, I use my index finger. Not sure why this is even an issue. It will essentially be the same thing for me if the button is on the other side.

  • Hvanderspek

    I am right handed and hold my Defy in my lefthand and unlock it with my left index finger. Defy is small enough. Position is topright.

  • Zeadaplaya

    Top left, LEFTYS FTW!!!

  • Joseadr8

    I prefer it on the center like the droid x

  • Anonymous

    this poll sucks.
    i like the lock key where it is on the dx. didnt like it on the d1.

    i like to unlock using the home button. cant do that with this virtual button stuff. 

  • Kierra

    Oh, I dont give a hoot.

  • Kierra

    You will get use to it. Thats just how new things are…

  • Jon


  • d-rock

    What about top middle like the dx? I like it there because I can reach it with either hand.

  • EScouter

    I’m not seeing an option for center… I really like the droid x lock switch location. 

  • Justin

    It is irritating when in the dock to have it on the left!

  • While it’s weird that the button on the Bionic is on the left, I’ll just get used to it. The size of the phone is going to take much longer though.

  • i’m so glad someone actually asked this question.

  • Anonymous

    My vote shouldn’t count. I’m left handed.

  • Anonymous

    I’m right handed, and i use my OG droid usually one handed (my right) and use my thumb to do all the pressing and touch screen work. having the lock/power key in the top right allows me to easily hit it with my thumb or index finger. having it in the top left will not be convenient, however it wouldn’t be a showstopper for me.

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere on the top. Volume rockers belong on the side.

  • Rob Meyer

    I think with all other moto phones it has become a second nature thing to power up your display with the button on that side, but we’ll all adjust accordingly.

  • Anonymous

    It’s more like… Do you hate the Bionic (right) or did you purchase a Bionic( left)