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Tip: Turn Off Those Obnoxious 3D Animations on the DROID Bionic

Just wanted to throw out one more tip this morning for new DROID Bionic owners to consider.  With the new version of Blur that Moto has decided to give us, comes a pretty overwhelming and at times slow, 3D animation between almost every screen transition.  When you jump from app to app or home to app or home to app drawer, you’ll notice this transition right away.  While it make look semi-pretty at first, you may realize that you can accomplish things much faster without it.  Thankfully Motorola built in a “No animations” toggle so you can rid your world of flashy fluff.

To turn off animations, start from your home screen and do the following:


Once you tap on Animation, tap on “No animations” to make your phone even faster.

*Note – The only bad thing about doing this, is the fact that it also kills the CRT screen-off animation.  Not sure why Moto did not leave that as a standard option since it was built-in to Android 2.3, but we find that attempting to figure out why they have made certain decisions over the last few years has lead to an uncountable number of headaches.

*Note 2 – Since the Bionic haters took my “slow” comment to meaning the device sucks, let me clarify.  The phone isn’t slowed by the transitions, the transitions themselves are just annoyingly slow.  It’s just a part of Blur and has nothing to do with phone performance.

Anything else you can think of?

  • Motoxer

    I am a Bionic hater. Ive received two defective phones so far in the last two days. I have lost all faith in Motorola. They had almost a yar to get itnrght with the Bionic and rushed out a cheap plastic poor imitation of an Android phone. My Bionic has rebooted about 20 times today. I will be taking it back and getting my DX reactivated first thing tomorrow…

  • this doesn’t turn on the window animations for me.. only the CRT screen-off animation.

  • Anonymous

    I got 7.5 hours off a single charge, and still have 30% life, and I used it a lot today. That is with the normal battery, I wonder how long the bigger battery will go.

  • Anonymous

    you sound stupid (i would do the cross out thing there but I cant format the text) pretty bad by questiong why the crt ANIMATION doesnt work when you turn off the ANIMATIONS.. FYI

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OK, I just picked up the phone about an hour ago…loving it so far, still getting everything set up.  Haven’t rooted yet…still on the fence for now.  But, I do have 1 question.  I downloaded my ADW EX launcher and it automatically opened, but didn’t prompt me for a “default” setting with the home button.  I still want to play around with the stock home for a bit, but when I go to manage applications, neither under ADW or the Home Launcher allows me to clear defaults.  It’s just grayed out, but when I press home, it automatically takes me to ADW.  One frustrating thing is I wanted to play with the Quick Contacts widget which doesn’t appear to work in ADW for some reason.  Any ideas/tips?

    • Jonah

      Download default moto home fix and home switcher from the market

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the tip.  Reading the description, looks like Moto Home Fix isn’t working with Gingerbread at the moment.  So that’s the 1st negative that I’ve found with my 1st Blur phone.  Had no idea that they locked down the home app default settings like that.  

  • Murphy

    Motorola built this feature in? Huh, funny, and here I thought it came standard with Android.

  • Mr. Joe

    I like when custom ROMs have these people love them, but when moto does it they apparently are “obnoxious”.

    • Interstellarmind

      that’s because when it’s in a custom ROM, you have the CHOICE to use it or not. we’re not like crapple fanboys. us android users like to have choices.

  • Bionic

    Im running goLauncher so I dont have this issue.  DO NOT get the anti glare screen protector.  Makes the screen look oily.  Im going back and getting the normal screen protector.  

  • blakjakdavy

    Get the spare parts app: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.droidgram.spareparts

    Set transition animations to fast or off (your preference). Do not change window animations. Crt animation should remain but the other stuff should go away/happen more quickly.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. Again I posted before reading all the comments…its hard sometimes. lol

      I just posted asking someone to try Spare Parts.  Thank you for this post.

      And I mentioned setting animations to slow jut to show folks what will happen..lol

  • Interstellarmind

    i got a tip for ya: wait 4 weeks for the htc vigor before you buy this.

    1.5 dual-core ghz processor, 1280p screen resolution, LTE.

    • Anonymous

      I’m no hater but the vigor is based off the a8 which is older than what is in the bionic. Not to mention it is htc and we all know how they are with battery. I have the tb.

  • Unexpected62

    I disabled those animations on my D3 in a second, but yes it is a bummer that the CRT animation goes bye bye as well. I don’t know how anybody at Motorola could stand going through the settings for more than 2 minutes with all that zooming in and out shit.

  • Next tip: how to disable all the features of the bionic so that it is just like every other smart phone.

  • Dboombuki

    costco has the best price if u r going to get one its only 279.99 with a lot of extras

    • Anonymous

      like what extras?

  • Brady McEwen

    wow, brand new device and you have to turn off animations to get it to run well? what a piece of crap!!!

    • Paulding

      Obvious Apple troll

    • Bionic

      Your an idiot.  He didnt say it wasnt running well.  Go f yourself with our iphone

  • Fix that leaves on CRT animation
    1.Install Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher
    2. ???????
    3. Profit 

    • Bionic

      yup im running goLauncher

  • 1. Phones never come out on the first announcement day/ rumored date.
    2. Remember how even the Thunderbolt was delayed?
    3. This phone is not outdated…
    4. We have no clue when these other phones are coming out…
    5. I will bet anyone cash money that we wont see that HTC phone in October.
    6. Im getting the Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      7. Powerful Dual core processor phones run slow if animations are turned on.


      • Keith Sumner

        It doesn’t run slow, I’ve seen videos of the phone running live wallpapers, several widgets, and the 3d animation nor performance overall did not slow in the slightest

        • Anonymous

          “With the new version of Blur that Moto has decided to give us, comes a pretty overwhelming and at times slow…..”
          Not what I wanted to read/hear

          • No it isn’t what I wanted to hear either. But also the first time I have heard it and I have seen every review on this thing. I think the problem is he rooted the thing. Therefore, you cant review it if you have already modified it.

          • I mean when I rooted my DX I noticed a slowdown. So I will assume that this is the case.

          • Mr. Joe

            All root does is give you higher permissions.  It shouldn’t do anything to performance at all.

          • Sk102704

            It doesn’t at all. I’m using the Bionic right now

          • Mr. Joe

            How about you read other reviews/impressions?  You’ll notice no one else complains about half the shit Kellex does. 

            Expect a good 8+ mins of his video review dedicated to him having the camera lens ontop of the Bionic screen saying


            Then he’ll compare it to the GS2 and be all:

            “OMG Bionic screen fail cause it’s using a bad pentile screen!!!!”

            Even though HALF of the shit he’s talking about is because the GS2s OLED tech over the Bionics LCD tech.  Has NOTHING to do with pentile.

            Personally, I’d ditch Kellex’s review and look at the hundreds of other reviews from blogs and users.  They’re going to be more useful then this misinformed blob.

        • Anonymous

          I just don’t know why this article was posted if what you say is true – I mean why would I want to turn off something that is so unique and cool?  The phone should have enough power to run many things and have no lag at all.  What up DL?

          • Anonymous

            its slow in that its doing an animation, where as many people would prefer an instant switch

          • Mr. Joe

            It’s Kellex.

            Remember his whole video complaining about the pentile on the D3 screen?  Half of his bitching was misinformation.

            Based on Kellex’s post he really isn’t tech savvy at all.

          • Mr. Joe

            I’d rather have Mr. Tato do this.  His reviews are great! 

          • Anonymous

            Because the animations take TIME. 

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Even tho I see kellex updated it.

        Amazing I see some ppl equate slow animations to the phone running slow. Have you ever used a Windows desktop OS  and turned animations on and off?  The PC isnt running slower…the animations are just slow.

        Ever set animation to slow on an Android phone before? Take something like Spare Parts and set it to slow. Now tell me is you phone running slow…or is the animations slow.

        Can someone with the Bionic use an app like Spare Parts and see if you can set the animations to fast to see what it does?

  • The great thing about any android phone – options!

    • Anonymous

      yeah this is true but what this article is talking about is ‘limitations’

  • Mike Johnson

    as a burned TBolt owner, I am really interested in reports on battery life

    • Anonymous

      as a TBolt owner I would recommend you use synergy, improved my battery life up to normal hours

      however I did buy a bionic today and i think its awesome, very responsive

  • hmm so whats the point of having Dual Core then – This is not required on Samsung #fail #motorola

    • Anonymous

      The phone and the animations aren’t slow, some people just don’t like fancy animations.

  • Nolanmcnabb

    off topic but how does the built in speaker sound??

    • I’m with you man… The OG had the best speaker ever, and nothing but fail since

      • James_Ever

        The Droid3 has great speakers in my opinion that’s why I got it. I wonder though is the Bionic as crisp and clear as the Droid3. No reason yet not to believe it too wont have the same if not better audio quality.

  • Engadged just posted their review… an 8.. hmm. 

  • Anonymous

    Turning off animations kills the CRT screen off animation on all phones that have it.  Come on Kellex I expect better from you.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • people in Ohio think your racist

      • Anonymous

        You stuck in a time bubble or have you just sniffed too much paint?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone other than me find it funny how Droid Life is now offering tips on how to “fix” the phone that they have hyped up as the greatest thing since sliced bread for weeks?  You may argue that no phone is perfect, and I completely agree, which is why I don’t believe that any phone (no, not even the Nexus Prime) is worthy of the level hype that the Bionic has received.

  • Anonymous

    It could be worse… you could have TouchWiz

  • Anonymous

    I got one from vzw this morning, only paid 200 for it, but I had alot of discounts. The screen isn’t as bad as you all say, its better than my og screen, not the best but it works. I was playing with it and lines shot up throw the screen, now with no color, back to vzw…….

    • Oh god lets just hope yours is defected… and that you will get one that works 🙂

  • EC8CH

    Now we just need a setting that says

    Blur       O
    No Blur  O

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Anonymous

        Yet again you have mispelled the word “you”.

        • Mike

          You misspelled the word “misspelled”.

          • Anonymous

            eh no teasse mey cuz i nerver ded hookt un fonix

    • PyroHoltz

      Just install your favorite launcher replacement.

      After ditching the stock launcher on my D3 for ADW and rotting, things are looking great. Would love clockwork recovery mod and custom ROMs but, all in due time I think.

      • Anonymous

        blur is still running under the home replacement bandaide

  • Guest

    All mighty powerful hype beasted phone…turn everything off and you might enjoy it!

  • So apparently he already rooted his Bionic I assume… I wonder if that cause performance hiccups. Still think ill wait awhile before rooting.

  • Fastlane1000

    I don’t think I can live with this pentile screen.  Its worse than my OG Droid.  Motoblur sucks too.  I think i’m gonna take it back.  I didn’t realize how much i would miss stock android and rooted running PE

    • Fastlane1000

      plus $300 is too much

    • Anonymous

      PE is the only reason I’m holding onto my OG

  • I have a droid X and I just got my upgrade, think I’ll wait for the prime because moto is locking down their phones and I cant go without a themed zippy custom rom.

  • Mike

    Disabling everything in the Droid Bionic:
    1: Remove the battery cover
    2: Remove the battery
    3: Enjoy your new optimized Bionic

    • Yeah i don’t get the “Turn Off” tips, how about a cool tip that we don’t know yet 

      • Anonymous

        i can assure you most users dont know about the small tips like tgat. they are afraid to mess with anything in settings for fear of messing up their phone. thats the majority and thats where android gets a bad name, from 3rd partties that bog it down. 

    • Anonymous

      I feel like a phone that has a dual core processor and 1gb of RAM shouldn’t need to have the animations turned off to run smoothly.

      • I like it just the way it is

        Mine works fine. The animations are quick and smooth. Noticeably better than the Droid X and X2 I had previously. Others must be a lot more particular than I am, I guess.

      • Anonymous

        The point isn’t that the animations make it run less smooth.  It is that the animations take TIME.  

        • Anonymous

          Do the animations really take that much time that you have to turn them off?

    • This is the phone that everybody is talking about. Everywhere i’ve been today everybody is talking about the new Droid Bionic.

  • Zebra

    I believe setting “No Animations” turns the CRT animation off on any android device with it on, not just the Bionic/Blur. Not Moto’s fault on this one.

    • ehhh

      It’s their fault that the animations warrant being turned off though.

  • MFG

    They’re not bothering me enough to want to turn them off…

    I just need to figure out how to root this, now.

  • Anonymous

    install spare parts and just speed it up…

  • Illinipoke98

    Anyone dropped LP on one yet.  Never had a phone with motoblur, does putting LP on it keep you from using any blur widgets?

    • Yeah, as you are no longer using their launcher and that stuff is built in. 

      • Having that the phone just came out im sure there will be updates. ADW is usually good with that kind of stuff.

    • just tried with adw, it acts like it is going to add the widget, but it doesnt load it 🙁

    • Nickisidore

      Some of the widgets still work but you lose some featurrd such as resizing

  • MJZ

    the animations dont bother me at all… the beast aint bogging down over some pretty animations

  • Guest_InsertRandomNumber

    The bionic comes w/ a pocket? Or it locks when put in my pants pocket?

    • it has a lock button and there is screen timeout settings like every other smartphone

      • Nickisidore

        This one had pocket sensor where it automatically locks screen when you put it in your pocket. Do it says. Only tried it once and it didn’t work for .

  • Usmitcboy

    I know you say that the screen animations are slowing things down in Android, but is it Android itself or all these “customizations” that manufactures use? It seems that even vanilla Android has disappointing performance. The power is there, the OS is the problem too.

    • ehhh

      The customizations slow it down. 

      Vanilla Android has disappointing performance?  Where did you hear that? BGR?

  • 6895533

    should i get this phone or wait for the vigore or prime i have two upgrades left 🙂

    • i had 2 upgrades so figured id use one now then one prolly on the prime

      • Lumpysherman

        I’m waiting. OGD isn’t dead yet.

  • Yeah i thought about turning off, but I will leave them for now.

    Anyone know if there is a wifi tether app for this when rooted that works on bionic yet?

  • Anonymous

    my costco didn’t get their shipment. coming in at 11 🙁


      How much are they selling it for? Is it the $299 worth all the extra goodies?

      • Anonymous

        yes, 299 with the normal dock, car mount, and extra battery with charging station.