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How to: Root the Motorola DROID Bionic


We knew from last week that the current Motorola Gingerbread rooting method would work on the Bionic, but just in case you needed some extra proof, we have it for you along with instructions.  It took me all of 3 minutes and my device was rooted and feeling much happier about life.  And no, this has nothing to do with the bootloader – we are still hoping for a miracle or magical break-through on that front.

Download:  MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip


1.  Make sure you have Motorola drivers installed – [Download Drivers] 2.  Download the MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip file from above and unzip it to your Windows PC.
3.  On your phone go into  Settings>Applications>Development and check the box for USB Debugging.
4.  Plug phone into your computer and select “Charge Only” mode.
5.  Navigate to MotorolaOneClickRoot folder and run MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe.
6.  Follow the instructions in the command window.
7.  Your phone will complete 3 steps, rebooting along the way.  When it finishes, you will be rooted.

*Note – Our buddy @P3Droid is under the impression that a fix to this rooting method is on the way in the near future for both the D3 and Bionic.  If you want to be rooted going forward, you may want to do this now and then deny any OTA updates that may pop up in the next week or so.

Have fun!

Full support can be found at this RootzWiki thread.

Cheers again to @djrbliss for the exploit and to psouza4 and Framework43 for putting this together!

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  • William Plas

    I have a Droid Bionic with the leaked ICS already on it. Can I still root my phone? If so what is the best way.

  • Rpr136

    I have a bionic, I am not an idiot, and this did not root my phone. Thanks. I will never get those “three Minutes” back.

  • I followed these steps to root my phone and was prompted that the root was successful.  BUT when trying to run a specific app it is telling me my phone is not rooted.  Any suggestions??

  • Tuckmobile
  • Jrj0487

     I see its suppose to download busybox and superuser…. But i dont see either of the apps on my phone

  • Mneighbo2

    Nope, not rooted after doing this. 

  • fourbucks

    ha. it worked. schweet.

  • kailee

    Mine goes through the proccess and it says its complete but no superuser app

  • warren harding

    Does this work on the 2.3.4 OS?

  • Him

    Not working on my bionic (Gingerbread OS) either. Same thing, goes through process but not rooted.

  • Droid Bionic – followed steps per post. Indication of successful but no root after reboot of phone.

  • kailee

    Is it even worth rooting the droid bionic? Its runs nice and what not now, only reason i see myself rooting it is for free wifi tether

  • Rubberbandgirl062004

    Tthis is not working for my Motorola Droid phone goes through the process and says congratulations your phone should be rooted but it is not ;-( .

  • I’ve been very happy with my rooted x, but now that I have 4g on the bionic I want to root to bypass verizon data charge, will this work as well?

  • will this work as a one click unroot as well?

  • Lakers4Ever

    Is this root process going to interfere with the Ice Cream Sandwich update?

  • DT – IN – TX

    I finally got the wireless tethering to work on the droid bionic. and tethering with 4G

  • Dav

    I would like to know if there is an app or a way to make the Verizon / Google movie ticket icon work after rooting my Bionic.
    I was streaming a rented movie through HDMI to my flat panel TV. After rooting it gives me an error that says
    “Playback is not supported on rooted devices” Can anyone help?

  • eddieonofre

    how to do a bakcup of the bionic using ROm manger?

  • Yellowtunr

    My DROID bionic wont let me download the file to root my phone. It just says “download unsuccessful ” any ideas why it’s doing that?

  • Phillies69

    How do I unroot when a Bionic is rooted using this method?

  • AndyXplorer

    and, yes, i know about going thru SDK to root, it was a whole system i wanted to learn at one point, and i just didnt have the time to do so, nor do i now, but i am such a technogeek i want to.  But just messing around made me realize what i was holding in my hand.  A computer.  A virtual gateway to everything i do at home, in my hand.  I couldn’t belive what i was holding, and i couldn’t belive the technology in the palm of my hand.  so small, yet so powerfull.  The droid 1 made motorola an assload of money.  And for that, i belive every motorola phone that comes out will be far superior to any of the competition.  Samsung makes a good product, as well as a great TV.  But whoever rooted the first droid, and whoever had the time to learn SDK and root your droid 1…. i give you props,

  • AndyXplorer

    awesome, just got my bionic rooted using this easy as pie method.  And like most, i rooted my droid 1 just to try to get the extra MHZ to squeeze some more speed out of the SOB, and to make my phone my own.  Sadly, its time has come to an end, and i upgraded to the bionic.  I’ve been jealous of every droid phone which came out since i bought my droid 1, and was waiting for the droid 3 (since i need a keyboard) which sadly, didn’t have 4G…wtf, i know motorola will be coming out with a droid 4 with the slideout keyboard i adore and 4G, BUT, i cannot wait for it.  I am verry happy with my bionic, and am doing allot of swype and voice input, which does speed the process up, but i hope i don’t miss my keyboard soo much i buy a 600 dollar droid 4 4G when it comes out.   Thanx for all your input and help everyone

  • How do you get the root app… no request ever came up, my Apps are empty and my Log is too. how do i get the Root Explorer. thanks in advance =]

  • what does root mean

  • Nice one!

  • Scoot5841

    will this app allow me to teather with without using the pay hotspot?

  • Matthew

    Awesome stuff guys.  Rooted hours after getting the phone!

  • Superior1

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! That was way to easy!!!! Bought the phone on Thursday and now rooted on saturday

  • Jackbigs

    Recently rooted my Droid Bionic (yes lucky enough to get one), and many features did not work. For example, I was not able to change my wallpaper or half my widgets would be cut off. I un-rooted it and it works like a charm… again. Think you need a special kind of root for this.

  • Not to mention the $300 bucks I paid for the LapDock.  Or the $25 for the extended battery, or the vehicle dock I just know I have no will to resist and buy.

  • Klosea

    my bionic will not root! says adb is not valid internal or external command!

  • Rdavi76

    Please help so I’ve rooted my droid bnic but I can’t get it to tether?

  • Root Droid

    Anyone try this yet? http://droidbionicroot.com/droid-bionic-tether/how-to-get-free-wifi-tether-mobile-hotspot-on-your-droid-bionic/ 

  • droidster

    If you reboot your phone will it remain rooted? and also, if at some point ice cream sandwich is released for this phone will we be able to upgrade over-the-air on a rooted device

  • Mizbarber

    I’m total novice to rooting.. will rooting my bionic get rid of all the unwanted bloatware?

  • Ray Forte


  • Jhauck3

    Hasanyone figured out how to tether wirelessly once rooted?

  • ChaKo

    I’m getting an error trying to load the drivers?  Says Installation process not supported by your processor??? Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Rooted…thanks to those who made this possible.  Also battery life is awesome – I ran iheart radio for 8 hours straight and the battery only dropped to 70%.  On the OG, I was switching out batteries after 2 1/2 hours.  And yes, GPS, wifi, 4G, etc. were all ON!  Loving this phone.  Now to figure out how to get the black and grey look of swype instead of the white and light grey…any ideas?

  • Mneighbo

    I won’t root this phone. I love it too much

  • Ranlil

    I’m really looking forward to this…  Remember though to download the 32 bit version of the drivers if you have a 32 bit processor.  Took me a while to figure it out  DOH

  • Jayrod718

    The Moto Drivers are 64 bit.Will this work ok if i download the 32 drivers from moto site?

    • Zo

      Search online, I remember seeing 32-bit drives from such rooting users.

  • Anonymous


  • Zo

    Here’s a post also mentioning successful unrooting:

  • Jakmde

    How do i unroot this phone?

  • Keith Norris

    Question so if there is an OTA update will that put the bloatware back on my phone?

  • Hefendaz

    Just rooted mine, took longer to install the drivers than everything else. Removed bloatware, ads blocked, wireless tether soon hopefully.
    Thanks for posting this, made the phone even better!

  • What home screen replacer are people using (if any)?

    • Anonymous

      Launcher Pro of course

    • Shook176

      Go Launcher EX is what I’m using

  • Anonymous


  • Str8RippinEm

    How does everyone like the Bionic? Got it this morning, verizon reps were bitchy as hell for some reason but the phone is the real deal…

  • Mack

    I had a chance to use this beast today….AMAZING. Anyone who is seriously hating on the Bionic needs to just go away. The screen isn’t even close to being noticeable unless it’s less than an inch from your eyes. On top of that the phone is ridiculously fast. I wish i had an upgrade right now. ICS would be amazing on big red but unless it ends up being stock I would take Motorola build quality and their easily replaceable and non-intrusive new blur any day of the week. 

    If you hate this phone then just go take one for a test drive in store, you will not be disappointed I promise. 

    • Str8RippinEm

      Got mine this morning…the thing is a BEAST

  • Kylch

    You don’t know how happy I am! 😀

  • Anonymous

    p.s. Screenshot it works without root if that’s your game.  

  • Thanks. Now the one click root doesn’t seem to be able to find my phone.

  • Where is this “charge only” thing supposed to appear???

    • George Davis

      Connect the USB port to a PC, select USB Connection in the notification bar, and you should get a menu with the items: PC Mode, Windows Media Synch, USB Mass Storage, and Charge Only.

  • Guest

    has anyone overclocked it yet?

  • Grady Duncan

    I have added this to Rootzwiki forum if you would like me to remove let me know


  • Marc

    Rooted BIONIC. It’s like the OG excitement all over again. Glad I waited!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does this root method void warranty, etc?

  • Anonymous


  • Has anyone rooted and used wifi tether? That will determine weather I wait or not. I have to have to free tethering. 

    • Hurleygirlie05

      Have you found an answer?  I have to have free tethering as well.  My Bionic is supposed to ship tomorrow but if I can’t tether, I don’t want it!!

  • Synapticrecord

    installed all drivers…cant find the phone :/ any suggestions??? bionic

    • Synapticrecord

      nvm lol…thought i clicked usb debugging but must have hit cancel at the warning pop up;P

    • Anonymous

      make sure you installed the correct drivers (they are different for 64/32 bit systems). Also make sure you set the phone to charging only mode after you plug it in.. (menu button)

      The rootzwiki page has the dl link for the 32 bit version.

  • Dan Burkes

    Just got home and already rooted.  I hate all the bloatware that came with this thing.  Good God! Aside from all of the other benefits, the main reason why i root is so i can dump all of the crapware.  Is blockbuster still around? every location near me closed.  Also, i think that verizon needs to give up on VZnav, or atleast let me uninstall it.

  • Nothing like crippling a phone that is nearly crippled already.  Why block rooting? 

    Most people bought this phone today because of advertising.  They could have cared less if a turd came out of it when you powered it on.  They simply wanted the over-hyped phone.  I don’t deny this is the best phone on VZW TODAY.  But it is built with old tech.  The reason it is out and the reason no SGS2 next week is because there was too much invested on the phone to not be able to move a bulk of the inventory.

    • Keith Sumner

      Blah Blah Blah, so sick and tired of these stupid posts. OLD TECH? Like I’ve said before, please tell us what phones are already OUT that have SIMILAR or even BETTER specs?! And don’t say the GS2 because there is not a 4g version even OUT yet!!! Show me a phone with DUAL CORE, 1g RAM, 4G/LTE that you can go out and buy RIGHT NOW.


      SO F*#@ OFF!

      • I agree with Keith. Even if the “Nexus Prime” comes out in a month or so then it will only mean that there’s that one single phone out there that’s superior to the Droid Bionic, and only by a little bit. Everyone is throwing around words like “last-years-tech” when really we’ve all been getting ahead of ourselves. People seem to be living 6 months in the future instead of today – early September 2011. There’s nothing “last-year” about the Droid Bionic. The technology in it is the most modern available. 

        • Keith Sumner

          With the way things are going, I’m putting my money on this “prime” sometime early 2012. Especially the way Verizon does things.

    • Str8RippinEm

      You know something, you suck!! Got mine this morning, the thing is a beast!! And there really wasnt much advertising, 95 percent of my friends never heard of it until I brought it up…And old tech? how could you even say something that stupid! hahahaaa, except for the screen(which is still sharp as hell), everything is top notch…go kick rocks

  • Can the OTA Update be forced or can you deny the update.. I don’t feel like rooting right away. Thanks

  • Doesit

    Does wireless tether work after rooting? Simple question…

    • Ebourlet

      no only USB

  • I’m hesitant. I want to wait for either CWM or some .sbf files to pop up, but I also don’t want that OTA update…

  • Jdbailey18

    can someone explain to me what the point in rooting is if you cant flash
    a new rom? I’m not being a hater, I would truly like to know the
    benefits. I have always had a OG with tons of roms at my disposal, so
    when I rooted a buddies new D3 the other day I was unsure of what the
    point was.

     You can install apps that require root access but most of the good
    stuff is still useless without a new kernel and what not, correct?

    • Anonymous

      you can install roms that use the source kernel such as debloat and you can remove the bloatware/blur.

      • Jdbailey18

        where do you find these types of roms?

        • Anonymous

          check out sites like xda-developers.com usually there are roms there or even phandroid.com on the forums.

          • Jdbailey18

            awesome man. you just made a friend of mine very happy lol

          • Anonymous

            yep anytime glad I can help.

    • Anonymous

      Adblock, Titanium Backup and Root Explorer make it worth the effort.

  • MFG

    Has anyone gotten Titanium Backup to restore an old Backup to the Bionic?

    • Droiiid

      yeah it took me a sec.  you have to go to titanium backup then menu button>preferences>backup location (not sure of exact words)>back button until you’re in the root of the phone>sdcard-ext(thats what moto names your old sd card that you put in from your old phone)>titanium backup>use current folder.  Then menu button>refresh apps list and you should be good.  MAY have to reboot but I doubt it.

  • fartbubbler

    if we need to take the phone back to the shop, is this UN-rootable?

  • babadush

    If Motorola does send out a patch that’ll be disappointing. I guess they don’t realize the people comfortable with computers root and the ones who aren’t are too scared to do it. By the way when do I get admin privileges on my pc. Oh wait.

    • Anonymous

      So you would rather be able to root and have the security vulnerability so your phone could get hacked or infected by something and then all your info be stolen?

      • to answer your question YES.
        but its not like the phone comes that way. you have to do things that you couldnt accidently do to do this. 
        its about having the choice to do this. not even if you do it or not but you should have the option to do so.

        • Anonymous

          No the phone DOES come with the security vulnerability and rooting only increases the chances of this happening. Also with this vulnerability even going on the web can increase risks. But hey if thats what you want then by all means go for it.

  • Need a wifi tether app now that works on bionic

    • Cruiser6086

      bionic has tether in wireless & networks. 

  • Jeepzilla1

    Will this work on the Droid X or do u still have to flash back to Foyo 1st?

    • if you read p3’s directions its a root for 2.3.4 moto devices

  • Ray

    i doubt wifi tethering works unless you apply the thb patch.

  • Fbergman114

    Is there a back up yet? Custom recovery? Waiting on rooting the D3 just haven’t kept up with all the news.

  • Avery Ma

    This might get me on board.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t use titanium backup until you’re rooted.

  • Garrett

    After the review can we just not hear about the bionic anymore? I’m seriously done with this phone. I’d rather a slow news day than a day filled with “Do this your shit phone, sorry Bionic” posts.

    • Anonymous

      Why come on here read the article and comment on it then?

      • Garrett

        Because if people make it known that they’re bored with something the good men at Droid-Life tend to listen.

  • Anonymous

    it kind of makes me sad that this is all we have for root on this and other moto gingerbread phones.  i hope other methods are discovered soon

    • babadush

      This sounds about as easy as it gets. What’s the problem?

      • Anonymous

        no problem, just sad that this is all we have and it sounds like they’re about to patch it.

        • babadush

          I love Motorola for the OG except for the fact they’ve turned into the Apple of Android

          • Anonymous

            amen.  just put my little guy down to rest this morning.  here’s to old friends!

  • Bwqbjqwbjqw

    anyone can confirm it works on BIonic?

  • Benjamin Clay

    Did the wifi tether app work with this phone after you rooted it?  The one we used to get for the OG droid from googles source code site?

    • I’d love to know this as well.

      • Benjamin Clay

        I hope someone sees this and replies.

        • LWC

          I can’t get it to successfully work. It installs fine, but no service.

          • Wireless and USB tether?  Both failed?  Or just wifi?

          • Anonymous

            Wireless tether is blocked, regardless of what program you are using.  Nobody has had success from what I have read.  I am using pdanet at the moment, it is working fine. 

          • Akusully

            any idea when we might get an app that works? and could it be the stock wifi access point app that its blocking 3rd party tethering? I tried uninstalling but can’t be done with titanium, I night get riot explorer and give that a try!….

          • Anonymous

            I wouldn’t try uninstalling anything out of the ordinary until we have working back ups. We probably won’t see working wireless tether until we see a bootstrap and a custom rom, no idea on a eta for any of that

          • Ebourlet

            The USB works fine after root on 4G but have not found a wifi app that works

          • Benjamin Clay

            Which did you try? Wired or Wireless?  Try turning off 4G and trying again please.

          • Benjamin Clay

            Which wireless wifi tether are you using? version 3.1 beta 6 or version 2.0.7 stable?


          • LWC

            Tried the 3.1 beta 6. didn’t try stable. Didn’t toggle 4g off/on either. Does that make a difference?

          • Try Open Garden Wireless Tether

          • LWC

            didn’t work

          • I tried both the stable and beta and neither worked

          • I tried both beta and stable and neither worked.

  • Fakecodename47

    I’m rooting mine as soon as I get it to use titanium backup

  • Peter Souza

    Droid-Life — please stop linking to this very old root method.  🙂

    Use http://www.psouza4.com/Bionic instead, which I keep updated with better tools to do the job.

    • There he is!

    • Wow, just used this and it was so easy. Much easier than when I rooted my OG using ADB in Dec of 09!

      • can’t get frickin wireless tether to work though.

  • Faust’s_Lament

    I hate to do this when I’m sure there are forums that answer my question, but, as I am very VERY new to this, what is the virtue of rooting when the bootloader remains locked?  How will this improve my device if I can’t flash ROMs to it, and is the risk worth the reward?

    Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!!

    • George Davis

      The main advantage at this point would be the ability to remove all the pre-installed bloatware, e.g. VZNavigator, Blockbuster, etc.  However, you need to be careful because in some cases people have gotten into trouble by removing a seemingly “harmless” app that ended up later being checked for by an update … that’s why so many people are asking if there’s a list of apps that are known to be safe to remove.  At the least, it would probably be smart to use a backup app like Titanium Backup to “freeze” or backup the system apps before removing.  However, if you get stuck in a bootloop due to a missing app, even a backup may not help you.  Don’t mean to scare you, just use caution and don’t go removing stuff at random.

      • Faust’s_Lament

        that was enormously helpful – thank you so much!  

      • Ray

        like what trouble. Theres no trouble you can get into from verizon its your phone.

        • Anonymous

          Like you won’t be able to get the ota update but usually the devs release a rooted version anyway

        • George Davis

          I meant technical trouble, like getting stuck in a bootloop, not legal trouble.  Although, if you brick your phone you may have trouble getting much help from VZW if they find out it’s rooted.  Not saying you shouldn’t do it, just saying to exercise caution (especially when deleting system apps).

        • Sure it’s your phone, but verizon will refuse to help you or replace a phone that was damaged by rooting. I went in for a replacement because of a broken keyboard and they checked my kernel and found that I was rooted. After you root, be ready to stay married to your phone for the remainder of your contract.

      • babadush

        That’s why I feel rooting is not enough. Recovery backups speak volumes

  • Keith Sumner

    About 4 other people asked and I want to know, can we remove bloatware safely after rooting? Someone please respond.

    • Anonymous


  • George Davis

    Very tempted to try this … picked mine up this morning and loving it so far, except the bloatware.  Coming from an OG Droid it’s like night and day in terms of speed.  I was concerned about the PenTile screen but it really doesn’t bother me at all.

    Do we know which preinstalled apps it’s safe to remove after rooting?  I remember people getting into trouble when removing some of those with other phones in the past.  Or maybe it’s best to “freeze” them instead with TiBu.

  • Justin

     to root or not to root..on my bionic’s first day of life

    • When I replaced my OG Droid becuase it broke I bought a droid 2. Rooted 15 min after leaving store 

    • Romma1

      Go For It!! Before they patch the exploit…

  • toddwilkinson

    I know everyone likes to hack every phone that they can get their hands on, but really? already? that’s cool and all and +1 to the people who figured it out…. how about we try the phone out as it comes before we accidentally brick it or f&*k it up?

    • Anonymous

      I wish there was a dislike button for this comment

      • Anonymous

        he’s right though, if the phone does everything out of the box that you want/think you need it to do, why root?

        • Zepius

          because it doesnt do everything out of the box.

          • Lgreg64

            there is no right or wrong if the phone works for you great if not root

          • I root not for necessity of usability, for that is a foregone conclusion.  No, I root for the sake of rooting itself, for the sake of taking something that was designed to be produced en masse.  Something that was designed for a user that may not comprehend the possibilities of a world where locked systems are a thing of the past.  No, I say rooting is essential for the sake of…

            Ahh hell who am I kidding.  I paid $300 for the damned thing I am rooting it just for the sake of having every possible bit of use out of it that I can possibly freaking imagine.  That’s why I root.

          • Lcmcbride

            you seem like you know what youre doing.  i have internet issues now that i rooted my phone.  my browser/android market/weather channel wont work.  got any ideas why or can you point me to a youtube video that can correct the issue?  🙂

          • Amen!

        • Anonymous

          I will forever root if only to get rid of the bloatware.

          • Anonymous

            now this comment, I like

          • LWC

            that’s the main reason I rooted too, couldn’t get rid of blockbuster fast enough!

        • Anonymous

          Because if you’re like me, you want to use titanium backup to re-install certain apps and their data. Can’t do that with Titanium unless you’re root.

          • MFG

            Were you able to restore your backups using Titanium on the Bionic? 

          • Anonymous

            Haven’t decided if I want to buy one yet. I just know that I’ve went from OG  Droid to the X to the Tbolt and been able to restore the stuff I wanted to keep.

          • MFG

            Ok, thanks.

          • Ray Forte

            Yep, installed 80 something apps flawlessly. 

          • Cruiser6086

            before u root, u have no titbackup.  so how do u reinstall ur apps and junk.??

          • You re-install titanium backup, and restore your data that’s on the SD card.

        • Because we can. Boom, roasted.

        • Anonymous

          ok out of all these replies, all but two of them say the same thing “because i want to…wah” sounds like former apple fanboys jumped to android and now they’re following others here too

        • Guest

          Maybe some of us don’t want all the stupid bloatware that comes with the phone…

          • Anonymous

            good point…

    • Bfolks

      Wireless tether not available w/out root (unless you want to pay!)

    • DaveIsAwesome

      I had a customer come in a few weeks ago because her Dinc wouldn’t boot up anymore. Turns out she completely filled the onboard storage down to the last KB, and the only solution I could find was to factory reset from recovery. Now if she had a custom recovery I could have saved her data by backing it up to a computer by mounting the internal storage from recovery. To be honest, I wish every customer I had was rooted. I could help them with their technical problems a lot more.

    • If you only knew what you were talking about. It’s obvious this phone does not do everything that it can do. Which is why we root and flash kernels, radios, and ROMs. If you know what you’re doing then you have to be a moron to brick a device. With a SBF or RUU available it’s pretty damn impossible to brick a device. So you can keep your stock phone and me and the rest of the community will be haxzin away

  • Mctypething

    Or, you could just do this, remove the bloatware, and then un-root.

    • Anonymous

      Usually un-rooting involves flashing a stock image, which includes all the bloatware…unless there are other methods I’m not aware of.

  • Mineral21

    Awesome.  Does simple root access mean you can uninstall “system” programs, aka bloatware?  

    • Romma1


  • faber

    Moto will never see another dollar from me until bootloaders unlock.
    But glad to hear about root for the rest of ya’all.

  • Anonymous

    It’s posts like these that remind me if the good ol days rooting and roming my og droid. This site was what turned me on to the world of root and now, over a year and a half later, this site just keeps getting better. Kellen, thank you for all of your hard work. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      i can’t believe this ,I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use http://xub.me/ab

    • jason6g


      kinda bummed that the new to rooting people dont have to jump through as many hoops though =/ gave me a nice education on the phone. although one clicks are VERY nice 😀

      • Tony Stark

        i agree completely with you on that

      • Bill Morrow

        As ‘fun’ as all those old hoops were, (especially the first go round on a rom), I am much happier now that the community out there is making it easier, from a brick and peace of mind perspective.

  • Yay, now all I need to do is goto work so I can get my phone. 

  • Teng247

    Anyone know if the latest CWR plays nice after root?

    • Anonymous

      hopefully there’ll be some news on that soon, picking the bionic up tomorrow 😀

  • Brainy3214

    That was fast…