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DROID2 R2-D2 Gingerbread Update is Ready, Yeah It Still Exists

What, you thought the R2-D2 version of the DROID2 would be left out of the Gingerbread fun?  OK, I’ll admit that I did too, but apparently we were wrong.  The 2.3 update appears to be ready (a support page usually indicates that) and could start rolling out within the next couple of weeks.  Not sure if there will be a soak test or not.  Too our R2 owners, be sure to let us know if you see anything after going to:

Settings>About phone>System updates

Cheers ___!

  • Deadmau55

    I have an R2-D2 phone.  this upgrade changed it a lot.  I have to master this shit all over again

  • Installed last night.  R2-D2 still chirps away but after a nasty red Motorola symbol not the old white one.  Almost all the UI skin change just feels horribly out of place with the rest of the phones design.  I still have all the R2 stuff, but the color scheme choices seem a direct port of the regular D2 version, and that is unfortunate. Rather than complementary colors to the shell (such as silvers, bright blues and whites) we get  slate blues and cyans. The UI itself is better, albeit I think it was too much eye candy vs performance.  I’m honestly disappointed in the appearance, it is a step back from the 2.2 uniformity (I know feel like I have a phone with a fake outer shell.  The previous version was much better integrated with the overall design not amazing but better.  I understand Motorola and Verizon probably didn’t want to spend a lot of time with their artists reskinning this, and it shows.

  • Garyowensby

    eversince the gingebread push my phone is useless it locks up longer than active can not make phone calls or text or basically anything phone was fine before the push this SUCKS lets see if verizon will fix it or replace it

  • Robnew2fla

    4.5.601 has bugs. There better be a fix release out for this soon!  Voice recognition sucks… worse than before. Typing a space brings up a random word. Hate new way to navigate around an SMS as it moves around the screen so fast you can’t make it stop in the middle of an SMS… it jumps from the top to the bottom. Hate the new market browser that was actually before gingerbread.  Numerous other quirks and annoying issues and bugs.  Hate it.   I was totally happy with driod but now I want my iphone in April when I’m due for an upgrade. 

  • Anonymous

    Greater one that GingerBoard Update man. Thanx for Your Updates for us … I think is the greeater one due to its main Features

  • Djjackjon

    Got the update on my R2D2, makes an already great device even better! It is noticably faster aand the interface is a lot cleaner.

  • Dirtyrockefeller

    I LOVE the update. The phone is MUCH faster now, easier to use, and looks much much better. I’m not going to lie, I was gettin tired of little r2 misbehaving so much and was planning on changing phones, but this new update has fixed all of the problems i’ve been having as of late. Wont be changing phones anytime soon now.

  • ooga booga

    Just got the official R2-D2 2.3 Gingerbread update!

  • Purrkitty408

    I actually got my OTA prompt this morning. I ran it, and so far am a BIG fan of the update!

  • Deeman3009

    Mine updated this morning.  Love the new look.  Subtle changes, like the notification bar at the top being blue instead of white.  Phone runs a ton smoother, and downloads are much quicker…..I love it!!!!

    • JJQ224

      Are (were) you rooted?  If so, did you have to unroot for the update to take affect?

      • Deeman3009

        I was not rooted.  Mine was stock OTA

  • Fpc215

    the update is out…but my r2 unit doesnt like the update

  • Nicking Ninaj

    Got my update. Runs very smooth. It looks almost identical to the normal D2 update, it just retains all of the special edition customizations.

    • JJQ224

      Are (were) you rooted?  If so, did you have to unroot for the update to take affect?

  • WooooHoooo… the update is on its way.


  • gman11555

    I got my R2D2 update on Saturday morning. The phone seems alittle glichy and my Yahoo email wont auto fetch anymore. Also the Wallpaper browser doesnt show the wallpapers and reandomly switches back to the default wallpaper. Still beeps on startup and randomly restarts.

  • I bought mine the day it came out and I still LOVE my R2… I kept all the star wars themed stuff on it, but I rooted and overclocked and removed some apps… I have a clockwork backup from the day i rooted and I hope that I can get this update…. I most likely wont sbf to the regular droid 2 to get gingerbread.

  • Im patiently waiting for this update…. Im hopeing i can figure out how to get back to stock and unrooted to recieve it…. would be nice if we could get a hold of the r2 sbf.

  • Mike

    My Droid R2D2 update came this morning. No problems with the update so far.

    • Nicking Ninaj

      OTA? Are you a soak test member? And does this retain the Star Wars theming?

    • How did you get the update? Where you rooted? or did you get the droid 2 gingerbread update?

  • jacob

    When is this update going to be released? Does anyone knoe

  • I’m an R2D2 user and can’t wait for this update… hopefully it will hold me back from getting the Bionic.

  • I hope it retains the Star Wars theming because I know that’s what makes the D2R2D2 such a draw for its owners.

    • Anonymous

      I just got the update and it keeps all the star wars stuff. Only thing I don’t see is the CRT animation that I thought gingerbread had. But this update did fix my battery info glitch. Everytime I would click battery manager it would FC on me.

  • wyomingbuddy

    I’ve got an R2. Love it but I really want the Gingerbread update! 

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  • Anonymous


  • Nev elo Stone

    im not updating I need my wireless tether

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this update is able to reach Tatooine to get the only one still in use.

  • JJQ224

    I have the R2-D2 Droid 2 and, contrary to what the trolls and haters say, it has been a GREAT conversation piece.  While I have been EXTREMELY disappointed over the lack of support by Motorola / Verizon (ie: updates, etc.), I still love the phone.  It’s about time they remembered that there are owners of this phone out there. 

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  • LionStone

    I was this >< close to gettin this version for the gf…I laughed and was teasin with the kids and her that I was gonna get R2 for her and she said she didn't care. I said nah and got the Global. Its a decent phone but it has been random booting. And now she says her battery is dying quicker. So it seems like the update is coming in the nick of time.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • 29 comments.  One from each of the people that bought that phone.

  • Please tell us how to get back stock. {{o_0}}

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I went through my phone last night unfreezing the crapware and return the bootanimation to stock. I plan on unrooting once the update is actually available, and then seeing if it will actually update. If that doesn’t work, I did do a nandroid backup right after rooting it, so I’ll try that and unroot – see if that works. I’m not sure what else we can try outside of those things… there is no SBF available for this phone as was recommended for regular Droid 2 users.

      If nothing else works, we can always SBF to a regular Droid 2 and update as as reg D2, but I’d consider that a last ditch effort – hopefully we won’t have to go that route.

      • Anonymous

        Was anyone out there with a rooted regular Droid 2 able to install their update without doing an SBF? If so, what had you done to get the update to install?

      • The main issue you will probably encounter is CWM’s logwrapper. You’ll need to remove it, rename the original logwrapper’s backed up binary to logwrapper, and then unroot.

  • Anonymous

    ….aaaaaannddd STILL nothing for the DROID Pro…

    • Keith Sumner

      That’s what ya get for buying mid tier tech 😉

      • Anonymous

        1. I actually don’t own one, I still rock my X. (my other half does, loves physical keyboards)

        2. It’s the same TI-3630 internals as the X, 2…so unless somehow they are/were all mid-tier, your comment doesn’t make sense. 

  • Nicking Ninaj

    Hey, looks like there is a god after all. Or at least some mystical Force…

  • Anonymous

    how do you bring it back to stock for the update?

  • Darat532

    I am very glad to see that this has been put on Verizon’s site with update details. This is my favorite of the Droid line of phones and the update to Gingerbread is way overdue. 

  • Anonymous

    I thought someone used the force to get rid of those  LMAO 😛

  • Anonymous

    New start up sound:  “no Noo  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo”

  • DBK

    lol I completely forgot about this phone. I figured the D2 update would work with this phone as well. Guess all that Star Wars stuff does make this phone “special”.  😛

    • Darat532

      Yeah I was surprised that a different boot animation and notification sounds could cause this much problem and delay in updating the phone to Gingerbread.

      • DBK

        Not to mention custom lock screen.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Droid R2-D2 owners? Anyone? Beuller?


    • Anonymous

      You have to use the force to hear them 😛

    • Darat532

      There are more of the R2D2’s out there than you think. Whenever I have this phone on me in a restaurant or  
      sports bar it gets quite a few comments. it really is a good looking phone.

      • Anonymous

        I was at a minor league baseball game on the fourth of July with a friend, his friend, and two female friends of theirs. One of the girls pulled out a Droid R2-D2. It was honestly the first one I had ever seen. I said “Oh, wow, you’ve got a Droid R2-D2.”

        Her response? “A what?”

    • Got one for my daughter.

    • Im one of those R2-D2 owners 😛

    • Nev elo Stone

      hey sc4 don’t underestimate the power of the force, my phone looks different from all of the same

  • Jim Dandy

    Beep, beep, boop/whistle 😛

  • And how many people bought one of these? You’d have to be a uber nerd to even considering toting one around.

    • Anonymous

      I seem to remember a certain someone on Droid Life kept saying that the R2D2 was going to be all the rage, and people were going to buy them super quick, so people should pounce on them right away if they wanted one.

      And then a few weeks later they were $50.

      Man, what was that guy’s name?

      … oh yeah. Kellex. 😐

      • Anonymous

        Kellex was under the spell of the Force, I remeber him saying theat he slipped and bumped his head before he wrote that post lol

      • I actually know quite a few that bought it

      • Darat532

        The bionic just released today and they are being offered as low as 150.00

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I tote mine around with nerd pride.

      • Darat532

        Amen Brother!

      • Anonymous

        Well you are a goober.

    • Darat532

      Uber Nerd The rat here. I love this phone.

    • ccbbb

      I got one.  At the time it was the best free phone to get me into VZW to lock me into unlimited data.  It is worth it for 2 years to have granfathered unlimited data.  I love it so far.

  • Bigdav1178

    Considering both Verizon and Motorola told me that they had no timeline for an update on the R2-D2 model, I think enough people complained that they decided they better get it done. An email was sent out only a few days concerning a “confidential” update to a select few people (soak test?). I’ve checked my phone, and it doesn’t appear to be out yet to the general public. Here’s to seeing it soon =)

  • I remember when i thought about trading in my Droid X to get this phone.

    Thankfully i regained my sanity.