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Gingerbread for the DROID Incredible Rolling Out Now

We have heard from a number of readers this morning who received the Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) update for the DROID Incredible.  HTC told us September and there were a few reports of users receiving it over the weekend, but it looks like the mass rollout has started this morning.  Head on into Settings>Software update/About phone and check to see!

Cheers Ironclad131, Andy, and Mike!

  • Still no updates on two friends of mine phones, both in the Chicagoland area.

  • Sean

    I have the Droid Incredible and got the update a few weeks ago as well, my wife hasn’t, same phone same acct. I also got the low on space error message with plenty of room still on the phone storage. I see everyone getting upset about not getting this update and my personal opinion is… nothing changed! The little sound my phone makes when I turn the volume down is different and when I get a text my text icon looks a little different… hopefully you can sleep better now knowing this updated isn’t going to make your phone any cooler!

  • I still haven’t got this update.  Is there any way to manually update?

  • Remember when this article made you happy…too bad it isn’t happening.

  • Anonymous

    No update here in Denver, Colorado wife is getting MAD!

  • MB0320TB

    Anyone still not receive it yet? How come there isn’t a manual available somewhere?

    • Guest

      Still waiting here.

      • JMA

        Me too.  I am in NYC.

    • MB0320TB

      Still nothing!! Where’s the manual download???

  • kevinnn

    this update is such bullshiteeeee

  • SteveO

    I received and downloaded the update.. No issues except the low on space icon comes up.  With plenty of space left on phone..  Clearing cache on every single app did not help. 

  • Twoot505

    Well my wifes phone still has not got the update????  Verizon says that the incredible WON’T get the update, I took it into a store to have them update the phone and they said “can’t do it, it’s not coming to this phone” ???  So my wifes droid increideble is still 2.2!!!!   And according to verizon it will stay that way!!!

  • MB0320TB

    So, I had asked before but now that I’ve still seen no updates…I manually installed the .2 update when it was first released. Do I need to go back to Froyo to get the latest .3 update or has anyone forced the .2 update and still received the .3 download and am I’m just being impatient?? Thanks.

    • Guest

      I don’t think there is a update, no one I know has it and I haven’t received it yet. I think its bs

      • jsig

        I’m confused about this too….I manually did the .2 update and a week later I got the OTA update to the .3.  I’ve had it on my phone for about 2 weeks now but my wife who is still on Froyo hasn’t gotten the OTA.  I might call verizon and see what’s up.  We got our phones at the same time.  She should be getting it too.  

      • MB0320TB

        There definitely is. A friend of mine got it and I verified it by looking at all of the software information. Also, I was in the Verizon store yesterday and asked about it and was told that I should have it by the end of the week. Not holding my breath.

  • Guest

    Same here in NY, been waiting for GB since last year and now that it’s supposedly out it’s just being trickled to the masses. 

  • Guest

    I’m starting to think that this update doesn’t exist and its just a bunch of bs

  • Mrbrooks418

    is it safe to assume that there is no actual update going out and this is all a bunch of $hit……………………

    • Mrbrooks418

      just sayin.

      • jsig

        I’ve got it via the OTA update about 2 weeks ago…my wife still hasn’t gotten it. Who knows…..

  • Brad419

    Still no Gingerbread; has the update been stopped?

  • Is it safe to assume that there is no root yet for this Incredible Gingerbread update?

  • Ngguitar

    if im rooted i can i still get this update??

  • Jacobmcnamee

    Low Memory is the cache accumulated using some apps… the biggest offenders is your messages and Facebook… go into managing your apps and look at the app memory and how much memory is being used… for Facebook its a 4mb app but after 3 weeks or so I notice it becomes a 11mb app… so I clear the memory and cache from app manager and I just have to long on Facebook again… careful not to clear cache on stuff like Google maps or it will erase all your star places etc… again usually its my messages even though I have my SD card as my message storage; and Facebook…

  • Brad419

    Still no update here in Middle Georgia.  Wondering if I want it after seeing all these problems.  Wonder what % of the update have these problems?

  • This update is terrible!! My accounts don’t sync, I get the phone storage space low error, and it says I have a 4.3 inch display…verizon screwed this one up for sure. Any update on this getting fixed?

    • Travo

      Fully agree!  This update is so bad I wanna go back to 2.2!  Instant “low storage” error, have to unmount and remount SD card every time you restart so all my Apps will work, sync’ing works when and how it wants to.  Sometimes another error pops up saying I have to clear at least 512kb of space to get messages.  There are a few good things I like about the update but the bad out weighs all of the good.  They better be rolling out another update to fix all of this!

  • Lavallee

    Nothing here in Texas, bloods boiling…
    Any one down this way get it yet?

    • E Lavallee13

      Wasn’t prompted to update but my low memory sign came on. Everything on my 32g card and barely anything on the phone.. weird.

  • Kelz1966

    My girlfriend’s phone updated yeaterday, but mine has yet to update or show that an update is available, and our phones are on the same account.

    • Bob

      same, my wife and i have the same phone, same account but she got the update almost 3 weeks ago and i still havent received it 🙁 what the heck!

  • Marty

    Still no update/gingerbread on my Droid Incredible. Atlanta, GA.

  • JS

    Got the 2.3.4 update, but now I have the “low on space” message with 163MB used and 585MB free.  Also, they took away the one-button phone silence/vibrate feature.  Now I have to into settings and sound options.  Very inconvenient.

    • matt1996

      That sucks.  Is it overall a plus?  And what city are you located in?

      • JS

        In Chicago.  Positive Things:  Boots and shuts down faster, seems to go further on a charge (little more efficient). Slightly different look on small things (e.g. message waiting indicators).  The bad however, includes the “low on space:, accounts/calendar no longer synching with Google, and no 1-button phone silence.  Hope Verizon is reading this.  I don’t have 90 minutes in my day to work with their call center.

  • Anonymous

    I was prompted for an update. It said it was downloaded and to to press to restart. I did but after a half hour of waiting it never restarted. I restarted but I’m still running 2.2 and when I go to check for updates, it says I’m running the most current version 🙁

  • Brad419

    Still nothing here in Middle Georgia.  Patiently waiting

  • RonnyJewW

    Received my 2.3.4 OTA in central NY this morning. However, instant “Low on space” error meanwhile internal memory has 46 MB free of 748 MB, SD card has 677 MB free, and RAM has 105 MB free of 412 MB. 

    And only to add to my annoyance, NONE of my apps stored on my SD card are being recognized. Music and other media stored on SD card is perfectly fine and accessible. …Very annoyed. When is my next upgrade??? I want a Windows 7 Phone.

    • after much waiting, I was updated as well… to the ‘low on space’ and SD-card-apps-not-recognized errors as well.  I am disappoint.

      • unmount SD card, remount.  power off, battery pull, power on.  unmount SD card, remount.  after a few tries of moving a ‘that’s not an app’ from the SD card to the phone and about a half hour of trying to figure things out, the SD apps decided to show up to the party, probably with or without my help.

  • matt1996

    Anyone in the DC area get it yet?


      Alexandria VA.. Still nothing here…

    • Guest

      I’m in the md/dc area and still haven’t gotten it.

    • matt1996

      Why do I let myself get excited about a minimal *point* release?  I guess I just spend so much time with my phone that any new window dressing is refreshing.  Or I don’t have a life.

  • House

    Has anyone had an issue with it removing some of your Apps?

  • Slavs06

    I am in NJ got the gingerbread ota this morning. Haven’t noticed too much different so far. Got my dinc less than 6 months ago.

  • Evileclipse420

    anybody that is still waiting for it, do the usual settings, about phone, system update. Just try it. When it does nothing, shut the phone off, sit for a minute, then boot back up. Go to settings, about phone, system updates. It should be ready to go for most people, but if not, keep doing it every little bit. I just did mine and its amazing so far.

  • still no update in SW Virginia…  does the sweet rain take longer to fall in the backwater towns?

    • Gritchu

      I’m in NE Virginia, near D.C. No update here either. So it’s not just the backwater towns. Still waiting…

  • Haven’t received any update notification, or by manual… waiting patiently!

  • Brad419

    nothing here and I have checked quite a few times.  Maybe this week.

  • Anonymous

    i have yet to see the update on my incredible and i have checked quite a few times. hmm…hopefully it rolls out soon

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who got the update, can you confirm Verizon/HTC left in the wrong  “build.prop” file that makes the phone appear as a HTC EVO?  People are complaining on the Verizon forums about it.  They are confirming this though the “about hardware” in the About Phone settings page.  Also saying they can access Sprint apps in the Google Market.

    • jsig

      It does say that the display is a 4.3 inch WVGA

    • Any good Sprint apps worth dloading?

      • Anonymous

        No idea, I haven’t got the update to confirm yet.  Just going by what people on the Verizon forums are saying who have it already.  I guess for me being a racing fan, might try that NASCAR app they have if it turns out to be true.

  • Guest

    Is this update not available to everyone? I have the stock inc and I checked this morning and periodically through out the day and it keeps saying “system up to date” but I’m still on 2.2

  • Just got it on my Incredible and it wiped out my entire contact list. At least the numbers on the clock have the cool flip animation now. So pissed off…

    • Techman93

      dont you have backup assistant? it stores all your contacts in case things like that happen…

      • No. My own stupidity I admit… BUT, I never really finished adding my contacts since I bought the phone at Best Buy and their little machine that synced my old contact list was broken so I was adding them manually whenever I was bored or on the crapper 🙂 Now I have to do it manually AGAIN. I wont make the same mistake a 3rd time.

    • Chris Rickert

      i believe your contacts should be saved to your Gmail account – if it was setup correctly!

  • Anonymous

    Is there a rooted version of this that I can install? I’m on rooted stock 2.2 and if I can avoid it, not have to re-root if I don’t have to. Thanks.

  • Still waiting on confirmation of Bootloader lock status, S-Off and Root capabilities for this update.  Anyone?

  • Gritchu

    “Head on into Settings>Software update/About phone and check to see!”

    On my Droid Incredible, the path is Settings > About Phone > System Updates
    I mention this just to avoid confusion.

    • Hondo1289

      Dude just root it and flash damf 4.9 build with sense 3.0. I did the ruu update before the finally rooting it. Gingerbread is not that much different and I’m sure they will still have bugs. Rooting is the best thing you can do and not to mention free WiFi hotspot!

  • Bwh

    Will i get the update if i have s-off?

  • HTCCrazy

    Getting update as we speak

  • David Salzberg

    I received the update on my droid X and Droid 2 and it has done nothing but screw up everything.  the phone now reboot whenever they feel like it is time to do so.  I can’t lock the screen or unlock it when I need to.  I hate this update, it has way to many bugs.  I also can’t open more than half of my apps.  BOOOOO  to this gingerbred.  I was happier with froyo

  • Any word on weather this fixes the “Low Memory” bug/ Error.

    • jsig

      i’ve had this for about two weeks and haven’t had the issue yet

      • Did you have the phone for two weeks or the update for two weeks? If the update, did you previously have the bug and if so did the update fix it?

        • jsig

          I’ve had the phone for year…I force updated to the .2 RUU two weeks ago and then last tuesday the OTA update was pushed to my phone.   Since force updating and doing the OTA update I have not had any of those problems which I previously had on 2.2

    • I rooted my phone about a month ago because of the low memory bs. About two weeks later I see the post about the update so I went back to stock. Have not seen the low memory “sense” then. Hopefully I just didn’t jinx that!

  • Ryan Williamson

    i am loving the update! but be warned it ate up my battery and your will run low on storage space for some reason!

  • Guest

    Not getting the update. Reset my phone and checked again nothing.

  • LaserManiac

    Just checked my Thunderbolt and there is an update available. I don’t know if it’s gingerbread but I should find out in a little bit.

  • Will this significantly increase battery life?

    • jsig

      By a ton…had this for about two weeks and there is definitely a big difference. And you can charge while phone is on and it fully charges the battery…no more bump charging crap.  The phone will stay at 100% for about an hour or so now even when doing a few things with it.

  • Mkoyerp

    I got the update.  Not too much different. There was the addition of a download app in the app drawer that allows you to access downloads without being in the internet browser and the flip clock flips now. There is also a slight difference in the look of the power control widget. No new keyboard and no real sense update.

  • Installing now!

  • MB0320TB

    So if I loaded the previous update (4.06.605.2), will I need to get it back to stock to receive the update or will I still get it?

  • MB0320TB

    So if I loaded the previous update (4.06.605.2), will I need to get it back to stock to receive the update or will I still get it?

    • jsig

      You should still get it…i did the same thing and got the OTA about a week ago.

  • HTCCrazy

    Can you download GB over wifi? I never have the 3g on.


    • Ryan Williamson

      yes you can.

  • Kdhe

    Question. Will doing a factory reset unroot my phone so I can receive this update?

  • Tony Allen

    Hey.. hey you, yeah you reading this. Stop bitching about the Gingerbread update.. it really isn’t a huge deal.. really. Ask EVO 4G owners.

  • Bwh0002

    If i updated to 2.3.4 how do i get it back to stock to receive this update?

    • Jay

      you’ll have to load a stock rom

      • Bwh0002

        just google it and drop on the sd root like before?

        • Jay

          I believe so – you just might lose all your phone data.

        • Jay

          but if you already have GB, just use that, or wait until there’s a rooted rom of it out there

  • Bboyzala

    any1 know if this has the bootloader unlocked?

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the tbolt love? I guess this is why you root

  • YYYYEEEAAAHHHHH… waiting waiting….. wish i could just download it from some where.. 

  • Another old phone getting GB before the Tbolt. Wow Verizon REALLY!!!!!

    • Calm down. Thunderbolt was the first LTE phone so I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon is pushing back to HTC to tweak the GB build for maximum performance and stability before it’s rolled out. Be grateful that Verizon isn’t pushing out a buggy build for the TB, but eventually they will with a pretty solid build.

      • Anonymous

        No OS Verizon or HTC has pushed out has been without bugs, GB and IS will both have bugs.  They could work on them for years and they will still have bugs so what the difference?

    • house

      Why would we be getting mad at Verizon? They’re not the ones that create the updates. Wouldn’t it be the manufacturer of the phones and Google?

    • Anonymous

      shouldn’t a phone that came out first get updated first?… seems logical to me..

    • Gritchu

      You can wait in line like everyone else… When it’s Tbolt’s turn for GB you can sit back and enjoy reading replies that say “Another old phone getting GB before the . Wow Verizon REALLY!!!!!”

  • Mbrooks

    WHERE IS IT? still havent recieved it. I was worried that i put the2.3.4- (.2) update on it the week before so i loaded a stock 2.2 on it. hopefully it goes through.

    • Mbrooks

      and next is my Thunderbolt………. COME ON VERIZON!!

  • Anonymous

    Boo, nothing here for me yet.

  • jsig

    I guess I was in a test group or something…I got this last Tuesday.  And I force updated to the leaked .2 RUU the week before that.  My wife didn’t have hers this morning so maybe she’ll get it sometime today.

  • Bill Morrow

    Kellex, do you ever sleep?  You are in California right?  Isn’t it ass early over there?

    • RedOne

      In the West Cost we dont need sleep.

      • Bill Morrow

        Oh.  I see.

        Makes sense then.

    • Anonymous

      Oregon…and on days when I expect press releases, I don’t sleep much heh.

      • Bill Morrow

        Ahh lol  I am on the East Coast right now, so even for me it seemed a bit early.

      • Jboogie1289

        Well since you aren’t sleeping, what have you heard on the TBolt front? Lol.