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Another DROID Charge Android 2.3.4 Build Leaked (EP1W)

The good people over at My Droid World have just blessed the DROID Charge community with another Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), build EP1W. Flashing isn’t all that difficult if you are comfortable with Samsung Internal Flash Utility or using Odin. But as always, be sure to read instructions, and be safe. We would feel really bad if you end up bricking your device.

We should mention that there was talk of an official release for the Charge back in August, but that has long gone now. For downloads, and instructions, feel free to click the via link, down below. Who here is rocking the Charge? Rooted? Unrooted? Let us know.

Via: MyDroidWorld

  • Pipherj1992

    Im rocking the charge. I have downgraded it and rooted it. I can’t seem to get rid of the system update nag even after editing the build.prop file. Is the ep1w rooted? Or will it unroot the device? If it stays rooted will it kill the nag screen?

  • Jacob Bowen

    I bought the charge because OG was going to a better place….. Unrooted so far, but I love it!  I dropped Go Launcher EX on it and it has run great.  Battery life is actually a lot better than I got with the OG.  As for touch wiz, I am kinda skeptical of all the hate going on about it.  There are some parts that I really like a lot better than stock: The unlock screen is more functional because it gives you option to go directly to missed call whatever,  I love the power control being a pull down in the notification bar so you don’t have to leave an app to turn on WIFI or whatever, and the Dialer is light years ahead of the stock dialer.  Everyone says they want a stock Android experience, (which I am not hating on by any means) but it seems that no one leaves it that way.  Everyone roots and or adds a new launcher on it.  I think it is time for us as a community to stop hating that companies are laying skins and launchers on top of Android and just call for more choice and better products when they do so.  

    That all being said, my only compliant so far about the Charge is how VZW sneakly made VZW Navigator the default navigation when put in the car dock and there is no way to change it.  Easy enough work around just DL a 3rd party dock application and uncheck auto launch in dock settings.  It is the principal that pisses me off.

    Anyone have a link to rooting instructions for the Charge?

  • Cooper

    I have a Ceritified Pre Owned rooted Charge with GBE. Great phone, bluetooth audio to my car stereo works flawlessly with Google music, screen is great, and it’s pretty snappy. The ear speaker is in a funny place, and it takes some time to learn not to hold it on the volume rocker. It was $149 with my NE2 and for that price I can’t be happier with it.

  • Anonymous


  • I have the Charge … unrooted.  When is Sammy going to release the GB update OTA?

  • gregba

    Any guesses if TW4.0 will be pushed along with Gingerbread?

  • BigRed4X15

    Went from a Droid 2 to the Charge, and I am very happy. The phone was easily rooted, allowed me to load a new kernel, file system and ROM and now it hangs with the best of them. Most of all the thing I love is the Super AMOLED+ Display. Hands down best display available on the market today. 

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  • Hsuede7

    I’m hoping someone here can help me out. I’ve had the OG, and the DX and am no stranger to sbfing but will hopefully be getting the Droid prime and my first Samsung phone. My question is, what is the Samsung equivalent to sbf? Is it more difficult to unbrick a Samsung phone? I guess I’m trying to figure out if relearning all these things for a Samsung phone is worth it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • I got the charge, Un-rooted though.. =(   Need someone to walk me through it

  • Booboolala2000

    Mine is in the drawyer waiting for my next trip to an lte area or when lte comes here allegedly next month. Got the d3 and couldn’t be much happier. Wish they would release gb for it already. Sure it would make it much snappier. I figure if it doesn’t come out by october, I will root and flash. But it hasn’t been missed that much, plus I can switch out phones easily enough.

  • Anonymous

    To anyone who is running this: how is the GPS?

  • SH

    I have a rooted charge running Gummycharged GBE. I also have a T-Bolt running CM7. Once CM7 is running on the Charge, I will seel this T-Bolt. The charge is a better phone.

  • Anonymous

    I bought the Charge today, off contract, to replace my Incredible. So far it is ok, but the Touchwiz is awful. Tons of bloatware is a pain, but the screen is beautiful and the 4G is insanely fast. 

  • diabetesman

    I have a Charge not rooted though. waiting for actually ginger bread to come out. 

  • diabetesman

    I have a Charge not rooted though. waiting for actually ginger bread to come out. 

  • I flashed the de-bloated version (which is dead simple to do, so long as you gather up all the stuff and follow directions), and so far it’s a big improvement from the stock froyo build.  It’s MUCH faster, and it show not just in things like Gradient scores (went from around 900 to around 1400), but also just in how quickly apps open and the like. 

    I think the TW4 port isn’t quite fully baked; there are settings for things like how many items to show in the dock, but no matter what I changed it to, it always showed 3.  So I loaded ADW and I’m happy with that.Also–fingers crossed–but it appears, so far, the problems I was having with bluetooth in my car have gone away.As for memory usage–right now, I’m showing 159MB free, 178MB used.  Seems pretty good to me.Can’t say that battery life is much better–I can’t imagine how horrible the T-bolt’s battery life must’ve been!Also, antennas are weak–places I can easily get Wifi or 3g data with the OG Droid often fail with the Charge.  This was true with the stock build, too; I think it’s a physical problem.I came from an OG Droid, and had been running CM7 (Gingerbread) on that for quite a while.  With that ROM, compared to the Charge stock, the OG was the better phone (I still use it as my alarm clock, btw).  Now, I’d give the edge to the Charge.

  • Interstellarmind

    had to get a charge when my tbolt got stuck in the white htc logo 🙁

    waiting for vigor to make me feel better.

  • Switch from TouchWiz to something like GoLauncher and you will find it to be lightyears better.  TWiz kills the battery, sucks up CPU and RAM and isn’t all that attractive.  Go looks and works great and, despite all the awesome effects it has, it uses far less battery.  Just remember that you need to delete ALL the widgets on your TWiz desktop or it will still run all that junk in the background.

  • Stock Charge user, running Go Launcher. Love the 4G speeds and good battery life. I wanted a 4G phone right at my upgrade
    and despite it not breaking any records when it came to specs, I
    preferred to more to the Thunderbolt, in both design, screen and battery

    • Same here on all counts.  I love the overall design — coming from the original DROID, it was nice to get something that felt more like a phone than a deck of cards in my hand.  I agonized between this and the T-Bolt but the battery issues on the TBolt and the better screen on the Charge sold me.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that Samsung is actually planning on an update? Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Has Samsung finally replaced RFS on their gingerbread builds for GS phones like the GS2?  Anyone know?

    • Given the performance improvement, I’d imagine they must’ve.  I read a comment on xda-developers that someone else indicated as much, too.

  • sog805

    Love my Charge….come on Sammy/VZW, lets get this released OTA!!!

  • Sw64270

    I’m running ep1w right now. Love it. It has some sort of revamped touchwiz and I actually really like it! Battery has been good too

    • Jacob Bowen

      Does GTalk video work?

  • mikb261

    Charge owner, former OG Droid rooted user.  At this point unrooted as I have not felt like reading up on the rooting process for the Charge yet.  May do it soon.

  • P!X3L

    Rooted. running gummycharged. may wait for cm7 before another upgrade.

  • Djyosnow

    I’ve seen it and am not going to take it.  I’m happy on my GummyCharge custom rom…. word is it won’t leave you with much internal memory.  As I don’t even use much of the default files!

  • I, foolishly, am a Charge owner. Unrooted because the whole process sorta freaks me out. I’ll break down one of these days when there’s no internal space left and I need to delete all the bloatware it came with.

    • You, “foolishly,” own the best phone available on Verizon. Must be terrible. I love my Charge.

      • Really? I hadn’t heard anyone say anything terribly great about it.

        • Thenward

          So, substantiate your claim of “foolishly” purchasing a Charge. Sounds like your waiting for someone else’s opinion.

          • The Charge is my first experience with Android so most of what I have to go on are other people’s opinions. From the past three months of using the Charge I’ve really come to butt heads with a lot of how Android functions and given the general love for the platform I assumed at least some of it was to blame on the hardware.

    • BigRed4X15

      Rooting the Charge is actually pretty easy. Just download the kernel you want and odin, both found on XDA, and flash the phone. You can also flash clockwork recovery to make installing ROMs a breeze I am currently running a voodoo kernel that is overclocked to 1.4GHz. I am also running an Eclipse ROM based on EE4. I get 1600-1800 quadrant scores now, and the phone hardly lags.