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ADW EX Receives Update, Android 3.2 Support and Other Minor Tweaks

Mr. AnderWebs has released an update to his extremely popular ADW EX home replacement app today, and the crowds of fans are happy. The changelog is somewhat minor, but it still leaves other home replacements in the dust as they play catch up. If you have been using ADW on your Honeycomb tablet, then this update is definitely right up your alley. 

Market Link

What’s New:

  1. Fix incompatibility with Android 3.2
  2. In Android 3.x, the top Actionbar displays a customizable shirtcut to the left.
  3. New dockbar design thanks to @josuas79
  4. The dockbar can now be set as “primary”
  5. Both docks are now always horizontally placed at the bottom on big screen devices (10″ tablets)
  6. Drag and drop items inside dockbar folders.
  7. New “Quick Folder Popup” implementation for user folders and groups launcher actions.
  8. A bunch of other small tweaks and fixes.

Note: Anders has just tweeted that the “Hide Labels” feature has been broken with this update though, and he will issue a fix tomorrow.

Everyone still using either ADW EX, or LauncherPro? We have definitely seen a huge increase of people using GO Launcher as well these past couple of months. Let’s all be grateful that we have the option to choose.

Cheers Dave Kover!

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  • Anonymous

    hmmm…all this GO launcher love is making me wanna try it…but i love ADW EX =

  • Anonymous

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  • Englilish Paper

    Go launcher won me over. The devs don’t get distracted for.months on end leaving us with biggy launchers and disappointing experiences. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a full version og lp or adw ever again. You just shouldn’t leave your customers hanging.

    • Englilish Paper

      *buggy launchers. I am typing using a buggy mb replacement app. Lol.

      • Englilish Paper

        Ahh! KB, not MB. Jeez back to old KB.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Did everyone get a notification for this update? I know I didn’t :/

  • Anonymous


  • Gottheguds112

    Tato? Where are you getting these neon CM7 themes in different colors? I only find the RZ Blue

  • Jimmy8

    seems to work really well on my GalaxyTab, may use it instead of the stock launcher.  probably play with it a few more days before deciding.  I like that you can have the fixed shortcut bar on the bottom and hey you can even use folders on honeycomb with it.

  • Anonymous

    like it

  • Anonymous

    I used VTL laugher on my GTablet but haven’t seen the need for a replacement since I moved to the Xoom… well more lik, I haven’t seen one yet that does only what I would like to see, the ability to add categories to the apps drawer and to hide apps (well actually widgets) without rethinking the rest of the launcher.

    Simarly, I still stick with LauncherPro + because I like the simple clean way it works, without all the “extras” that add to the size and complexity of ADW or the TouchWiz overdone look and feel of Go Launcher.

  • GO Launcher would freeze upon waking from sleep for like 7 seconds.  Could not do anything.  It also messed with my battery life.  I tried it for about a week then switched back to LPP.  Still use GO Contacts and GO SMS.  Have not tried ADW yet.

  • GO Launcher would freeze upon waking from sleep for about 7 seconds before I could do anything.  And it messed with my battery life.  Tried it for about a week and went back to LPP.  It is def very pretty but not as stable as LPP on my DX.  Have not tried ADW yet.

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  • Anonymous

    I love launcherpro and what used to be such consistent and large updates! But its kind of lost some…ummm…support? When exactly WAS the last update?

  • Anonymous

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  • bjazz

    One thing I’ve never known…having a stock launcher running with a market launcher…what effect does it have on battery life?

  • not gonna lie i love this on my tablet now

  • Anonymous

    I just p a i d $21.87 for an i P a d 2-64GB and my boyfriend loves his Panasonîc Lumîx GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS.I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy.
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  • Granted

    I enjoy Go Launcher for a more clean, stable experience, and the other half of the of the time I split between Launcher Pro Plus and ADW EX. I will say that, to me, there seems to be more features and customization available with ADW EX.

  • Anonymous

    There used to be a choice when i was using all three on my d1 looking for the perfect set up of icons, speed, customization and most importantly no redraws, but now I am running MIUI and there is no launcher that can compare to the levels of customization. As for the tablets, there were no major differences between launcher pro and adw, go launcher doesn’t even show up in the market for the xoom, until this update for adw. Adw is now a tablet launcher its starting to bring the “home” feeling to my xoom, the new dockbar location and design are very sleek and eliminated the side launcher, overall a good update.

  • I love ADW EX but at the moment I’m using Launcher 7. Not as customizable as ADW but much smoother and its just feels new compared to the other launchers.

  • Anonymous

    Personally using LauncherPro.  Does anyone else have this scrolling issue with ADW and knows a way to fix it?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg2V4HWg-Zg&lc=k3KCV7-0XWTfnV0TWKkUMGOsSW1SruQlUEhK0do1pxY&feature=inbox

    (For the record, I love ADW/Anderwebs… except for this one thing)

  • Mahercs

    i used to use launcherpro plus,but after moto put out the gb update in my droid x, it would fc on me 10x a day.i went with go launcher, and use android pro widgets…almost identical to lpp. loving both

  • Riverjao

    Furthermore, has anyone else’s Xoom been acting crazy since the 3.2 update??? I absolutely CANNOT put widgets or apps where I want to. It simply will not let me. It will only give me 3 or 4 options on a screen where I can put them, and if I try somewhere else, then it will put it at whichever of the 3 or 4 places that I’m closest to. Also, holding down on my screens no longer pulls up the options that it used to, it only pulls up a widget ‘re-sizer’ even though I’m not holding down on a widget. ANY ONE ELSE???

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I have not seen anything like this on my Xoom. Sounds like a factory reset might be in order.

  • Chris V

    Go launcher is currently in use. Stopped using launcher pro 2 months ago.

  • Kianjudah

    Has ADW or LaucherPRO EVER worked for a tablet??? If it has, it hasn’t for me. 

    • Kianjudah

      Hmm….I had tried both of them previously several times, to no avail. Tried them both moments ago, and they both seemed to work like a charm. Once again, THANK YOU DROID LIFE!!!

  • Kris Brandt

    I’ve used ADW since he first started.  I love it and when he came out with EX, I had to have it.  I love the customization it provides.  However, on an OG droid, I can’t take advantage of everything it has to offer due to the limited memory and pete’s GPA16.

    • I have an OG and ADW EX refused to stay loaded in memory with CM and
      rooted stock because of lack of memory.   I have also used GPA15 with no
      improvement.  I even uninstalled every app I could and still no luck.  I
      went back to regular ADW as it is able to keep itself in memory on
      pretty much any ROM.  

      I also had a big issue with losing my 3G/Voice signal when GPS kicks in
      with GPA15. (I tried the standard voltage versions)  Only a reboot would
      get it back.  I’m not against blaming failing hardware, but rooted
      stock 2.2 was pretty stable.

      Then I tried Project Elite 6.5.  I don’t know what it does differently
      but ADW EX stays in memory almost 95% of the time AND GPS doesn’t
      usually kill my 3G/Voice.  It’s like I have a brand new phone.   Stable
      and memory efficient since I installed it, which unlike a lot of ROM’s
      I’ve tried tend to show their warts in a week or two.

      I was dying for the Bionic or Galaxy 2, but now I can patiently wait when my little droid is working so well now.  🙂

      • Tlwolfe82

        Use a terminal emulator and make it bulletproof. Absolutely zero lag for me…

  • strizz

    Go launcher that’s easy

  • Anonymous

    GO FTW!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hot Diggity Dog !!!!

  • Im loving Go Launcher Ex right now. Nothing compares.

  • AngryTurd

    Silly/serious question…why would you use a launcher or home replacement on a tab? I understand on a phone but do they really improve the end user experience over stock honeycomb?

    • Custom icons, dock bar, hide status bar

      • AngryTurd

        Gotcha, thanks! The status bar never bugged me but now that you mention it…hmm.

        • Anonymous

          He said on a tab…meaning tablet…you hide the status bar and you might just find it a little hard to use…I actually don’t think you can anyways because of how disastrous it could potentially prove for an app.

  • Teng247

    used to love Launcherpro and ADW till they kept force closing one me.  Then went to GO Launcher and never looked back.

    • Granted

      Yeah, that’s my exact reason for switching to Go. It has many add-ons, Go SMS ect., but I think overall it’s not weighed down, and therefore a lot more consistently stable.

  • no

    folder changes totally suck.  the apps in the drawer still do not line up to where im pressing on the screen.

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    Wonder if it removes the god awful  icon from the top left of the home screen on honeycomb?

    • Van Hicks, Jr

      Yes, pretty freaking nice. Great Job Anderweb!

  • mikeym0p

    What CM theme are you using in that screenshot??

  • Go Launcher Ex is just as good if not better than Launcher Pro and ADW EX and it’s free.  Even the Go Launcher widgets are free and can be themed.

    • Yeah i love go launcher along with its widgets and GO SMS

  • Nothing compares to ADW EX in my opinion.  Ran ’em all…

  • Ray

    i use to love launcher pro then i switched to adw ex and never looked back the only thing i miss are the nice widgets.

  • Why is there no free version for the transformer, but I can buy pro :-/

  • go launcher, launcher pro or ADW EX

    i think it’s time for a poll Kellex

    • or Tim….

    • Anonymous

      I like Go Launcher cause it’s the prettiest.

    • Anrlawnservices

      Go launcher ex for me, but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

      • Anonymous

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    • Raven

      Forget a poll, I would like to see a whole article that is an in depth unbiased feature comparison of the 3.

      I have been a long time user of Launcher Pro and I would like to see some good reasons why I should even consider switching.  I only have one big gripe/bug with Launcher Pro that makes me even consider it and that is every time my phone (D2G) is rebooted Launcher Pro locks solid a few minutes after booting and has to be forced closed.  After that, it runs perfectly, but that first time can be very annoying if you want to do something right after a reboot.

  • Mack