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DROID Bionic Makes Its Way Into Verizon Store, Lucky Chap Snaps Pics

This might be the week to finally head into a Verizon store to ask about the DROID Bionic, if the story behind these pictures is true.  Word on the street has it that a Motorola rep walked into one of Big Red’s retail outlets yesterday with DB in hand and was more than willing to allow folks in the area to snap pictures of it and send them off to friends.

We get a nice look at the device in a real hand, along with a semi-side look and the Moto dock.  I must say, that the device definitely does not look too thick by any means.  It looks enormous in this young lady’s hands, but…well whatever I was about to say could only sound dirty, so I’ll stop there.

Moto and Verizon may want to think about crankin’ this bad boy out a little earlier than September 8 though, because Samsung announced their Galaxy S II event for August 29 and rumors are swirling today that Apple may announce the iPhone 5 on September 7.

Time may be running out for Moto on this one…  

Backside of the device:

Moto dock:

Via:  Howard Forums

Cheers to everyone who sent these in!

  • http://www.rushpcb.co.uk/ PCB Manufacture

    Yeah I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Shawtiedoowhopp69

    ….enough with the ads & pics in the wild, show me the commercials like they showed for they’re previous handsets. on different websites they continue to talk about the upcoming release, the gut of the phone, the battery life, etc; make me believe the handset is near its debut with something more than web hype! C’mon Man!!!!

  • Justin

     mini tablet!make it $200 and im sold!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the report of great battery life is true!

  • Jim king

    wow the bionic looks like a tablet.

  • guest

    I see she likes to fondle thick things. Head over to my place baby…..lol

  • Djenks24

    That’s not a young lady!!!!  JK:)

  • Darylzero1147

    Honestly who cares about this phone at this point. It has been pushed back so many times and I really feel Motorola dropped the ball on this one. Had it come out with competitive specs back in May, it would have been a completely different story

  • Ruel Smith

    This is the phone that made me buy an iPhone instead. I waited and waited for it, but it was vaporware. I got frustrated with the whole announce a product and wait 6 months or better before you actually just might be able to get one thing. I mean, the Bionic was announced in January, and we’ll get one in the next few weeks? 8-9 months later? Gingerbread announced in January, as well, and most devices only recently got it? Forget it… Apple will announce the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and it will be available immediately. They’ll announce iOS 5, and it will be available immediately. No thanks, Google… I was so close to being an Android user, instead.

    • Anonymous

      Apple announced iOS5 in June, actually, and it’s not available yet.  Why aren’t you whining about the iPhone 5’s delay?  Motorola and their Bionic delay have absolutely nothing to do with Google or Android either.  Nice logic genius.

  • Crack Monkey

    OK so it’s a CDMA/4G LTE version of the Moto Atrix which has been out for a while. Since they were able to get the Atrix out sometime back why is Moto delaying this phone. If Samsung surprises everyone and comes out with a 4G phone Moto just might be playing catch up for a while. Imagine a Samsung Galaxy with the 4.65 Super Amo screen, 1.4 Ghz dual core processor and a recent version of Android. I can see Samsung playing hardball against Moto and Apple and pulling a lot of customers their way.

  • Crack Monkey

    OK so it’s a CDMA/4G LTE version of the Moto Atrix which has been out for a while. Since they were able to get the Atrix out sometime back why is Moto delaying this phone. If Samsung surprises everyone and comes out with a 4G phone Moto just might be playing catch up for a while. Imagine a Samsung Galaxy with the 4.65 Super Amo screen, 1.4 Ghz dual core processor and a recent version of Android. I can see Samsung playing hardball against Moto and Apple and pulling a lot of customers their way.

  • KC
    • Anonymous

      That article is full of fail. He didn’t mention the dual core and he also assumes that it has 4G when it does not. Or at least hasn’t been announced.

    • Anonymous

      Fox news?  Ewww.  The Bionic is just as good as the GS2.

  • 14tharoad

    Has anyone noticed the bionic look’s exactly like the droid 3?

    • James_Ever

      More like a flattened DROID2 to me, but I’m sure it will be a great device for those that have been waiting.

  • Anonymous

    It is VERY POSSIBLE that Bionic release day could get pushed up.  The main reason I say this is becuase a ton of them have already been built and are just sitting in a warehouse somewhere.  The fact that the phone is in stores means they are training.  I would think the average employee only needs 3 days of training on a new device if that.  

    If Moto and Verizon can come to an agreement and get ahead of iphone and Samsung that would be great.  

    Just remember, that Samsung more than likely IS NOT LTE.  Otherwise why release it on the same day or close to Bionic?

    • TheCastleGuard

      That is definitely a very good point.  Motorola would be very wise to push up the say (before August 29th)  especially if they are still not 100% sure the GS2 is not LTE.  We doubt it will be but is Samsung pulls a rabbit out of its hat an announces an LTE GS2 the end of this month the Bionic will be dead before it is even released.  

  • Ryan

    im thinking im just gonna wait for the vigor….

  • http://twitter.com/binglut9 Brian

    with the CWA on strike I’m wondering if there will be any effects mobile wise…from what my brother in law stated

  • petergrt

    What’s lost in all this noise is the Motorola’s WebTop application that works with either a laptop-like dock or a small docking station that can be connected to any HDMI monitor/TV and a keyboard, and thus allows to run a full version of Firefox and other applications, not to mention the video streaming and etc. That makes all the other ‘smart-phones’, iPhone included, just a bit less smart.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what the dock cost is going to be?   Only saving grace for this phone.

    • Anonymous

      They’re between $180-$250 on ebay, that’s what I plan to do.

  • Jason Purp

    No, Kellex. What was the joke. I want to know what the joke was. Go on and tell us.

  • Droiiid

    [Insert Vigor and GSII trolling here]

  • Kylchen

    Can’t wait till this phone is out 😀

  • Serpico

    It’s too big for me (That’s what she said) – it’s practically a tablet for god snakes! 😉

  • geedee82

    I really want this phone but I can only bring myself to buying it if within a week or 2 after release it has been rooted and the bootloader unlocked.  I don’t want to have to wait a year again to be able to flash Cyanogen and all that other ish.  Otherwise I will just wait for Verizon to FINALLY get a device with great specs AND an unlockable bootloader with immediate developer support.  So I guess more than likely I’ll have to wait for an LTE GSII…sucks because this damn upgrade is burnin a hole in my pocket

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Blurry cam has hit the VZW stores! 
    All that time with a phone and still can’t get a decent photo.. blows. 

    • http://twitter.com/howzball Mike

      I noticed that too, in all these reports I’ve yet to see one decent picture. Maybe it’s because it’s Bionic, you know like Steve Austin? You never could see his legs when he was running.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the bottom line!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m still getting this thing because moto accessories are bar none the best by a mile… car dock is crucial to me, and after having the thunderbolt seeing the 7 hour battery life, and the horrific car dock… I’m back stuck on moto even with their terrible release delays

    • RW-1

      Please do not feed the Jha.

      • Anonymous

        Superior hardware > bad marketing, delays and Jha.

        • Anonymous

          well said

  • http://twitter.com/ebourlet Eric Bourlet

    Why is it that with all of the good cameras on smart phones these photos are always blurry? Also what is in the lower left corner of the phone that in every leaked shot appears to be digitally blurred after the shot was taken?

  • Jadam6118

    I keep going back and forth with this device whether I want it or not.

  • Anonymous

    so you have to buy a motoroloa netbook in order to dock?  i was hoping not!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ab-Gar/538974072 Ab Gar

      its not a netbook. its a dock made specially for moto phones only. its just a batter, screen and keyboard. nothing else. no processor, no ram and no hard drive. 

  • Raj Bhatt

    Apparently when it got “upgraded to a level one launch” it meant blurry pics from reps instead of a completely silent release. The D1 must have had a level 9000 launch with these standards.

    • Anonymous

      It was OVER 9000!!

  • boing !

    Looks like a ZACK MORRIS PHONE from back in the early 90″s

    • Anonymous

      Who’s Zack Morris? 

      • Granted

        Blasphemy! Slater is going to kick your ass! Right after Screech makes love to it.

        • AC Slater

          The AC stands for abnormally cruel…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Travis-Royer/100000358962998 Travis Royer

    man…that thing looks huge! I remember when the Droid X was first announced and everyone thought THAT device was big too. lol I can’t freakin’ wait

  • Tru4040

    verizon told me the DB is coming out this month on  the 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lets hope he was right!!!!

    • Rp780

      Oh yeah…well Motorola told me to tell you don’t hold your breath on that release date. 

      • Tru4040

        lol i know right

  • Creasi

    Im so happy to have a upgrade Aug.15 so ill get the new customers price ..and with verizons trade-in program ill be able to sell back my DX2 for 125$ so ill get the bionic for dam near less then 100$ or alil over..at the most I believe ill have to spend about 150$ *GOODSH!T*

    • Anonymous

      Good to know, I wasn’t aware Verizon had a trade in program. I just appraised my OG Droid and they said 24.00!!! Forget that, I’ll keep it. Thanks for the info thought much appreciated….

      • http://twitter.com/chqueed charles rogers

        24 bucks? really? Did it even work?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, my OG Droid works perfect. I even have ChevyNo1 SS 5.4 GB Rom on it over clocked at 1.1Gigs and quad score of 1577. The Appraisal process only asked if the phone powered up and if the screen worked or was broken. Then it offered me 24.00 as trade in value. I’d rather keep it and use wifi to surf the web or watch movies loaded in the SD card on .avi files

      • Rp780

        I did the same thing & it told me $24 too. I don’t think those 3 questions are enough to determine the value. 

    • http://twitter.com/KansasJayhawker Jonathan Reid

      Be aware, (at least in my area) there is a new insurance program option: You can pay $120 down and be covered for 2 years or you can continue to pay the $7 a month or whatever. You save a bunch by paying $120 down. Also, if you stay with the $7 a month rate, the deducitble for a new phone jumps to $100, whereas if you pay the $120 down, your deductible is only $70 if you need a replacement. Just a heads up.