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NFL Fantasy Football App Now Available On Android Market

Any huge football fans here? The NFL has just pumped out their fantasy football application to the Android Market, and so far, it does not look half bad. Last year, some people said it was pretty awful, but a quick peek at the Market comments shows that their developers might have done it right this year. Especially since it is free. Go grab it and let us know what you think.

Aren’t we all glad there is no lockout happening?

Market Link 

Cheers Tom!

  • Anonymous

    I cant sign in on my htc wildfire on this app, or by using the browser to go to NFL.com….. bloody annoying

  • I signed up for my NFL fantasy account through my Facebook account. This app has no way to sign in through Facebook. Boo.

  • Kerst01

    You keep having to sign in Evey time you open the app. Wtf?! How hard is it to have the thing keep you signed in?!

  • colby johnson

    Only a year late!!!  Yahoo works fine for me and it’s free unlike ESPN plus ESPN messes up all the time on Sundays when your trying to change your roster.  So pay $5 like a chump!!!

  • Blunt-Trauma-

    ESPN and CBSsports need free fantasy mobile apps.
    Go Chargers!
    I could set up a league if no one else has done it yet, and if enough droiders are interested…

  • Hope i am able to use the ESPN app from last year.  That app cost 5 bucks but still has the year 2010 on it.  If i spent 5 bucks for an app that is only good for a year, then F you ESPN!!!!  It was a great app, and i expect it to be good forever for 5 bucks….  

    Anyone else cough up the money?  Tried to wait for huddle hub but their app got worst, not better.  Ended up buying the ESPN when i couldn’t take it any longer.

  • Jem Harris

    Droid life fantasy league again this year? Would love to get in on that action 🙂

    • I’m sure we’ll be doing something along those lines 😉

      • Jem Harris

        Sure hope so!

    • Anonymous

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  • Greg

    It’s still not the ESPN app, just the standard NFL.com app and their Fantasy Football sucks balls… Theres also FANTASY FOOTBALL MONSTER [app from iphone] that just came out too I bought

    • El El Kool J

      u just want us to waste our money like you did on a app… NFL one is FREE…. 😛   j/k 

  • Anonymous

    Steelers will win again!
    but go Eagles too

  • Anonymous

    In case you haven’t noticed… Go Hawks!!!!

    That’s my football fantasy!

    • El El Kool J

      in case you didn’t notice… GO GIANTS!!! 

      • Anonymous


    • Go Niners

  • sweet

  • SwedishPimple

    I thought CBS powered NFL.com’s fantasy football league.  Can’t sign in to CBS league though 🙁

  • Might get this app.  The Eagles are so loaded this year you’d think they were HTC.

  • Might get this app.  The Eagles are so loaded this year you’d think they were HTC.

  • Jim Dandy

    Man I hope Peyton Manning gets his shat together this year 😛

  • Sammy Guyana


  • Sammy Guyana


    • Teng247